tagBDSMThe Temple Ch. 04

The Temple Ch. 04


Author's Note: This story is purely fictional. It is not based on any actual events, nor is it in any way intended to recommend a course of action by anyone who might read this. Please take it simply as an entertaining fiction to enjoy.

* * * * *

Kathryn walked into her bedroom, clad in a robe as she towel-dried her freshly shampooed hair. She sat down at her vanity table, brushing out her hair until it was silky smooth. Another glance in the mirror, a smile at herself, and she walked over to her dresser. From the top drawer, she took out her sleeping clothes for the night. Katya shrugged off her robe and donned a pair of simple white cotton panties and her pleasure harness. Another glance in the mirror, another smile, and she lay down. A nice shampoo after her bath had further relaxed the young widow, making her feel sleepy and even a little sultry this late Thursday evening.

"Thank God," she yawned, "tomorrow's Friday. Half day of work, and casual dress. God, I love having Rich as a boss." Between her exhaustion from a long day of work the relaxation of her nightly bath, she had lost track of days and allowances. Lost track, that is, until she absentmindedly ran a hand over her bare left nipple. "Mmmm, yess… oh, that feels good… such a great way to relax into sleep… and with a half-day Friday tomorrow… Friday? Friday? Oh no!!!"

Kathryn sat up, then walked back to her vanity table. She read the latest note… and realized she was breaking the rules, starting to repeat Wednesday night's instructions when it wasn't allowed. After several minutes of trembling confusion, she removed her harness, replacing it with a regular bra. Her sweatshirt and pants were also donned. Katya pulled out her journal and wrote for several minutes about her confusion -- not only over the precious 15 minutes, but on whether she should actually follow the rules the Robe set out for her, and even on whether she should go back to that oddball church he seemed to live in. After putting the journal back in her dresser, she returned to bed and cried herself to sleep.

* * *

"You are very courageous, Katya." Saturday morning found Kathryn back in The Temple, again disrobing in stages under the various colored spotlights. She was under the third light, where she had been sent away because of her indecisiveness. Clad in the same bra and French-cut panties she had worn the previous Saturday, she steeled herself for whatever might happen next. The spotlights behind her faded to black. "Very few in this world have the strength to learn who they truly are, who they may become. That courage makes you very special… and very precious."

"Thank you," she murmured.

"Good, Katya. Now, do you truly feel ready to continue your journey?"

"Yes, sir."

"Before you left last weekend, you were telling me of what happened as you gazed upon your breasts in the mirror. Tell me what you did after you watched them so intently."

The light above Kathryn went from blue to orange, then once again alternated between yellow and red. "As you directed me to, sir, I opened the sealed note. I found more instructions and followed them. I gathered up various things I had thought about while looking in the mirror. Then I lay down on my bed… set the timer for twenty minutes… and used my breasts until the timer ran out."

"Tell me how you used your breasts, Katya."

"I tried to do as many of the things I had thought about as I could. I caressed my breasts… pinched my nipples, rolled them between my fingers. I tried clothes pins on my nipples… but not for very long."

"Why not?"

"It hurt too much… sir. It distracted me, and I didn't enjoy it, so I took them off."

"Now, Katya… tell me just whose breasts you were using."

"Initially mine, Sir. But… the more I used them… the more I enjoyed them… they became Yours." Saying this, Kathryn's voice grew in its husky sultriness.

"Tell me what else you did with MY breasts, Little Katya."

"I twisted my nipples. I vibrated them. I ran the vibrator between my breasts… imagining it was a cock. I ran the 'head' over my nipples… Ohh, that felt soooo good. I spanked my breasts with a wooden spoon. My breasts won't reach my mouth so I couldn't suck them… but I imagined that my finger was the tip of my tongue… Ohh. I was on fire, sir. On fire… wet… needing to climax."

"Tell me the other instructions you were given, my sub"

"I was commanded…" She gasped, then continued. "You commanded me to cum when the timer expired. And You ordered me not to cum before then, no matter how much I wanted or needed to."

"Did you touch yourself anywhere besides my breasts, my Katya?"

"No, sir. You allowed me to touch only my… your breasts."

"And did you cum?"

"Yes… oh my God, yes."

"Did you cum before the bell rang?"

"No, sir. It was not easy… but I did as you directed, and didn't cum until the bell rang."

"Tell me exactly what happened when the bell rang, Little One."

"Sir, I've been a moaner all my life. When I… when I came in the past, I moaned in ecstasy. That night… sir, that night, when the bell rang, I yelled. My body was on fire, my soul inflamed. I'd never had an orgasm like that before."

"What made the difference, little one?"

"Your commands, sir."

"And what were you commanded to do after you came?"

"Once I had relaxed, I was to crawl under the covers of my bed… wearing my harness and panties… and go to sleep. And thank you for that last instruction… sir."

"Why, Katya?"

"I was so exhausted after all of that… I only had the energy to crawl under the covers. I went out like a light… sir."

"Describe your sensual self now, my little sub. What is your body doing?"

"Sir… my nipples are perked… I'm moist… I'm on fire."

"Tell me why you came back, my Little Katya."

"Because I needed to, sir. I need to… I must learn more about myself, learn why this control of yours affects me so deeply. And… and because… I… I need… I need you, sir. I need you and your control."

"Then remove your bra." Without a second's hesitation, Kathryn removed the garment, leaving her wearing only her panties and the necklace the voice had provided her. "When the lights change, stand up and walk to the next light. Take your purse and harness with you." After several seconds, the light above her turned white, and a green light appeared a few steps in front of her. Doing as she was told, she soon stood under the green light, her purse in one hand and her pleasure harness in the other. "Drop your purse and put on your harness, my sub." Kathryn quickly complied. "Now, Katya, kneel down and layout the other things I told you to bring with you last week." As Kathryn knelt down, the light turned orange. She pulled out two pairs of clean panties, a large Zip-Loc bag, several vibrators of various sizes and shapes, a feather, a medium-sized wire egg whisk, several wooden spoons, and a blindfold. She also pulled out the panties she had worn when she had pleasured herself that first Wednesday night. "Excellent, little one. You have followed my orders well. Now relax… close your eyes… let your mind drift… and wonder about how all of these could be used by me."

"Sir… sir, I must tell you something."

"Speak up, little Katya."

"Sir, I followed… followed your latest note… from last Wednesday… and…"

"Did you not enjoy the results, little one?"

"Oh, God, Sir, very much so. I was on cloud nine the next day… and night. I felt so good… I was floating…"

"Tell me what happened while you were floating. Did you get into trouble in your job? Did you do something you should not have?"

"No, not at work sir. Work went well. It was… was at home. I showered before bed… brushed out my hair… then put on my harness and panties. Only after I lay down and… rubbed my breast… only then did I realize it was the wrong night!! I -- I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to disobey…"

"Quiet, Katya. I must think about this." Silence reigned in the converted church for several minutes. "Tell me of this floating feeling you had. How long did it last? What was it like?"

"Well… it was as if nothing could go wrong, sir. I was on and even in a cloud… I was happy. I felt like some sort of weight had been lifted off of me. I felt each breath coming in and going out."

"And yesterday? After you had realized you had disobeyed me?"

"I put on a good front at work, did my job as I always do. But once I got home, I felt crushed. It was as though I had been in an accident and barely walked away. My entire body was jarred and shaky."

"My little Katya, I am sorry. This is partly my fault."

"Sir? But how? I was the one who disobeyed--"

"Yes Katya, you disobeyed. But did you really mean to?"

"Well, no. It just felt so good… the harness seemed natural, felt proper. I had forgotten what night it was, and--"

"Quiet, Katya. I will explain shortly. For now, relax. Clear your mind of this incident now; we will speak later. Do NOT think about it until I tell you to. For now, look down on everything you have spread before you. Look at them, then close your eyes… and wonder how they might be used by me."

After several minutes, Kathryn could not remain silent. "Sir, I can see the uses of the vibrators, the feather, even the spoons. But the bag… honestly, sir, that bag scares me."

"Why, little one?"

"Sir, I've heard stories. Stories where a person was suffocated --"

"Relax, My Katya. That bag will be nowhere near your face. It's only for the end of your visit here, if you have any wet garments to take home with you."

"Wet garments, sir?"

"There are many ways for clothing to become wet, my sub. Not all of them," the voice chuckled, "involve water. I suspect your panties from that first Wednesday night are proof of that. Now, stand up and step forward." As she stood up, a large area was suddenly bathed in red light. Inside was a rectangular wooden frame. Kathryn saw the wood was old and well worn, yet very sturdy. Made of large planks, she suddenly realized they were old church pews, some of the panels still having nooks to hold hymnals and prayer books. Kathryn's attention was so riveted on the frame, and the straps that hung from it, that she never noticed the "monk" walking out of his spotlight. "Katya", the voiced asked her, "are you ready to be tied up? Can you accept restraint?"

"I think so, yes."

"Do you see the items on the floor of the frame?"

"Yes, sir."

"You have trusted me so far in light. But you must also trust me in darkness, my little one. Step into the frame and put those items on. Then raise your arms above your head." Kathryn first donned a blindfold, then a set of cordless headphones. After she stepped into the frame itself, the "monk" came up behind her. He tied her arms to the frame, using hospital-style restraints that Velcro around the wrists. "Now, you must regularly wiggle your fingers," she heard in the headphones. "If your hands become numb, say so. Do NOT think that accepting such problems is a sign of your devotion to me; I will not allow you to risk injury in my name. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Kathryn breathed, relief evident in her voice. "Thank you. I guess I am still somewhat afraid of all of this. I don't want --"

"That is understandable, Little Katya," the voice said as he stood behind her and gently laid his hand on her shoulder. "Fear is natural. It protects you. Never apologize for that. I will always try my best to alleviate those fears." He then caressed her neck, while his other hand ran all along her spine with a soft piece of fur. "But I do not want those fears to disappear. Your safety is my responsibility… and yours. If you ever feel something is wrong, something is too much, you must tell me so. Do you understand that? You are precious to me, becoming more so every minute. The worst thing I can do is to harm you, either by intent or accident." Kathryn's head lolled about, the voice's touch and words calming her. "I am yours, Katya, and you are mine. Do you accept that?"

"Easily, sir," Kathryn mumbled. "I am your submissive, you are my Dominant. I trust you, sir. I am yours."

"Thank you, Little Katya. Again, you must trust me in light and darkness. You must trust me when I control what you see and hear. Can you do that?"

"Sir, yes, sir." The words were more purred than spoken as she relaxed more and more under his touch.

"Then tell me how you feel right now."

"Controlled… sensually hungry… on fire…"

The voice stepped in front her. He brushed both of her nipples with the feather. As he placed his hand on her crotch, he told her, "Cum for me… NOW!"

Kathryn's entire body shuddered as her husky alto yell filled the old church, screaming out her explosive release of orgasmic energy. The voice kept his hand on her crotch as she yelled. Soon, he felt her panties moisten. A quick sniff of his hand told him that her vagina had over flown with sexual juices. He rubbed his hand against her crotch again, causing her to moan more. Then he held his hand to her nose. "Relax, little one. Take a deep sniff." Kathryn complied, deeply inhaling the odor. "Do you know what that is, my sub? That is your pleasure. Your sensuality. Breathe it in again… enjoy it… revel in it as your body revels in the release."

"Sir… sir," she gasped. "I must… say something."

"Yes, little one, is something wrong?"

"I'm weak in the legs, sir… and the straps are cutting into my wrists." The voice took a quick look. Grabbing her by the waist, he untied her right arm strap from the frame and draped the arm over his shoulder. "Hold on to me, my -- my lovely pet," he told Kathryn. As she leaned against him, he untied the left arm strap from the frame. "Now, Katya, we are going to go down slowly… you will kneel down. That's it, just like that." Soon, Kathryn was kneeling down in contented exhaustion. The voice moved behind her, supporting and massaging her, talking to her as she came down from her "sensual high". It took almost 20 minutes, but Kathryn's breathing and pulse rates slowed down and her body relaxed. The "monk" kept cooing to her, his altered voice still soothing in her headphones. He then tied her legs to restraints in the floor.

"Now, Katya, kneel up… that's it, keep your back straight. Now, bend forward, arms out above your head. Exactly." Kathryn was kneeling down, her head on a pillow on the floor and her ass in the air. The voice stood back and looked, then gently caressed Kathryn's behind. He then walked to her hands and tied the already-attached restraints to hooks in the floor. "Now tell me, Katya… tell me how the restraints make you feel."

"Restrained… controlled… yet, free. I can't explain."

"Don't worry about explaining. Just enjoy. And know that in your pleasure… you serve and please me." Kathryn's body relaxed as she sighed at this news. The voice walked away for a moment, then came back. "Now, little one, I'm going to spank you. This is not a punishment." He reached between her legs and caressed her pubic mound to emphasize his point. "This is a sensual spanking, to stimulate you. Relax… and enjoy." He caressed her ass with both hands for several minutes, swirling them around like a fortune teller looking into a crystal ball, admiring how her French-cut panties struggled to contain her butt cheeks. He then began to spank her, starting slowly and lightly, with her egg whisk. As he increased the tempo and force, Kathryn began to yip with each hit.

"Don't hold it in, my little sub. If you need to react, react. Let… yourself… feel." Trading the whisk for another item, he started spanking again, slowly and lightly. As the tempo and force increased, Kathryn began to moan and cry out with each strike. As Katya began to lean to one side, he stopped spanking her. He moved to her side, draping an arm over her shoulders and hugging her. "You are magnificent, My Katya. You accepted and even enjoyed your spanking. And now, I have another surprise. Feel what I spanked you with the second time." The voice put the spanking implement in her hand. Realizing that it was all fabric, she moved it between her fingers and felt the clasps on one end of the strap.

"My bra? You spanked me with my bra, sir?"

"Yes, Little One. It's handy little thing to use."

"Wow. I've never thought that a bra was for anything for wearing."

"And how does it feel to know you were spanked with your own bra?"

"Odd sir… strange… yet, very sexy."

"Could you grow to like it, my little slut?"

"Oh, yess…"

"Like I have said before, Katya, you are magnificent. Tell me, little one, tell me how your body feels now."

"I'm floating… tingling…"

"Is this how you felt the other night?"

"Yes… not as much as the other night, but yes… I'm sorry, sir, I never meant to disobey you…"

"I know you didn't, little one. I didn't expect this to happen so soon. I'm going to teach you a new phrase now. That phrase is 'sub space'. Many submissives enter it during and after Domination and submission play. Had I realized you would be so susceptible to it… I would not have sent you those instructions. You obviously followed them on Wednesday night, and were in great pleasure. Your euphoria lasted for a long, long time, didn't it?"

"Yes, it did. I practically floated through the next day. It was as though I was high on something, but I've never used drugs."

"You've never used drugs, Katya?"

"Well… I smoked some marijuana once or twice. Never got anything from it, never saw the big deal in it. Why do you ask?"

"I can give you a long explanation later. Basically, your body makes natural painkillers when it's stressed or excited. When a submissive goes into sub space, she or he is often overloaded on those natural painkillers, causing a strong euphoria. You're feeling a little of it now from that spanking, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir, I am. This is all so strange."

"And you're enjoying that feeling now, aren't you? Be honest with me Katya."

"Yes," she huskily sighed. "I do enjoy it. It feels so good…"

"Well, get used to having it happen on occasion, little Katya. Sub space is a great place to visit, and I will take you there at various times. But it's a dangerous place to go to alone. If I had known or realized you could go there so easily… I would not have sent you those instructions. They led you into a long sub space. That sub space is what led you to forget the limits on those instructions. And that is why your disobeying is at least partly my fault."

"I'm sorry sir… I guess I don't completely understand."

"Dominants are people, little one, and they make mistakes just like anyone else. But realize that today I am upset with me, not you. I am upset that I sent you down that path, and was not there to help you come back. You obviously followed your instructions well the other night. Maybe a little too well." He had a slight chuckle at that. "And today, you have served me very well. You're going to do so for a long time to come."

"A long time, sir? How long?"

"For today, not much longer. But there are many days of service in your future. Search yourself; you know this to be true."

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