tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Temple of Pleasure

The Temple of Pleasure


*Jasmine's Garden*

He moaned, arching his back his head falling back as he felt her ruby-red lips slide over the bared head of his cock and wrap themselves around his shaft. She began to slide up and down him, one of her slender, long-fingered hands cupping and squeezing his balls a little bit as he floated, half-weightless, in the warm water of the pool. She was completely underwater, her other hand massaging his hip and leg, as she was purportedly supposed to be doing to help him relax, but the sensation of those full, sensual lips around his stiff member was doing much more in the area of relaxing Talyn than even her well-trained fingers was.

Sable hair floated in the pool in front of him, bubbles disturbing the silky surface every now and then as she bobbed atop him, her talented, slippery little tongue tickling his sensitive skin as she sucked him and slid him in and out of her hot, water-filled mouth.

He groaned, hips thrusting, his hands searching beneath the water to find her smooth, olive-skinned shoulders, massaging them with the tips of his strong, powerful fingers, sliding down her arms to slip over to cup the soft, full globes of her breasts, thumbs flicking over her hard nipples, massaging and caressing them as she floated, also nearly weightless, in the pool.

Still underwater and still sucking the hell out of his throbbing, thickening cock, Talyn mistily realized she must be a shapeshifter, since there were very few beings who could otherwise hold their breath or breathe beneath the water. And the bubbles that were occasionally rippling the satiny surface of her blue-black hair indicated she was breathing.

He shuddered, feeling her sucking him harder and his thrusting became frenzied as he felt fire beginning to coil within him, threatening to explode. She seemed to know he was coming because her bouncing also became much faster and she sucked him with an abandon he'd only imagined before. A yell escaped him as he felt the searing heat drive him into a wild pistoning which erupted into her mouth with waves of come, which she swallowed while she continued to suck at him as he pumped and pumped, throbbing and groaning, stiffening as he emptied himself into her mouth completely. She didn't release him until he was completely done.

Then, slowly, like the Primal Goddess she served, she rose from the water, jet black eyes glittering like fathomless gems, the water sluicing from her perfect, naked, olive body. She smiled, throwing her wet hair over her shoulder and licked wine-dark lips.

"You are relaxed now, weary traveler." she purred, "And the dust of your long road has been washed from your body."

He chuckled. She smelled like the flowers that surrounded this garden and as she slid into his arms to kiss him, he smiled. "Yes."

"I am Jasmine." she said softly. "It is my duty to tend the gardens of the Goddess and perform the duty She has laid upon me for any who pass this way."

Talyn grinned. "And what duty is that, Jasmine?"

She giggled softly, her breasts jiggling against his chest. "To bring pleasure. Have I given you pleasure?"

He grinned. "You have. I am very pleased."

The Temple of Pleasure was a ruby pyramid in a ethereal, hidden valley in the mountains. After traveling for a very long time without seeing any living beings, Talyn came upon the temple, unsure of what it was.

But tired and hungry, he walked into the jasmine gardens and encountered the young Priestess of the Primal Goddess, which was all she would tell him until he allowed her to take care of him, to bathe him and massage the weariness from his body.

Jasmine gave him a white toga to wear, while she bundled his traveling leathers to be cleaned and escorted him into the Temple. He kept his weapons, which he was relieved about, since Jasmine didn't even think of attempting to take them from him.

"As long as you enter with peace in your heart and pleasure in your intent, your weapons will have no use to you." she'd said when he asked her about it.

*Precious Metals*

Coppery red hair spilled over his arms as her lips, also a coppery color, nibbled, licked and sucked at his ear. Cascades of silken spun copper tumbled over his arms and chest and he turned his head to kiss her as Gold massaged his back and shoulders, bending to nuzzle his ear as he kissed Copper.

Silver was between his legs, suckling his cock and balls, kneading his butt in both her slim but powerful hands.

Copper and Gold moved around him, kissing him, massaging his chest and arms and back as they moaned softly, clearly enjoying this as much as he was. Gold's hair was the pure color of bright gold, silken and straight, smelling of rich warm resins and golden sunlight. Her smooth, full breasted body was the color of honey, her eyes glittering amber. Talyn ran his hands over her large, firm breasts, their large nipples a bit swollen, distended, the tips hard, the color of rich dark gold. She kissed him while Copper bent to suckle her nipples. Talyn buried one hand in the bright red-copper of her curly, wavy hair as Copper's hand cupped Gold's butt and her other hand moved down over Talyn's back to caress his butt.

Silver's hands moved to cup his balls as she began to lick and suck his cock.

Copper looked up at Talyn and smiled before she turned her attention again to Gold's firm, round breasts. Her eyes were the color of mahogany, rich warm brown with just a hint of wine red. Copper's skin was satiny and a warm coppery tan. Her breasts were smaller but firm and pert with pebble hard nipples. She gasped loudly when his fingers found one and pulled it. She shivered and came instantly. He grinned and Gold moved around Copper to bury her face between Copper's well-rounded, perky buttocks. Copper squealed again, warm eyes wide and hazy with pleasure. Talyn lifted her pearly red lips to his and began to kiss her, his hands playing with her breasts, caressing and pulling her nipples, much to the slurping delight of Gold, who was lustily lapping at Copper's wet, swollen pussy.

Silver continued to slowly, methodically, expertly suckle and caress his cock and balls. Her fingers were slender, strong and smooth as they danced over his skin, hard then feather light as her bright red lips slurped and slid over the head of his cock, then moving down it to kiss and lightly suckle at his skin. Her tongue played over his swollen and rapidly purpling shaft, bright sparkling blue eyes, nearly silver in the ambient light of the metallic chamber in which he'd found these three precious pleasure priestesses. Her pale, nearly translucent, pearlescent skin and startlingly silvery hair which was straight, shoulder-length and barely curled at the ends made him certain they'd been named for the metals they so resembled. She smiled at him and kissed the head of his shaft, licking him. Then she stood, straddled him and slowly sat down atop him, sliding his hard cock deep into her willing, satiny body.

He realized he'd been sitting on the edge of a soft, wide platform, what he'd thought was probably some kind of bed, though he had no idea how he'd gotten there. Silver smiled as he played with Copper, on her knees, next to him, while Gold lapped and slurped at the young priestess' pussy.

Silver's muscular sheath squeezed him hard, so hard he nearly jumped out of shock at the power she had. She giggled and did it again, this time sliding up just a little. Talyn groaned loudly, squirming beneath her a bit.

"Mmmm." Silver said softly. "Like?"

Talyn nodded. "Like..." he managed. "More..."

Silver giggled again and slid up, squeezing, then back down atop him. He groaned louder and she pulled herself up, then down, then up again, then down. Her breasts, round, pale, with nice sized nipples, began to bounce as she did. He licked his lips, watching them. Copper moved down beneath Silver then. So did Gold.

Talyn's eyes widened as, while Silver slowly and methodically bounced up and down on his cock, Gold and Copper each took one of his balls into her mouth and began to lightly suckle it.

He felt zings of energy blaze through him, created by the sweet, light, madness-invoking suckling of each hot, wet mouth and lips and by the slurping, squeezing, sliding of Silver's tight, hot, wet pussy as she bounced faster, breasts jiggling, grinding her pussy against his body each time she came down hard on him.

He stiffened, groaning, his body hot and trembling with the overload of sensations the three precious metals were creating within him. Grunting, he grabbed at the bouncing tits in front of him, hearing her squeal and gasp as he pulled her nipples hard, making her go even faster atop him, fucking him harder, gasping, moaning, the sounds of slurping coming not only from her sopping pussy but from the two girls beneath her, licking and sucking his balls, caressing his ass, Silver's ass, Copper's hand coming up to tickle and tease his cock and Silver's clit when she could reach them.

Silver began to come, if her sudden convulsion and scream was any indication. Her tight body constricted around his cock and he groaned in the exquisite pleasure that kind of weird pain caused and he began to pump into Silver's still spasming body. She cried out, moaning, bouncing faster and faster until Talyn was groaning in pleasure, filling her up with come until it leaked from her with each bounce.

They writhed together until each was quite finished, Talyn peripherally recognizing the sounds of orgasm from Gold and Copper. Silver collapsed against him, his now rapidly softening cock still buried deep within her and he wrapped his arms around her as she panted out the final throes of her climax. He watched Copper and Gold turn their complete attention to each other, kissing and caressing breasts and lips, fingers dipping into swollen, rosy fleshed pussies, rubbing each other's distended clitties, until each girl had completely climaxed, coming all over each other's hands.

The scent of sex was heavy in the air, the gold, silver and coppery draped room a miasma of warm, resiny, spicy smoke and the musky scent of sexually satisfied women.

Talyn groaned, the scents overwhelming him and he collapsed back into the cushions on the bed behind him, smiling in satiated intoxication.

Silver, Gold and Copper helped get him completely up on their bed and collapsed into it beside him, Silver on his right, Gold, his left and Copper, draped across his thighs.

The four of them, giggling, moaning and sighing with satisfaction, cuddled, tickled and caressed each other into a sleepy oblivion.

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