tagGay MaleThe Temporary Position Ch. 01

The Temporary Position Ch. 01


Hi Guys,

Here's a little story I dreamed up one day. It's nothing like my other submissions - more sex less talk!

I'll probably post three or four part's to this story as inspiration strikes me. I do sense that there will be more character (and relationship) developing later on.

This story contains gay male sex so if that isn't your thing don't say you haven't been warned.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.


Kat Micheals walked through the wide double doors with a sense of purpose, her high- heeled boots clicking loudly on the tiled floor. It was her first day at a new temp posting and she was excited. She knew that this time she wouldn't be surrounded by boring corporate types. Nope. More like hot, hard-bodied men.

She'd been posted to the job of admin assistant at a gay porn production house called "Rough and Randy Studios." She'd been told that the name was inspired by the two founders, ex-performers themselves, whose porn names had been 'Rough Trade' and 'Randy Saddle.' She'd checked out the website before setting out today—for research of course. She hadn't been able to see any of the films, you needed a membership to do that but she'd seen enough to know that the guys that worked with them were hot. Really hot.

So, yeah, she felt confident the job would be anything but boring which was more than she could say for most of her postings.

She'd been surprised to get the call at first but, upon reflection, she supposed that even porn websites needed someone to answer the phone and file tax forms. She knew some of the other temps at her firm would have balked at the job but she was actually excited. She'd never been one to turn down an adventure and her life wasn't exactly mainstream as it was. The reason she worked temp jobs was so she had the time and flexibility to pursue her real love—writing erotica.

In fact, she considered this posting to be ideal, she was pretty sure she'd find plenty of inspiration for her writing at "Rough and Randy." She'd never really written any male-male erotica but that was mostly because she was afraid she'd fuck it up. She prided herself on her stories being raw, gritty and real and so she usually stuck to scenarios that she herself had indulged in or at least seen someone else indulge in first hand. Given her voracious sexual appetite and lack of inhibition that hadn't limited her much thus far.

She had a feeling this job would open up a whole new world...

When she arrived at Suite 304 she buzzed the intercom.

"Yes," a male voice said.

"Hi, I'm Kat, I'm the new admin assistant," she said.

"Right, c'mon in."

The doors buzzed and she swung them open.

The main room was large and modern looking, with white walls, an abstract print rug on the floor and a small waiting area with two oversized black armchairs and a small coffee table stacked with—you guessed it—porn. The desk at which she presumed she'd be working sat towards the back of the room and was mainly occupied by two large flat screen monitors.

A rake thin man with bleach blond hair, several diamond studs in his ears and a skin-tight aqua T-shirt walked towards her, hand outstretched, "Kat! So nice to meet you. Welcome to 'Rough and Randy', I'm Randy," he said.

"Hi Randy, I'm excited to be here! So, I assume this is where all the magic happens," she said, gesturing to the desk.

"Well, technically, all the real magic happens in there," Randy laughed, pointing to a set of doors off to the left side of the room.

"Right!" Kat laughed easily.

"Gloria, who you'll be replacing while she's on her mat leave, should be here in a minute, she'll run through all the details of the system for you, it's mostly routine stuff that I'm sure you're pretty familiar with though we do have a new security monitoring system and we'll be asking you to keep a tab on that while you're here."

At Kat's look of consternation, Randy squeezed her arm, "Oh, don't worry honey, we have actual security guards downstairs, you need to these days, it's just that we like to have a few sets of eyes on the monitors. If you see anything that concerns you we have a call button."

"Okay, cool, cause I'm not really dressed for the whole crime fighting thing," she said, gesturing to her tight pencil skirt and low cut polka dot blouse.

Kat spent the next hour with Gloria, who'd rushed in out of breath and extremely pregnant a few minutes after she'd finished speaking with Randy, going over the ropes.

"This monitor here is just for the security cameras, you don't really need to keep too much of an eye on it, I never did. Rough's just really security conscious. I should warn you though it covers the whole system, like everything," Gloria said motioning to the next room. "I do hope you aren't bothered by that. I just tried not to look too close, y'know, the stuff those guys get up to..." she said with an uncomfortable laugh.

Kat nodded her head. She was trying to figure out how Gloria, who seemed, well, pretty conservative had landed this gig.

After Gloria left Kat sat down at her new desk. It was just past 10 am. She stretched out her legs, logged onto the system and started going through some of the paperwork that had built up in the last few days as Gloria prepared to leave.

About an hour later, the door buzzed.

Gloria had also informed her that part of her job was to buzz people in. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to tell who had a right to be here and who didn't being so new to the company.

Maybe she could get them to drop their pants for the camera? Kat mused. Only those with 8 inches or more get in?

She laughed to herself as she pushed the intercom button.

"Hello?," she said, looking at the monitor, which had zoomed in on the tiny picture of the doorway when she'd pressed the button—ah technology!

An extremely well groomed, lightly tanned, muscled man with a silver bar through one ear and a sleeve of tattoos on his right arm stared back at her. He was the very picture of a porn star—in a hot way.

Well, hello! Kat thought excitedly.

"Hey, It's Jordan," he said, clearly expecting her to recognize him by first name alone.

Well, sure, sounds good Jordan, judging by the fit of those jeans you'd pass my test anyway, Kat thought, already enjoying her first day at work.

"C'mon in," she said, pushing the buzzer.

The door opened and he walked in. He looked slightly taken aback when he spotted her behind the desk. "Oh hey, I guess you're the new girl. I forgot Gloria was leaving us today," he said absently.

"Hi, I'm Kat, you must be Jordan," she said playfully, leaning against the desk. He ignored her seductive pose completely.

Right, she reminded herself *gay* porn, Kat. Gay being the key word.

She felt a bit foolish.

"Nice to meet you," he said, shaking her hand. "Is Randy in the production room?"

She nodded her head then admired the rear view as he walked away.

Kat sighed.

She only had a moment to collect herself before the door buzzed again.

Oh goodie, another one! She grinned.

"Hello?," she said, eyeing the screen. This time it was a dark skinned man in a tight blue tank top and low-slung jeans. His hair was cut short all over and his skin glowed. Faint stubble darkened his jaw line. He was deliciously manly.

Thank god for HD video.

"It's Marcus," he said through the intercom.

"C'mon in Marcus," she said flamboyantly.

In her head she continued: You're the next contestant on 'The Price is Right,' as in, if the price is right we hope you'll get in on for the cameras...

He was even more delicious in person. Kat had a moment of severe regret for the fact that he obviously played for the other team. Or did he...?

Kat was slightly startled. Was she imagining things or did his eyes just zoom in on her tits?

She raised her eyebrow at Marcus and he quickly looked away.


"They're in the production room Marcus," she said already feeling like an old pro.

"Uh, thanks," he replied, flipping her one last look before disappearing through the doors.

Kat was busy sorting through pay stubs when her eye happened to graze the security monitor. The monitor was divided equally into six screens; the parking garage, the front door, the reception area, and what looked to be two film sets, one with a bed and one with a shower.

Kat's eyes zeroed in on the bedroom set, she noticed Randy and two other men moving furniture around and setting up lights. They were obviously preparing to shoot a scene. A scene with Jordan and Marcus. And it would show up right here on her monitor. Kat's mouth opened slightly.

She'd known from what Gloria had said that everything that happened at "Rough and Randy" showed up on the monitors but she hadn't quite been prepared for the reality. Any moment now Marcus and Jordan—the extremely hot Marcus and Jordan—were going to walk onto that set and, well, make a porn movie. And she was damn sure she wasn't going to miss a minute.

Holy hell, she groaned. How was she ever going to get any work done?

Kat resolutely dragged her eyes back to the pay stubs. From the paperwork it looked like the company had about fifty employees, 28 of which were performers. When she matched the stubs, which were made out to legal names only, to the employee lists she noticed that Marcus and Jordan were two of the site's most prolific performers.

Kat did a quick once over on the "Rough and Randy" website and saw that Jordan and Marcus had about ten 'scenes' posted, each about 30 minutes long and all with each other. In a few of the movies they were also joined by other guys but they never seemed to work apart.

Kat lost all interest in the pay stubs as she googled their names, "Jordan Conrad" and "Marcus Wilde," real names "Christopher Conrad" and "Jeremy Williams." She found some online interviews and a few fan websites. From her research she learned that Jordan and Marcus always worked together because they were a couple. Obviously they had no problem fucking other guys, judging by some of the group scenes she'd glimpsed advertised but they preferred to work together. Fans loved it—it made them feel like they were illicitly peeking in on a real couple fucking. Which, in a way, they were. Apparently the passion between them was sizzling.

When Kat looked back at the screen she saw both Marcus and Jordan standing in the middle of the set. The security camera was positioned in the corner of the room allowing her a full view of the set and a partial view of the film crew. It looked like the lighting was being finalized. She saw a flurry of activity off to the side and Randy providing some last minute directions to the two men then filming began.

Well they don't beat around the bush...

She knew from her research that "Rough and Randy" was known for the quality of its performers—only the hottest, most generously endowed guys made it onto the site—and its policy of getting right down to business, so to speak. She knew that didn't work for some people, who preferred more of a story alongside their sex but right now she wasn't complaining.

She leaned forward in her chair, peering at the screen unabashedly as Marcus and Jordan began to kiss. Marcus, a good two inches taller, looked like he was literally devouring the other man, his hands ran down Jordan's back and grabbed his ass roughly. Kat could tell, even with tiny screen, that the kiss was scorching. She watched, eyes glued to the screen, as Jordan ran his hands along Marcus's side, pushing his tank top up to reveal taut abs. Marcus reached down and pulled the shirt over his head, his shoulders bunching with muscle as he did so, he tossed the tank off screen and resumed his feverish exploration of Jordan's mouth. Thinking that all of this was happening just on the other side of the wall next to her was, well, exciting didn't really cover it. They'd barely begun filming and Kat was wet already. Despite the brief clips she'd seen this morning, she hadn't been prepared for how turned on she'd be watching two guys go at it.

Jordan now had his shirt off as well. Kat was pleased to see his tattoos extended all down his side, a riot of colorful abstract designs that drew attention to the planes of his defined abdominal muscles. Marcus was licking his way down Jordan's neck. Marcus reached Jordan's peaked nipple and began to suck on it. Jordan had his head thrown back in ecstasy. Kat suddenly wished she had sound on this damn thing, she just knew that Jordan was moaning and she very badly wanted to hear it.

She also wished the screen was bigger. Like when someone buzzed at the door and the little picture went wide screen.

Yeah, that would be nice, she mused.

The thought gave her an idea, she clicked on "left screen" on her computer dashboard and her mouse cursor appeared on the security screen. It was really just a monitor hooked up to the video system. She double clicked on the small screen containing Jordan and Marcus and crossed her fingers.


It blew up. Now she could see them in all their glory. She realized that this way she wouldn't be able to survey the rest of the screens but she was pretty sure that between the security guards downstairs and the locked door, which she controlled access to, everything would be fine.

Marcus was undoing Jordan's zipper. Jordan opened his mouth in an 'O' as Marcus slid his hand down the front of his jeans and caressed his cock. He began kneading it, looking into Jordan's enraptured face with a look of pure desire and appreciation. Within minutes both of their pants were off, discarded in a forgotten pile on the floor. Kat watched the camera man moved closer, zooming in on a shot of Jordan pushing Marcus's tight white briefs down so that his cock sprang free.

Oh my...Kat's mouth opened involuntarily.

And what a cock it was. At least nine inches of dark, swollen ecstasy. It looked edible. Apparently Jordan thought so too as he immediately dropped to his knees and began licking the length of it. Marcus gripped Jordan's shoulder and rocked into his lover's mouth. He bit his full lower lip lightly and Kat could almost hear him panting.

Unsurprisingly, Jordan seemed to give incredible head. He latched and sucked on Marcus's cock for several minutes as it swelled and convulsed. He pushed Marcus's briefs fully off and Marcus spread his legs further allowing Jordan access to his balls and beyond. Jordan seemed to know what Marcus wanted from him instinctually, he rubbed and pulled on Marcus's balls and ran his hand along the smooth seam behind them.

Marcus's body began to move faster against Jordan's mouth, he wove his fingers through Jordan's spiked hair and began plowing steadily into his mouth. Marcus's lips moved, he seemed to be talking to Jordan. Kat could only make out one word "Fuck" — she resolved to take up lip reading.

Jordan slowly withdrew Marcus's cock from his mouth, it bobbed free, jutting out from Marcus's body wet and gleaming. Kat admired the way the muscled V of his lower abdominals framed the sight.

God, he's beautiful. She sighed.

Jordan continued his exploration of Marcus's cock, then enjoyed the fruits of his labor when Marcus returned the favor...

Shit, Kat started, how long had she been watching this?

She realized with surprise that it had been nearly an hour. She briefly contemplated trying to return her mind to the pay stubs. She noticed that production had slowed on the movie. They seemed to be changing cameras and adjusting lighting. Both Jordan and Marcus were standing naked, fully erect, sipping water. She watched as Marcus placed a gentle kiss on Jordan's neck and caressed his ass.

She resolutely picked up a file then changed her mind when she saw Marcus laying Jordan down on the bed. From where her camera was positioned she had a perfect view of Marcus's muscular ass as he leaned over Jordan to kiss him. His legs straddled Jordan's and when he bent Kat could see his thick cock swinging low between his legs.

He pushed Jordan's legs up gently, spreading the smaller man wide open. A younger woman with bright red hair came on screen briefly and handed Marcus lube and a condom, a production assistant Kat assumed. She was suddenly irrationally jealous of the other woman for getting to be in the room.

Watching on HD from the comfort of your desk isn't good enough for you now Kat? She chastised herself. God, she was a porn fiend already!

As Marcus slipped two lubed up fingers inside Jordan's tight hole she wished that she could zoom in on the sight. Wait a minute...she double clicked on the picture again and was rewarded with a larger, closer picture. One more click of the mouse and she had a perfect view of Marcus's long, dark, slender fingers slipping inside Jordan's peaches and cream puckered hole. Her breath hitched in her throat and she wiggled in her seat. Her panties were soaked now and she wasn't sure whether to worry or hope that the friction of her tight tweed pencil skirt against her pussy would be enough to get her off. Because she was close, ridiculously close.

Well, this is a first.

She'd had sex at work before—she'd chalked it up to research, she'd needed to know what it was like to actually sweep everything off a desk and fuck—but she'd never gotten off just sitting at her desk by herself. Or watching gay porn, for that matter. Or watching live gay porn, she corrected.

Her heart rate picked up in anticipation as she watched Marcus rip open the condom. His hands disappeared in front of him and she assumed he sheathed himself. She zoomed out briefly. The camera man moved to position just below where the security camera was and knelt on the floor, waiting to capture the moment of penetration. Kat was grateful that her position was apparently the ideal one and she rapidly zoomed back in as she saw Marcus's ass flex as he leaned forward over Jordan. The two kissed and Jordan grabbed Marcus's ass, his fingers digging into the milk chocolate colored globes.


She held her breath as she watched Marcus maneuver his thick shaft into place, aligning it with his right hand so that it just nudged Jordan's opening. His ass flexed as he pushed his way inside Jordan slowly, stretching the other man's rosy hole around his dark rod.

Kat gasped, then looked around wildly, forgetting momentarily where she was, or that she was reassuringly alone in the room.

She couldn't help herself any longer. She pulled her skirt up a few inches, spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy through the thin, very damp fabric of her thong. Marcus's cock was now shuttling slowly in and out of Jordan in a tantalizing rhythm. He withdrew almost completely then pushed his way back inside his lover once more, burying himself to the hilt. His leg muscles contracted and a fine sheen of sweat ran down the muscles of his back, pooling in the arched curve of muscle at its base. Kat groaned softly.

It was so friggin' hot. Who knew?

Marcus withdrew and the crew clustered around. He was breathing heavily and he moped his brow as he took a sip of water and squeezed Jordan's thigh. Kat could see Jordan fully now, lying spread put on the bed, his cock fully erect.

Jordan stood and Marcus sat down on the bed, his profile to Kat, legs spread. Jordan straddled his lover and Marcus lay down. The camera man moved position and filming began anew as Jordan lowered himself slowly onto Marcus' cock. She could see Marcus's face fully now, and she watched as he arched his head back and gasped as he was enveloped inside Jordan. Jordan leaned forward and they kissed, tongues entwining in a sinuous dance. Jordan moved forward and began riding Marcus, his speed increasingly gradually. Both men's faces were contorted in grimaces of intense pleasure.

Despite only getting to see the action in profile now that the men had shifted positions Kat still had a choice view. She watched as Marcus's cock disappeared inside Jordan, his thighs tense and straining with the effort of holding himself up over his lover. Marcus arched his back upwards, trying to engulf himself more fully inside Jordan.

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