tagLesbian SexThe Temptation of Abigail Lawson

The Temptation of Abigail Lawson


This story is pure fiction and any resemblance to any people real or otherwise is purely accidental.


My name is Abigail Lawson, but you can call me Abi. I live with my parents (no siblings) in a small mid western town called Methuselah's Pride, Or Pride for short. And it's slap bang in the middle of Kansas and miles from anywhere. The type of place where the houses were big for no real reason. It's a small, close knit community where everyone knows everyone else and they all support each other. No supermarket would stand a chance in this town. Nobody would work there and even if they did no one would shop there, we're all just to proud of the shops on main street.

When I left School I went to college and between that I worked in the family bakery like my daddy had done before me and his daddy before him and so on for I don't know how many generations. But I love working in there working with bread and cakes, it's so much fun. Of course it's not all fun, working in a bakery means I eat a lot more foods that make you put on weight. I would be quite a porker if it wasn't for my obsession with running.

As it happens I'm very physically fit. Maybe a little too athletic for some but I don't care. Other than being a little thinner than most I am an average 18 year old. 5'5, not too much bust and a modest bum. Most people say my most attractive feature is my long dark hair that stretches straight down to the small of my back. I have to keep it tied back when I work and when I go running. But I really prefer to let it down so it can swing in the breeze. A little bit of flirtatious rebellion in an otherwise conservative town that doesn't approve of clothes shorter than thigh length and almost has laws against low neck lines.

But the story begins in the summer of 2008, on a Wednesday morning. As per usual I was working in the bakery with Timothy (Tim) the bakers boy. But before you get any ideas I am not dating him. I'm dating Benjamin (Ben), the butchers boy. But our story does not concern him yet. The first important character is Mrs Niedermier (But she lets everyone call her Mrs Ned) who walked into the bakery to pick up her usual loaf. Despite her name being that of an elderly woman she was only 35, but she was married to the elderly Pastor.

"Hello Mrs Ned." Said Tim in his usual happy manner "I have your usual." He pulled out a milk loaf and began to wrap it in brown paper as she smiled her thanks.

"Hello Abi." She smiled as I kneaded another batch of buns "Have you heard yet?"

"Heard what?" I asked. Mrs Ned was the pastors wife and in accordance with universal law was a terrible gossip.

"Well I heard from Mrs Goddin that Mr Robinson has finally sold the house at the end of your block. You know the one near the woods."

"That's wonderful news. It's about time a new family moved into town."

Mrs Ned began to whisper slightly, a good sign what she was about to say was only being spread to half the town "Oh it's not a family from what I heard. Apparently it's a woman from England. Mrs Goddin said she used to work in finance but has already made enough money to retire."

"Wow England. I've never met a French woman before." Said Tim in his adorably stupid way. Me and Mrs Ned laughed slightly as she took the time to explain that England and France were not the same before she paid for her bread and left. Presumably to give the same news to Mr Hill the butcher.

"I can't believe someone from England has moved to our little town." Said Tim. I just shrugged and continued with the bread. Little did I know my whole life and the life of our little town was about to change completely.

The next day few days were the same as they had always been. No more news filtered through to me and I was content to keep it that way. I didn't really care about it, so long as I still had my job and my health. Although people who did care were constantly asking me about any changes to the house, this was because my well known running route went passed the house and through the woods to the lake. This meant that as far as the towns gossip intelligence network was concerned I was their lead gatherer of information. But it wasn't until Saturday that anything changed.

The preparations for my evening run began just like any other day. I put on my sweatpants and tank-top. Pulled on my running shoes and stepped out into the red dusk of summer. I stretched out my muscles and noticed with a small shock that the end house had a moving van sat out the front. I started out at a slow pace but sped up as I went past the house so I wouldn't be ogled by the moving guys to much.

I ran round my usual route with my head full of thoughts of what the England woman would look like. With all me previous experience being movies, I decided she would be a short dumpy looking person with bad teeth who drank tea all day. I smiled to myself about it as a rounded the lake and made my return nearly half an hour later (The lake is very big).

I slowed slightly as moved along the fence that surrounded the house's garden. As I rounded the corner I saw the van had gone and so had all the boxes that had been strewn about the yard. I looked at the house as I passed it but the curtains were closed. I slow jogged back to my house as a warm down every so often turning my head back to look at the house as night set in properly.

My thoughts as prepared for bed was of what an English woman would actually be like. Culture from anywhere other than America didn't really penetrate far into this part of Kansas, and I wondered what music she would bring. Not the Beatles or any of the really big English bands. I wondered about lesser known books and artworks she had been exposed to not living in the bible belt. I almost didn't sleep thinking about it all.

The next morning as I walked about the church I looked around for any new faces but none appeared. I was somewhat disappointed by the fact but that didn't stop me sharing the news the face in town, was actually in town. Mrs Ned and Mrs Goddin speculated as to why she wasn't in church but the two of them and the rest of the bible brigade forgave her this transgression seeing as she must have been tired after her move.

It's at this point I should give you more details regarding the hardened Christian centre of the town. Whilst I had never held much regard for the bible going to church was very much a prerequisite in Pride. Because if you didn't you lost business and friends. And if not being a social pariah came at the cost of a few boring hours a week, I was prepared to pay the cost.

After church as I always did I visited Ben at his house. Like me he lived with his parents on the other side of town. In Pride you either lived with your parents or you lived with your wife or husband and your kids. No middle ground.

We sat in his room (The door left open at his parents request) and we kissed. Pecks on the lips and occasionally a no tongues snog. This went on for a while and then silence. When we first started dating we used to talk, but now it's silence. I liked to listen to his heart beating in his chest. But soon it was time for me to go. I needed to get home to do my chores.

Nearing the end of the day I sat and thought about how boring my life was, and how I wanted something interesting to happen.


I nearly jumped clean out of my skin. "Mom, please don't sneak up on me like that."

"Sorry honey. But I was wondering if you could do me a favour."


"I've invited Ben and the Niedermiers to dinner. And the pastor wondered if we should invite the new lady from across the street as well. And you run past her house anyway."

"Yes I will invite her round for dinner."

My mom smiled and hurried back to the kitchen saying it would be ready at 8 ish. I had never wanted to go for my run more than now.

I jogged up to her house not wanting to be out of breath when I spoke to her. I stepped up onto the porch noting the addition of a hammock. I paused with nerves as I moved my hand towards the doorbell, but I overcame them and pushed the small round button hearing the buzz even through the door. A few moments of silence followed before the door was pulled open.

Stood in the doorway was a 6 foot tall woman of slim build wearing black casual clothes that hugged her figure but not obscenely so. She had a beautiful face, framed by flame red hair which hung down to her shoulders.

I was prepared to speak but she said "Hello." first and I became lost in her voice. The clipped accentless nature of it was made more lovely by her quiet, soft manner of speaking.

I was all but mesmerised and could only blurt out the word "Dinner."


As she spoke again my heart fluttered but I finally managed to speak properly "My mom wondered if you wanted to join us for dinner, to welcome you to Pride."

As she spoke again I new I was in love with her voice "I'd love to. What time?"

"Around 8."

"Cheers." She said as she closed the door with a smile. I had no idea what cheers meant but I was sure it was good.

I got home from my run around 7:30, quickly showered and changed into my usual set up of jeans and shirt. Just in time for the Neds to arrive. Pastor Ned and my dad greeted each other like old friends, mainly because they were. Mrs Ned and mom shared pleasantries as everyone took their places around the coffee table in the lounge. Everyone (Including me) seemed to be waiting for our new neighbour to arrive. The doorbell rand and my dad went to answer it. Everyone craned their necks unconsciously to try and see who it was. When Ben and my dad rounded to corner into the room their was a palpable air of disappointed, even from me. A few moments of soft conversation later the doorbell rang and the spectacle repeated itself. But this time she rounded the corner.

It was now that I realised I had never even asked her name.

My dad presented her to the room "Everyone this is Lily, Lily this is everyone." She waved nervously and said hello.

As she sat down on a small wooden chair I realised I hadn't taken my eyes off of her the whole time she had been in the room. I looked away and around nervously, hoping no one had noticed. But it didn't appear anyone had as Mrs Ned introduced herself and everyone properly.

A small ding was heard, the signal dinner was ready.

Everyone arrayed themselves around the long table. I was sat next to Ben, but more importantly I was opposite Lily. Over the course of the dinner I spoke very little but it didn't matter. All manner of questions were thrown her way and answering them took almost the whole evening. Apparently she had inherited a large sum of money when she was 25 and thanks to some smart investments she was pretty much set for life if she lived somewhat modestly. But she was not without income as she had set up an international company that bought and sold rare books. She didn't give a straight answer as to why she had moved to America but no one really cared at this point, being somewhat tipsy from the wine.

Everyone departed before the public transportation system would leave them on the wrong side of town with Lily being the last seeing as she only needed to walk down the road.

That night as I lay in bed I could only think of Lily. I kept playing her voice in my head loving it more each time. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I didn't see much of Lily over the next few days. The closest I got was running past her house every evening. It wasn't until Wednesday (The day I help in the bakery) that I saw her again. At least this time I kept my composure so when she walked in I didn't stammer like an idiot when she asked for a loaf of bread. Then she asked me "This might seem a bit forward but I was wondering if I could go running with you this evening?"

"Yes of course." I answered a little to quickly.

"Cool. I'll see you later." She said before leaving with a smile. Leaving me again impatient for this evening, but I couldn't quite tell why.

The end of the day couldn't come fast enough as far as I was concerned and I was fidgety all day. Evening came along and I prepared for my run with fumbling fingers. I jogged over to Lily's house and rang the bell jogging on the spot. She emerged in a pair of sweats and a tank-top and we smiled at the concidence.

"Should we go for a hard or an easy run?" I asked her.

"Hard. I haven't been running in years and I want to push myself."

"If you're sure."

Half an hour later I was helping her limp back to her house on a pulled muscle. She winced in pain as I helped her through her door into her house. The lounge was white with very little decoration other than a few old book here or there. As she sat down on the sofa she thanked me through teeth gritted with pain.

"It helps if you massage the muscle." I told her and I could have sworn her face lit up as I said so.

"Ok." She said. And much to my shock she began to pull of her pants, revealing a set of red panties which set my heart a flutter. I turned around my face a deep shade of red.

"If I keep them on the massage won't do anything." She told me "Anyway, there's no need to be embarrassed. After all, we're both girls."

I turned around nervously. Any reticence was banished by her smile. I closed the curtains before kneeling down on the floor next to the long seat she was using as a rudimentary bed.

As my hands made contact with her skin a kind of instinct took over and I began to knead the muscles in her leg. I felt the knot formed by her running disappear. She moaned with happiness and I felt a twinge of desire enter my mind. I quickly suppressed it though. She was a she, and I wasn't a lesbian. Was I.

I looked up and down her body slowly and realised just how much I wanted to see it all. Almost as if she could hear my thoughts Lily turned over and looked at me. She looked deep into my eyes and I looked into hers. She pulled my hand up to her face. She closed her eyes as I rubbed her cheek and sighed with happiness. I pulled her hand up to my face and finally smiled as she cupped my cheek.

"You've never done this before have you?"

I shook my head nervously. I didn't know what came next but I wanted to know. She gently pulled my head down to hers. My lips onto hers. This kiss was small but carried more passion than all the kisses in my life up to that point. I pulled away, my face consumed by a smile of pure happiness.

"You never pulled your muscle did you?" I asked.

She shook her head with a smile.

Lily led me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. I watched her as she closed the curtains. She stopped in front of me and slowly pulled up her top, revealing a red lace bra. Now all she had on was them and her red panties, the front of which I could now see were almost transparent lace. Showing her clean shaven pussy. It made me nervous. I kept my hair trim but not pristine like hers.

She saw my nerves and asked what was wrong. I confessed I was nervous. She climbed into the double bed next to me telling me it would be all right. She pulled me close and kissed me again. This time our mouths opened and our tongues met. I moaned my happiness as my arms wrapped around her, pulling her as close as I could. She pulled away, I tried to stop her but when I felt her hands pulling my top up I let her do what she wanted. I closed my eyes as she pulled off first my top. Then my shoes and sweats. All the time I concentrated on the feeling of her fingers on my skin. As she hooked her thumbs into my panties I looked down at her my face a map of nerves. Her smile reassured me as she pulled them down my legs slowly, never looking away from my eyes. I sat up and pulled her into another long kiss. I felt her unhook by bra and let her pull it off of me. I laid back again and watched as two fingers grabbed my left nipple and gave a sift tug. A sharp jolt of pleasure shot through me, A gasp escaped my lips as it did so. She smiled broadly and lowered he head down to my breast. She wrapped her mouth around my nipple and sucked my tit. All I could do was breath heavily as ecstasy built up behind my chest. She moved to the other all the while looking up at me with her beautiful eyes. My head fell back as a shuddering gasp of pleasure erupted from me. She laid me completely flat and told me "Go with the flow."

I soon learnt what that meant as she left a tail of kisses from by breast down to just above my pussy. The short downy hair not deterring her. I felt the tip of her tongue just penetrate my pussy lips and my body exploded into throws of beautiful pleasure, I gave a quiet whelp as it overwhelmed me. But it was just beginning as she parted my pussy lips with her fingers and sent them slowly crawling up my pussy. Her tongue licked my clit and I arched my back in as my face became a silent shout. But then her fingers found my g-spot and I screamed a wordless cry of pure pleasure. Then she really began to work on me. As she fingered me and sucked my clit I gave breathless screams of ecstasy. The pleasure built up to a crescendo and as I came I screamed "OH FUCK YES!"

I collapsed into a flat heap of breathlessness as I realised I had sworn for the first time in my life, and I didn't care.

Lily's face appeared above me. I tried to pull her into a kiss but I couldn't lift my arms I was so weak from my first orgasm. She lowered herself into a wet kiss as I tasted myself, my delicious nectar.

I returned home in a daze of happiness. Lily didn't want me to go but I needed to get home and to bed. I did have college the next day after all. I was silent through dinner, spending the whole time thinking of Lily. Thinking about how she made my whole body tingle with pleasure. But most importantly thinking about how she had invited me to join her for another ''run'' the next day.

The next day at college I spent all my spare time thinking about her. But at lunch I sat with Ben. He tried to kiss me but I simply didn't want to. Ben was handsome to say the least and any girl would be lucky to have him. But I compared him to Lily in my head, and he looked like Quasimodo.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

I looked straight at him and he looked back at me. I could see the concern in his eyes.

"Kiss me." I told him. He placed his hand around my neck and pulled me in. Our lips met and his tongue pushed it's way into my mouth. Our first real snog. I waited for the spark of joy and happiness that had come with Lily. But it never did.

I pulled away, his look of concern deepened.

"I'm sorry Ben." I chocked "But I don't want to see you any more."

I stood up and left. I felt sadness at the end of our relationship because I knew I was probably losing a friend. I didn't wait to hear what he was saying. Nothing he could have said would've mattered.

I dragged myself through my front door a few miserable hours later. My mood not having improved over the rest of the day. My glumness must have shown on my face as I walked into the kitchen as my mother asked me

"Abi, are you feeling okay?"

"I broke up with Ben today." I told her.

She seemed so shocked "Why?" She asked almost as if she was offended.

"It just wasn't working out." I answered.

"Well don't worry. I'll invite him round and we can work it out." She went to pick up the phone.

"We can't work it out." I almost shouted at her.


"Because..." I looked at her, the crucifix around her neck. And I realised I wasn't brave enough to tell her why.

"Because we just can't." I told her as I got up and left. But just before I did I turned and said "I might not be home for dinner tonight. Lily invited me round, to look at some of her rare books after we go for a run together."

I jogged down the street and met Lily who was standing outside her house stretching. She saw me and we exchanged smiles. We jogged more than ran around the woods and lake and we talked. She comforted me about Ben but confessed she was happy about it. Telling me she would no longer feel guilty about fucking me. Just the thought of her making love to me again made my panties damp with pussy juice.

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