tagBDSMThe Ten Day Treat

The Ten Day Treat


(This story is actually based on several conversations I have had with my cousin, it's an area I have never thought to go. So I had a lot of help from her and for whom I am eternally grateful.)

I can't believe it, it simply can not be. Mary had to get a closer look, throwing any form of caution to the winds she approached the woman in the shower, if the woman had not bent down to pick up an errant shampoo bottle she would have never seen it, as she closed in the woman turned and watched Mary approach, Mary however was so entrenched on getting a closer look it had taken her a second to stop, a second to long.

"Can I help you?" The woman said

Her hands now on her naked hips ready to ward off any advances that this strange woman seemed to be making on her, Mary was startled by her own actions, she had held this secret for ten years now and yet she seemed to be confronted by a woman that could well hold the same secret, so many feelings coursed through her body, excitement that she had now found a fellow conspirator and, no she dared not think further just yet she had to find out if this woman was indeed who she believed her to be.

Mary now stood face to face with the woman, she blushed and held out her hand. "I'm sorry, I was admiring your tattoo, could you tell me were you got it."

The woman now took a longer look at Mary, "sorry no, it's a personal tattoo with fond memories of a personal friend."

She knew she was losing this conversation, any second now this woman would leave the shower room or even worse another woman could come in and destroy any chance she had of talking to her, she realized that ultimately she had no choice, slowly she moved at an angle so the woman could see her right side. Almost instinctively the woman slowly looked down Mary's naked body to the same place she herself had her tattoo a gasp escaped the woman as she herself realized the truth of it.

As the woman backed out of the shower, she looked at Mary, the same realization now in her eyes. "Meet me in the bar in two hours, I assume your with your husband, come alone."

There seemed no point in trying to talk further with this woman, the answers would come, in two hours. Mary leaned back against the tiles of the shower room, opened the tap and let the water stream down her body. Cleaning the sweat of the gym off her body her mind roamed over the implications of her discovery.

Mary strolled into the bar and let her eyes wander around the outside walls that held small cubicles for those people that prefer to have quiet moments in a bar setting, she spotted her and walked over and sat across from her. Again she held out her hand and introduced herself, this time the woman took it and now the eyes locked onto each other, there was not distrust there, they both had the same secret.

"I often wondered if there were others, he told me truthfully there was. My names Paula by the way."

With that one sentence it's as though the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, we talked together, when the waitress came over we ordered drinks and continued to talk, I found myself genuinely liking her, Paula was mixed race and stood eye to eye with me in the shower so she would have been five foot five, her skin was light but she had an African nose and full lips with dark eyes that screamed, ‘come to bed', Paula was a very sexy woman. My thoughts were interrupted when she said.

"We need to phone Josh and tell him we have met," I felt myself blush. Some years ago when I was told to get the tattoo, I had talked to Josh he admitted that there were six women in his life all with the same tattoo and all in the same place, Paula was the only woman I had found with the same tattoo.

"I never asked him, do you know what it means.?" I said.

Paula looked at me then placed her hand over mine, "It's an ancient Hebrew text, it means slave."

What could I say, we were. We had given ourselves to Josh many years ago, even though we both had husbands we knew we only had one master and that was Josh, I felt my chest tighten, part of me needed to know the answer to my next question, yet I was loath to ask it, not out of jealousy, Josh was our master, he could do with both of us as he will and I'm sure he often did.

"Can I ask when you go to him.?"

Paula seemed to now look harder at me, I wasn't sure if she thought I was asking to much of her, as I looked into her eyes, they seemed to acknowledge my need to know.

"My weeks are September and March and you.?"

This cruise we where on was in October, I felt a pang of jealousy course through me, "My weeks are June and December."

I watched as Paula rummaged through her bag and pulled out her cell phone, I smiled as I watched her, she dialed Josh's number from memory, Josh never allowed us to put his number in our cell phone's memory, I'm sure we all obeyed him, I listened as Paula spoke to him for a few minutes, then she handed me the phone.

"You did well Mary I often thought you would be the one that would find one of my other girls,"

There was no malice in his voice, I breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn't angry with me. But Josh was never an angry man, I suppose that's why we all loved him so much that we gave ourselves to him for life regardless of us all being married.

"I have a special treat for you both, your coming to me for ten days, November 12th tell Paula and make your usual arraignments between you and Mary your on the cruise with your husbands your not to talk to each other again until you get here, do you understand.?"

My heart sank, I had found a kindred spirit and I couldn't talk to her, I knew Josh was waiting for my answer, he was our master, I had to obey.

"Ok I will tell her and I will obey." The line went dead.

Josh put the phone down and laughed, Mary was so smart. He knew years ago that if any of his girls found each other it would be Mary in the middle of it somewhere, he would spoil the girls for ten days, they deserved the treat then he would have to order them never to talk or contact each other again, they all knew of each other but he preferred to keep them all at a distance from each other. Josh shook his head once more and then headed to his workshop, he had a few designs in his head in case this ever happened, it looked like he had better get to work making what he had in mind.

Paula's smile vanished as I told her what Josh had said, then her eyes widened when I told her ten days, neither of us had spent ten days with Josh, normally a week was all my body could manage. I think she was looking forward to talking to me more as well, but we had to agree, we kissed each other on the cheek like old friends and both looked forward to November. We did see each other several times at the gym, we even got into the habit of passing each other in the shower and slap ourselves on the ass as we passed each other, also at dinner we would occasionally wink at each other but that was all, I watched her with her husband once.

He was almost a mirror image on my own husband, both men stood six feet tall and were very powerfully built, both had an air of self confidence about them, I loved my husband deeply, to me he was such a gentle man and he classed me as his equal in our marriage. The cruise was a surprise, our wedding anniversary was a month ago but both of us had been busy with work so he booked this cruise and we unofficially moved our anniversary so we could double the pleasure of the cruise. I truly did love my man, but Josh had my heart and he will do until the day I die.

When the cruise finished, it was on the plane home my thoughts started to wander, thinking back to my first year with Josh and when I graduated, I wanted to start my own interior design company, it was Josh who gave me a piece of paper the day I graduated and told me to go see the names on the paper. I did as Josh asked and both people on the paper hired me straight away, from them came other recommendations now my business turns over a million profit a year and is country wide. It was also through my work I met my now husband, after a years romance he asked me to marry him, Josh gave me his permission and we were married two months later.

The days whizzed by as I played catch up with work, my husband and I had a few social engagements to attend as well, plus of course I had to clear my schedule for the 12th it was my husband that felt the benefit of this as the day grew closer I became more horny, I was fucking him every day even getting him as he came through he door, dinner was out of the fridge as I dragged him back to bed and we used it on each other.

I pulled the car up outside Josh's, when I first met him he was taking a course in design and mechanical engineering, Josh was a very private person, but he was lusted after by all the women on campus, he also helped them with there course work if they asked, Josh had that middle ground. The jocks left him alone even though in there eyes he was a geek but he also had there respect and although always invited to the parties he never went. Not long after graduation he was head hunted by many corporations and although he worked for a few of them he kept the copy rights to all his designs, in his own right Josh was already a millionaire, now he chose the projects he wanted to work on and the corporations knew that when he was on board, they would make money so they left him alone.

The gates buzzed open and I drove up to the open garage and inside, the doors closed behind me there was already a car there I didn't recognize I assumed Paula had got here already. I got out of the car and walked to the side door of the garage, leaving my suitcase in the car, I wouldn't need it's contents. The door opened up to the kitchen, off to the left was another side door that led to a small tv room, it held a couch a tv and a closet against the far wall. I undressed and hung my clothes next to another set of woman's clothes, then reached down to the small table by the couch and picked up my collar and put it on, now I was his.

It was ten in the morning when the buzzer for the gate signaled the first arrival, Josh looked at the security camera and smiled to himself, mentally he had lost that bet, he had figured Mary to get here first, he buzzed Paula in and opened the garage doors for her, he had put both collars out last night, good thing really he thought to himself, he was waiting in the day room when Paula came in, she was always such a beautiful sight naked as the day she was born but for the collar around her neck, he walked straight up to her and hugged her, they kissed and instinctively her eyes looked down.

He put a finger under her chin and lifted her head, "were waiting for Mary, then were going to talk, I want to know all about your holiday,"

He smiled as she blushed, all my girls are special in there own way Paula was a blusher, she was the most timid of his girls but she also had a stubborn streak that run through her, one that only I seemed to control in her, she was also the last to marry, something I found very odd, I knew many men talked to her in her business as a wedding planner, yet at moments like this when I sit her down and talk to her, she admitted she had dated little and felt the need to even less, I had worried for her but was genuinely pleased when Robert came along and she had asked to marry him, I gladly gave her my permission. It had cost me dearly though, she had managed to persuade me to go to the wedding, something I had never done for any of my girls and she had asked for a dance, yes Paula was special in her own way.

The gate buzzer sounded again, I looked at the one clock in the house, we had been talking for an hour, time sure flew by, I checked the camera and buzzed Mary in, ten minutes later a naked Mary came into the room in her collar, I hugged her and after we kissed she looked down as well.

I sat her down on the couch next to Paula and said. "Ok ground rules, for this afternoon were going to talk, I want to know everything that happened, I've been looking forward to hearing it all so leave nothing out, then your both off to bed for an early night, we start your treat tomorrow."

For the next two hours I listened intently to both of them as they told me about the shower, I even laughed when Paula admitted she was set to punch Mary thinking she was coming on to her in the shower, the way both girls looked at each other and seemed to take it in turns telling me there version of events sure made me proud of them, they both blushed as they admitted the slapping of the ass in the shower as a form of recognition to each other for the rest of the cruise. It started to become clear to me now that both girls had become inseparable now they had found each other, they clearly liked each other and even there body language gave them away on more than a few occasions.

I had already thought of a few options, one being to bring both girls here for there week with me together, but that final decision was a long way away yet, I had ten days to decide and I knew both would accept what I decided, I had drifted for a second. Then I caught something between the girls they were holding hands now, I realized that instinctively they had bonded, I wanted to test that bond.

"I tell you what, do you want to start now.?" I asked

Both girls looked at each other, realization coming to them both that for ten days they would be joined together, I watched both girls intently, it was Paula who nodded first, they both squeezed each others hand, a form of moral support.

I smiled and said, "Ok both of you go to the fun room, I need to go get something, when I join you in the fun room, I want you both to be masturbating, but do not orgasm do you understand.?"

Both girls blushed and nodded then looked down, they got off the couch and headed in the direction of the fun room it took me a few minutes to find what I wanted then I joined them, both girls were on the bed facing each other knees bent and hands deep in there vagina's, soft moans coming from both of them. They stopped when I came in and knelt up to wait for me, I handed them both belts and told them to put them on, this they did, I then told Paula that I wanted her in a position that her pussy was touching Mary's.

Both girls looked at each other in shock, then set about there task. Once they were both comfortable I placed what the girls thought was a double headed vibrator between them, as they were still wet it slid easily into both of the girls, I then secured it to the belts, the girls could not move or dislodge the vibrator, I then secured there wrists to the belts, they were totally immobile now, I put a patch between there breasts, I needed to monitor there heart rate now, I checked the patches were working and turned on the vibrator.

Both girls jumped at the initial shock but to them both it just felt like a normal vibrator, I left it on low for now as they got used to it I slowly turned it up, then again. Strapped down and immobile the girls just softly moaned, it was Paula who came first, I turned it up another notch, Mary came soon after. I kept it at a constant now while keeping a close eye on there heart rates, both girls were locked in a mutual orgasm now, as soon as one dissipated the vibrator would send another one though them.

There bodies were bathed in sweat, in there effort to try to eject the vibrator all they were doing was forcing it deeper into the other and also rubbing there pussy lips against each other, then another orgasm would course through there bodies. There stamina was waning now, I was watching there heart rate on the monitor, they needed a rest yet they both refused, both girls were urging each other on now as yet another orgasm would course through there sweat soaked panting bodies. Finally exhaustion claimed them and they both passed out.

The room was dark, my eyes finally adjusted to the room, I felt the presence of another person in the bed with me when my eyes focused I recognized Paula, her breathing meant she was asleep, my whole body ached, I smiled to myself only Josh could make me come to the point of passing out, only he could make my body tingle like this, I felt Paula stir.

"How do you feel?" I asked

"Why is Josh so good at this? I can't move, my whole body is in sweet pain,"

Both of us giggled then. We felt like children in a candy store and we had ten whole days of this. It was then we both heard it, music was coming from somewhere in the house.

I felt Paula grab my shoulder as she said, "Josh is playing the piano,"

I listened a little longer and a dread filled me, "his playing Tchaikovsky."

Paula leapt from the bed and headed for the door, half way across the room her legs gave out, she let out a cry that tore into my heart, one of anguish and frustration that her body would give way when she most needed it, I got out of the bed and every muscle in my body screamed in protest, I pulled Paula back to the bed. She twisted around and held my head in her hands, our faces were inches from each other now.

"You have to go to him, stop him from playing."

We both knew she was right, slowly I walked to the door and pulled it open, the music was louder now and I held onto the banister as I descended the stairs to the drawing room, I leaned against the open door my body exhausted, where I got the strength to get this far I did not know, Josh didn't see me, his eyes locked on a far away spot, the music gathering pace now, I so very nearly made it to Josh before my legs gave out, my mind now a frantic mess, just one thought prevailed I had to stop Josh from playing.

I crawled under the legs of the piano and came up between Josh's legs, I held his flaccid penis in my hands and lowered my head onto it, running my tongue around the head, gently pulling the foreskin back with my hand, I took him deeper, again running my tongue around the head of his penis, he was getting aroused now filling with blood becoming larger in my mouth I was bobbing my head back and forth sucking him making him bigger.

Suddenly the music stopped, I felt a searing pain as Josh grabbed my hair and pulled my head away from his penis, he stood kicking the piano stool away from himself as he did so. I had managed to stop Josh from playing, but at what cost. Josh looked down at me, it may have been Josh holding my hair but it wasn't Josh I saw in his eyes, my whole soul filled with dread now, he let go of my hair and in the same instance picked me up under my arms, my legs were useless and I wouldn't fight Josh if I wanted to, I was nothing more than a rag doll now, he dragged me around to the side of the piano and threw me face first onto it.

His hands pulled my ass cheeks apart, I suddenly felt his tongue in my ass, first around the rim and then deep in my ass, I tried to relax I felt a tear roll down my cheek, this wasn't Josh sodomizing me, his demons were. Then his tongue was gone, to be replaced by the head of his penis, I relaxed as best I could, he wasn't being gentle, he simply wanted to take me, his dick filled me then I felt his body close to mine, he moved his hands to my hips for better leverage. Then he started to pound into me as hard as he could, although I tried desperately not to feel anything, my body gave way to pleasure and I came hard.

By the time Paula had dragged herself down the stairs I had managed to get Josh onto the couch, I was holding his head in my arms, I had his body but I still didn't know if I had Josh. I looked up and saw Paula, tears falling down her face, there was such sadness in her eyes.

"Did he hurt you.?" She managed to stammer

I kissed his head and held onto him, I looked up at Paula, "He was a gentle as he could be."

She fell into a crumpled heap by the couch sobbing, every now and again I heard the word sorry. My mind was numb now, I had no thoughts I was simply beyond exhausted.

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