tagBDSMThe Ten Day Treat Ch. 02

The Ten Day Treat Ch. 02


(I have to torture you some more, to make sense of part two, you have to have read the original in all its torturous glory. I hope you enjoy the story, but then I'm the author so I would hope that.)


The gym was the only place Josh allowed us clothes, although we must have looked an odd sight in a sports bra, trainers and our collars. We had set each other stiff competition in the gym, no matter how hard we tried to outdo each other, we were equally matched. Although my mind was still full of questions. The woman on in Josh's bed said what she had to say and said very little afterwards, even though I tried to prize more out of her, I knew she had more to say but I kept getting stone walled, Paula was in no condition to talk once Josh had returned her to our room, it was a restless night indeed.

We showered and I suddenly remembered Paula's remark, so she was going to punch me huh. On the way out of the showers we dried ourselves off and I just couldn't resist it, I slapped her ass, Paula squealed and I made a dash for the basement stairs, reaching the safety of the kitchen just before she did. Josh was there just putting breakfast on the table.

I looked at him and said "when?" I sounded almost pleading.

"After breakfast you can both have all the time you need."

Paula looked at both of us, there was something going on and she felt like an outsider, I held her arm and smiled, "it's ok were going to have a talk after breakfast,"

Josh was the first to finish and said he would meet us in the day room when we were done, I felt Paula looking hard at me, I looked at her and felt a twinge of guilt, perhaps I should have insisted that we talked last night. Yet how could I, when Josh had returned her she had such a glow about her I didn't want her to lose it.

All I could do is repeat what Josh had told us yesterday, "we've done nothing wrong."

There was an uneasy silence between us both in the day room as we waited for Josh, I was just about to explain everything when Josh came in. He sat across from us, looking at both of us he seemed to have a troubled mind, something was going on and we didn't know what it was.

"Ok you have my undivided attention," he said

I sat forward so I could watch both Paula and Josh as I recounted what the woman in Josh's room had said to me, I told Paula that the woman from yesterday was one of Josh's first, she wouldn't go into numbers, there didn't seem any point. But she came to Josh the same time as one other, although Josh had warned them they must stay apart, both women had known each other before Josh, so continued to see each other, she got careless and her husband found out she had a lover at first her husband suspected another man, but the woman put herself in the firing line and claimed she was the lover, a bitter divorce followed.


As Mary told Paula what had happened my minds eye relived those days, Cassie had called me she was hysterical, when I had calmed her down she told me Beth's husband suspected she had a lover, he had found my number on speed dial, the number didn't mean much on it's own the girls were the only ones that had that number, unless it came from a number I recognized I never answered the call. Cassie found out from Beth that he was going to hire a detective to get proof.

It was then Cassie placed her whole budding career in jeopardy, she told the husband she was the lover. Cassie lost almost everything, she was sideways promoted into oblivion and to this day even though she now has a loving husband, she is still thought of as 'the dyke' to those men with whom Cassie has yet to deal with. Cassie took it well, she resigned her job and with a little help from a couple of friends of mine started her own business, much to the fear of those who had taunted her. The rumor was that she had a list of men who she took vengeance on, taking everything they owned, more so when she turned her now most powerful attention to Beth's ex husband first his business and eventually his pride. Cassie was a satisfied woman, but at such a great cost to her.

"You moved, and your number changed"

My thoughts were jolted back to our conversation, it was Paula who was looking at me.

"Just after I met you, you moved. It was then wasn't it.?"

I looked at both of them, then I went on to explain what had happened from the divorce onwards. With the plea's of Cassie and Beth ringing in my ears, I had moved across town, out of the line of fire, Cassie was now a social outcast but took it all in her stride. I also told them how I dealt with Beth for disobeying me. When I had finished talking I looked at the girls, they were ashen, they were holding each others hands in a form of mutual hope that what I was saying simply wasn't true.

I then went on the offensive, telling the girls the reasons why I do what I do, say what I say and expect what I say to be listened to, I didn't threaten them I didn't need to, none of us were shouting at each other, we were all adults and we were holding an adult conversation.

It was Mary who said, "do you know were she is now."

I wasn't going to lie I saw no point, the divorce left Beth a broken woman, one simple warning from me that she had ignored had left her with nothing, I told the girls how I had turned up with a U-Haul one morning, we spent the day together packing and then Beth and I went on a road trip, she has an aunt in Canada. We both knew this road trip was the end of the relationship as we knew it, so we made the most of it.

When I had finished I looked at the girls, both were in tears as the realization dawned on them of why I had let them into so much of my world.

"So you see, I don't sit in judgment of you both, I have seen you have bonded. I must make you see the dangers of that, to accept that you want to continue to know each other will simply mean you listen to what I tell you to do, nothing more, nothing less,"

Both girls rushed over and hugged me, I was bowled backwards on the couch being smothered by two of the worlds most beautiful and naked women. In one brief moment I did wonder if it was possible to be smothered to death with kisses.

I felt one of the girls kiss her way down my body, I looked down and Paula eyes wide and full of lust as she headed down south, Mary had taken position up above my head and with a sweet smile lowered her pussy to my mouth, enjoying Mary at this close range, made me so hard Paula had little to do but enjoy herself when she got there. I know all my girls foibles, I knew Mary's very well, she has a pleasure/pain switch.

I reached up for her breasts, her nipples were hard I heard her moan and she pushed her pussy down on my face as I drove my tongue along her clit. I gave her nipples a twist then a tug, she came hard all over my face, Paula's lips enveloped my penis, sucking hard on me wanting more and more, Mary climbed off and we kissed, passionately she was taking her time licking her come off my face as she did so, she then leaned down my body, grabbed Paula's hands and pulled her up my body stopping when her pussy came into contact with my dick.

I rolled us both off of the couch and onto the floor, Mary followed straddling Paula's face as she did so, by now I had entered her warm velvet pussy, gentleness wasn't on the agenda this day, we knew we all wanted each other and it was going to get seriously messy. I pounded into Paula kissing Mary as I did so, Paula came with a muffled scream that raised Mary off of her mouth.

Both Paula and I were still panting when we caught each others eye, I noticed a twinkle there, an understanding between us became apparent. I climbed off of Paula and Mary moved away from her sitting position on Paula, we all stood up Paula stood next to me, we both looked at Mary, in a flash she realized we were just about to gang up on her and with a big smile on her face made a dash for it, I grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off her feet then over my shoulder into a fireman's lift.

Paula led the way opening doors as we went into the fun room, we both strapped Mary to the table, Paula then did what she had done the night before, stood on the table straddled Mary's hand and knelt down, Mary didn't need any hints from then on, her fingers were now buried in Paula pussy as she in turn went for Mary's breasts, sucking them in turn nibbling them, Mary came again so hard it shook the table.

I had entered her now slowly at first, but she clamped her muscles so I speeded up, Paula jumped up off the table, lubed up a vibrator squatted between my open legs and pushed it into Mary's ass making her pussy tighter, jumped back onto the table straddling Mary's face, all I heard as she lowered herself down was.

"Now suck this,"

As she grabbed both of Mary's tits in her hands and pulled them, mauled them and loved them, I lost count of the amount of times both girls came, they had crossed a threshold for them, I knew both these girls would never come back here as singles again, that bond was stronger in these two than it had ever been in Cassie and Beth. I knew I has right to make that phone call before we talked, the girls had another surprise to come before we truly settled into our ten day treat.


Josh had to carry us both back to our room that afternoon, I had lost the use of my legs and my pussy and ass wasn't that far behind. I hadn't expected to be strapped to the table but it was fun and I knew I would get Paula back when it was her turn, Josh had laid us both on the bed and run a bath for us he then carried both of us into the bath and washed us down, my heart was banging out of my chest when he did that, then left us both to soak, making us promise him not to fall asleep in the bath and drown.

We both giggled and promised, it was about half an hour later I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Something was wrong yet when I listened I couldn't hear the piano, I tried to relax in the bath, Paula had come close and we held each others for a moment.

"Someone has just walked over my grave," Paula said,

I sat up with a jolt, not an easy task. "you too?"

Together was listened for the piano, nothing could be heard other than the stillness of the house, yet that uneasy feeling was still there. We dried ourselves off and went to bed, some time later I woke with a start, I felt sick, I had to get up and talk to Josh, I had never felt like this before and I needed to talk to him. Paula stirred as I got out of bed, I don't know what she had read in my face but she climbed out of bed immediately.

"What is it?"

"I need to speak to Josh, something is wrong,"

Paula followed me out the door and down the stairs, we both tried the kitchen then the day room, a panic had started to fill me now and for some reason I started to cry, I needed Josh. It was then we heard voices, they were coming from Josh's office, we tried the door it was locked the voices stopped and we stood back as the door opened and Josh came out. Instinctively we both looked down.


I had heard the door being tried and opened it stepping out as I did, both the girls stood there holding hands, yet it was Mary I was looking at, tears were running down her face and I hugged both the girls, something had troubled them and I wanted to know what it was. We walked to the day room and I sat the girls down sitting on the floor as I did so.

"Will one of you tell me what's going on?" I asked,

Mary was in full cry mode now, a sight I had never seen from her in all the years I had known her, even when we had first met, I recognized something in her, a steeliness if you wish, one day on campus I had watched as a jock had tried for a date with Mary, he had pestered her all the way across campus, I had followed just in case it got heavy, I didn't need to. She had finally got fed up with the jock and got in close, then threw him over her hip in a Judo move, he hit the deck so hard that while the wind was still knocked out of him she had put her foot on his groin as a final warning.

"I don't date jocks, now go away and leave me alone."

I had asked her about that day some time ago, all she said about it was, that she had two older brothers so needed to have an in if her femininity didn't work. We both laughed and left it at that, well she did, I did some research and found that she was actually a brown belt at Judo, it was her brothers that had got her involved in the sport and she had done really well. There was hope she would continue with her training and compete at a higher level, that was until an accident with one of her brothers had turned her away from the sport.

"Something is wrong, I can feel it," said a now sobbing Mary

I sent both the girls back to there room to phone there husbands and family to put there minds at ease, I then told them I would be up in and hour and if there was something wrong I would make sure they got home quicker than they could get there under there own steam. Both girls rushed upstairs, an hour later I walked upstairs and both girls were sat on the bed, I sat next to them and listened to them, all was well with there respective husbands and families. Both girls where now very confused about Mary's feelings.

I hugged both girls and said, "well now that's over I have someone I want you both to talk to so put your masks on and I will call you down soon,"


I couldn't shake that feeling of foreboding even though I tried, Paula did her best to lift my spirits and I had to admit she did make me laugh, She was my sister in every way but blood and I loved her for being one, I helped her with her mask, I did like these masks, Josh had good taste, I had seen pictures of them in a magazine and in a film once. The English used to wear them when the Victorians had there grand dances and balls, they covered the eyes and the tops of your nose, leaving your mouth free. Josh had adapted them slightly each one was personally made to fit our own faces.

We heard Josh call us, so with one more check of our masks we walked down the stairs, Josh stood at the bottom watching us as we walked down, we stopped and looked down, he held us both in a hug and then complimented us both, we walked behind him to the day room. There was another woman sat on one of the couches a mask also covered her face yet there was no collar, Josh told us to sit on the one across from this woman, I don't know what made me do it but I looked on her right side as I sat, the woman noticed what I was doing.

"Are you looking for this," she said

While moving slightly revealing our tattoo, so this was another one of Josh's girls, I did wonder why she was here, I figured if she wasn't strapped to the table then she was here simply to talk. I also blushed I had been caught, I looked at Josh and he frowned. He was displeased with me, this did not bode well, so I sat back and watched the woman, both Josh and the woman looked at each other and nodded, the woman went on to recount roughly what the woman in Josh's bedroom had told me, the lights came on in my head, so this is the other one.

"We both know who you are and what you did, what makes you think we will make the same mistakes you did?" Paula was on the offensive.

The woman ignored Paula's question and continued, I sat very still watching this woman, as she recounted much of the mistakes she had made and how careless she had been, what it had cost all three of them and of course once the dust had settled, what it had cost her the most. Paula was having none of it, she leapt from the couch and pointed at the woman.

"You where weak and stupid, we have all held this secret for many years now, yes as individuals but there will be no difference as a couple,"

The anger behind Paula attack on the woman had caught us all by surprise, Josh stood and told her to sit down, Paula turned to Josh her face now twisted in anger, her eyes betrayed what she was now about to say.

"Look at this woman and tell me we are as weak as she is. It was she who let you down not us"

In all the years I had known Josh I had never seen him move so fast, he had picked Paula up from the waist lifting her off her feet, Paula was still screaming at the woman that she was weak and it was she who had failed Josh not her, Josh walked her up the stairs finally slamming our bedroom door and it all went quiet, both of us looked at each other, the woman was trembling, I stayed where I was still watching this woman.

"I suppose I deserved that," she finally said.

I wanted to agree that she had indeed deserved it, but it had cost Paula so far and I wanted my pound of flesh from this woman and I would get it. Part of me wondered what Josh had done to Paula, I was sad but I was also angry, how dare this woman think us as weak as she was. She had spoken, I had missed what she had said, it was barely above a whisper, I looked at her and she realized I hadn't been listening so she repeated it.

"I still love him you know, not a day goes by that I wish I could have taken it all back."

I felt like an observer when she then went on to tell me what had happened on there road trip to Canada, she had contemplated suicide, then Josh had turned up and spent the day with her packing. The road trip had pulled her out of her mood, it was a slow drive to Canada, both of them where in no hurry and stopped whenever the mood took them, Josh was a true gentleman and at first they had separate rooms until she had asked Josh to stay with her for the rest of the trip.

They loved, they got down and dirty and she had realized there was more to life now than the husband that had drove her to the brink, she had known she had lost Josh through her carelessness and stupidity and that it had cost her friend just as dearly. Then I sat in shock as she went on to recount what had happened next, once in Canada Josh had bought her the house she still lives in he handed her the deeds on her birthday and helped set her up in business as well.

Both Josh and the woman still visited her once a year for a week and although she was vague about the details I knew what happened when all three where together. I rushed out of the day room and up the stairs, I needed to stop Josh and tell Paula we had got this woman so very wrong, pushing open the door I just stopped, Paula was sat crossed legged on the bed, Josh was sat at the other end of it, both were talking and smiling.

To this day I have never managed to find out what had been said in that room once the door slammed shut, both Josh and Paula have remained very tight lipped on the subject. Josh got up, walked over to me and kissed me slowly and very deeply then left.


The attack on Beth had taken me very much by surprise I knew that Mary wanted to rip poor Beth to pieces but I had never seen Paula's attack coming. When I had phoned Beth after breakfast and asked her if she wanted to come here and recount what had happened she told me that Cassie had called her so she knew that I had two girls in the same situation she agreed.

Beth had never been to the house and getting her in was all about timing. We had sat in my office talking when I had heard the girls try the door, instinctively I knew something was wrong, both the girls knew that the whole house was open to them, all except my office and yet they wanted to talk to me. Mary in tears and the frantic look on Paula's face was enough for me to forgive them.

As they recounted Mary's feeling I did wonder if it was because Beth was here I had never been one for coincidence, sending them upstairs to call there husbands and families eased there minds but if anything I believed all it served to do was put her feelings on the back burner, until I figured out what had got her into such a state I knew it would return, sooner rather than later. Beth had asked if she could face the girls naked for old times sake, she knew I would insist on her wearing her mask so it seemed a fair trade.

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