tagBDSMThe Ten Game Pt. 01

The Ten Game Pt. 01


Note from the author: This story is designed to be read either as part of a novel or on its own. The purpose of The Ten Game is to introduce the reader to a variety of kinks, whether it be mainstream or obscure, tame or extreme. As the characters begin to learn about the world of kink and their own hedonistic desires I can only hope to inspire something similar in you, the reader.


Chapter 1: The Armoury

The chilly night air stung their nostrils, causing them to scrunch their faces up in an attempt to regain feeling. A black car was rolling down the street toward them. As it approached the unknown driver seemed to be staring at them through the sleek, tinted windows, probably wondering why a couple of kids were walking alone down a back street in an industrial area.

The car sped up after passing them, the driver most likely assuming they were finding a dark corner to partake in something lewd. They had no idea.

The pair walked in silence for what seemed like hours before Marina let out a loud 'Brrrrrrr' and opened the conversation.

"Oh my god, it's so cold!" She exclaimed. "You know another bus comes in 10 minutes... if you want to go next week instead..."

They had only been dating for around a month and were still trying to impress each other. Neither of them would back down but both wished the offer had come a bit further into their relationship. They had been thrown into the deep end to say the least.

"I don't mind, it's up to you. If you're scared I understand," Sam answered strategically before grinning. "I would be too, if I were a girl."

The last sentence was intended as an insult. Marina had pretty strong opinions on these types of comments and if it had come from another person she would have been positively vexed. But the two of them had been friends for a long time and Sam's teasing humour was part of what attracted her to him. He was nice, but not too nice. 80% nice and 20% asshole, but a funny 20% asshole.

"I was going to say the same thing to you, given how you can be a bit timid. I thought I was going to have make the first move... you know, again," she laughed mirthfully. Although they had only just started dating he knew it would be a while before he would live down the fact that she had asked him out.

"Do you think Catherine will be there tonight?"

"She said she would be there, but it's unlikely that members see people they know. I believe she said it was partially due to being blindfolded so often haha."

Sam laughed, "I'm sure she was used to it by the time she joined."

Everybody under 30 and this side of the city had known about the mysterious Ten Club, but the only way to join was via personal invite from an existing member. Catherine had invited them a couple of days ago and offered positions in the next round of initiations. The three had been friends throughout high school but Sam and Marina had not seen her as often since they started attending university two years prior.

Sam wished she had asked them further on in their relationship. They had only started being intimate a month before dating and had only had sex about a dozen times. He thought about his warm bed at home and how they had only lost their virginities there a few weeks ago. He thought of how they could turn back now, make the bus and spend another night exploring each other's bodies.

Both had relatively little experience and the whole thing was quite new and exciting.

'Why did we have to say yes?' He thought to himself. 'I guess we can just go next week. I'll just tell her I'm sick and hope she believes me.' After a moment or two of intense mental preparation, he licked his lips and opened his mouth. But just as he did Marina raised her hand and pointed to a building.

"That's it!" she exclaimed. "The Armoury!"

The Armoury, or the 'Pleasure Centre' (a play on words referring to the local 'Leisure Centre') were the names given to the building belonging to the Ten Club. It certainly fit the description given by Catherine: a large 7 storey red-brick factory with rows of barred windows and octagonal towers at the corners. It basically looked like an industrial version of a castle.

"Well, it's too late to turn back now," Sam gulped as he gazed at the building. If you saw the Armoury out of the corner of your eye it was a menacing goliath taking over the night sky. Looking at it directly however, it was indifferent, just another building that was slightly older than its neighbours, causing it to stand out.

As they got closer Marina pointed out that it was being illuminated by large torches on the ground. They were just 50 metres away from the building when a dark form seemed to materialise beside them. Sam's stomach dropped as he let out an involuntary shudder. The dark form strode past them, keeping a brisk gait.

Once Sam's eyes had adjusted he realised it was a tall, slim man with a shaved head. It was difficult to make him out in the dark, but the pair knew he was heading towards the Armoury. A second later a female form appeared walking awkwardly with an exaggerated posture. The silhouette of the woman looked almost naked in the low light, but they could both tell she was wearing some sort of skin-tight material.

The pair were stunned. And still a little startled. Well, scared shitless would be more correct. Neither could speak yet as they were both trying desperately to control their breathing, at least until the other couple were out of earshot.

A few moments later Marina managed to let out a sigh of relief, no more than a whisper so that only Sam could hear it. As she did the woman jerked her head around and the two could see what had made her look awkward and naked. She was covered head to toe in a skin tight leather gimp suit, complete with hood and being led by the man via leash. The only part of her body exposed was the lower half of her face, though a bright red ball-gag was held firmly in her mouth. Marina's eyes widened and her body froze, although after the last scare the shock faded away much quicker.

"Maybe we should just come another week..." Marina said, slowly. "I'm feeling a bit sick."

Sam would have scoffed, had he not been so shook up. He didn't answer for a while. Both wanted to turn around, but couldn't stop. Changing direction would have required a force, one which neither of them seemed to have. As Isaac Newton once said 'An object in motion stays in motion.' It had been a long trip here, as they were instructed not to drive and turning around would have made tonight a big waste of time. Finally Sam responded.

"Why don't we just go for a bit and if it's not our thing we can just leave? If worse comes to worse we can just tell them you feel sick." Sam had read an article on persuasion and found that by making someone think they had more control over the situation than they did, they were more likely to go along with the flow of things. It did not matter if they believed you or not, as long as they wanted to believe. He also at least wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Having a first-hand account alone would make him famous among his friends.

Marina sub-consciously knew what Sam was doing. A little voice at the back of her head informed her, but she did not want to hear it consciously.

"Ok," she replied, a little more confidently. "That sounds like a good idea." She turned and hugged him. She wanted to say 'I love you' but knew that saying that phrase this early in a relationship was a bit awkward. 'I'll wait until he says it,' she thought, defiantly. 'I asked him out, so he can say it first.'

They were now 30 metres from the large wooden doors. The doors seemed to suit a medieval dungeon more than an old factory. The couple that had passed them were approaching the doors now. The male raised his hand and let out a series of raps which echoed off in the still air. He stood back and the door creaked open a moment later. He stepped through and yanked on the leash to tell the female to follow. The door slowly creaked shut.

Sam and Marina looked at each other and let out nervous sighs. Sam felt Marina's hand wrap around his. They were at the door. Sam looked for a button or a bell but there was nothing, just the hum of the lights and the sound of a train in the distance. Sam knocked on the door, attempting to replicate the pattern he heard a minute earlier. They waited as a second ticked by, 2, 3, 4, 5... But nothing. He attempted it again but forgot the second half and improvised. Marina looked at him and he shrugged.

"What a waste of time..." was all she got out before they heard a mechanical clunk. The door began to creak open. They looked inside. It was pitch black. They looked back at each other. This was unsettling. A loud breeze picked up and went through the crack in the door, into the black nothingness.

Far away in the building they heard a whistle as the wind was forced around some unknown, sharp corner. Marina took a step back before she felt a strong push in her back and disappeared through the door. Sam turned around and managed a startled 'Hey!' before he felt the phantom push him in the back as well and followed Marina into the big, black nothing.

The door swung shut behind them and for a moment Marina thought she was having a nightmare. Sam, panicking, crouched low and cocked his head, trying to hear anything that would give away the location of any unknown assailants. Neither could move. Suddenly two bursts of light appeared beside them, then another two just five metres in front of them, then another and another. They were in some sort of hallway, lined with medieval style torches on either side. The hallway had a thick red carpet that led to a door at the end of the room, which was about 20 metres away. Halfway down the hallway a metal spiral staircase jutted out of the ground and reached to a second storey balcony.

"What... the fuck?" Marina gasped before a soft clang from the top of the stairs resonated through the room. It was followed by another and another, until a pair of long, black leather boots appeared. They continued down until the rest of their owner appeared. It was a tall, skinny blonde girl in her mid-twenties. Sam thought he recognised her but couldn't think where. She was wearing a leather corset with matching skirt, stockings and those long black boots. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun and she seemed to have some sort of leather riding crop in her hands. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and stared at the two, still crouched in awkward poses.

"Welcome to the Armoury!" she announced. "You two must be Sam and Marina?"

"Y-yes," the pair replied, meekly.

"It seems you were not given the full instructions by your sponsor, hmm?

"I had to come down from a meeting with some very important clients to greet you. But don't worry I'm sure they wouldn't mind a short breather."

She stared at them with a friendly smile, but calculating eyes.

Sam and Marina couldn't think of anything to say.

"Please continue to the door at the end of the room to join the other initiates." She said in a cheery but rehearsed way. She reminded Sam of a flight attendant or a ride operator at a theme park, reminding patrons of safety practices.

Sam and Marina stood up and walked towards the door together. They walked right past the woman, but felt her eyes follow them the whole way. 'What kind of place is this?' Sam wondered as they proceeded to enter:

Chapter 2: The Viewing Room

The Armoury, or the Viewing Room at least, certainly lived up to its expectations. The first thing they noticed was the air, which was thick and heavily scented. Thankfully this room was quite warm, though with a touch of humidity.

There was something else about the air that Sam recognised, but couldn't quite put his finger on. In contrast to the stark, malign facade of the building, the viewing room was welcoming and seductive. It was quite a large area with a low ceiling and a black and red décor. The lights hung from the ceiling were dull, polished, industrial metal lamps, but the walls were lined with the same torches from the hallway, giving the room a sensual, luxurious feel. Although the floor was polished concrete, most of the room was covered in thick red rugs, eliminating any feeling of sterility the concrete could give off.

The nervous chatter from the other twenty or so initiates was heard over a soft ambient music. Sam had half-hoped the music would be the twangy bass heard in cheesy 80's pornos, but thought this wasn't bad either.

Red leather couches were spread out throughout the room in 'U' shapes, with some device usually in the middle as if viewers sat around for entertainment. The devices were easily the most confronting part of the room. They ranged from kinky to outright demonic, the whole place looked like some kind of gym from hell. As Sam gazed around the room he recognised many of the devices from various pornos he had seen, such as a large wooden 'X', a large wooden masseuse's table with the addition of restraints, a sort of rocking chair with a large dildo attached to the seat via mechanism, a Sybian machine with multiple seats, two large fucking machines in the corner, a large wooden crate with restraints, multiple structures made of poles intended to hold the subject in place and many others that Sam had no idea how to even describe.

Lining three of the walls hung thick black curtains that reminded Sam of changing rooms in clothing stores. They seemed to be some kind of rudimentary booths.

'Jesus Christ,' thought Sam. 'Are we expected to use this stuff?' He started to panic before using a piece of simple logic:

'If this place is so famous and so many people have been here, surely it can't be as bad as it seems' he thought. He fancied himself to be more adventurous than most. This meant, statistically, that if initiates were picked at random and he was in at least the top 30% of the population in terms of adventurousness, that there was a high probability that he would enjoy it.'

Much like Marina, who could be tricked into going with the flow with some simple psychology, Sam could convince himself with numbers. He looked at Marina who had a similar look of bewilderment on her face when he remembered something Catherine had told them the week before;

'They deliberately try to intimidate you to weed out the weak ones. Not everyone can handle the Ten Game, even with the enticement of money.' Sam reminded Marina of this titbit, which made the two to relax a little.

A young red headed woman approached the two with glasses of spirits and wine served on a silver platter. She was wearing nothing except a spiked collar and latex knee-high boots. Her breasts and pussy were completely exposed, but she walked around nonchalantly, as if this was nothing out of the ordinary. Sam tried not to stare at her breasts, but couldn't help himself.

"So what do you think of the Armoury?" she asked in a bubbly voice.

"Ye-yeah, it's..." Marina started before putting her hand to her mouth and laughing.

"Sorry, this is pretty strange for me- for us hahaha."

"Speak for yourself," Sam mused before the red haired waitress laughed and shut him down.

"I guess that's why your mouth was open staring at my breasts like a baby wanting a feed?"

Marina laughed as she and Sam cringed at the inappropriate analogy. Not the metaphor you would expect to hear in a sex club dungeon. They all took a drink, including the waitress. Remembering she had asked for their opinion, Sam looked around for something to compliment. Lamely, he told her he liked the red carpet.

"Thanks, guess where they got the idea from?" she asked and nodded towards her pubic area, where Sam saw a ruby red landing strip, before winking. Sam burst out laughing. Marina laughed half-heartedly and Sam could tell he would have to explain the joke to her later.

"If you need anything don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff!" The waitress pointed to a bar in the corner that neither of them had noticed. It was staffed by two guys, one was a short haired African man and the other was a long-haired surfer-looking guy. Their only visible clothing were bow-ties.

"Don't forget, my name is Audrey and those two studs are 'The Rock' and 'The Hard Place'. I call them that because when life gets tough, I always seem to end up between them," Audrey winked before twirling around and walking back to the bar. As she walked Sam and Marina watched her ass swayed exaggeratedly. Suddenly there was a loud whip crack and everyone turned to a see a 30ish, leather clad dominatrix step onto a small podium.

"Dear initiates, I would like to go through some general house-keeping rules. Although this is only an initiation and many of you are unlikely to make it as a legitimate 'Ten Game Player', you are expected to comply. There are no exact punishments in place I guess, however..." A subtle smile formed in the corners of her mouth as she waved her hand to all of the equipment in the room.

"I'm sure we could find something."

Sam scoffed, until the dominatrix looked down at him and his smirk quickly disappeared. All the initiates were standing around the podium now, listening to the announcements of the dominatrix.

'For those who don't know, my name is Trixie. But you can call me Mistress. I help the director to keep things running on the first floor. Part of this responsibility involves being in charge of the initiation ceremony. In 30 minutes, you will all hear a whistle blow. This signals the beginning of your initiation. In case some of you cannot connect the dots, this means it is time for you all to fuck. You may pick a partner, or partners or go solo, I don't care. There are multiple hidden cameras installed in this room. The other floor masters and I will then review the footage and decide who will be accepted and who will not.'

Sam and Marina had guessed this was what the initiation consisted of, but were taken aback by the brashness of the order. One of the male initiates cleared his throat and stepped forward.

"So what happens afterwards? You just get to keep those private videos of all of us? That's a tad unethical don't you think?" the last part was not so much a question as it was an accusation.

Trixie laughed, "Oh sweetie, if that's a hang-up for you then I think you're in the wrong place." The initiate looked belittled and angry.

"The door is right behind you... kid."

The last word cut through the air like a knife. The initiate said nothing, but dawdled on the spot for a moment. He put his head down and moved to the back of the crowd. Trixie continued.

"After 10 minutes you will be asked to leave and we will contact you... if you made the cut. If you are chosen for membership you will be required to perform 10 randomly selected acts. You will be monetarily reimbursed for your time and the amount of money will increase with each act. After the tenth act you will receive a bonus and the option to begin another Ten Game will be offered.

"But before your initiation, please spend some time exploring the room or getting a drink at the bar. Relax and get yourselves into a positive state of mind. Initiates do not get second chances, so make it count. Those that came in couples or groups I implore you to split up while exploring and meet up again when you hear the whistle."

As Trixie stepped down from the podium she noticed that the crowd was not dispersing. She stepped back up and cracked her whip before yelling a stern 'GO!' the way a dog trainer would. As the crowd began to scatter Sam looked at Marina and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I'll see you soon?"

"Of course," she replied. "If you want we can meet at the bar in 20 minutes?"

Sam contemplated making a smart ass reply such as 'If you're scared, then OK' but knew he didn't have the confidence to pull it off at the moment.

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