tagBDSMThe Ten Game Pt. 03

The Ten Game Pt. 03


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-Sam and Marina get invited by their highschool friend, Catherine, to an exotic sex club

-They pass the initiation test with the help of a red headed waitress named Audrey

-Sam can't help openly bragging about the Ten Club to anyone that will listen

-Trixie, a dominatrix from the Ten Club publicly dominates Sam and Marina as punishment for blabbing about their secretive club


Chapter 6: Training Day

Sam and Marina weren't going to make the same mistake they had last time. They walked the stretch of road between the bus stop and the Armoury eagerly but apprehensively. They didn't speak the entire way and kept their hands by their sides, walking at a steady pace. Sam took a deep breath of warm summer air as he looked around to see if anyone was going to surprise them like the first night they had come.

Sam's eyes adjusted slowly, so that by the time he could see clearly, they were already halfway down the street. As they neared their destination they could hear murmuring and laughing. The warm summer air that Sam had come to love smelt different as they approached, smoky and familiar. As she squinted, Marina could make out the front of the Armoury. There were three doormen tonight, but thankfully the asshole from the last time wasn't there.

The pair mentally prepared themselves the way they usually did. Marina gave herself the pep talk Sam had given her a couple weeks earlier and Sam went through his mental checklist a thousand times over; black phone- check, left wallet at home -check, nice underwear- check, had a shower- check... and so forth. Closer now, Sam was able to make out the forms at the door.

As they arrived, both of them took one final deep breath and crossed the threshold of the driveway. The doormen consisted of two girls and one guy, all dressed pretty much as expected.

The girl that was leaning eloquently against the brick wall was the blonde dominatrix that had greeted them from the staircase on the first night. In one hand she held a joint, in the other was her crop. In the middle was another girl who was shorter than the blonde, but taller than Marina. She had mousey brown hair and a slightly Eurasian look. She was dressed in fairly extreme S&M gear, a thick leather outfit with cut outs above her breasts and hips, generously littered with studs. Both wrists had leather studded guards over leather studded gloves and a whip attached to her waist that reminded Sam of Indiana Jones.

In contrast, the blonde-haired woman had delicate, long crystal earrings and a harmless, almost lazy air to her. Her whip looked like it had never even been unwound. She glanced at Sam and for a split second he saw cool intelligence in her eyes, before she returned her gaze to her companion. The third doorman was squatting close to the ground telling the other two a story.

He was dressed in what Sam guessed was the male equivalent to what a dominatrix would wear. He was wearing leather pants, boots and a studded motorbike jacket. Both hands were wrapped in motorbike gloves and a leather police-style cap covered his short orange-blonde hair which continued onto his face in the form of a grisly stubble. He also wore mirrored aviators. All in all, he resembled a member of an 80's heavy metal band such as Maiden and Priest.

Marina actually found him strangely attractive. Physically, he was pretty run of the mill, but socially, he exuded confidence and charisma. He spoke in a way that made people want to listen. As he was conversing with his colleagues, Sam and Marina noticed he had an accent but neither couldn't determine where he was from. It was vaguely British, but with a hint of something else.

The couple were standing in front of the three doormen who seemed not to have noticed them, despite being only a couple feet away. They remained silent, not wanting to interrupt a humorous anecdote being told by the ginger man.

"... So there she was right, a tiny little sweetheart between the two of the biggest monster cocks I've ever seen. Doing 'er in all sorts of ways with 'er in the middle. I'm filming, and doing a bloody good job of it too when the guy doing her from behind jerks his head to the door. Then he turns to me and looks me dead in the eyes... and you know what he said?"

The two girls look at him eagerly, waiting for the punchline.

"He said 'Hey can you hear that? It sounds like someone's coming... MEEE!!"

And with that, the Brit roared with laughter. The joke itself was not really funny, but foreign accents have a way of enhancing the hilarity of stories. The two girls promptly laughed, more at his reaction than his joke it seemed.

"The biggest... the biggest creampie I've ever seen!!" He managed to gasp between bouts of laughter.

The three doormen seemed like they would never stop laughing, that is until Sam let out a snigger. The moment sound escaped from Sam's lips the three doormen ceased their laughing and glared at him, seemingly frozen.

"What the fuck are you doing?" The male domme demanded.

"I'm just waiting for you to finish-" Sam started.

"I know what you're doing here, but who the fuck said you could laugh?"

"Well, I didn't really laugh, it was more of a-"

"SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!" He screamed, in the manner of a psychotic army sergeant. "Why can't I just have 10 fucking minutes to chat with me fellow floor masters before we spend the next two fucking days training you two to be little fucking angels!"

He threw his smoke on the ground and stood on it.

"Ok Katy," He announced with a clap of his hands, "Which one do you want?"

The girl in the middle pointed at Sam and replied

"I guess I'll take him. C'mon now, boy."

Sam looked at Marina. They didn't know they would be separated for their training. He kissed her and quickly followed Katy who was already walking inside the Armoury. The blonde girl looked at Marina as she stepped forward and began to circle her. She stopped just behind Marina and draped her hand over one of Marina's shoulders.

"Do you think you have what it takes?" She asked, seductively.

Marina nodded.

"Ok then follow us." The blonde domme instructed.

Marina started to walk through the doors when she felt the sharp pain of the domme's crop whip her ass. Marina let out a loud yelp and grabbed her ass.

"Sorry Marina, but servants need to earn their clothes. Now don't move."

Marina heard the sound of scissors gliding through fabric and a second later her dress was laying on the ground in tatters. Marina hadn't bothered to wear underwear as they never seemed to stay on for long at the Armoury and her dress didn't require her to wear a bra. The domme motioned for her to take off her shoes which left Marina standing before the doors, totally naked in front of a couple strangers. At least it wasn't as bad as last time she thought and began to walk through the doors once again, only to feel another lick of the crop.

"You haven't earnt the privilege to walk yet, babe. I think you're going to be a fun one to train, Marina." She said with a wicked smile before instructing Marina to get on all fours.

Marina did. She felt the dominatrix bend down behind her and strap something around her neck. She looked up to see her new master holding the handle of a leash.

"So what do you say if Mr. Seamus here wants you to do something?" The domme asked.

"Yes sir," she replied instinctively.

Seamus smiled.

"It looks like there's hope for 'er after all."

The domme smiled.

"And what about me?"

"Yes... mistress?" Marina said questioningly.

The domme looked at Seamus and the two laughed.

"Oh I'm not as old fashioned as some of the floor masters here, babe." She chuckled and brushed her hand through Marina's hair.

"You can just call me Melissa."

"Yes, Melissa." Marina responded.

This made Melissa smile.

"Oh you're a good girl, aren't you!"

"Yes, Melissa."

Melissa was positively beaming now. And with that, the two floormasters walked through the doors with Marina crawling slowly behind them.


Sam sat dumbfounded at what he had just heard. He looked around the room. It was similarly decorated to the viewing room albeit the furniture seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with sex at all. It had a brand new kitchen on one side, which was next to a bathroom. There was an enormous bed that had possibly 20 cushions and pillows sitting on top of a thick quilt cover. Next to the bed were some couches and a TV and on the opposite wall there seemed to be a hallway. In the centre of the room on a raised platform was a medieval style throne at which Katy was seated.

True to Sam's first impression, she was lazily draped sideways over the chair, texting while speaking to him. She had told him to kneel in front of throne while she spoke to him, but apart from that it had been a somewhat mundane affair.

"Umm... Sorry could you repeat that?" Sam asked in disbelief.

"Well basically this whole training thing is... sort of lame," she said flatly.

"I get paid either way and staying here on level 3 means I get this sweet bachelorette pad. Tomorrow night I will have to bring you and the others to the floormasters' dinner where you will serve and perform to prove your submission. Most masters take this pretty seriously and compete with each other for who has the best trained servants. But do you know who always get the best results?"

"You?" Sam asked.

"Me." She confirmed, not looking up from her phone.

"People will do what they want and if they're here at the Armoury then it's probably right to assume that they want to be dominated. The other masters train initiates so hard that they're usually tired and irritable at the dinner. I can't really be bothered to tell you the truth, so I just take new members to their living quarters and let them rest and do whatever."

She locked her phone before stretching lazily and standing up.

"I'll take you to your quarters now."

Sam didn't know how to feel. On one hand he was relieved that he wasn't with the other two dommes, but he did come here for slave training and kind of wanted to try it out. Maybe that was why Melissa had the best results? Maybe she left people alone so they went crazy with horniness and acted extra complacent when the time came? If she was lying, she was doing a pretty convincing job. They walked to the hallway and Katy led Sam to the end where she opened a heavy metal door.

"This is your room for tonight," Katy said plainly and gestured Sam inside.

"There's a button next to the bed if you need to go to the toilet, but I probably won't answer it, so don't bother. Unfortunately the Armoury has pretty strict decorative rules and this was the only door I could have installed, which unlocks from the outside only. Sorry," She apologised flatly.

Sam wanted to ask to go to the toilet now so he wouldn't need to go during the night but turned around just in time to see the heavy door slam shut. He looked around the small plain room, which looked more like a bunker than living quarters. There was a bed, some bottles of water and a box of tissues on a small dresser. A chair sat on the other side next to a small book shelf.

Hanging from the roof was the type of light that you pull a chain to turn on/off. Sam noticed a note on his bed. Maybe it will say this has all been a trick and tell him to do some lewd things? He wondered hopefully. He walked over and picked it up. It was the Wi-fi password. He scrunched the paper up and threw it on the dresser. At least he would get a good night sleep he thought as he slumped on the bed and closed his eyes.

Suddenly he heard music followed by screams and jerked up. He thought he could make out words so he listened closer.

"Uuugh nneeee!" Sam heard, unable to make sense of the muffled noises. Sam got out of bed and put his ear to the floor where he could hear clearly. 'And what was that familiar bass line he heard coming from the same source?' He wondered.

"Fuuu eee... fuuuuck meeee. Fuuuuuck meeeee harder!!" Someone yelled.

"Great." Sam muttered as he crawled back into bed. The screams continued. He put his hands to his ears and the pillow over his face.

"Just fucking great."

He thought about the box of tissues next to the bed and remembered his usual method of getting to sleep. Was this allowed? He thought. Would it ruin his performance tomorrow night? 'Who cares,' he decided. Katy clearly didn't. He laid there trying to think of something for a few minutes before something finally came to him. It was his go-to fantasy at the moment.

A tall brunette girl was bending him over a glass table while fucking him with a big, realistic dildo while a shorter, pale blonde girl was sucking him off under the table. As he got comfortable he slowly begun to immerse himself in the thought.

...The glass table meant he could make eye contact with girl on the bottom. He felt the brunette squeeze his hips as she thrust into him hard and deep. The ridge on the head of the dildo massaged his prostate, firm and fast. The blonde took his thick cock at the base licked along the length of the shaft. She kissed the tip. Then she swirled her tongue. He was in ecstasy. The hands on his hips let go.

He was free for a second before he felt her grab his hair and pull his head back. He opened his mouth in pain and pleasure. Her pelvis and fake balls slammed against his ass in perfect timing. With every slap of skin came a wave of bliss.

The blonde started to go crazy with his cock. A hand around the shaft and her mouth around the head. His dick was harder than ever. The brunette smacked his ass with a crop. His dick went down her throat. A slap. A lick. A thrust, real quick.

A step closer to cumming. From his cock and his ass. God, his ass was being abused. Closer. Closer. He was there. The pinnacle of his climax. So close-

The door to Sam's bunker opened suddenly and Katy walked in. Sam snapped out of it and covered his privates as quickly as possible and laid still, not breathing. Katy put her hand to her mouth to supress a laugh as Sam glared at her.

"I thought you might want this," She chuckled.

She walked to the bed and placed a black mp3 player next to Sam.

"Just play 'track 1' and put the buds in your ear. As I'm sure you've noticed, not all of the members in the Armoury are ready for bed, so I made a track of white noise to relax my servants. I don't want you to be tired either."

She smiled sweetly at Sam before leaving, closing the large metal door. He looked over at the mp3 player and put the ear buds in. Surprisingly, the white noise was very effective at drowning out the sound of the floor below. He couldn't masturbate anymore. Not after that anyway. He fell asleep quickly, but it wasn't long before he began to toss and turn. He began to have strange dreams. Dreams which would soon become reality.


Marina crawled through the labyrinth of doors and hallways on all fours with her head down. If she lifted it she was sure to feel a lick of the crop a second later. She didn't even know who was holding the leash anymore, but when it jerked left she turned left and when it jerked right she turned right. She realised her hands and knees should hurt by now, but they didn't. It seemed that the red carpet had a practical as well as aesthetic use.

They stopped in front of an elevator. She heard a ping and felt a breeze of cool air wash over her naked body as the mechanical doors opened. She went to crawl in when she felt a tug on the leash telling her to stay. She saw Seamus's boots walk in.

"I'll get the other one ready," she heard him tell Melissa.

Then to her surprise Melissa began to walk up the stairs. Marina looked up in protest and received a lash on her ass. The lashes wouldn't have been too bad except Melissa seemed to have an uncanny knack for hitting the exact same spot every time. She followed Melissa up the stairs, making sure to keep her head down. When they reached the top of the stairs Marina's hands and knees were starting to sting. She didn't say anything however as she knew it was going to get worse from here. And it did.

She continued to be led through the halls when she began to see other feet. Some naked, some with boots or heels on. She could hear patronising coos and calls as she crawled through the crowd. Almost immediately she felt hands brush her skin the way people pet a dog. Marina blushed in embarrassment from the attention. In a way she liked the attention, but she felt far too humiliated to stop and enjoy it. She was determined to get through this.

"Well Melissa this must be the...8th one for you tonight?" Marina heard a pompous female voice say.

"It sure is ma'am. A big haul this time." Melissa responded, not slowing.

Finally they stopped in front of a door and Marina heard the clinking of keys and the clunking of a lock before they entered a sleek, dark-grey room. In her peripheral vision she could see movement from multiple directions. As they got closer she realised the movement was coming from rows and rows of cages full of... people. Many of them were constricted in various forms of exotic bondage. She felt the collar tug upwards and she got into a sitting position. Now she could get a good look at her surroundings.

The modern charcoal décor extended to the walls and ceiling. A red 'X' in the carpet started at the centre of the room and extended to the walls. Marina recognised many of the devices as similar or the same to those in viewing room, however this room seemed to focus almost exclusively on bondage and light torture. The room was littered with cables and pulleys hanging from the ceiling with large metal plates and loops attached to the floor beneath them.

Along one wall were different variations of sex swings and a near identical whip, crop and paddle rack to the viewing room. In a corner on the other side of the room there were 10 or so structures that looked more like gymnastic equipment than sex furniture. Some ranged from mundane beams and poles to complicated structures that resembled cat playgrounds full of platforms and ropes. Marina's gaze extended to the wall behind her and immediately felt the crop lash across her ass once again.

"A good servant doesn't let their mouth hang open in front of her superior." Melissa instructed, condescendingly.

Marina's butt was starting to get really sore and it seemed Melissa picked up on this.

"I'm afraid your pouting won't get you far, Marina. Tonight may be hard..." Melissa began in her cheery, rehearsed-like tone before bending down to whisper in Marina's ear.

"But I know you can take it."

She stood back up and twirled her crop in her fingers effortlessly.

"Besides, if you think this is hard, talk to someone who completed their training on level 3 instead. Melissa started walking away then stopped dead in her tracks.

"You're boyfriend is one of those poor souls isn't he?" She asked slyly.

"My condolences hahaha... now would you please place your hands behind your back."

Marina complied and Melissa swiftly bound her hands together before threading the leash through one of the loops in the floor and tying it in a complicated knot.

"You can wait here to get a good view. It's the best seat in the house!"

Melissa moved behind Marina and placed her hands on her property's head. A few moments later Seamus entered the room with another girl in the exact same fashion that Melissa had done so with Marina; a girl being led on all fours via a leash. The only difference was that this girl was being gagged. Marina shuddered as she wondered where she had been left. As she crawled past Marina, she noticed that the girl's ass had been recently flailed and was still a bright red-purple. Seamus looked at Marina and smirked.

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