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The Tenants


The following story is a work of fiction, and one of the few that I will write in the third person. It is a loving wife tale, of an adulterous wife, you can expect substantial exhibitionism, and likely some drunken shenanigans. If this is liable to offend you DON'T READ IT. To everyone else I hope you enjoy. Also please remember that unlike the real world where there are diseases and bad things this is fiction or FANTASY and people can safely be dirty, kind of like the 60's and 70's lol.

Jessica wasn't the type of girl to get drunk, or party. She had been raised well and proper. She had gotten married young, and was pregnant at the altar. Love was never in doubt. She and Mark were deeply in love. Mark knew within a month of their short one-year courtship that she was the one, she would later confess to knowing in the first week. After five years they had a great family, only one child, but a house, and a nice life. Money was never plentiful, but never too tight. It was true they never traveled, but neither smoked nor drank and they both drove small economical cars.

They decided to buy a multi family house for extra income. They took out a second mortgage using equity they had built up and made the down payment. Not long afterwards there was a fire in their home, and they had to move into a vacant apartment in the multi, while the insurance figured out the repairs.

The multi had six units and wasn't in the greatest part of town, but it generated a healthy income even if one or two of the units were empty. Initially there were two vacancies, in the two months they had owned it they had cleared and re-rented four of the six units. They moved into the only vacancy they had in the building. Within a week two of the tenants moved out. Leaving two apartments empty, and theirs not generating any income.

The building was set up to have two units on each floor. They were on the first floor. There was a single mother on subsidy across the hall, which had a set of stairs leading up and around connecting all the apartments. There was an apartment on the second floor rented to a couple of young guys. The third floor had one rented apartment and it was the only one that had been rented since they bought the building. The tenants were a young couple, and they had a two-year lease with the previous owner that they had paid in full. The remaining fourteen months rent had been included in the closing and had gone to Mark and Jessica as cash.

Mark worked from seven until usually five at night, and their little boy had all day pre-school five days a week. Jessica would see Mark off, drive their son to school and come back to the apartment and mope. She missed their home and was lonely for the neighbors and regular faces that made her life familiar, but knew it would be probably five or six months before everything was taken care of. Mark was worrying about money with three apartments not generating income the building was costing them almost two hundred a month, where it had been generating over a thousand.

It was a drizzly Monday morning when the third floor tenants called. Jessica answered the phone and the girl, Janine told her that one of the pipes in the bathroom was leaking. Jessica offered to come up and take a look at it. It had occurred to Mark and she that they didn't appear to work, but they were quiet so they didn't complain.

Jessica was wearing sweatpants and a light T-shirt, she hadn't yet showered for the day and wasn't wearing a bra, but she figured she would just confirm the leak and call a plumber. She knocked on the door and the guy answered the door.

"Hi." Jessica said. "I'm just going to take a look and then, I'll probably call a plumber, unless Mark thinks he can fix it." She said. At twenty-five Jessica was athletic and fit. Her breasts were firm and stayed high on her chest. Her legs were long even though she was only five foot two, and her bum was firm and round. Jessica brushed her red hair nervously back from her face and entered the apartment as Mike the young man of the house let her by. Mike and Janine were all of twenty-two years old. She could feel Mike checking her out as she walked by him. It made her uncomfortable and she hurried towards the bathroom.

She noted that the apartment was not particularly clean. It wasn't filthy and there wasn't trash all over the place, but it smelled musty and was cluttered. As she neared the bathroom Janine came out of one of the two bedrooms. She was wearing a robe, and tying it as she walked. The robe was short, and pink.

"The pipe's in here." Janine said. Jessica followed her into the bathroom and turned away embarrassedly when Janine crouched down by the sink and Jessica saw her bum. She was only wearing a little g-string panty. "Sorry!" Janine said. "I'm not bashful here." Janine looked back at Jessica and brushed her bleach blond hair back. "You check out the pipe, I'll throw on some shorts." Janine said and winked at Jessica.

As Janine strode past her Jessica crouched down and examined the water dribbling out of the pipe. It appeared to be coming out of the underside of the faucet or something near there.

"Want a beer or something?" Mike asked. He was standing behind her looking down.

"Oh uh, no thanks." Jessica said trying to sound as nice as she could. It wasn't even ten AM yet!

"Oh go on!" Janine said coming back out of the bedroom. "You're home alone all day right?" Janine had returned and shorts was the right word for the tiny strip of denim she had stretched over her long tan legs. As Janine leaned forward her robe gaped exposing the deep cleavage that her large breasts provided. Janine wasn't anywhere near fat, but she had curves. Her butt was round and shapely and her breast swelled deeply. If she wore a loose shirt it might appear she had a belly because of how far out her breasts held her clothes, but judging by the shorts loose clothing wasn't an issue for Janine.

"No, I'm really fine honest." Jessica smiled.

"It looks like if we had a wrench we could probably tighten it up does Mike have a toolbox?" Janine asked, reaching past Jessica to touch where the water trickled steadily out and ran down the length of the pipe. Doing so brought her close to Jessica and Jessica felt the heat from her body and smelled the after scent of sex.

"Yes." Jessica said, thinking of Mark's big toolbox in the big closet in the pantry. It would relieve him so much if she could deal with this without having to pay a plumber, and worst-case scenario she'd simply leave out trying to fix it. She bounced happily down the stairs and returned with several wrenches. (The toolbox had been too heavy to carry)

Janine again joined her in the bathroom. They conferred briefly while Mike stood back watching. With Jessica holding one wrench on one side of the pipe Janine turned another.

"You sure you don't want a beer?" Janine asked. "One won't hurt you." She winked. Jessica thought she sounded a little mocking. She didn't want this girl to think she was a prude.

"Alright I'll have one." Jessica said.

"Great." Janine said. "Mike get us some beers." Mike seemed a little bummed to have to leave the two hot girls wrestling with the pipe. No sooner had he left than water started spraying out, drenching both Jessica and Janine. "Wrong way!" Janine cried.

As the water sprayed they frantically twisted the wrenches the other way. Janine leaned way forward trying to get a good angle on her wrench causing her breasts to spill from her top. Finally the water subsided then stopped.

"We did it!" Jessica said excitedly. Janine put herself back together and retied her robe. The girls stood up as Mike returned holding a cold beer out to each of them and holding one for himself.

"Cheers!" Janine said and they clinked bottles. Jessica took a sip as Janine and she headed out towards the kitchen. Janine had gathered the wrenches and set the on the counter. She leaned against the cabinets as Jessica entered the room.

'The beer wasn't bad.' Jessica thought as she turned the corner into the kitchen. She reached down and tugged her soaked shirt away from her body.

"Are you alone all day?" Janine asked. She watched as the wet shirt settled back onto her redheaded landlady's chest. Her nipples were cold and wet and jutted through the flimsy T-shirt material. She knew Mike must be getting quite a show. "You should cum up here, we just hang out most day's, but it's still company."

"Thanks." Jessica said. "Despite the apartment and lack of modesty Janine had Jessica kind of liked her. She also felt a little rebellious drinking the beer.

"You're soaked, you wanna borrow a shirt." Janine said.

"I should head down after this and put the tools away." Jessica said.

"No!" Janine said. She had been sizing Jessica up, and thought she could have some real fun with the landlord's wife. She could tell that another beer and the soft-spoken landlady would be giddy, if not totally drunk. "You've gotta' stay! Hang out! I never get to kick back with another girl!" Janine said.

Jessica hadn't felt so wanted in a while. She nodded warmly and took another big swig of her beer. It was almost gone already.

"Looks like you're almost ready for a refill." Janine said opening the fridge and grabbing another beer. Jessica downed the last swallow decadently and accepted a fresh beer from her new friend.

"Thanks." Jessica said.

"Follow me." Janine said. "I gotta' get dressed, and I'll find you a shirt until you head downstairs."

Janine led Jessica into one of the bedrooms. The room was messy and smelled like sex, the shades were down and there was a sheet across the windows. She shut the door and flipped on a light, the bulb was blue.

"We sleep until about ten or eleven most mornings." Janine said. "But if you ever find you can't sleep, we're also up until two or three at least! So come on up." Janine shrugged her robe off and facing Jessica unabashed began digging through clothes on the bed. "Here!" She said. Handing Jessica a tube top. "It's wicked tight on me, so it should fit you just right." Janine then continued digging and pulled a tight tank top over her breasts not bothering with a bra.

"Look at those guns!" Janine said pushing her cleavage way up. "Don't be shy!" Janine said jokingly nudging Jessica's shoulder. "Boy you need a girlfriend. Janine winked. With the alcohol just beginning to make her head fuzzy, Jessica tugged her shirt off. Her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers as Janine watched rather than turning away.

"You've got a nice rack yourself there, Jess." Janine said. The tube top was snug, but not as snug as a tube top should be, Janine probably had a cup and a solid inch on Jessica.

"C'mon!" Janine said. They headed into the living room, which was in the front of the house. The living room was set up with two sectional couches circling the entire edge of the room. So much so that Jessica had to turn sideways to get through the doorway. In the center were two large square coffee tables. Beer bottles littered the tables. The only gap other than the door was for a large TV.

"Grab a chair, the one by the door is my favorite." Janine patted the couch and sat one seat over from the door. She stuck her legs out and put them on the table. "Mike grab me a beer!" She called. A moment later mike squeezed by with a beer.

Jessica's head began to spin a little as she sipped her second beer. Mike sat down on the other side along the wall. They watched TV until well past noon. Jessica was on her third beer, when she suddenly realized she had to pee. She got up and stumbled towards the bathroom, she was actually drunk. It was kind of fun.

She reached the bathroom and turned to shut the door realizing for the first time that there wasn't one.

"There's no door on your bathroom!" Jessica called out drunkenly.

"We took it off." Janine said. She stuck her head out the living room door to look at Jessica. "We kept getting stuck in there, the lock was tricky. Now we use a no peeking policy." Jessica turned and noticed the toilet looked straight out the door.

'I can't pee here.' She thought to herself, but the almost painful fullness of her bladder told her otherwise. Slowly she turned and stood looking out through the kitchen at the open living room door. She could see the television. She grabbed the waistband of her sweatpants and pulled them down to mid-thigh, just enough to pee. The she sat on the toilet and leaned forward, hiding her red pubic hair.

Jessica's pee came hard and lasted forever, finally she was done and went to wipe. There was no toilet paper! She looked around, but there was none in sight. To wipe or not to wipe she thought. Finally her hygiene won out.

"Janine!" She called. "You're out of toilet paper." Janine got up and strolled over grabbing some napkins from the kitchen. Jessica felt so exposed and helpless.

"Here you go babe." Janine said handing Jessica the napkins. "Sorry about that." Janine walked away and Jessica noticed for the first time that her shapely bum cheeks hung out of the little shorts a little. What Jessica in her drunken state didn't notice was that her nipples were the only things holding the tube top up. The tops of her areolas were plainly visible.

She stumbled back into the living room intent on saying her goodbyes and heading downstairs to sober up before three o'clock when she had to pick her son up for day-care. She looked at the clock. It was almost one. There was no way she would be able to drive in two hours.

"May I use your phone?" Jessica slurred.

"Sure what's up?" Mike asked finally breaking his silence.

"I gotta' pick my son up at three, and there's no way I'll be able to drive." Jessica said. "Where's the phone?"

"Right here." Janine said digging a cordless from between two pillows.

Jessica called her mom and arranged to have her son picked up. Her mom sensing Jessica's inebriation told her that she'd keep Nathan until six or so.

"Well Mark doesn't get home until five, so here have another beer!" Janine said. It would be Jessica's fourth. Halfway through the beer Jessica passed out.

Jessica lay asleep on Mike and Janine's couch for almost two hours. After the first half hour Janine tried to shake the girl and she didn't wake up, but her breathing was steady.

"Hey Mike." Janine said to her boyfriend. "Get a load of this." Janine tugged the tube top down exposing Jessica's firm breasts. She continued to shrug it down until it lay bunched around Jessica's belly button.

"Nice." Mike said.

"Call Ralphy and Nick." Janine said. Mike picked up the phone and called two of their long time friend's.

"Hey Ralphy, my landlady's passed out on our couch and Jan's got her tits out, come check it out." Mike said.

"We'll be right over." Nick said. Mike turned his attention back to Janine.

"Think you can get her pants down?" Mike asked.

"Hell yeah." Janine said quietly. "Wait for Ralphy and Nick though."

Less than five minutes went by and there was a soft knock on the door. Mike let the two boys in. Not a one of them was over twenty-three.

"Sweet!" Ralphy whispered.

"Nice tits!" Nick added. "Not as big as yours though Jan."

"Ready for more." Janine said. All three boys nodded as Janine began easing the twenty-five year old's loose sweatpants down. Inch by inch Jessica's hip bone came into view as Janine tugged down the panties too. Jessica was laying sideways with her head lolled up on the arm of the couch. Janine carefully expertly slid the pants further and further down. Jessica's soft red bush came into view drawing an appreciative gasp from her audience. Finally the elastic of her conservative blue bikini panties was over her hips and Janine took them all the way off. Then ever so gently Janine nudged Jessica until she rolled a little causing her legs to part.

Meanwhile Jessica's dreams were a torrid swirling mass of eroticism. She dreamt that mike was watching her pee, she dreamt Janine was kissing her breasts, the thoughts revolted her, but in her drunken dream state they overpowered her. Her inner psyche found her begging to be naked.

When Janine had the pants off, she separated Jessica's panties from the sweatpants and placed them in Jessica's hand. Jessica reflexively gripped them tightly.

"When she wakes up we'll tell her she pulled her clothes off in her sleep." Janine whispered. The three friends continued to drink all sitting close to the passed out woman stripped to almost nothing. After an hour the boys could take no more. Hands began to feel Jessica's breasts, gently at first.

Jessica reacted to the touch her breathing increased she began to squirm. This only encouraged them and their touching became more insistent. Finally Ralphy traced a finger over Jessica's exposed pussy. His finger slipped easily into Jessica's lips and inside he found Jessica soaking wet. As Ralphy explored Jessica's pussy the unconscious girl began to moan in her sleep.

Jessica dreamt she was being fucked. In her sleep she was on the coffee table, she could smell and taste beer as someone she didn't know pushed her legs apart and entered her.

Ralphy continued fingering Jessica, eventually getting so bold as to slide a finger into her. Jessica's moaning grew louder and in her sleep she seemed to meet his assault with her hips. When she came there was no doubt in anyone's mind what had happened.

"I have an idea." Janine said. She got up and squeaked past Jessica's head out of the living room.

She returned with a blanket and a camera. She took a picture of Jessica with her legs obscenely splayed open then put the blanket on the floor over her sweatpants. She went into the other bedroom and turned the computer on. Meanwhile Mike was having his turn stroking Jessica's slick pussy. The results were the same this time Jessica's moans were even more audible.

Janine came back into the room with the picture printed out in good definition on plain white paper. She tacked the paper to the wall above the couch. As she leaned over Jessica, Jessica began to stir. Janine directed Mike back to the seat he had always been in, and had Ralphy sit right next to Jessica. Nick sat next to Ralphy and Janine snuggled in between them.

Jessica's head felt fuzzy. Her dreams clung to her waking mind and she let out a deep content moan. For an instant she reflected on how she had just been fucked and then confusion hit her. She opened her eyes and she could see the big screen television. She had something in her hand. Then she remembered the tenants, she was at Janine and Mike's drunk. She brought her hand to her head and saw the blue material there. She used her other hand to open them up and realized it was panties, the panties she had been wearing!

Jessica sat up with a start. Her head swam and she brought her hands to her face pressing the panties into her temples. She willed her eyes to open and heard Janine's voice softly beside her.

"Jessica babe, I tried to wake you. You took your clothes off in your sleep. I covered you with a blanket, but you pushed that off too." Janine said softly.

"What?" Jessica said softly. She looked down at her body. She was naked. The tube top Janine had lent her was wrapped tightly around her waist! Jessica frantically covered herself crying out as she looked around. There were three men in the room. Everyone was looking at her!

"Where are my clothes!?" Jessica cried. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"I think your sweats are under the blanket." Janine said. "What were you dreaming about anyway, you were moaning up a storm?" Janine said.

"Nothing." Jessica said quickly she began to tear through the blanket and finally found her sweatpants. She pulled them on forgetting about her panties completely.

"Relax Mark doesn't get home for two more hours!" Janine said. "It isn't even three yet!"

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