tagLoving WivesThe Tenants Ch. 04

The Tenants Ch. 04


HI! Sorry it took so damn long to write this. I have been extraordinarily busy. Anyway, please remember, I’m not real. I’m not really cheating on my husband, and anything I say can and should be taken in only by adults.

Jessica felt Mike’s arm slip around her waist behind her back. His hand rested on her hip. The music was slow and sounded like something with saxophones or some kind of horn. Despite her reluctance, there was no denying the sensation of being naked in front of people. What was more, everyone, even Kimmy and Janine appeared to want her naked, want her exposed. Jessica felt more wanted than she had in a long time with her husband.

Mike turned her towards him and pulled her pelvis against his. With one hand on her hip and the other snaking onto her back via her ribcage, she could feel the heat of his body on her bare skin. She could also feel his erection pressing firmly into her belly, reaching from her pelvic bone to its head, which fit neatly under her ribs.

‘It must be big.’ Jessica thought and shook the thought away as she let Mike lead her. His hand slid down to her bum and gently squeezed her bare flesh, and then he slid his body around her, turning her out to face the room. He stood with his back to the TV, and slid one hand over her chest, pinching one of her erect and highly sensitive nipples.

“Oh god….” Jessica said quietly and shut her eyes. She let Mike fondle her chest for several seconds, and then he slid his hand down across her stomach muscles. His fingertips paused momentarily to rake through her soft bush and then began to dip lower. Her eyes shot open and she grabbed his hand when it finally reached the top of her crease, lurking beneath the thin hood of skin her clitoris called out to be touched.

“No.” Jessica said. “Just a dance.” Her voice was surprisingly firm, considering the lack of conviction she felt. Mike let his hand rest over her pubic hair pressing into her abdomen gently. He ground his crotch against her bum and the small of her back, she could feel the erection straining through his pants. Jessica could no longer hear the song, only the beat, and she shut her eyes, Mike’s hand was resting on her pubic hair, he stroked it gently. A few moments passed and again he slid his fingers down.

“Please no.” Jessica said. This time Mike paid no heed. She felt one of his fingers slide between her lips. She was wet down there. Really wet, Mike’s finger slid easily down the slick channel until it found the opening, then Mike slipped the bent first knuckle of his finger into her. Jessica gasped and leaned to pull away. Mike’s other arm was across her chest, pinning one of her arms, his hand firmly cupping one breast. He didn’t let her go. His finger slid out and he dragged it back up her stopping over her clitoris, which he began to rub in a strong circular motion. Jessica struggled against his grasp of her. Even as she fought to be free, she felt her body betraying her. Her fight was half-hearted, and more for show. Then she saw Janine in front of her.

“May I cut in?” Janine asked. She brushed her blond hair away from her eyes and looked straight at Jessica. Jessica felt Mike’s hold slacken and she staggered forward into Janine’s outstretched arms. Janine’s huge breasts felt odd against Jessica’s bare flesh. Janine reached between them and pulled up her shirt so that her breasts were also naked, then she pressed against Jessica. All the guys moaned in appreciation. Janine turned so that Jessica’s bare bottom was once again facing the men. Then Janine reached down and with a hand on each of Jessica’s cheeks she pulled her land lady’s body close to her own, pulling Jessica’s cheeks apart in the process.

Jessica was feeling more and more of the effects of the booze. She felt safer in Janine’s arms, until the quirky blond had pulled up her own shirt, and now the cool feel of another woman’s bare breasts against her own overheated body was causing her a mixture of distress, and exhilaration. She knew the rise the boys must be getting out of this display. She felt Janine turning her then she felt Janine draw her close, her cheeks were spread.

‘Oh god, they will be able to see my ass!’ Jessica thought. Suddenly Jessica felt something cold splash on the small of her back. She jumped, causing Janine’s firm grip on her ass to open her more. The liquid was still coming. Jessica struggled drunkenly as an entire beer was poured down the crack of her ass. Everyone laughed. Finally Janine let her go.

Jessica fell forward onto all fours in front of the television. She drunkenly got to her feet and turned to face the room, her ass was soaked, and the beer had run all the way down her inner thighs. The room was spinning slightly, and she was definitely drunk. She felt an intense need to sit down. She headed for the nearest empty couch cushion and pressed the palms of her hands into her eye sockets, in the blackness, everything still spun. Jessica curled into a little ball and with her eyes shut tight she blocked her ears to make the sensation stop. Soon she was out cold, completely passed out.

Minutes went by, Janine and the rest of the room watched. Finally Janine went over and shook Jessica, she was out cold again. Janine rolled her onto her back and pushed her legs apart. Then she began to finger Jessica. Before long despite herself Jessica’s body began to react humping slightly against her hand. Janine laughed as she brought her landlady to orgasm.

“Do you think we could fuck her?” Tim asked. Janine had never really liked him. ‘He lacked originality.’ She thought.

“No maybe eventually, but she’s gonna’ beg for it when it happens.” Janine said, meanwhile she slid two fingers deep into Jessica and twisted them slightly causing Jessica’s eyelids to flutter, Janine didn’t care if she woke up. She probably wouldn’t remember it anyway.

“I doubt that.” Mike laughed.

“Well, she’ll agree anyway.” Janine said. She withdrew her fingers and trailed the across Jessica’s lips and under her nose, spreading glistening moisture wherever she touched. “Clear off the coffee table.” Janine said. “At least the middle.”

Moments later Jessica was laid totally limp across the coffee table. Janine took great care to leave her spread eagle. Over the course of the party, Janine took dozens of pictures, and Jessica’s body was groped and stroked excessively. Several beers were spilled on her, and at one point Kimmy even inserted an empty long neck into her all the way to the wide part. Everyone laughed, Kimmy left it in for a while, then took it out and gently eased it into her mouth, pouring the last warm sip of beer into Jessica’s mouth. Jessica coughed and turned to spit it out. For a moment she woke up.

Jessica’s sleep was filled with sordid dreams, she could feel her body tensing and releasing. Again she dreamt that she was being taken, however her drunkenness had carried into her sleep, everything felt big and puffy. At one point her dream shifted she felt as though she were spread naked on Janine’s coffee table, when before that she had been at the liquor store naked. In her dream she looked into Kimmy’s eyes. Kimmy was holding a beer bottle, suddenly Jessica wanted very badly to be humiliated.

“Stick it in me.” Jessica slurred.

“I just did.” Kimmy giggled and Jessica passed out again everyone laughed, Kimmy put the bottle back in. Between fingering her they used her panties to wipe the excess moisture from her sopping pussy. Beer was poured on it and a few of the guys were taking turns licking it off. When the panties became too saturated they stuffed them into the couch.

Finally the party ebbed, all but Ralphy, Kimmy and Jessica had left. Everyone who had been there had fingered Jessica, most more than once, when she woke up her pussy would be sore. The sun was just about up. Kimmy went downstairs to see Jessica’s son off to the bus. Mark, Jessica’s husband was getting ready for work and wondering where his wife was when Kimmy knocked at the door.

“Hello?” Mark asked as he opened the door.

“Hi I’m Kimmy, Janine and Jessica’s friend.” Kimmy said. “We made marguerites’ last night, Jessica doesn’t drink much does she?” Kimmy said giggling.

“No.” Mark said smiling. “Is she alright?”

“She’ll be fine, I just didn’t have the heart to wake her yet, I figured I’d come down and get your son off to school.” Kimmy said.

“Sure, I’ve got him all dressed.” Mark replied. Kimmy walked in.

“I offered her a job last night, I think she’s gonna take me up on it.” Kimmy said.

“Really what’s that?” Mark asked.

“I run a cleaning service, the hours are good with a little one, and the pay isn’t bad either.” Kimmy said. “I can always use some extra help.”

“Great.” Mark said. “She seemed to like the idea.”

“Yeah if all goes well, she’ll be starting Monday.” Kimmy said.

A few minutes later Jessica’s son was on the bus, and Kimmy was striding back up the stairs to Mike and Janine’s apartment. She found Jessica as they had left her. One of her arms hung limply over the coffee table, the other was lying in a puddle of spilled beer. Jessica’s hair was also wet with spilled beer, she lay naked her knees bent over the lip of the coffee table and her feet on the floor. Her thighs were over a foot apart, causing her pussy to gape open. Her lips were red and puffy, and moisture glistened on them and ran into the crevasse of her ass cheeks. Kimmy smiled looking appreciatively down on the woman. Jessica was a bit older than Kimmy, but still very fit and attractive, and Kimmy knew a few of her clients would pay handsomely to have Jessica clean their houses naked, or even partially exposed.

“Think we should wake her?” Janine asked. She was sitting across from Jessica sipping a beer.

“Probably, her husband will be leaving for work in a few minutes.” Kimmy said. She reached down and gently raked a fingernail between Jessica’s spread lips. Jessica rolled her hips slightly in an unconscious reaction to the assault. On the other couch Ralphy was dozing in and out, Mike had gone to bed about an hour previous, leaving Kimmy and Janine the only partiers still awake.

“I’ve got it.” Janine said. She stood up and slipped off her shorts, now wearing only panties and her tight fitting top. She motioned Kimmy to act like she was sleeping. Janine gently shook Jessica’s shoulders. Jessica stirred slightly.

“Jess?” Janine said. Jessica’s eyes fluttered and finally opened. Janine waited for Jessica to fully waken, and meet her gaze. “You kinky freak, I went to be hours ago, what are you doing naked on my coffee table?” Janine said.

“Huh?!” Jessica asked and moved too quickly for her poor hung over head. Pressing her palm against her forehead Jessica feebly tried to cover herself. “What happened?” Jessica asked. She tried to think, but her brain was muddled. “The last thing I remember I was dancing or something.” Jessica couldn’t remember much and Janine knew it.

“When I went to bed you were wearing your nightee and drinking like a fish, babe.” Janine said. They had tugged the nightee down from the fan and laid it on an arm of the couch. “Here it is.” Janine said bending over and sticking her thong covered ass in Jessica’s face. Jessica turned away her face glaring red. Sensations were beginning to return to her body and she was becoming aware of a strange throbbing numbness in her vagina. She realized her legs were open, she looked down and saw her lips were red and puffy. Suddenly fear gripped her. She shut her legs tightly and as Janine handed her her nightee she pulled it on.

“I’ve got to go get some real rest.” Jessica said too quickly. What had she done!? She wasn’t sure, but it was clear by the ache, and redness of her sex, that she had been touched and touched deeply at that! Janine smiled as Jessica pulled the nightee haphazardly over her head.

“Here are your panties.” Janine said handing Jessica the wadded up ball from between two couch cushions. As nonchalantly as she could Jessica looked down at the street. Her husband’s truck was gone, that was what she needed to know. Minutes later she was stepping down the stairs, her panties were very damp, and both she and they smelled of beer and sex, the scent permeated her nostrils. Once safely in her apartment she ran the shower and with her hands shaking she crawled into the water and curled up in a little ball. There was no hot water by the time she got out and crawled into bed. A thousand fears were crawling through her mind, when she woke up she would have to talk to Janine to find out what had happened or she would never have peace.

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