tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Tenants Ch. 07

The Tenants Ch. 07


I know it's been a while. This whole story is a work of fiction. This next section is a teaser, with more to come, but I had help from another literotican. Special thanks to Panthergirl who got me off my butt and submitting again, I also have another LONG story in the works.

Jessica shrugged her robe on and padded after the girls tying it haphazardly. She was dazed and broken. In her mouth she could still taste the foulness of what she'd just done. She was far from home and stuck with these three girls who were taking far too much pleasure in tormenting her.

The sun filtering through the trees in Tara's yard made Jessica swoon. A few moments passed and she was in her Honda, Janine handed her the keys.

"Start it up." Janine said. Jessica started the car. A moment later it was backing out of the driveway.

"Jessica." Janine said, "there are gonna' be people at my place tonight, you need something new to wear." Behind her Margo and Tara snickered almost knowingly it appeared they had been scheming while Jessica got herself together and caught up to them.

"I think this must be your purse." Margo said handing Jessica her purse, habit dictated she had brought it; she must have thrown it in the back seat not even realizing it.

"How 'bout K-mart over by the highway, nothing too classy for a dirty slut like you right Jessica?" Janine said, her voice was authoritative and condescending.

"Please I can't go to K-mart in my robe!" Jessica pleaded. Her legs were trembling. What they had already done to her (what she had already done to herself) were both bad enough, but it was getting later in the day and to be paraded around in front of people her hair a mess, in her robe, her fingers still smelled of what she had done. She was a filthy mess, and they knew it.

"You're covered, and if you want to stay that way you'll go to K-mart." Janine said menacingly. "Otherwise the robe goes out the window."

Jessica found her car making all the turns to go to K-mart. It was mid afternoon on a Saturday and the lot was PACKED. Jessica hoped Janine would see the reason in not going through with this.

"Get out, and for god's sake keep your robe together this is a FAMILY store." Janine said. Margo and Tara were laughing as they too got out.

The store got closer and closer until on trembling feet and fixing her robe as tight and together as she could the pneumatic door whished open and the harsh fluorescent light illuminated the group.

Jessica had never been so scared in her life. A lot of people saw her, just as many didn't. Most people just shook their heads. A few pointed, and Jessica's stomach lurched each time one did. Most that saw her whether shocked, disgusted, or curious either stared or kept looking back to track her progress. There was no doubt that the attractive red head in the robe was indeed a spectacle.

"Head for juniors." Janine said.

"Nice." Margo responded. Both girls were snickering.

"I'm a three...." Jessica said. "Juniors won't fit me."

"What did I say?" Janine whispered, as she did she leaned close and tugged the robe sideways. It almost exposed half her chest. Jessica's whole body went tense, but Janine let go. Quickly she fixed the robe as she headed for juniors.

The pointing fingers and giggles of the meandering customers never even registered in Jessica's mind as she forced her feet towards the juniors department. Once there, she blushed furiously at the teenagers all shopping with their mothers searching through the racks of garments.

Jessica stopped in her tracks and looked apprehensively at the teens as they skipped off gleefully. Janine pushed her forward into the Juniors Department.

"Now Jessica," Janine said with a leering grin, "Let's slut you out babe."

As though it wasn't degrading enough Margo and Tara were busy shopping for her. They held up a pair of shorts that would NEVER fit. Next came a tank top again ridiculously small.

"Try these on." Janine said. "We'll wait so you can come out and show us, come out no matter what they look like."

Jessica stumbled into the dressing room fighting back tears of humiliation as she squeezed by the teenagers, some of them 8 or more years younger than her. She went into an available stall and dropped the robe from her shoulders, shivering at the tiny garments in her hand. No sooner had the robe hit the floor than a hand shot under the door and swiped it away.

"Hey!" Jessica exclaimed, but she knew she had no choice but to try on the flimsy material in her hands.

She stuck one leg then the other into the tiny khaki shorts. They began to snag at her thighs, which small for a woman were big for a junior. With rocking and work she finally got the back over her butt. She could feel an inch or two of her crack sticking out the top. Her stomach was in knots, but she was beyond tears in her humiliated resignation.

She looked down at the pants the button was threatening to pop off. She finally undid it to avoid breaking them. Then she saw it. The shorts were short, TOO short, at the crotch she could see the edge of one of her outer lips, the dark reddish hair striking beside the light khaki and pale flesh of her thighs.

The tank top was stretched to its breaking point. Spoiled brat was sprawled across the front in glittery letters her nipples jutted noticeably out through the front and the sides of her breasts were exposed, along with far too much cleavage.

"We're waiting." Janine said.

"Yeah hurry up and come out for your robe." Tara called back.

Jessica stood there, unable to summon the will to open the door. What seemed like hours passed in her mind, and then there was a knock on the door. "Jessica, if I have to crawl under this door, you will be very sorry." Janine's voice hissed in a barely audible whisper that sent chills up Jessica's spine.

Nervously Jessica undid the latch. The door was opened by Janine, who took her by the arm and led her out so that Margo and Tara could inspect the ensemble. Jessica was walked out into the astonished faces of not only Margo and Tara, but about a dozen other teens all waiting for the changing rooms. Surely they had seen Tara slip in and steal the robe, which she now held like a prize. If this wasn't bad enough, there were the mothers, all staring at her with disgust on their faces.

"Spin for us." Janine said. Jessica spun slowly no doubt showing her crowd of on lookers a peek at the top of her bum. She was on display in a public place with so many people looking at her.

Jessica's face was hot with embarrassment. "Perfect!" Margo laughed. Tara laughed with her and added, "Let's get some more!"

"Put your robe back on." Janine said, as Tara threw it to her. "Then meet us out here."

Jessica wriggled out of the outfit, and pulled her dowdy robe back on. When she emerged from the dressing room a mother stopped her and told her she should be ashamed of herself. She was...and lowered her head to scurry back to the girls before they chose to inflict some sort of punishment on her.

It was decided that the shorts would be for her first day of work, and that now she needed something for the party that night. Jessica stood in the middle of the fairly crowded store, her robe was tied tightly, but beneath it she could feel her nakedness, her exposure, her whole body was sensitive and over stimulated, she could feel the robe's material against her nipples, she could feel the air against her bare ass and other exposed places beneath the robe. Jessica felt so exposed and awkward it was making her shiver.

After an awkward few minutes of watching the girls shop they held out the most hideous thing Jessica had ever seen. It was a dress made of a stretchy somewhat ribbed red material. It would've clung to the young teenager it was made to fit, and it would've been too short even for her. On Jessica however it would be a constricting piece of material that would outline the few things it barely covered.

"I can't wear that." Jessica said. "I can't believe there are parents out there who would let their kids wear that." Jessica's stomach lurched.

"This'll fit we don't need to try it on." Janine said. "Time to go Jessica."

With Tara and Margo holding the outfits Janine led Jessica out towards the checkout lines by her arm just above the elbow. Jessica felt miniscule being handled so roughly. Now people in the store were starting to notice more. Jessica could feel the eyes on her, her robe swung around her legs, the opening in the front parting each time her left leg advanced to just above her knee. Beneath the robe she was completely naked, suddenly being in a store was mind numbing to her.

The got to the counter, Janine had Jessica's purse. The three ridiculous pieces of clothing came to under twenty dollars they were all clearance items apparently. Janine handed Jessica a debit card.

"Pay for your clothes." Janine said smugly. The clerk was young probably barely out of high school. "We're making her dress like a tramp." Janine whispered to the clerk, "but she lets us because it turns her on."

Jessica heard Janine's hushed words to the clerk and almost peed herself. Her faces went absolute crimson. The clerk was also blushing, but smiling a little, whether the smile was uncomfortable and polite, or snickering, or judgmental Jessica couldn't tell.

"She is totally naked under the robe." Janine continued, meanwhile Jessica fumbled with the card, and couldn't keep her trembling fingers still enough to type her password. "She's my landlady, but she is really easy, she'll do almost anything I tell her." Janine was smiling and making small talk with the clerk.

In line behind them was a young mother with an infant in the carriage, and she could no doubt hear, even if she acted like she couldn't. The clerk looked taken aback, but had half laughed and given Jessica a once over with her eyes. Jessica was mortified.

"I'm having a party at my house later, and this dress, will be the only thing she wears." Janine said, holding the dress up in front of Jessica. Jessica had finally managed to put in her password and the sale was going through. There she stood frozen in humiliation as the young clerk patiently waited for the receipt to print. She was definitely smirking Jessica decided, and with good reason, Jessica was completely servile to these three.

"Here's your receipt, enjoy the party." The clerk said handing Jessica the receipt. Jessica couldn't bear to look her, or anyone else in the store in the eyes.

Janine put the dress back in the bag and a moment later Jessica was being whisked through the automatic doors on legs that were shaking threatening to spill her onto the ground. She watched the parking lot waver in and out of focus, now her car was getting closer and closer, finally she fell into it, safely into the driver's seat.

"Drive home now." Janine whispered breathily into Jessica's ear. Her tenant's breath was hot against the side of her face. As Jessica put the car into drive, Janine undid the belt on the robe. Jessica's whole body began to tremble.


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