tagMind ControlThe Test Girls Pt. 01

The Test Girls Pt. 01


In high school Anna had been an awkward and nerdy mess. She didn't interact with her classmates much and always preferred the company of her computer and books. She had some friends and, like her, they were never particularly popular.

Anna herself wasn't helped socially by her lack of boobs or a round butt, neither of which she acquired until college. No one had really paid her much mind or attention until then.

Luckily, at least for Anna, a month or two after graduating high school she jumped from small breasts to almost E cups while still remaining just as perky. She was in all regards a blonde bombshell now. Even her butt was well rounded and looked soft and inviting. And with all of these looks, interacting with her classmates wasn't much of a problem anymore. However, money was. Her parents had agreed to pay for tuition, which was quite generous, but if Anna wanted food she had to find her own way to make money. And she had, in the form of studies at her college. They paid her some amount of money and usually the tests weren't too bad.

There was one today and to prepare she had gotten dressed in slim fitting Jean's that hugged her rear end. Anna also wore a green shirt with a neckline just low enough to show that she had cleavage, but not enough to flaunt the fact that her breasts not only filled her DD bra, but overflowed just a little from the top.

Anna was standing at the doorway into the room where the tests were supposed to take place. A nice college student about her age was standing by the door in a white lab coat. He was kind of cute in a nerdy way, she thought to herself. "Hi, you must be Anna." He said.

"Yes. That's me, sorry if I'm a little late."

"Not to worry" He replied. "We will be starting the test in just a couple minutes." Gesturing through the door. She stepped through and into a small classroom with only about fifteen desks. From her guess, only about half of the chairs had people in them. There were four girls, including Anna, and three guys. At the front of the room there was only a single camera positioned on a tripod.

Anna walked over to a desk two rows from the back, and next to a short brunette girl towards the center of the room. This girl, although short, was surprisingly busty even if the white polo she wore tried to hide that fact. Anna guessed she wore a D cup bra if not a DD. She was also trim and when Anna got closer this girl looked up at her. Anna noticed that she was quite cute and had a girl next door vibe to her. "Hello, I'm Allison." The girl introduced herself bubbly.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Anna." They smiled at each other and Anna took a seat. Two lab coated scientist came up to her and without saying a word, placed a small tablet in front of her. They then attached one sticker to her arm, temple, and collarbone respectively. Each with a wire running back to a small port on the tablet. They then handed her one and told her to place it just below her bra, under her shirt. Anna was a little taken aback by the straight forwardness of the scientists but she understood that, to them, she was just an experiment to be tested on.

A voice came over the loud speaker in the room. "The first test will begin shortly. It is a behavioral test to determine what your limitations are and how far you can be pushed before your mental will caves in. Don't worry, you will not be harmed. We simply want to get an idea of how strong your mental fortitude is. After this preliminary exam, the next tests will start easy and increase in difficulty."

Anna grew a little nervous. What were they talking about? Behavioral? Mental will? She glanced around the room to see how the other girls were taking this information. Allison looked almost excited to be a part of this test. She was sitting on the edge of her chair and sitting upright with a smile on her face. Anna would never understand that kind of enthusiasm for anything, much less any kind of test.

At the front of the classroom there was a girl that reminded Anna of the cheerleaders at her high school. She had light golden brown hair and she had the trim waist and wide hips of someone who must've been popular in high school. Anna was sure that her perky little C cups also helped with boys and girls alike falling for her. She had a cute little button nose but her face was otherwise clear cut and traditionally sexy.

To the left of Allison and one row back was a black haired girl that wore a blue top and black yoga pants. She had the smallest chest in the room with only Bs, but like Allison she was cute and her soft face and thick, welcoming lips made her just as hot as anyone in the room.

Before Anna had more time to examine the room further, the voice spoke again over the intercom. "The scientists in the chemistry program have developed a special drug that we will be using for the first of our tests. It contains pheromones and hormones that will cause the inhaler's sexual needs to increase. When enough enters your system you will begin to feel a strong urge to touch yourselves. This is the intended purpose. But to insure we get accurate results of your will power we would like to remind you all that there is a camera in the front of the room. It is on and streaming live to an online website." This message shocked Anna. She couldn't have heard that right. She wanted to leave but she couldn't, she needed the money and they were probably just bluffing anyway... right? Shit. She swore to herself. There was a blinking light on the camcorder and it connected to a laptop. She sighed to herself. But then again, all she had to do was not masturbate.

"The chemicals were released into the air a second ago. You should all begin to feel the results shortly. Once everyone has masturbated to completion, the hormones will be cut off and sedatives will replace it. When you are all asleep the air will be scrubbed, you will wake up, and we will begin the tests."

Anna smiled to herself. Easy money she thought, all she had to do was resist the urge and not touch herself, she could do that. Then she'd go home with enough money for two weeks of groceries. She was confident, no way some chemical could get to her, a smart woman in control of herself, to masturbate on camera.

Anna then noticed that the cheerleader was squirming in her seat. At first it looked like she was just uncomfortable, but after a couple of seconds Anna could tell that she was already effected by the chemicals. With every squirm her legs grew further apart and when they were almost perpendicular with the seat she began to grind her hips against it. Anna heard the gasp as the cheerleader found the right spot. Every second, the rigor with which she moved her hips grew. She threw her head back and her hands found their way to the collar of her shirt and she pulled it down. Revealing her cleavage and bra for the camera and the world to see.

This startled Anna and before she could regain her mental footing, she glanced over to see Allison staring at the girl grinding her pussy against the chair. Her eyes were glazed over and one hand had found her erect nipple pressing through both her bra and shirt. Her mouth had dropped and her other hand was slowing unbuttoning her shirt.

Before Anna's very eyes, Allison's hand slipped under the hem of her skirt and she was clearly playing with her clit. She let out a little gasp and then began moaning sensuously. Anna could not help but notice how good it seemed to look. If only she were doing the same. Subconsciously, she had placed a hand on the hem of her pants and without really noticing it one hand had slightly pulled down her shirt.

There was a loud shriek from the front of the room. Suddenly everyone knew what was happening. The cheerleader's hip movements had grown frantic as her hand and the chair were making her come. She moaned loudly and her legs quivered and she came all over the chair. Her wetness and juices flooding the area.

Beside her Allison was getting closer. She had one hand down her pants, pushing two or three fingers into her soaked pussy. The other hand was gently rubbing one of her nipples that was clearly visible pressing through her shirt. The same hand squeezed and molested her own DD's.

Anna couldn't tear her eyes away from this hot mess next to her. It was fascinating how much control she had lost to the chemicals. Anna could feel her own desires building but reassured herself she was strong and had an unbreakable will. But Allison's body began jerking and spasming as she got so very close to that moment of climax, Anna couldnt help but imagine how that must feel.

The panties between her legs had now grown wet and she could already picture herself doing unspeakable things, slutty, naughty things. Fun things. Things that would make her feel good. Shouldnt she feel good? She deserved it, she wanted to feel nice, she wanted to feel so good.

Before she knew it Anna had started touching herself. Her hand had slipped below her panties and she had pulled one of her large tits out of her bra. Her nipples had grown so hard and she gasped at their sensitivity. Before she knew it two of her fingers had entered into her pussy.

She pumped back and forth on them and between that and the hand gripping and playing with her tit and pert nipple, soon she was cumming. Anna orgamsed and orgamsed, it was like a vibrator was embedded in her pussy. Every time her hand made contact with a part of her anatomy it felt like she was more sensitive than she had ever been. It was so amazing and she knew she was moaning like a slut.

She lost track of how many times she came. She just couldn't stop masturbating. Anna's tongue hung out of her mouth and drool had begun dripping from there. But all she could think about was touching herself. All she could focus on was how every sensation felt like it was the first time she touched that part of herself. Or how everything made her gasp and orgasms strung together from second to second giving her a constant state of bliss. It was the most satisfying encounter she had ever had. She just wanted to touch herself forever, sitting here in a puddle of her own wetness, cumming again and again. But after a particularly strong orgasm, she blacked out.

Let me know if you have any positive or negative feedback. I have a bunch of ideas on where I plan on expanding this story series. Message me if you have ideas, suggestions are always welcome.

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by Anonymous

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by AngelaSaxon01/19/19


A great set-up but odd to have not one word about the immediate aftermath, about her response to having her nudity and sexual performance streamed on-line, what she feels about embarrassing exposure, whatmore...

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by Anonymous09/19/18


"slim fitting Jean's"

I guess that's Jeans, like Dog's, Cat's, Car's, Movie's...

Needless to say, I didn't bother reading any further.

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by Anonymous09/15/18

Maybe have he girls with smaller boobs take a pills or inhale a gas that makes their boobs bigger and describe the process oh and sometbing to make Anna dumber til she’s a dumb bimbo

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by Anonymous09/14/18
by Anonymous09/14/18

Too short

You could have been a bit more descriptive or mentioned what happened after she woke up from her blackout and realized what happened. Otherwise, nice story and premise. I enjoyed the story as a whole

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