tagGroup SexThe Texan Lawn Boy

The Texan Lawn Boy


One of the best ways to make money in Texas is to run your own lawn service. No one else wants to mow the lawn in 100+ heat, so people hire me. My neighbors knew me, liked me. They watched me grow up from age 15 to now, a 19 year old young businessman with his own pickup truck.

It was summer near Lago Vista, Texas, a strange little town that 10 years ago was a dump, but now with all the rich people moving in and building lake-side homes, a part of the town that was definitely becoming wealthy.

I drove my pickup truck around the rich neighborhoods, hoping people would see my sign on the side of the truck. First weekend? No luck.

Then the second weekend, my buddy, Travis, suggested I drive around without my shirt, wearing a cowboy hat. I got 6 customers that Saturday!

Mrs. Alvarez answered the door Saturday morning. She was a hot older Latina - I guess you'd call her a MILF. Dark hair, big boobs and big hips. she wore mom jeans but a hot white blouse that made her skin look very tanned. She had seen me driving around and called me within seconds. So when I knocked on her door, she was smiling and looking at me the way I look at a pizza delivered.

"You're Josh?" She asked. She welcomed me into a foyer with a circular staircase and a soaring high ceiling with a dome of glass.

"Yes, m'am" I tipped my straw hat and put on the Texan charm. I looked around - this was a nice house.

"Oh, are you a local?"

I kept smiling, but I knew she was a rich bitch from Austin or Dallas or somewhere. Maybe she was from out of state. But calling me a local, I felt she was practically calling me redneck cracker.

She continued, "Well, you're lucky I saw you, Josh! We just moved in. I need to have the front, side and back lawns mowed. But please do the back yard last. My husband is still asleep."

I nodded and turned at the sound of someone running down the stairs.

"This is my daughter, Iodine." (she pronounced it Eye-O-Deen-EH)

"Iodine?" I said. "That's a cool name" I tipped my hat and smiled at the girl. Unlike her brunette mother, Iodine was a redhead, though I thought it might have been dyed. She pouted when she saw me, and I just kept smiling while I was thinking, yup, another rich bitch. She was thin, no tits, not like her mom who was stacked. She wore skinny jeans to show that she had no ass.

Mrs. Alvarez pointed at me, "Iodine, maybe you go to the same school as Josh?"

"MOM, I *don't* think so! I go to Hill Country Academy." She turns to me, "It's a private school."

"Oh, that's right," I smiled again. "That's up on Turner. I finished high school last year. I'm 19."

"Are you going to college this fall?" Mrs. Alvarez asked?

"No, ma'am".

"Then what are you planning to do?" She seemed concerned.

"This, ma'am. I guess I'm now a full time landscaper."

"Oh!" She smiled in a weird way as if my not going to college surprised her. Sorry lady, can't afford it. "I'm off to pick up groceries. I'll be back in a couple hours." Mrs. Alvarez headed out the garage door.

"Well, I'll get to it, then." I tipped my hat again and headed outside. I had a small John Deere riding mower which I bought 2nd hand from my grandpa. I took off my shirt and tied it around my neck to catch the sweat. Might as well put on a show, I thought. I started riding around the lawn, sweaty and shirtless with my jeans, cowboy boots, and a belt with a big buckle my daddy got me from the Texas State Fair.

I mowed the front lawn and drove on to the side lawn when an angry looking man stormed out of the house. He sort of looked like Bert from Sesame Street.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He yelled.

"I'm mowing the lawn." I replied.

"I'm trying to sleep you dumb fuck. Who told you to mow my lawn?"

"Your wife hired me..." I began.

"I don't care who hired you. Get your dumb cowboy ass out of my yard. Don't come by until this afternoon so I can get some fucking sleep! Understand?"

"DADDY!" Iodine ran out of the house with a bottle of water.


"Daddy, mom did hire the boy to mow the lawn."

"I just said I don't give a fuck! He does not have to mow it when I'm trying to sleep!" At that, Mr. Alvarez marched back into the house.

Iodine shook her head.

"Thanks for the water" I said, again with a tip of the hat.

"Are you really blonde?" She asked me.

I took off my hat for her to look. "Yes, it gets brighter in the sun."

"You should wear sunscreen. you're going to get a bad burn."

"I do pretty well in the sun." I guzzled down the bottle and made sure water dribbled down my lips, throat and chest. Iodine watched the progression of the water.

"My mom is out getting groceries."

"That's nice." I handed her back the now empty bottle.

"Do you want some sun screen? You should put some on you know."

I half opened my mouth when she jumped in and said, "I've got some up in my room."

"How old are you?" I squinted at her.

"I'm 18, why?"

"Ha, just asking." Now I was no fool. If a girl invited you up to her room, you'd better be prepared for some sport fuckin'.

I followed Iodine up the staircase. She pointed down the hall to show me that her parent's room was on one end of the house, while hers was on the opposite end. Big ass house.

Her room was what I expected a rich bitch princess would be like. Pink. Lots of pink curtains, bedding, and of course, a 4-poster bed. "Nice room," I said.

"Thanks." She ran over to a bookshelf and grabbed a bottle of sunscreen. She ran up to me, "Here, let me do you. Sit down."

I sat on a pink chair in from of a mirror and watched as she squirted sunscreen in her hand. She began to work it into my shoulders and back. And in spite of myself, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the attention.

"You're so sweaty!" she said. "Dirty."

"Well, I have been mowing the lawn in 110 degree heat."

"I think you need sunscreen on your legs." She sniffed my shoulders.

"I'm wearing jeans."

"Silly, the sun's UV rays go right through clothes."

"Really?" I wasn't sure if she was putting me on.

"Let me put some on your legs."

I knew where this was going. So I mustered my thickest Texan accent, "Well, OKAY, I reckon you know what you're doing!" I stood up and slowly unbuckled my belt. She looked at me up and down, her eyes slightly unfocused. I finally dropped my jeans.

"See?" I patted my thighs. "Pale white"

"Oh my god, your legs are so white!" She grabbed at my thighs and ran her fingers up and down my hairy legs.

"Stop that now," I said.

But she sidled up me and spoke in a whisper, "I want to suck your sweaty dick."


She tapped my chest. "You heard me. I want to suck your sweaty cowboy dick."

I blushed. I wasn't a cowboy but i guess I was close enough in her mind. "You serious?"

She answered me by grabbing my waistband and yanking my boxers down. "Oh my god, I've never seen one like that!"

Oh, I'm uncircumcised. She was staring and her look of bewilderment melted into admiration as I firmed up and proudly showed her an erection that was a healthy 7 inches.

She walked me over to her frilly pink bed, made me sit down, and then she was on me, licking my dick and then tentatively licking the head. To help her out, I pulled down my foreskin which gave her pause as she stared at the shiny cockhead. Impatient, I took hold of my dick and aimed it at her lips, tapped her lips and she finally opened her mouth and began to suck.

She stopped for air after a few seconds, "You're so rough!" she said to me.

And you don't know how to suck dick, I thought. Then I flinched as her teeth caught my foreskin. Damn, I got better head playing peanut butter licker with my dog!

Still, she tried, gnawing away until I felt my erection start to sag.

"Will your dad hear us?"

She shook her head (and my dick), "No, but that makes it hotter. You in my room, sticking your big country dick in me."

And that was my signal. I got up from the bed and stood over her.

"What are you doing?" Iodine looked at me, half scared, half excited.

"Girl, get those jeans off. I'm doing you doggy style!" I said with a drawl.

"No!" She cried. "No!" All the while, she was quickly pulling off her jeans. She got on all fours and I slapped her skinny ass. I grabbed her cheeks apart and noticed that her pubes were indeed red! With her pale creamy skin and her ass up in the air, my dick rose to power as I decided I was going to fuck the shit out of this rich bitch girl.

"No!" She said again. She was a terrible actor. "No, cowboy, don't fuck me like a dog!"

I reached for the back of her neck to push her forward. Then i pulled on her red hair with one hand while I aimed my dick with my other.

"No!" she cried again.

But I had a wicked idea. I spat on my hand, lubed myself and then pushed my big dick into her asshole which was so tight it practically squeaked.

"NOOOOOO!!" she shrieked. She tried to twist away, but I pushed in slowly and firmly so that she couldn't get off my dick. "Omigod! What are you doing?"

I stopped pushing in, then I jiggled my dick up and down.

"Omigod! It's too big!" she cried out. "Omigod! Oh, yes! YES!" She spread her legs wider to welcome me deeper.

Suddenly, there was a banging at her bedroom door. "Iodine!" It was her dad. "What's going on?"

I popped out of her, my dick quickly limp and I scrambled to get my jeans, but Iodine grabbed me by the arm and yelled out, "Go away, daddy! I'm with the lawn boy!"

"What the fuck?!?" He banged on the door. "What are you doing? Open the door at once!"

"Omigod daddy! He's got a big cowboy dick and he's fucking me! He's fucking me!"

I looked at her. I looked at the door. What the hell was going on?

"I'm going to call the cops!" Mr. Alvarez yelled, still banging the door.

"No daddy! Don't! I'll tell the cops I want him here!"

Her father banged on the door screaming obscenities. I figured I was trapped in her room. Iodine smiled and reached for my dick, weighing it in her palm.

"Daddy! He's still fucking me! I can't stop him!"

"DAMN IT! I'll break the door down!"

Then another voice at the door - Mrs. Alvarez. "What's going on?"

"That lawn boy you hired! He's in there fucking our daughter!"


"That's right! He's got his redneck dick in her right now! You hired him. it's your fault!"

Mrs. Alvarez knocked on the door, "Are you OK, Iodine?"

"Momma, I'm getting fucked by the blond cowboy. He won't stop fucking me!"

There was a pause. "Iodine. This is not funny. I'm going to count to 10 and then I'm going to go into your room. You remember the other passage way?"

Iodine looked pale, "Yes, momma." She took me to her bathroom - it had 3 doors - one door lead to a shared closet with the next bedroom.

I turned to Iodine, "Okay, this is my way out." I grabbed my jeans.

"No, it goes right back to the hallway where my dad is."


Suddenly, the 3rd door opened, and it was Mrs. Alvarez. She slammed the door behind her before her husband could follow. "I'll take care of this!"

Mrs. Alvarez ran up to me - I thought she was going to slap me in the face, but instead she pushed me hard onto the bed. I tripped backward as my jeans were around my ankles. Before I could say a thing, she had pulled her blouse open and pushed her big ole titties on my face. I tried to kiss them, suckle them, but she shook them so that they hit me in the face.

"What are you doing, momma?" Iodine cried! "I was playing with him!"

"Be quiet, girl. Sit on him. Hold him down!"

Iodine sat on my legs while her mother straddled me and almost suffocated me with her breasts. There was a wild look in Mrs. Alvarez's eyes as if she had not had a teenaged boy under her for a long time! Well, at least since her husband was a teen!

"Ow!" I yelped. Iodine had tried to suck me again and I felt the bite of her teeth.

Her mother sat up. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to suck him, momma."

There was a banging at the door. Mr. Alvarez. "What's going on?"

"I'm taking care of it!" Mrs. Alvarez yelled back.

"Get up, baby girl. Sit on his chest. Cover his mouth." The two Alvarez women changed places on me. "Look at this boy's dick!" She pounced and swallowed me whole. Mrs. Alvarez slurped me the way a hungry dog eats dinner. I was hard in five seconds. Gasping in two seconds.

Before I could come, Mrs. Alvarez stopped. "Here, Iodine. You try again. Don't use your teeth." Iodine leaned over and I felt her mouth on me. She did not have her mother's skills. I flinched again when she caught my foreskin.

"OK, my turn!" Mrs. Alvarez said. Her daughter sat up and down went Mrs. Alvarez. I closed my eyes with pleasure as her hot wet mouth swallowed me whole. She started massaging my taint and balls while her tongue whirled around my dick head.

"Momma, my turn?" Iodine asked. But Mrs. Alvarez shook her head, hummed and continued to bob up and down on my pecker. Finally she stopped and her hands rubbed my stomach.

"These abs, Iodine. This is what a man looks like before they become old and fat like your father!"

Iodine giggled.

More banging at the door. "What's going on in there?" Mr. Alvarez yelled.

"I'm taking care of it!" Mrs. Alvarez hollered back. Then back she went down on my dick.

"I'm close." I said.

At that, Mrs. Alvarez motioned for Iodine back to my dick. Her daughter tried again but she did not have her momma's oral skills. Finally, Mrs. Alvarez took charge (and my dick) again. She started jerking me.

"Come closer, Iodine. I'm going to jerk him until he's ready to come. Then you go down on him. Learn, sweetheart! Learn!"

"OK, momma." She leaned in close while her mother was jacking me relentlessly.

"Oh shit," I said. "I'm cumming!"

Iodine pounced on my dickhead. And even with her clumsy angle, I started gushing. She began to gag so her mother swiftly took my still pulsing dick and started swallowing my remaining spurts. I happily pumped into her wet mouth.

Moments later, the two women got off me and straightened their clothing. I pulled up my jeans. Nothing would have made me happier than a chance to fuck Mrs. Alvarez but it looked as if I was only getting head from her today.

"What's going on in there?" Mr. Alvarez banged more at the door.

Mrs. Alvarez opened the door. I almost jumped backward, but she calmly said to her husband, "I had a long talk with Josh about playing practical jokes with Iodine. He promises he won't goof around any more."

"What was all that screaming?" Mr. Alvarez demanded?

"Those two were just goofing around, honey." Mrs. Alvarez looked back at me. "Pay the boy!"


"He mowed our lawn."

"But he didn't finish."

Iodine jumped in, "That's your fault, daddy! You told him to stop!"

Mr. Alvarez angrily fished out a couple of twenties from his wallet. "When are you coming back to finish the job, boy?"

I looked at Mrs. Alvarez and Iodine who were smiling at me.

"Next week, I reckon. I'll take care to finish the job then." I winked at the ladies and quickly walked past Mr. Alvarez.

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