tagNovels and NovellasThe Text Message Ch. 06

The Text Message Ch. 06


Author's note:

This is the sixth and last part of a multi-chapter story. I recommend reading the previous instalments if you haven't done so yet.


As usual my thanks go to my editors, Stattion and Joffa. Everything that's right is their work. Everything that's wrong is my fault.


Chapter 06: Dolores' Recovery

In the morning I was reminded of the fact that I had not prohibited Alicia to enter my bedroom as I had during the last week in the old apartment. She had crept into my bed and was kissing her way along my chest, carefully avoiding my injured pec, but softly teasing my nipples. I opened my eyes and looked straight into hers and saw them sparkling with mischief while she continued to suck on my nipples. It took me a moment to come up with the question why she was licking my nipples instead of giving me a blowjob like she had usually done before I had prohibited entry to my bedroom.

I was just pondering whether I should ask her to blow me when my half erect member was engulfed by an unfamiliar mouth. Dolores! It must have taken her a while to find the courage, but now she was a little clumsily sucking and licking my cock. Her technique was nowhere near Alicia's refined and experienced skills but nevertheless, I groaned loudly, complimenting her ministrations. After enjoying a few minutes of her ministrations I softly pulled on one of Alicia's strands to move her head upwards and whispered in her ear.

"Coach her but let her do the work, Beautiful."

Alicia smiled lovingly at me and nodded to confirm she understood my intentions. She glided back to my nipples, spent a few more seconds on them before moving further downward. Dolores immediately gave way but Alicia wouldn't let her. Placing a hand on the back of Dolores' head she pulled her back and kissed her deeply before directing her back to my cock whispering instructions into her ear.

Dolores took one side of my shaft between her lips and moved up and down on it, playing with her tongue. Alicia took the other side but her focus was for once not on pleasuring me but teaching Dolores how to do it.

Alicia whispered a new instruction into Dolores' ear and, after a moment's hesitation, Dolores took my gland into her mouth and, listening to Alicia whispered prompts used her tongue to increase the pleasure. She kept this up for a while, repeatedly trying to take me deeper without being able to defeat her demons causing Alicia place a hand on the back of her head and starting to push.

"Alicia, no. At her own pace."

Dolores cast me a grateful glance and restarted to slide up and down on the side, complemented by Alicia, until suddenly she changed her posture, placed her mouth over my cockhead and quickly descended, taking me all the way in without giving herself time to think about it.

"Oh, wonderful," I groaned in apprehension and before I could say anything else Dolores started to effectively fuck her own face by moving quickly up and down, sucking hard on my shaft, taking me all the way in on every downward move.

I knew I wouldn't be able to take that very long and soon I felt my balls starting to burn. Alicia saw them tighten and knew what was about to happen and started to spur Dolores on.

"I'm gonna cum!" I croaked, causing Dolores to increase her speed while reducing the length of her strokes until I released my load into her for the first time. So far she had only been an indirect recipient, taking the cum from Alicia or at most getting a facial for the first time the evening before.

When I had finished cumming she pulled off my cock and came up for breath, smiling proudly, looking happy as a clam at high water. Alicia pulled her to her mouth for a kiss.

"Now look at that greedy little sub, swallowing the whole load without leaving anything for me," Alicia playfully teased her before pressing another kiss on Dolores' lips.

"That was wonderful, Dolores. Thank you."

"It is me who has to thank you, Master. For your patience, for your consideration, for your generosity and for your love. I hope I can continue to improve so I can serve you better with every passing day."

"You took a huge step today. You can be proud of yourself."


We spent the day in our new house, making lists of things that needed to be completed. Moving from a two bedroom apartment to a four-bedroom house with a garden, a terrace, a patio and a 'hobby room' left many things missing, even though I had bought quite a lot of things to complement.

What was mostly missing were decorations as the few plants, paintings and pictures I had moved from the apartment were by far not enough. It took me a while to find the right command so that the girls would really support me instead of just walking behind me, confirming my ideas.

"Girls. I order you to make this place a home for the three of us. A place to which I gladly return in the evening, which is comfy and homely and a monument of the love we share. I don't have the time to do it as my final tests are in five weeks and I really need to get my head down for as long as I can. Bring me a coffee every hour."

That did it. Suddenly they started talking colours and furniture and materials while I withdrew to the library and studied.

Around lunchtime Dolores showed up, dressed in nothing but the apron, holding a tray with a sandwich and a glass of iced tea.

"Master, may I ask you a quick question?"

"Of course, Gorgeous."

"What happens with the things of Mistress Theresa?"

I sighed. This would be difficult to convey but better face it now than later.

"I know it is hard to face but they are now your things. The house is yours, the furniture is yours, and the car is yours."

"I want to give them to you. You are my Master and you take care of my needs. I don't need any possessions."

"No, I wouldn't accept that. If you don't want to keep them I'll try to sell everything and set up an investment account in your name. Or you could rent the house out and create a steady income for yourself."

She looked at me, a big question mark painted on her face, "Why should I want that?"

I had a flashback to the same discussion I had had with Alicia a few months back, "Because I'm not immortal and I want to make sure that you have everything you need in case anything happens to me."

A dark cloud passed over her face and I moved quickly to calm her. I rolled my chair back a few feet and patted my left thigh. Dolores quickly skipped over to me and sat down as indicated. I put my left arm around her back and pulled her to lean on my shoulder.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you miss Theresa?"

"Horribly so, but Alicia is a great companion and a friend and you are a wonderful Master, making me feel loved and respected. The day after Mistress had died I didn't know what to do. I had never been on my own. First with my father, then in foster care with an elderly couple who had only taken me in to improve on their pension and watched over me closely. I was never allowed to go out or have friends come over. When I was released from the system, I was given a small apartment and left on my own. I was totally lost. Mistress found me weeping on a bench outside of the mall. She took me in, she didn't force me into the submissive role, it just turned out like that. When I saw her die, my world collapsed. Then Alicia told me that you would take me in, take care of me and this was probably the happiest moment in my life because I knew in that very moment that everything would be alright."

I squeezed her and pressed a kiss on her head, "So I don't need to worry about you falling into a depression, then?"

She turned her head upwards and looked at my lips, "No Master. I may be a bit sadder from time to time but I feel sheltered, protected and loved here."

I slowly lowered my face towards hers, slightly spreading my lips, letting my tongue lick my lips in a quick movement.

"Oh, God, yes, please," was all Dolores was able to utter before I softly pressed my lips to hers and started to caringly pet her lips with my tongue until she responded and extended her tongue to let it dance with mine.

While she was fully focused on the kiss, I tenderly started to caress her arm with my right hand. It hurt me a bit, rehab had not even started yet, but I did my best to ignore the pain. I stroked her arm, her shoulder while still trying to keep her focused on the kiss. After a minute, I slid my hand under the apron and started to softly knead and fondle her breast.

"Oh, how wonderful."

I kept going, kissing her, caressing her for several minutes until I felt that she had relaxed inwardly and allowed herself to really enjoy my petting. I then moved my hand downwards, past her pussy to stroke her thigh back up, again ignoring her folds. I went on, her breasts, her abdomen, her hip, her thighs. I would caress and fondle her, tenderly scratch my fingernails over the delicate skin of her inner thighs but never touching her pleasure centre. She leaned back, placed her trust in my ability to hold her, I turned slightly to be able to cover her tantalising neck with kisses until I let my fingers brush lightly over her pussy once.

It was sufficient for me to find her dripping wet and her reaction was not to tense up but groan loudly from arousal. I felt encouraged and repeated the soft brush, only to feel her hip push upward in an attempt to intensify the contact. Intent to please her, I gave in to her wish and started to massage her folds, drawing my fingers along her pussy lips. She cramped when I teased her opening so I refrained from actually penetrating her but returned to massaging her clit.

I could feel her climax building in her. She tensed up, but differently from when I had teased her opening, and started to moan my title over and over again.

"Master, Master, Master, Master, ..."

"Cum for me, Gorgeous."

This invitation was all it took as every muscle clenched and released again a second later and she started shaking. The shaking began at her pussy and then spread out to her entire torso. She didn't squirt but her juices dripped freely and she wetted my pants with them.

I held her tightly while she came and came down from her high, covering her face with soft kisses. When she finally opened her eyes, she looked into my eyes, exhausted, "Thank you, Master."

I lifted my still wet hand to my mouth and licked some of her juices, "Hmmm. Delicious. A peach to compliment Alicia's pineapple."

"When will you claim me, Master?"

"I won't."

I heard a double gasp, one was from the entrance to the library where Alicia was secretly following our discussion.

"I want you to give yourself to me when the time is right."

"Now, Master."

"No, not now. You are not ready yet. You tensed far too much when I tried to penetrate you with a finger. But the time will come and you will know when it has arrived. Be patient, Gorgeous, you'll do more harm than good for yourself and our little ensemble if you try to force something you are not ready for. But you don't need to worry, I may not have claimed you with sex, but you are mine to care for, you belong here and you are an indispensable part of our family. You are here to stay."

I was embraced from behind and around the chair, "Finally. A complete family."


I spent the remainder of the afternoon studying while the girls continued to plan the decoration of the house and prepared dinner after which I decided to rest and sat down in front of the TV.

Despite my warning that it was too early for Dolores she tried to mount me on the couch afterwards, she even made to the point where my erection was lodged just at the entrance of her pussy but in the end, failed to impale herself on my erect cock. When she realised that she couldn't make it she broke down on top of me, crying.

I carefully slid her off my thighs onto the couch and held her to my chest, rubbing her shoulders and her back, calming her.

It took quite some time but in the end, she managed to compose herself and I ordered her to tit-fuck me instead because that was something she could do that Alicia couldn't. This again caused Alicia to sulk, not because of jealousy but as she was still convinced that her tits were too small, so I let them jointly suck me back to hardness before first roughly facefucking Alicia while Dolores ate her out and then I fucked her hard from behind with her face rubbing all over Dolores' pussy. Fortunately, that did it for both of them because by now I was totally spent. I retreated to my bedroom leaving the girls free to do what they wanted. Based on the moaning I heard while falling asleep they found an occupation without my help.


Sunday morning was spent in a similar way except that I took my first direct taste of Dolores peach before letting her and Alicia blow me together to a relieving cumshot.

After lunch, I informed my girls that we were about to go and visit the club. Before her violent death, Theresa had informed me that on weekends there was something going on the whole day. During daytime, it was more a meeting point, much like any café, but on the weekend evenings, there was a BDSM show in the back room.

We took the car, I drove, and parked in the on-site parking garage. We took the elevator up to the first floor where the club was located and entered the reception area. I received a warm welcome from a distinguished gentleman, dressed in a black suit, complete with a necktie.

"Mr West, what a pleasure to meet you. I've heard a lot about you these last few days, you've certainly made the news in our community. My name is George Edley, George for you, I'm the owner of this venue," he said as he shook my hand and nodded towards my escorts. "Ms Alicia, Ms Dolores. I'm glad to see you both healthy and well."

They whispered a shy 'thank you' but kept their heads bowed and a step behind me.

"Please come in. I would like to invite you to a beverage of your choice both to welcome you here for the first time and to thank you for solving our inconvenience caused by the late Mr Henreid."

I didn't like George Edley. He was a slimy bootlicker but maybe he had to be as he had to cater on both Doms and subs. The place, it looked like a regular café, was mostly empty with only four of the estimated twenty tables occupied. He led us to a table near the window when I heard my name being called out.

"Nick! What a pleasure to see you here. Please come and sit here with us."

"Ben. Hi. How are you doing?"

"Great, thanks. How's the house? Still happy with it?"

"It's wonderful. I can't thank you enough for that opportunity."

I introduced myself to the other persons at the table, two women and two men.

"We met at Theresa's funeral," the elegantly dressed sixty-something woman said, "I'm Dana, Dana Bentley."

"My pleasure and my apologies that I don't remember. It was a bit much that day and I was still influenced by the painkillers I had taken," I replied, pointing to the arm that had taken the bullet.

The man to her right, Donald McGovern, was next, followed by Debra Balch.

Last was a man who looked at me with barely hidden disdain.

"Mr West," was all he said before sitting back in his chair again.

Ignoring his rude behaviour, I asked him, "Excuse me, I didn't get your name."

"Ricardo Griffin."

"My pleasure, I think," I said, wondering what I had done to piss him off.

I sat down and George brought the coffee I had ordered and water for my girls who had sat down at a table close to us where four other people, two men and two women, were already sitting. I assumed that they were the subs of those at my table.

After some small talk, it was Ben who asked the question whose answer everybody wanted to hear.

"Nick, I can't keep my curiosity under control anymore and I just have to ask. How did you get drawn into all this," he asked waving his hand to indicate the club," and, if you don't mind talking about it, what happened at Theresa's?"

Ricardo made a disdainful sound which I decided to ignore in order to keep the peace but I made a mental note to ask Ben at the next opportunity what this guy's problem was.

I started telling the story of how the texts came in, how Alicia and I met, how surprised I was when I found out that Alicia wanted me as her Master and my first fight with Justin. I then proceeded to explain how Alicia and Dolores had met at the store, how Theresa had found me using my credit card information and how we had built a good friendship together. I also explained my reason to stay away from the club as I knew that Justin was still looking for Alicia and I wanted to avoid another violent confrontation. It was surprisingly easy to talk about the day I was shot and then killed Justin. I had expected more difficulties to talk about that. All the time while I told the story, Ricardo kept interrupting me by making derisive sounds, doubting what I said and being generally rude.

"Will you give us a BDSM-performance up on the stage next weekend to show us if you are worthy of these two bitches?"

The other people at the table drew in their breath loudly at this provocation.

"No, I won't."

"And why not? Aren't you in control of them? Would they resist you?"

"Because I don't need to prove anything to anyone," I replied, having my stare locked onto his.

"You're just a wussy."

"If you say so," I tried hard to remain calm but started to estimate my chances to fight him with my right arm still encumbered and preparing a potential strategy despite knowing that no strategy has ever survived the contact with the enemy.

"Yes, I say so. You're a loser, a coward and a wimp. Get them up on stage and prove your right to own subs."

"I don't own Alicia and Dolores. They turned to me, looking for comfort and security and they pay for that service of mine with obedience and dutifulness."

"You're unworthy."

Finally, I had enough of it. I still wasn't sure of my chances in a confrontation with only one arm available but he didn't make the impression of being an experienced fighter.

"What's your fucking problem? If you have anything to say then spill it."

"Yeah, I have a problem. My problem is that you are a thief."

I furrowed my brows at this accusation. I hadn't stolen anything since that chewing gum as a dare in second grade.

"A thief? And what am I supposed to have stolen and from whom?"

"That bitch is mine," he shouted, pointing behind him to Alicia.

"What? Are you nuts?"

I was getting seriously pissed by now. I didn't like that he insulted Alicia, I didn't like that he made claims on a free person and I didn't like him.

"Justin and I had a deal. When he tires of her, I'll get her. I paid him handsomely for her."

"Alicia is not a slave or an object of trade," I stated with absoluteness, daring him to cross the line I had drawn.

"She is mine," he spat out, spit flying from his mouth as he jumped up, ignoring the red line.

I rose, slowly and controlled, and replied with a calm voice, "No, she's not."

He rushed over to the subs' table and grabbed Alicia, who gave a surprised shriek, by her hair and dragged her off the chair she was sitting in. I prepared myself for a fight.

"I bought her from her previous owner, I paid for her and therefore she is mine. Mine alone!"

I approached them rapidly. I saw Alicia struggle but, somewhat surprisingly, I saw no fear in her eyes.

I planted myself in front of Ricardo who was still holding Alicia by her hair, stretched to my full height and cracked the knuckles of my hands.

"You let go of Alicia now."


I didn't reply, I just stood there and stared into his eyes.

"She is mine," he insisted but already with less conviction than before.

I still didn't speak but kept staring unwaveringly at him.

"You had no right to take her from Justin."

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