tagInterracial LoveThe Therapist Ch. 03

The Therapist Ch. 03


"And it's a home run!"

Cory silently padded down the wooden hallway towards the living room where what she guessed was 'Sports Center' blared from the television. Her eyes were greeted with the sight of Jake's large body lazily spread across her plush floral patterned sofa. Cory quickly turned on the balls of her toes to change before letting Jake knew she was awake, but the creak of floor made him turn his head towards her. "Good morning Sleeping Beauty, how ya feeling?"

Cory consciously wrapped her arms around her waist. "G-good morning. I'm feeling okay, I guess? W-what about you?" She stuttered feeling exposed in the thin material of the coral baby doll that dipped low exposing the explosion of breast that her push bra created and reaching midthigh.

"I'm good, just watching the tube. Hey are you hungry? I was thinking we could go grab a bite."

"Yeah, I am. Umm I can actually make some breakfast for us; it's not a big deal. Plus to be honest I really don't feel like putting on going out." She said while rubbing her head slightly

Jake greeted her response with a smile, "Okay I'll help you, I can do a thing or two in the kitchen. " Jake stood up and Cory realized that he only his boxers on, she swallowed hard trying not to focus on the hard contours of his chest and the way tiny speckles of hair lined his muscular arms and his stomach leading to-. "So you ready to cook?" Jake's voice invaded her thoughts

"Umm yeah, of course, let's go." Clearing her throat, Cory led the way to kitchen. Jake's eyes followed the sway of her hips and as she began taking things out of the fridge he took a moment to examine her from her red painted toes to her curved backside. A pair of lacy crème colored boy shorts could be seen through the sheer material of the flimsy baby doll she wore. Jake licked his lips and leaned casually against the counter to enjoy what he hoped would be his breakfast. The image of Cory leaned over the counter as he traced kissed down her backside came to mind.

Cory knew she was hiding in the fridge, and decided it would look awkward if she just stood there and never brought anything out. Finally she collected butter, bacon, eggs, and milk from the fridge and laid them out on the counter space. Moving to the pantry she took out more ingredients and tried to focus on cooking; a task that usually relaxed her, but for some reason she couldn't focus, maybe it was the fact that she felt Jake's eyes boring into her. I know I'm not skinny, but am I seriously in that bad of shape, that he has to do that? I've been working out at HIS gym, geeze. It must be easy to be in great shape and feel like you can judge the "chubbies". Stop it, Cory you're being rude, even if it is in your mind and your mother raised you better than that. Just be a good hostess, fix him a nice breakfast and then he can go home. But he's so cute, damn. Cory's face played a series of emotions, before Jake finally stepped in.

"Okay what do you need me to do? " Jake deep voice was in her ear and Cory who dropped the egg she holding on the counter.

Cory jumped and turned to find Jake right behind her, the warmness of his body radiating heat on her slightly chilled skin. Cory brought up a hand over her chest to soothe the drumming of her heart. "I didn't mean to scare you." Jake took in her beautifully disheveled appearance, from her slowly rising chest, to the way the soft curls of her hair looked messy and sexy. Her makeup had smudged a bit giving her eyes a sensual appearance. Her hazel eyes seemed to see everything about him he'd ever want a woman to and show everything he'd wanted to see in a woman's eyes. Her skin glowed and he wanted to taste the sweetness of her lips.

"It's okay, why don't you got watch TV and I'll cook. It's the least I can do; you did take care of me last night. "

"Are you sure, I don't mind helping you, I actually would like to-"

"No, really I insist, please. Let me do this for you"

Jake looked at her once more, before turning and heading into the living room, as soon as she heard him head down the hall, she let out a long sigh. Cory, felt that she could finally focus. Lord that man makes me feel things I never thought I would.

An hour later, Cory went to let Jake know breakfast was ready, and Jake once again followed her to the dining room, surprised at what he saw. Before him was a feast of eggs, bacon, sausage, quiches, oatmeal, biscuits, waffles, apple fritters and grits? Corry saw the look on Jakes face and immediately felt a little self conscious. "I-I didn't know what you liked so I thought better safe than sorry. Sorry about that."

"No, don't be, thank you, this is really nice. "

The two sat down and ate exchanging questions and answers. The two found that they had more in common than they thought, such as their love for dogs and the outdoors. Cory learned that after years of being the 'fat kid' Jake got in shape and eventually opened his own gym. She also learned that he was very close to his family, and that he was a Native New Yorker and avid Yankees fan, the last fact made her crinkle her face in dislike, which Jake found both cute, and hilarious. Jake learned that after graduating from college Cory had decided to move from Georgia to New York to see if she could make it in the Big Apple, she and her mom talked everyday and her dad and she often went to football games when she was in town. The attraction felt by the two seemed to grow more as information was exchanged and Jake thought he was in love when he asked Cory where she had bought the biscuits and she had politely informed them that she had made them.

After eating, Cory rose to began clearing the table and was surprised when Jake held a hand motioning for her to sit before he began gathering the dishes and loading the dishwasher. Cory went to the kitchen to help and was told by Jake to go wait for him in the living room. When she hesitated Jake gave her a look, before swatting her on the behind. Cory slapped his hand before stalking off to the living room and chose to sit on the loveseat, because she knew it would put some distance between, because he would be forced to sit on the sofa. She didn't want to get her hopes up and throw herself at some guy who had no interest in her whatsoever.

Jake strolled into the living and looked over at Cory who was curled up on the loveseat; damn she's so beautiful he thought to himself. He was surprised to see that the channel was still on ESPN and that Cory actually looked as though she was interested. "So you watch a lot of sports?"

"Yeah, I do."

"You ever been to a Yankees game"

"Umm no, I prefer not to watch games that will burn my eyes out of their socket, thanks" Cory replies sweetly.

Jake laughed, "Well you live in New York now and to be an official New Yorker you have to go to a Yankees game, with me."

"Why do I have to go with you?" she smirked.

"Because I'm the official ambassador for the Yankees."

"Oh, well excuse me."

Cory cuddled more deeply into the sofa to find warmth in the chilly room, her body shivered a bit and her hand automatically went to grab the throw she kept on the back of the sofa, which she found was not there. Jake not missing her movements was quick to offer warmth. "Why don't you come over here I know you're cold. "

"No, its okay, hey can you pass me that throw over there, please? "

"No, but you can come over here and share it will me."

"Why can't you just give it to me, I know you're not cold, you barely have any clothes on, you bear."

"Because Cory, being an adult about sharing." His tone was sarcastic and playful.

"Fine." Cory pushed herself from the small loveseat, and walked the short distance to the sofa, she plopped down a short distance from Jake before smoothing the front of her baby doll to cover herself.

"Cory you have move closer to get warm."

"You told me you would share the throw with me. Why do I have to get closer?" I mean it's not like I don't want to, but a girl has her limits. She can only take so much and how long has it been since I've had some action three, no wait four years. Damn I'm such a spinster.

"Fine, but you still have to move closer or we can't share this little thing. " He said while scooting toward her and laying the throw out over them, but mostly her. He draped an arm around the back of the sofa pulling her closer until their thighs just barely touched. Jake took in the warm scent of cocoa butter lotion on her skin and the light scent of her perfume which had rubbed off on her sheets. Her scent was flirty and warm; it made him think of the sun shining through beautifully bloomed marigolds.

The two sat in a comfortable silence; Cory trying to monitor the rising of her chest and her breathing, which she felt was too loud. Her skin begged to be touch with a tingle that made her bite her lip and release a slight moan. She glanced over at Jake who was intently watching her with a predatory gleam in his eye. Cory quickly turned her attention back to the TV, the tension stiff in the air.

Cory awoke to the warm embrace of arms wrapped around her, one hand cupping her rounded bottom, the tightly curled around abdomen. She moved and felt the tension of arms around her loosen and move with her. As she brought her head up she was greeted with Jake whose eyes were equally sleep dazed. The two sat, wrapped in the embrace of each arms, before Jake slowly brought his gaze to from her beautiful face to her lips solely. Licking her lips, Cory's mind began to race as her imagination made up scenarios of them making love everywhere. Wait, don't have sex with him Cory that would be slutty especially the first time you've spent time with him.

Jake descended on Cory's lips like a lion in the Serengeti hunting down the warm body of his prey. He was greeted with soft lips that still had a tangy taste from the orange juice from breakfast. Cory felt as though the world were at an uneven angle and she moaned into full lips that were planted against hers, before take the bottom of Jakes lips between her teeth in a playful tease. This drove Jake crazy and he slowly began to explore here curved body with his hands. Cupping her breast with his hand ran a thumb over her hardened nipple as he grazed kisses down her neck. Jake gently led Cory's body to lay on the plush sofa before sitting back on his knees to look at her. He took in the lines and plains of her body as he saw Cory self consciously fold her arms around herself, before pulled them away. "Don't ever hide yourself from me Cory."

He began at her red painted toes, taking a foot in his hand and rubbing it gently before bringing it to his mouth to kiss his. He slowly began to work his kisses up her leg trailing to her hip bone and towards her breast. Cory tried to stifle the frustrated sigh as he kissed passed the part of her that longed to be kissed the most. Jake chuckled to himself knowing that he was working his beauty to frenzy, but he wanted her to put the insecurities he could read on her face out of her mind. He kissed her neck before working his way back down to the beautiful breast that he had wanted so much to worship. He pulled the lacy material aside, along with her bra her brown nipples were like chocolate covered cherries to the caramel cupcakes of her breast. He teased her nipples lightly with his tongue all while looking at her and was pleased when she sharply inhaled. He worked his way over to the other breast not wanting to leave it unkissed, before passionately kissing her lips again.

Cory felt a flush of wetness coat the lips of her pussy and she couldn't help but rub herself against Jake's hard contours. Feeling her wetness against his leg, Jake ran a finger against the outline of her lips through the sheer material of her boy shorts and was greeted with warmth and wetness. Sliding his hands up her smooth honey toned thighs he hooked his hands in the waist band of her panties and began to slowly slide them down, until she was exposed to his burning eyes. Cory felt her muscles clench in anticipation as Jake began to place kisses on her inner thigh.

Jake was sure that this was as closest thing to heaven on earth that there was. He was itching to taste her and flicked his tongue out and gently ran it along the lips of her pussy. Cory urged him on with moans as her hands made their way to his hair. Jake spread the lips of her pussy and reverently began working his tongue around her clit, loving the taste of her on his tongue, before slipping a finger into her tight, wet opening and feeling her muscles latch on to this thick fingers. The sounds of moans and wetness filled the room. Jake pulled his lips away, while working his finger in and out of her. "Cory, what do you want?"

Cory felt herself on the brink of pleasure, when Jake asked her a question that threw her. "What?"

"What do you want?"

"This, Jake, please don't stop, it feels so good."

"Don't stop what Cory?"

Moans filled the air and Jack added another finger and began working them in and out harder, as Cory seemed to get wetter and wetter. "Don't stop what Cory"

"Playing with my pussy."

"Okay baby." With that he went back to work his tongue around her clit as he fingered her tight hole. Cory was on the edge as she rocked her hips back and forward meeting each stroke of his tongue before she felt pleasure shoot through her stomach and herself explode and clench on his fingers.

"Oh Jake, baby, fuck." Her long moan filled the air. Her body lay lifelessly on the sofa, eyes barely open as Jack made his way up to her and kissed her gently on the lips before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her on top of him.

"That. Was. Amazing. "She said breathlessly

"Yeah, it was. " He said before kissing her again. "So what are you doing tonight?"

"Umm sleeping?"

"Well I was wondering if you wanted-"The ring of his cell phone made him sit up and dig through his pants on the arm of the chair. He answered and Cory watched as he got up and excused himself for a minute.

Cory lay down on the sofa, a satisfied grin on her face, thinking of how she would return the favor when Jake came back, before pulling her underwear back on and fixing the straps of her lacy baby doll and bra back into place.

Jack walked back into the living room and began hurriedly putting his clothes on, confused Cory sat up. "Where are you going?"

"Listen something came up at work and I have to go now."

"Is everything okay?" Her eyes searched him for answers.

"Everything's fine, I just have to go." He looked exasperated and began buttoning his shirt, before he located his keys.

"I'm sorry Cory." With that he kissed her forehead and went to the door and let himself out.

For a second just stood there, before she fell in a turn to sit back down on the sofa. Staring out the window as the sun glazed its clearness her mind drifted past the singing birds and the sounds of traffic. Finally she let out a sigh and stood up.

"Well at least I didn't sleep with him."

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