tagMind ControlThe Therapy Sessions Ch. 02

The Therapy Sessions Ch. 02


Julie came rushing into Paula's office, looking very excited. "Paula, I can't wait to tell you! On my way here I had a brainstorm about how we can increase our clientele!"

Paula rose up from behind her desk, and rushed forward to give Julie a hug. She also looked extremely excited. "I wonder if we're on the same wavelength, because a thought occurred to me at what must've been almost the same moment."

Looking into each other's eyes, they said in unison, "We could take on female clients!"

Both pairs of eyes widened in surprise. Julie bounced in Paula's embrace. "Yes!" she cried out. They both started giggling, which made the thinly-clothed flesh of their torsos undulate against one another in a very enticing fashion. This led to kissing. Which became combined with roaming hands. Which quickly became passionate groping as their kisses deepened. Both pairs of panties dampened. They couldn't take things much farther at that moment, because they had to get ready for today's visitors.

As Julie sat down and went into her pseudo-trance, Paula whispered to her, "I'll line up some females for you soon." She gave Julie's breast a gentle squeeze, adding, "And later we'll continue from where we left off, after we handle today's clients." Seating herself behind her desk, she had to suppress a laugh when Julie, still keeping the rest of her face expressionless, as if hypnotized, executed a slow, sexy wink of acknowledgment.

Paula was as good as her word. At the end of the day, she and Julie had a fantastic session of lovemaking, and this time no panties were dampened, because neither of them was wearing any. In fact, they shed all their clothing, giving each other complete access for hands and mouths. They'd also gotten quite accomplished at tribbing, grinding their cunts together, their sloppy labia and clits rubbing as they experienced one orgasm after another.

Within two weeks, Paula had Julie's first female clients arranged. She'd decided to devote an entire week to just females. She also neglected to inform Julie about one aspect of her plans with this new group. She wanted to give Julie a delightful surprise.

When the first of the new clients arrived, Julie was sitting in a chair, emulating her trance-like state. "Come in, Claudia," Paula said in greeting. Julie stared straight ahead, knowing that it'd be a mistake to pay any attention to the statuesque blonde that entered the room.

Looking at Julie, Claudia exclaimed, "Her eyes are open!"

"That's quite all right," Paula assured her. "Under hypnosis, the person can have their eyes open or closed, it makes no difference. Watch." Turning to Julie, Paula said quietly but firmly, "Julie, close your eyes." Without moving any other part of her body, Julie obeyed. "See? She hears my voice, and obeys my commands. She's also under the suggestion that she'll not remember anything that happens tonight. Now remember, she's in a suggestive state. Therefore, I'll be building a scene in her mind so that she'll act with normal, familiar responses."

Since Claudia looked somewhat reassured, Paula said to her, "I believe you told me that what you really wanted was for a woman to worship your breasts. Is this correct? You want nothing else?"

Claudia blushed a gentle shade of pink. "Yes, that's right. When men pay attention properly to my tits, it gets me off, almost every time. It's the 'properly' aspect that's often difficult to obtain from men. I've often wondered if a woman could instinctively do a better job. But I've never had a woman try, and this seemed the perfect opportunity. I don't want her to do anything else. In fact, I deliberately wore jeans tonight, and I don't want to take them off at all."

Paula smiled. "That's fine. The customer is always right. So, if you'd like to get started, you can take off your top and stretch out on top of my desk here. It might be best if you interlace your fingers together behind your head."

With her eyes closed, Julie couldn't see Claudia whipping off her T-shirt, and removing her bra. She was aware of the rustle of clothing, and the barely audible sounds as the bra hooks were released. After a few moments, there was a sigh as Claudia positioned herself on the desk and relaxed.

Paula stepped closer to Julie and stated, "Julie, I want you to focus on the sound of my voice. If there are any other sounds in this room, you'll completely ignore them. When you open your eyes, you'll only see what I describe for you. It's a warm summer day, and you and I are at the park. We've decided to give ourselves a treat, and I purchased two large, yummy looking ice cream cones for us. In a moment, I'm going to hand them to you, and you'll hold them for the both of us. Open your eyes now, Julie, and I'll lead you to them."

Julie obediently opened her eyes and allowed a more animated expression to appear on her face, but it still didn't look completely normal. Paula took her by the hand and led her to the desk. Once they were there, Paula took each of Julie's hands and placed them in a gentle grip around the base of Claudia's breasts. "Here, Julie. Take hold of them and don't drop them. Don't they look delicious?"

Focusing her eyes a little bit past the breasts gave Julie's pupils a spacey, far away appearance. But she traced the tip of her tongue over her lips and said in agreement, "Oh yes! Thank you for getting my favorite flavor, Paula."

"You're welcome, Julie. Now I have to step away for a few minutes, and you'll have to hold them for us. It's a hot day, and they'll probably start to melt. It's okay to lick both yours and mine as much as you need, to stop them from running all over your hands. Okay?"

"Yes Paula. I understand," Julie replied.

"Oh, look!" Paula said. "They're already starting to melt. You'd better get busy."

Holding Claudia's breasts firmly, Julie leaned over and began licking around their circumferences with her warm, wet tongue. Claudia's nipples stiffened the moment that tongue made its initial contact. Julie slurped around and around each breast in a spiraling fashion. By the time she reached the edge of an areola, Claudia was moaning softly.

"You're doing a good job, Julie," Paula complimented. "But maybe you'd better lick from the bottom upward, to help keep the ice cream mounded up. And when you reach the top, it's okay to suck the ice cream there into a higher peak."

As Julie began lapping from the base of each breast all the way up to the nipple, Claudia's tummy muscles started a rhythmic contraction and the blonde's hands were pressing up against the back of her head so powerfully that her chin was almost bumping against her chest. She was panting rapidly and making incoherent sounds of pleasure as she stared at Julie worshiping her sensitive tits.

When Julie's lips reach the nipple, and sucked it firmly into her mouth, Claudia's eyes rolled back in their sockets as she experienced a magnificent orgasm. Paula had the presence of mind to step near Claudia's waist and press firmly down on her thighs to keep her from thrashing too hard on top of the desk. She had Julie continue licking and sucking Claudia's breasts for 15 or 20 minutes, letting the blond have several more climaxes, until she gasped out in a hoarse whisper, "Paula, please have her stop. I don't think I can take anymore."

Immediately, Paula told Julie, "Well done, Julie. Let me have both of the cones for a moment, and you can have a seat and I'll give you yours to finish. Thanks for taking such good care of them." With that, she helped Julie remove her hands from Claudia's breasts, and led her over to the chair again. She closed Julie's hand around an imaginary ice cream cone. Even though it was doubtful that Claudia had recovered enough to be paying attention, Julie mimed licking the cone for a few moments, until Paula said, "Close your eyes, and rest now, Julie."

Claudia was still on top of the desk, catching her breath, and regaining her wits. The crotch and upper thighs of her jeans were soaked with her cum juices. Her tits were gleaming, thoroughly coated with Julie's saliva. She had a blissful expression on her face, and her eyes were still having trouble coming into focus.

Minutes later, during a sort of debriefing, Claudia explained, "I've told you that men have worshiped my breasts, and how much I enjoy it. But it seems that they're doing it as a preliminary to what they think of as the main event -- fucking. But what was going through my head tonight was that she was completely focused on what she was doing, with no further agenda. I know that you told her she was licking ice cream cones, but I was only paying attention to what she was doing to me. And after I came the first time, she didn't let up one bit, and drove me to another orgasm, and then another. It was amazing!"

Claudia peered at the quiescent Julie. "And if she sees me on the street, or in a grocery store or something, she won't recognize me -- she won't remember any of this?"

Paula shook her head slowly, smiling. "Your secret is safe."

"I have to ask. I know that I said I wanted to keep my jeans on, because honestly I really had no idea what to expect. But I need to know something." She moved her lips close to Paula's ear and whispered very quietly, "Would she be that focused if she was... If I let her... If you told her to... perform cunnilingus?"

Paula whispered back, "Absolutely. Totally focused on eating you out, swallowing all of your cum juices, and digging in for even more."

Claudia shivered, imagining that, and promised to call soon for another appointment. She even added a generous tip to Paula's original fee.

The next evening, Paula's client, Vicki, came into the office. Her face looked flushed, and her mannerisms betrayed a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. She readily accepted the fact that Julie was hypnotized, and wouldn't register Vicki's presence in the room, nor would she remember what occurred during the session. But Paula could tell that there was something on the pretty brunette's mind.

"Are you concerned about something, Vicki? Or do you have further questions for me? When you made your appointment, you shared with me that you're seeking an intense session of cunnilingus -- has that changed in some way?" Paula inquired.

Vicki giggled nervously. "No. It's really nothing." But the tone of her voice indicated that there was at least something, so Paula just sat quietly, displaying open body language, and looking at her. Finally, Vicki blurted out, "It's just that I've never had my pubic hair removed before. I felt so naughty, sprawled in the cosmetologist's chair, while she applied the wax." She swallowed nervously a couple of times. "I'm now so smooth down there, that I keep wanting to touch my smooth, bald pussy."

"That's a perfectly natural reaction, especially the first time you have it done," Paula said, reassuringly. "I asked if you'd be willing to prepare like that to help with the scenario I have in mind for your session with Julie. Do you want to take just your bottoms off, or would you be more comfortable if you stripped completely naked? It's up to you."

Since Vicki's face was radiating so much heat, Paula wasn't surprised when she answered, "If it's okay with you, I'll take everything off. I'm feeling overheated, as it is."

As Paula replied, "Be my guest," Vicki was already quickly whipping off her clothing. After she stripped down her panties, and stepped free of them, she automatically brought her hands up to cover her genital region. But after a few moments, she realized it was rather silly to hide that area, since the whole reason she'd made this appointment was to have Julie to service it.

"Wonderful," Paula complimented Vicki. "You look quite sexy like that. Whoever did the waxing did a fantastic job." Vicki's expression was tinged with shyness when she heard Paula's observation, but she did stand up a little straighter, with her body language displaying a little more pride. "Now, I've explained how I make use of Julie's suggestive state to plant an idea in her mind, and elicit the behavior that we seek. She won't notice if you giggle, moan, groan or vocalize in any fashion, since she'll only hear my voice. I think that you can lean back slightly, with your butt against the edge of my desk, and your thighs spread open. Go ahead and grip the edge of the desk with your hands. If your legs start to go weak, we'll change your position, so that you're resting face up on top of the desk. Okay?"

When Vicki was braced in position, Paula went over to Julie and said, "Julie, you know how much you love seafood. You like eating it until your tummy is full." Julie smiled and nodded, but she kept her eyes staring off into the distance. "Well, I have a real treat for you. Fresh Olympia oysters, flown in just for you. Each one is a dainty delicacy. Remember, you don't chew these -- you just slurp them down. Come over here, and kneel down."

Moving Julie into position between Vicki's legs, she took Julie's hands and placed them against the brunette's low back. She took Julie's chin and tipped her face up to bring her lips close to Vicki's now dripping labia. "Smell that delicious oyster, Julie? All that slippery briny goodness is yours. Start slurping."

Vicki watched with wide open eyes as Julie brought her lips to the bottom edge of her labia and started sucking. Vicki's pussy juices were quickly whisked into Julie's mouth, and the careful suction being applied to them made Vicki's labia flutter delightfully. The vibrations created by the fluttering movement were transmitted up along the length of the labia and started a thrilling stimulation of her clitoral hood. This in turn began massaging her clitoris, which reacted by engorging. As it swelled up, it peaked forward out from under its hood and into the air, adding a thermal stimulus.

The brunette was soon making blissful sounds of appreciation, and the lubricating mechanism of her pussy kicked into overdrive. No longer content with merely sucking at the bottom edges of Vicki's labia, Julie reared up higher on her knees. Turning her head sideways, she engulfed the entire length of Vicki's slit -- even her clit was sucked into the vacuum of those lips! Vicki was teetering on the edge of a lovely orgasm as Paula leaned close to Julie's head and instructed her. "Go ahead and slip your tongue into the folds of that oyster, Julie. You'll get more of its delicious essence, that way."

Julie obediently speared her tongue into Vicki's honey pot, and put it into motion, frantically scooping out more and more of Vicki's nectar. Vicki's chest expanded prodigiously as she sucked in a deep lungful of air. "Oh my fucking God!" she wailed as her cunt exploded due to the mind-numbing orgasm coursing through her body! Paula grabbed her shoulders to keep her from pitching forward off the edge of the desk.

Leaning toward Julie, Paula stated, "Rest for a moment, Julie, while I get another plate of oysters for you." Julie promptly removed her mouth from Vicki's pussy, and settled back onto her heels, carefully keeping a vacant look in her eyes, not that Vicki was focused on anything in the room at that moment. Paula helped the quivering, twitching woman up onto her back on top of the desk. Vicki complacently allowed Paula to move her legs, opening her thighs wide. The exposed bald pussy of the pretty brunette displayed puffy scarlet labia flanking a churning opening, with aromatic, glistening strands of juices still streaming forth.

After getting Vicki positioned, Paula whispered to her, "Do you want her to eat you some more? She can probably do it for hours, but I don't want you to experience too much strain."

Vicki looked down her torso, actually able to see her engorged labia. Her face was flushed, perhaps with embarrassment at feeling so needy... or was it greedy? But she licked her lips and whispered back, "I really want more. This is fantastic. Please let her go on."

Paula said, "Very well. We'll have her continue, either until you say the word 'stop' or until you faint. OK?"

Her eyes bulged a little as she heard the word 'faint' from Paula's lips, but she nodded her acceptance.

Paula told Julie, "Here's another plate of those delicious oysters on top of my desk, Julie. Climb up here on your belly, get both of your hands under the plate, and suck them down to your heart's content. You've never felt this ravenous before, and only these oysters will satisfy your hunger. Make sure you get your tongue deep into their folds, so you can more easily draw forth those delectable juices."

Julie slid up between Vicki's thighs, and slipped both her hands underneath the woman's ass cheeks. Lowering her lips to the sopping pussy, she began eating with gusto! Vicki gasped and arched her back, before flopping back down onto the desk surface. She began kneading her breasts with both her hands as she tilted her chin down and watched Julie licking and slurping at her most intimate area. Julie's tongue alternated between washing its way over Vicki's pee hole and clit, and then delving deep into her love tunnel, flipping around in its swampy depths.

Making growling, keening noises in her throat, Vicki felt her cunt muscles contracting, rippling, seemingly trying to grip that mobile tongue in a hot, wet sheath. She tried to buck her hips as she started cumming, but the grip of Julie's hands on her ass made that virtually impossible! That feeling of helplessness contributed to Vicki's climax. That is, to her climaxes! She continued cumming, snatching a breath before crying out as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm! Julie's face got quite coated with Vicki's expelled cum juices, but she just kept slurping down those 'oysters' like she hadn't eaten in weeks!

Again, Paula placed her hands on Vicki's shoulders to keep her from jackknifing off the top of the desk, she was shaking so hard. Finally, the brunette groaned, "Ssss... topppp!"

Paula immediately said, "Julie, you now feel pleasantly full. You better not have any more oysters at the moment. You can get up off the dining table and sit back in your chair."

Julie slithered backwards off the desk top, and, ignoring the fluids dripping from her face down her neck and onto her tits, seated herself, staring straight ahead. While Vicki caught her breath and got her eyes back into focus, she saw Paula gently wiping Julie's face clean.

When she could speak again, Vicki asked, "Won't she smell my sex scent all over her face and body?"

Paula smiled at her. "No, not at all. I'll give her the suggestion that she shouldn't notice any such thing. I'll also plant the suggestion that she shower thoroughly when she gets home, so don't worry about it one bit."

Soon thereafter, Vicki dressed and departed. Another very, very satisfied customer, with the prospect of future appointments. Of course, after she'd left, Paula and Julie both felt the need for releases of their own. So they engaged in an intense session of 69 -- mutual simultaneous cunnilingus, and wrapped it up with a messy session of tribbing.

The next evening, Julie knew something was going to be different, since Paula told her to wait at a nearby coffee shop until she called. A slightly mystified Julie sat sipping a cool drink, waiting for her cell phone to ring. Finally, Paula called, merely saying, "OK. Come to my office now, please."

As she entered, Julie was astonished to see a woman sitting quietly in a chair. On second glance, Julie could tell that the woman was in a hypnotic state. Julie looked quizzically at Paula.

"Yes, this time it's Audrey here who's hypnotized, not you. Right now she's in a very deep suggestive state, waiting for a keyword to start paying attention to my voice commands. She won't consciously hear anything else, so we can talk freely. I thought it might be a pleasant surprise, and change of pace for you to not have to be the one who's in a trance."

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