tagBDSMThe Things We Do For Love

The Things We Do For Love

byMad Lews©

Richard and I are still in love after seven years of marriage. We have an imaginative sex life with lots of fantasy and role-playing. More often than not, our games involve Richard in charge. It still sends a shiver through me when he takes control, ties me up and ravishes me. For Richard, it's a game but when I feel his throbbing palm print on my blushing bottom I know I'm the center of his world.

Before I met Richard I didn't have a bisexual bone in my body. I just didn't think about girls that way. When I found out how much he enjoyed seeing pictures of two woman getting it on together, well there's a lot I'll do to please my man.

I know a few different girls from work who are gay. Richard encourages me to bring them home now and then. None of them are interested in a threesome with Richard but one of the girls doesn't mind if he watches us. That always makes him hot.

For our seventh anniversary, we decided to post a personal ad on a local alternative lifestyle website.

"Couple seeking experienced bi f sub from capital region for fun, games with 24/7 possibility contact Rich*@*"

It generated spam, some amusing photos and a few requests for airfare.

Julie was the first person from the local area to answer our ad. She sounded pretty normal in her e-mail so we set up a dinner date at a little Thai restaurant in Falls Church Village, Virginia.

She was waiting by the door when we arrived, wearing a short black skirt and an off the shoulders, plain white, peasant blouse. She wore no jewelry or obvious makeup. She was a little older than me but quite pretty.

"You must be Julie?" Richard queried.

"Yes, and you are Richard, Sir?" she responded, eyes lowered.

Richard nodded. "This is Jackie," he said, presenting me to our potential sex slave.

Not knowing much about the etiquette you follow in these situations, I held out my hand. After a moments hesitation she took it. We shook hands a little too briskly, both of us a bit unsure and a little nervous.

She was on the petite side but well curved in all the right places. She had short black hair, cut in a fashionable bob. When she spoke, she had an adorable southern accent. I knew right away that we'd found our perfect anniversary present.

We went into the restaurant. Richard had made reservations for a quiet table in the back. He ordered a Tequila Sunrise without the grenadine straight up, Julie and I both asked for ice tea. He ordered for us all and while the waiters brought a procession of spicy dishes we settled down, to eating and were soon chatting comfortably. It was nearly five minutes before I realized Julie's plate was untouched and she hadn't even served herself anything from the four dishes Richard had ordered. He noticed at about the same time and took her empty plate laid a bed of rice on it then scoped some of the beef and snow peas on one side and the ginger sesame chicken on the other. He handed it back to her and she accepted it gratefully.

When he nodded to her she began to eat.

Her use of the chopsticks was practiced and graceful. Her eyes were constantly on Richard except when he spoke to her. Then she would lower her eyes as she answered him. She had no problem looking me in the eye.

By the time the second round of drinks arrived we were getting to know a little about the lady who might want to belong to us. Richard directed the inquiry and she answered his questions without hesitation. She had some experience. She had been trained and owned for two years by a Master. She was left behind when he was transferred overseas. That was four months ago. Her attempts to find a new Master had been disastrous. Some friends from a chat room had told her that she should try finding a couple, it was safer.

We decided to skip dessert and continue the conversation over a fresh pot of green tea.

While she showed an almost reverential attitude toward Richard, she was more familiar and relaxed when she conversed with me. She freely admitted she had little experience with other women. Her former Master had shared her mostly with men. She told me she had only been with a woman twice but that she was willing to learn, if that was what her Master required. She actually lowered her eyes when she said the word Master.

I suppose I could have been jealous or possessive but I felt quite secure about Richard and my relationship. I was willing to share. I found Julie intriguing, she really knew a lot more about the BDSM lifestyle than either of us. I wanted to learn more and I was sure she would be more than willing to share her knowledge.

She assured us she was clean and healthy and even showed us a notarized statement from her doctor stating that as of her most recent examination, on August 12th, she was STD free.

Everything seemed to be going well and Richard seemed quite taken with her looks and charm. We agreed to meet in town Friday night to see what developed. He paid the bill and we headed toward the parking lot.

"Did Master wish to inspect me?" Julie asked once we were outside.

Her words in that sweet lilting voice just melted my heart.

"Where?" Richard asked a little hastily.

"I can kneel in the back of my car. No one else will see."

She pressed a button on her key ring and the lights began to flash on a large black BMW. I started toward the car, eager to see our new toy unwrapped but Richard put a hand on my shoulder restraining me.

"It can wait until next time." Richard said coldly.

"Did I offend you Master?" Julie asked.

"You're presumptuous. I haven't agreed to be your Master." Richard said harshly.

"Please, forgive me, Sir."

I could almost hear her sob as she fled to her car.: I wanted to go to her, comfort her, tell her it would be all right.

Richard grabbed me by the shoulder and marched me to our car. He practically threw me into the passenger's seat, hopped in and angrily slammed the door.

As we drove away I looked back toward Julie's car. She was resting her head on the steering wheel, her shoulders shaking as if she were sobbing.

Damn it, she was perfect and I wanted her.

Richard was going to blow this if he kept acting like an ass. What could possibly be bugging him anyway I wondered, everything had seemed to be going well.

"So what went wrong?" I asked as we drove back home.

"Didn't you see what she was driving? That was a BMW 745I. You could pay off our condo for the price of that."

"And your point?"

"Like that would really work out. A sub tooling around in something like that while her Master pulls up in his three year old Neon."

"Well if you whip her hard enough maybe she'll let you borrow the keys."

Richard scowled and I knew I'd gone too far.

My bottom tingled with dreadful anticipation as we drove home in silence.

Richard was in no mood for games, he was truly angry.

I was desperate. I wanted to make sure he would meet with her again. I apologized with all the sincerity I could muster and then got down to work. It's amazing how complacent a man becomes when you kneel in front of him and take his cock halfway down your throat. . We met her Friday evening at the Metro station across from the Smithsonian on the Washington Mall. This time she wore a simple sundress with a light floral print. It wasn't quite seven. The three of us strolled down the Washington Mall toward the Lincoln Memorial; admiring the reflecting pool as the sinking sun turned the shallow waters orange.

Julie was pensive, knowing something had changed but unsure what she had done wrong. Richard asked her about her job, what she made, if she liked her work. She headed a HR department for a defense contractor.

"A Head Hunter," she said with a brief grin.

That was how she had met her last Master. Her annual salary was comfortably into six figures, more than Richard and I made combined. She liked her work but assured Richard she would give it up in a heartbeat if her Master asked her to.

I noticed she eyed him hungrily when she used the word Master.

We had followed the path along the southern side of the reflecting pool. Richard led us further south into the thin strip of woods heading toward the tidal basin. We came upon a small rotunda, not even ten feet wide, seeming almost abandoned among the trees. There was no one nearby. The light was fading and we could hear the traffic rush by on Independence Drive not thirty feet away.

"Strip." Richard ordered, his voice cold and hard.

My hands trembled as I almost reached for my own neckline.

Julie pulled her dress up and over her head in one smooth motion, letting it drop to the ground. She wore nothing underneath.

I gazed at her naked body with ravenous eyes.

She crossed her wrists, lifted them and leaned forward to press them against a white stone column. Her ass wiggled provocatively as she spread her legs.

She looked so vulnerable in the twilight, her pale naked body poised, waiting to be inspected. I pressed against her, one leg forcing itself between hers. She ground her hips back as my hands reached around her, my fingers brushing across her hairless mons. My hand glided lower; her lips were wet and open as a protruding nub of flesh rubbed slyly across my palm.

Good lord! She lived for this.

My hands swept upward, lifting her breasts, assessing their fullness. They were small, firm, perky, her enticing nipples hard, even before my touch. She tilted her head backward resting it against my shoulder, her mouth open in a soundless moan. I leaned down, the tip of my tongue flicking against her exposed neck.

She shivered.

"Enough." Richard sounded like he was definitely addressing me.

Reluctantly I backed away.

He stepped toward her and she whimpered in anticipation. His hand brushed against her bottom and she lowered her head, biting down on her lip. Her hips wiggled a bit as if searching for his hand. He lightly slapped her rump and she groaned pitifully.

God, what a slut.

"I said enough," but his voice wasn't quite as harsh now, "Now get dressed."

We wandered back to the reflecting pool and followed it around to the north side, heading back toward the Washington Monument.

I spoke of what would be expected. She would learn to service me and be both a willing and enthusiastic participant.

Richard said little but I was sure I could convince him.

Julie was gorgeous, sexy and sultry. I really had to have her. I wanted her almost as much as I wanted to be her. It was a delightful irony that we were discussing the duties of a modern slave under the cold marble eyes of the Lincoln statue.

We agreed that Julie would have us over for tea on Sunday afternoon. She gave us the address and directions to her home in the suburbs northwest of Arlington.

We walked her to the Metro station then headed home ourselves.

Saturday dragged on endlessly and I went to bed early. I was up at six Sunday morning though we wouldn't be leaving until after one. I tried my best to get Richard into a receptive mood. I could still rouse his interest with a bit of teasing and a sassy shake of my ass. Soon I was squirming on his lap while he brightened my bottom. From there it was a short drop to my hands and knees and he was eagerly pumping into me from behind. Afterwards I cheerfully cooked him breakfast as his cum dribbled down my inner thigh. He had his Sunday morning breakfast in bed for the first time in weeks.

Richard was quiet on the drive out to Julie's house. I suddenly realized just how compact the Neon was. The directions were easy to follow and the neighborhood was almost rural. She greeted us at the door wearing nothing but a green, silk shirt. She removed even that as soon as we were inside.

My mouth began to water.

Her house was set back from the road on a lightly wooded acre. It was a three-bedroom cape with a large living room that had a huge fireplace taking up an entire wall. The decor was tastefully contemporary with souvenirs from around the world, tokens from her former owner.

She grinned mischievously as she led us to the basement. Behind a locked second door was a fully furnished playroom. All the toys Richard and I had ever dreamed of; stocks, a rack, a horse, even a St. Andrews cross forming a giant X in the center of the room. Shackles hung from the ceiling and walls. It was like Christmas in September. One wall was covered with pegboard and held an assortment of whips, paddles and restraints. It was all I could do not to whoop for joy.

A nine-foot high stockade fence surrounded the back yard for added privacy. Julie assured us that the neighbors would never think of prying. It wasn't that kind of neighborhood. As if to prove the point she took us out to the back porch and still naked, served us tea. We sat cross-legged by a low table while Julie ritualistically prepared green tea. She boiled water on a hibachi and used a bamboo whisk to stir the tealeaves in an ancient clay teapot. She served the tea in tiny ceramic teacups and offered us cute little sesame cookies. She knelt respectfully to the side while we ate and drank.

I was in heaven. This place was perfect, she was perfect and I was ready to pack up and move in.

Richard had that look halfway between a scowl and a sulk. Julie was aware that we had a problem but she hadn't quite figured out what it was yet.

God! Men can be such asses when their egos get in the way.

"Julie, maybe we could try some of the toys downstairs?" I suggested.

"If you wish ... Mistress?" not quite sure how to address me.

"Mistress will be fine." I said. It had a nice ring to it.

The three of us descended the stairs and I arranged the darling girl on the low stocks. Julie knelt, bending over a padded leather bench. I enclosed her hands and neck in the wooden stock, latching it. I looked over at Richard, he had let me play with women in the past, and he enjoyed watching. This time his face was carefully neutral. I went over to the pegboard and selected a wide wooden paddle. As I walked back I let my fingers scraped across her dainty little bottom.

Julie squirmed but didn't speak. The stocks held her head so she couldn't see me until I came around and squatted down in front of her. I showed her the paddle I had selected.

"How many can you take?" I asked her.

She was silent for a moment ... calculating.

"A few dozen Mistress, it's been a long time."

That should stir his interest.

I set the paddle down in front of her. Her eyes flickered between the paddle and me. I lifted her chin and kissed her fully before I stepped back.

Looking into Julie's dark eyes, I slowly stripped off my blouse, then my skirt.

She squirmed on the bench.

I peeled down my panties and stood before her naked but for my shoes and socks. She licked her upper lip, her eyes glued to my naked sex.

I picked up the paddle. Standing close to her my pussy was inches from her face. Could she smell Richard on me?

Her eyes held dread and anticipation as they darted between the paddle and my sex...

I disappeared from her view, moving behind her.

She yelped with the first whack and kept right on yelping and wiggling while I gave her twenty-four solid smacks. I'd never done this and it was getting me hot. I kept my eye on Richard. He was about to split his Dockers. Julie was sniffling when I finished and her bottom was glowing. I dropped the paddle and went over to Richard.

I knelt before my love and stroked his hardness through the pants.

He was more than interested.

I hungrily loosened his pants letting them drop to the floor. I leaned forward inhaling his aroma. His hand caressed the back of my head as his throbbing penis strained toward my mouth.

"Why don't you stuff this into her?" I said huskily, "The little whore deserves it."

Richard looked a little surprised that I would encourage that.

"I didn't bring a condom." he said, still pushing toward my lips.

"It's alright Ma..um Sir." Julie sounded, all too eager. "I've been fixed, or you could, you know ... my bottom..." she blushed as her voice trailed off.

Yeah, she thought of everything, the coy little bitch. Richard gave me a kiss and then knelt behind her.

She groaned and carried on while he pushed into her, riding her burning ass.

I watched it, all my fingers flickering anxiously across my pussy while my husband, lover and sometimes Master, screwed the woman I was going to make our slave.

Richard groaned as he climaxed, sated and content.

Richard and I dressed and the three of us went back upstairs. We relaxed in the living room. Richard sitting back content and Julie kneeling by his feet cupping her chin on his knee.

"You would of course be welcome to live here." Julie offered.

Shit! Exactly the wrong thing to say.

Richard grimaced.

With a wag of her tongue, she would destroy everything I was building.

"No Master can live off the generosity of his slave." Richard stated flatly.

"I could sell this place or rent it. I'll do wherever you want."

Damn it! The trouble with subs is they never stick-up for themselves.

"We have a two bedroom condo; I don't think it would work with the three of us."

"Let's not get carried away." I piped in quickly as I watched the situation spin out of control. "No one needs to move anywhere yet. Why don't we just spend some time getting to know each other before we think about those kind of arrangements?"

It sounded so reasonable and it kept my hopes alive. We agreed to meet next weekend. We had each other's phone numbers. We'd keep in touch.

"Don't worry, I'll work on him. He'll come around." I whispered to Julie as we left.

In our seven years of marriage, we've only had a dozen real fights. We were out of practice. Yes she was cute. Yes the house was lovely. A playroom would be great but no, he wasn't going to be a kept-man period and certainly not kept by a slave. What would that make him?

I tried logic; I tried cunning; I tried sex. When my man wishes to be stubborn, you just can't budge him. By Wednesday, I had had it. I called Julie from work and we agreed to meet that evening.

I rushed home early and left Richard a note then threw some cloths into an overnight bag. I took the Metro out to the Vienna/Fairfax station. Julie picked me up and I sat in the back while she drove. It really was a nice car. Why do men always complicate things?

I had Julie strip slowly for me when we reached her place. When she was naked, she knelt before me and shyly offered me a plain brown shopping bag.

"For you, Mistress." she said in a sweet sultry voice.

She had given me a leather collar and a leash. I immediately placed them around her neck. There was a strap-on in the bag too. A brute of a thing, ten inches long and really thick. There was a vibrating egg on my side of the harness. Yeah the little bitch thought of everything.

"Will Mas.. err Richard, umm, Sir be joining us?"

He certainly had her flustered. It wasn't any of her damn business how Richard spent his time. That reminded me, I really owed her a good whipping for opening her mouth without thinking and nearly ruining all my plans.

"He wants you to learn how to take care of me before we get too far along." I told her.

I allowed her to undress me. Her hands were so soft and delicate as they peeled my blouse and skirt away. She stroked my breasts for a few moments before pulling my bra off. She lowered me down onto the couch and her tongue made a few tentative licks at my nipple before pulling it into her mouth. Her free hand caressed my pussy through my panties, teasing my lips open. I had a firm grip on her head and pushed it lower. Her teeth gently scrapped my nipple as it popped out of her mouth. I lifted my hips and she helped me wiggle out of my panties. She ran her tongue across my stirring clit and I groaned. Her tongue darted down, opening my thickening lips. I was throbbing. She wasn't being sweet or delicate now. Her tongue lapped hungrily at my gaping lips and I ground myself against her face until a shuddering orgasm stilled me. I lay there breathless.

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