tagIncest/TabooThe Things You Make Me Feel Ch. 11

The Things You Make Me Feel Ch. 11



"I'm home."

"Hey, hon!" Ellie called from the bedroom. "How was at the gym?"

Oliver dropped his backpack and stretched. "Okay." He opened the fridge and extracted the jug of orange juice. "Dolce mia?"

Michela exited his and Ellie's bedroom, dressed in a beautiful sunflower dress and white sandals, her brown hair partly braided.

Oliver sized her up while gulping the juice from the jug, unable to ignore her growing resemblance to her late mother. "Who's that beautiful girl? And what have you done with my daughter?"

The 5-year-old convulsed with her child-like laughter. "Papi, it's me!"

He beckoned her over with a smile. "Kiss, kiss."

He picked her up and kissed her thoroughly, and put her down just as his girlfriend joined them.

Even while living together, even while knowing her his whole life, his heart never failed to skip a beat when she got herself all pretty and sexy: dark blond hair that cascaded almost down to the small of her back; deep blue eyes with frames of a jaguar; eyelashes blackened, seemingly curling for miles; purple lipstick painted over naturally pouty lips; a short purple skirt that draped over the smooth golden flesh of her upper thighs; and a white low-cut blouse that exposed all the cleavage you could want. She was almost as tall as him now, showing off her long, slim legs while standing in her new five-inch platform clogs.

He scanned her up and down, trying to keep his cool. "Well, well, well, what have we got here?"

His sister shot him a sultry smile, reading the obscenity from his eyes. She kissed his lips and gave his butt a furtive squeeze, confident she would be getting some tonight.

Since her father and Oliver had reconciled, her boyfriend had been steadily getting back to himself. He was growing happier and more serene. He'd been eating right, even if sleep at times eluded him. He'd been frequenting the gym again, and his sex drive was back where she needed it to be -- off the charts. Whatever her father had been doing to help Oliver, it had proven to be immensely successful.

Ellie wasn't aware of the fact that Dan had hooked her brother up with a therapist who'd been counseling army veterans suffering from PTSD. Along with Ellie's support and love, those weekly sessions had proven be just what Oliver needed to heal. He was letting go of the past, bit by bit, and he and Dan had been getting closer than ever, ironically.

Ellie was the happiest she'd ever been. Her pregnancy was going exceedingly well, and her favorite brother in the whole wide world had resumed laying with her. With only two months until due date, their sex life was far from stagnating. The minute Michela was asleep, their bed would be creaking and jerking, and in the mornings, blowjobs and pussy-eating had become the new greeting standard.

Pregnant women are hot, and Oliver's sister was the hottest commodity there is. He literally couldn't keep his hands off of her. While the bloom of her belly was rather small, her breasts had swelled to unthinkable proportions. The rest of her remained the work of art it had always been. Ellie knew she was genetically blessed, and she was reminded of that every time she saw Gena. Jack's fiancée was a pretty woman, but the pregnancy had taken its toll on her body.

Ellie, however, was fortunate to retain her deadly curves, tight little ass, and slender legs. Whatever fat she gained went straight to her rack, and Ellie was loving the attention her bosom was getting; from Oliver, naturally, but also from complete strangers and colleagues.

There was something so satisfying in watching her boss struggling to keep his eyes leveled with hers as they discussed work. Ellie wasn't doing anyone favors there when cramming her monstrous cans in push-up bras and button-down shirts that she never bothered buttoning past her cleavage. While her bosom never failed to draw a crowd, the pregnancy had kicked it up to a whole new level, and Ellie had never been one to shy away from male attention to begin with.

"Seeing the two of you are already dressed, I'm assuming we're all packed?"

"Uh-huh," Ellie replied with a grin and handed Michela her crayons and drawing book. "There you go, sunshine."

It was Friday morning, and the three were heading for a vacation with the rest of their family. Alice and Dan had insisted that this family was in dire need of bonding, and what better place to do so than at a secluded, luxurious resort. Yes, a weekend-long vacation at a 5-star retreat up in the mountains should fit the bill. It would give them the chance to discuss everything and plan ahead before the girls gave birth.

"Well, let me take a quick shower, and—"

"Take your time. I'm meeting Kara at the mall first. I need to buy some stuff before we hit the road. It shouldn't take long though, an hour or so."

"Okay. Just keep in mind it's a three-hour drive, stops excluded."

Ellie slanted a brow in pseudo puzzlement. "What are you implying here, my love?"

"That you tend to forget yourself in shopping centers, malls, and, basically, any place that has stores around."

She giggled. "You know me so well."

"I do."

"I'm doing this for you though."

"Is that right?"

"Remember the"—she glanced at Michela and licked her lips when returning her eyes to him—"special oil we use when you need to relax?"

Oliver smiled, loving where this is going. "Oh, boy, do I."

"Well, we need to stock up on a few bottles. Who knows how many we'll need. Three days is a long time, and I want to make sure we relieve all the stress you've built up. I want you completely and utterly relaxed."

Her brother chuckled, adoring her dirty mind. "Point made. And just for the record, I'm planning to relax as many times as I can."

His sister cocked a shapely brow, her mouth curving into a sly smile. "Oh, you do, do you?"

"Most definitely. Though I think I actually prefer to relax with the other special oil. You know, the organic one you make."

"That makes both of us," Ellie giggled, the thought making her all hot and gooey inside. "I um... I just can't wait to massage you with that oil and let you um"—she glanced at Michela again and swallowed—"let you uh..." She started tittering, her cheeks flushed. "I can't say the rest without being too obvious."

Oliver laughed in mirth. "Try."

She snuck a quick peek at Michela, making sure she was engrossed in her drawing. "Well, that special oil, the one I make, I want you to drink it straight from the bottle, like... a lot of it."

They both guffawed.

"I'm getting thirsty already," her brother purred. "How much is a lot though? Like... a glass?"

The blonde gave her purple-stained lips a thorough, smutty lick, her blue eyes boring into his. "Gallons."

Oliver's cock twitched in his shorts. The thought of her fleshy nether lips riding his as she trickled her delicious lust into his mouth was coaxing his pre-cum out. He glimpsed at his daughter, who while tilting her head, painted the drawing with too many crayons. "Um... Ellie, can you come with me to the bathroom for a second? I need you to do something for me before you go."

Ellie giggled, knowing full well what she needed to do. "With pleasure."


The blonde sat on the lip of the tub and pulled Oliver's shorts down just as he locked the door behind him. His cock was longing for her pretty mouth, so thick while merely semi-engorged. She clutched the broad dome with her lips and started pumping her fist, getting him up and running. Oliver moaned as quietly as he could, his member expanding and hardening in his sister's ferocious grip.

Ellie licked up his shaft from all angles, collecting the sweat he'd worked up at the gym. She didn't mind; in fact, she loved lapping his sweat up. Her brother was scrumptious, all of him. Once she cleaned his member, she swallowed as much as she could of his dick and held.

"Oh, baby, yesssss," Oliver murmured breathily as his sister's lips clamped around his bottom third.

Ellie slid him out, and her hand resumed pumping urgently while her bro swathed her long hair round his hand. Her lips engulfed his tip as she guided him back into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked only briefly before she yanked him out, the succulent prune making a popping sound when fighting her sappy lips off. She repeated the move several times more, popping him out each time with a booming suction noise.

"God..." Oliver voiced his pleasure in a whimper, his erection so threatening against the soft, feminine features of her striking face.

His sister smirked, her fist flying up his curved shaft, before she sucked on the tip again. She didn't release this time though, as if she wanted to stop his blood. Her vacuum increased, her grip so tight and erratic round his girth, twisting, pumping. Only when he gave her head a jerk when tugging her hair back, she relented.

Gently stroking him, she leered at his crown, admiring the sheer circumference. The shape, as well, was drool-worthy in her eyes: chiseled with a pronounced rim billowing the puffy head out. It was majestic. And that cute little piss hole... so wet and beguiling, calling out her name.

Before she knew it, the tip of her tongue slotted in. She was Frenching that little slit, as if she were kissing her brother's mouth. In her mind, it was indeed his mouth. She sucked and licked, her eyes shut, her attention utterly devoted to their kiss. He couldn't kiss back, but it didn't matter to her; it was just as romantic and thrilling. She kissed and purred, her hand massaging and twisting around that muscular rod, her tongue probing deeper, into where all the magic happened.

Oliver moaned, the length of her hair enfolding his hand. "Ellie, baby, you're killing me..."

His sister smiled as she kissed, her mind lost in the sensation as she dug in. She was making love to his cock, the way all women should. She pulled away eventually and gazed up at her brother, her blue eyes seeming so weak and innocent. Her mouth soon opened as his hard, wet cock probed in. Her brother targeted the inside of her left cheek, and she let him. She felt the head pressing to the wall of her mouth from the inside, making it bulge. He pulled back before prodding at it again, and her cheek jutted out so beautifully.

Throughout his tease, her eyes hadn't left his. She wanted him to look into her eyes as he fucked her cheek, for him to see how servile she was for him. When he ceased humping her lovely cheek, her lithe fingers wrapped around the shaft, and she settled into a lazy stroking rhythm. Meanwhile, his hefty scrotum dunked into her mouth, bathing in her plentiful saliva. She sucked on his balls thoughtfully while her fist idly traveled up and down his length, just sustaining, keeping him hot.

Ellie didn't mind the hair on his balls as they soaked up her spit so deep in her mouth. Women were so sterile nowadays, wanting their men to go hairless like a Ken doll. She found it absurd and off-putting. Maybe she was old-fashioned and weird like that, but men should have pubes. They should have some bodily hair, and they shouldn't look like effeminate cunts. And while Oliver wasn't hairy by any means, she enjoyed caressing and licking what little hair he had; on his balls, definitely, but also that streak that ran up his abdomen and the one that stretched across his—

"Ohhhh-hhh..." Oliver mumbled in a ragged moan, his sister back to her old tricks, expertly licking his perineum.

The tip of her tongue drew a dash between his scrotum and the rim of his sphincter while her hand kept stroking that hulking boner. He groaned again, reveling in the sensory orgy that seethed through him. Each wet caress to this erogenous, intimate spot built a ripple of sexual heat that swept over him like a ten-feet wave, bringing tingles and shudders alongside all sort of blissful reactions. Knees weak, he pulled his nuts up and looked down intently as his sister pleasured him where he was so sensitive.

"Fuck," he gasped while locking eyes with this stunning nymph, her nimble tongue in love with his genitalia, her blue eyes feigning good-girl innocence.

While he watched in earnest, Ellie persistently licked her brother, teasing and taunting his puckered knot. She savored the salty tang on his flesh as she ventured farther, tempted to rim him. She released his dick and squeezed his butt cheeks as she licked and explored, her brother shuddering while hauling his nut sack up. She kissed that sensitive bridge lovingly and thoughtfully, wanting him to see how much she loved him, the way he loved her. There wasn't a dry spot on that ridge of flesh, on his testes, and in a second, there wouldn't be on his daunting erection, either.

When his knees morphed into jelly, her hand reconnected with him, and her gaping mouth began processing his length. Inch by inch, she took him into her face, her full lips clinging to his size, her sultry eyes locking with his. Oliver gasped and moaned, loving the softness of her tongue, the warmth of her mouth, the bend of her throat as she gorged on his weenie. Most of all, he loved the view his sister was awarding him, of the deep golden crack between her ample breasts.

Maneuvering herself round him, Ellie coaxed her brother down her petulant throat until her cute little nose sunk in his pubes. Stifling a groan, Oliver shuddered, her throat fisting and massaging his length.

Not long ago, Ellie couldn't have dreamed of deep-throating him. Practice makes perfect though. Maybe two months ago, her brother had finally killed off her gagging instinct. Her tight gullet had been worn down, too exhausted to put up a fight, and it begrudgingly accepted that things other than food would be taking advantage of its hospitality. It couldn't stop itself from clenching and grating however. It would take years of relentless throat-fucking to make it more accommodating.

"Christ," Oliver breathed and squeezed a bit more cock in, his groin nudging at big sis' dainty nose. "I love being in your throat."

Ellie responded with an inarticulate guttural noise that Oliver took for, "So do I."

Ellie held as long as she could before she glided him out and licked his shaft, just sucking her slobber back. She swallowed his cock down her food pipe and slid him out yet again, her throat increasingly dilating with each interval. Eventually, she stopped exposing her bro to the fresh air, and her mouth worked around him rhythmically, her face deftly rippling. His cock slid in and out of that snug throat effortlessly, as if his sister had never known that gagging was actually a thing.

"Oh, fuck," Oliver moaned as the pregnant hottie began speeding up, working perfect waves with her mouth and throat, seamlessly sliding him between both zones. "Look at you. A year ago, you wouldn't even lick a dick, and now—oh, god, Ellie—you're sucking cock like nobody's business... fuck!"

Cupping and massaging her breasts with both hands, Ellie looked up into his eyes as her face wormed around him, all the way each and every time. Her brother started talking dirty, and she was all for it. Whenever he talked dirty to her, it made her cream in her panties, so she could only imagine what it was doing to him.

Oliver tugged on her hair as she sucked, pacing her to and fro on his dick as she if she were a cheap piece of cattle. "Yeah, suck, Ellie, suck... you need to work for my cum. I ain't giving it away, you know."

"Mhmm," she acknowledged meekly and took all of him, her throat molding around him in a perfect snuggle.

She looked up into his eyes as she slowly drew back, her lips nothing but a pair of purple leeches unwilling to budge. With just the tip in her mouth, her face then lurched forward, vanishing his erection, before she pulled back again, slowly, erotically, looking up into his needy eyes she did.

"Oh, god," her brother moaned softly and tugged on her hair. "Faster, my gorgeous incubator. I want you to eat my cum."

Ellie smirked round him at the "incubator" reference. That was a first, though a hot one nonetheless. She stopped showing off with her excellent deep-throating, and her face built up speed yet again as she now smoked his pole with genuine hunger. She resumed kneading her inflated rack as she sucked, exposing more of the deep cleavage that made guys gape embarrassingly like hungry infants, the way her little brother was doing now. She'd been amassing oodles of milk for their baby, and it showed.

"Your tits are so fucking huge, god... you're making me hungry, Sis."

Cheeks rosy, she pulled his cock out and laughed coyly while smearing his pre-cum all over the head. She sucked it in, relishing the flavor, and took him back into her mouth, loving how he kept drooling while boring into her so-very-deep cleavage.

"You're gonna let me drink from your titties, baby?"

"Uh-huh," the blonde replied while jerking off her brother down her food pipe, her panties so moist at the thought of his lips clamping onto her meaty nipples, drawing the milk from her pale bosom.

"Oh, god," he moaned with anticipation, already milking her breasts into his mouth in the mind's eye. "What about you? Ya hungry?"


"Good. I'm gonna blow a huge fucking load in your mouth, and you're going to swallow like a good girl, aren't you?"

Ellie shuddered at the thought of his hot jizz splashing about in her mouth. For some reason, she had the image of fourth-of-July fireworks going off at the moment.

Oliver pulled her hair back, and bit by bit, his slick pecker slid out of his sister's mouth. "Why didn't you answer?"

Ellie instantly twisted her hand on his muscle, so concerned for his build-up. "Do you really want me to answer that rhetorical question? Or do you want to go back to my mouth?"


She sighed, her fist yanking at the stimulated mushroom in immense speed, which, in turn, made her ginormous mounds tremble in her top. "Baby, of course I'm gonna swallow. You know I'm a good girl."

"That's right."

He fed his sister his cock yet again while reining her head in. He humped her face for several seconds before he tugged on her hair encouragingly. Finally free to move, Ellie promptly undulated along his length, her supple lips maintaining constant friction around his cock.

Oliver groaned as quietly as he could, desperate to orgasm. "Come on, honey, just 'cause you're going deep doesn't mean you can't suck faster. Tight and fast, babymaker."

Ellie moaned round him, getting so tingly and damp inside. She might have a come a little at the sound of her nickname: her brother's babymaker. He'd been calling her that for weeks, and she never failed to wet herself at the sound of it, not even once. Mostly, because it was true.

Delirious with sex, her bro pushed into her mouth, meeting her, feeding her, controlling her depth via her golden hair that was veiled around his palm. "That's it, Sis, fuck the big cock with your pretty face. God, what a face... I just love fucking it so much."

Ellie moaned round his outstanding girth again, her vagina smoldering, her clit jingling. If only her oblivious niece knew what she was doing at the moment, and the things her father had being saying to her while she—

"Fuck!" Oliver gasped, seconds from dumping his load in his babymaker's mouth. "Ellie, faster! Show me how hungry you are!"

"Mhmm!" she voiced eagerly, that straining member now flying in and out of her snug mouth while she kneaded his butt cheeks.

Although she was in berserker mode at the moment, she didn't forgo an inch of his hard dick. Her clingy lips skidded on all of him, coating him in a thick layer of warm spit, smearing her purple lipstick all the way to the root of his brawny erection.

Oliver gazed down into her already waiting eyes. Those bewitching sapphires that were embedded in her stunning face, seeking approval. There was no way he would come without her looking at him while he did. Gliding so deep and tight in her mouth, he bit back a moan, feeling a surge of cum. "Ellie, baby..."

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