tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Third Secret

The Third Secret


"You're really going to do it?" Christine asked me, incredulously.

I look down at the skimpy bikini laying on the bed and my heart skipped a beat. I looked up at Christine in her sleek one-piece swimsuit. I hadn't been able to talk her into wearing a bikini with me. Fuck, this would have been so much easier if she had! Could I really wear this now? Maybe if I dared her...

"I'll do it," I told her, unable to keep a little giggle out of my voice, "but you have to do something daring too."

"Like what?" She looked down at her maillot. It was only slightly different than the one she wore for swim meets at the university. It showed off her slightly stocky swimmer's body quite well. There didn't seem to be a lot of options for daring though.

"If you won't wear a bikini..." I started. She shook her head. I thought a second and said, "Then when you're tanning your back, you have to roll your suit *all* the way down, so it looks like you're only wearing a bikini bottom."

Christine blushed. But she had really wanted me to wear a bikini for some reason, perhaps to live daringly through me. She knew that daring me to wear one would work. She was always trying to get me to do things she wanted to do but didn't have courage for, until I'd done it. I was more daring, sure, but this... this was bordering on insane for me! I'd never worn one before, but had decided that if I was going to do it, I was going to go all the way. This bikini was special; it had two secrets.

"Put it on, Alexandra" she said. "Let me see if it's a fair trade."

I picked up the bikini bottom and pulled it on up under the towel I was wearing, fresh from the shower. I tossed the towel aside, revealing my average breasts to the hotel room. Embarrassingly, the thought of wearing this bikini seemed to be enough of a turn-on to make my nipples stand at attention. Christine grinned at this, and as I bent over to get the triangle top from the bed, she reached over and flicked my right nipple. A jolt of energy flew through my body and settled down below.

"Hey!" I told her.

She giggled. "Looks like someone's enjoying this," she teased. She then reached out with both hands to try and pinch both my nipples. I backed away, covering my breasts, and stumbled into the bed. Christine got a wicked smile on her face and charged at me, pushing me back onto the bed. She started tickling me and I struggled to get out from under her, giggling uncontrollably. She laughed as I breathlessly said, "Christine! Stop!" I grabbed her hands to stop her ticking fingers. In return, she grabbed my wrists, pushed them to the bed, and put her knees on my arms. I couldn't move, or protect my breast from my best friend's onslaught as she sat atop my stomach. "No!" I protested, still giggling from the tickling.

Christine used her now free hands and placed them on my bare breasts. I struggled to free myself, but I couldn't get her 125 pounds body off of me. She moved her fingers together until just her thumb and forefinger rested against both of my nipples. "Nonononono!" I giggled. The evil grin remain in place and she slowly began rolling my stiff nipples between her fingers. "Come on Christine!" I pouted, gritting my teeth to suppress a moan.

The electric tingles in my body intensified as she showed no intention of stopping. I bit my lower lip, desperately trying to stop getting turned on by my best friend playing with my tits. My breasts had never felt like this before, the pleasure became so intense, it began to border on painful. Involuntarily, my hips began to raise as all those tingles began to converge in one spot. I held my breath, trying to keep it in, but suddenly a moan escaped my lips.

And with that, Christine was done. She got off me and laughed girlishly. "I'll do it," she decided, as if the torture she put me through was her price. "We both turn over at the same time, though!"

"Deal." I said, trying to catch my breath. Great, now I was locked into to wearing the bikini *and* I was super horny!

I finally put on the bikini top, adjusting both triangles to fit my breasts comfortably. I was happy with the amount of flesh it showed, and how it concealed just the right amount. I wrapped a slightly sheer black sarong around my waist and put on my earrings. We grabbed our beach towels and purses, donned our flip-flops, and headed out. Out of the beach house, across the street, and into the warm summer sun.

Christine stopped at the border between the road and the sandy beach. She looked at all the people around, realizing then just how many people would see her doing my dare.

"Chicken?" I teased.

That steeled her resolve. "No, are you?" she shot back.

No way I could back down now. "Not even close!" I said with bravery I didn't feel.

We found a spot a little ways from the main crowd, set out our towels onto the beach chairs, and lay down. I pulled off my sarong and tossed it at Christine with a laugh. Her eyes widened; I was really going through with this. She stuffed it into her purse.

We lay on our backs and soaked in the sun. Christine's suit had a tan-through fabric with a light green design on it. A black border outlined the suit. It fit her body well and was still sexy, even though it wasn't a bikini. Her large breasts strained the fabric and was sure to catch the attention of any guy walking by, even though not an ounce of cleavage was showing. The slightest hint of a camel toe showed just how tight the suit was on her. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and she hid her brown eyes behind sunglasses.

My white bikini reflected brightly in the sun, almost asking for people to pay attention to my tall, somewhat angular body. The triangle top covered my breasts well enough, though my nipples, still erect, strained at the tight fabric. The bikini's bottom was likewise triangular, just enough to cover the important parts, with side ties. Like Christine's, this suit would prevent tan lines too, but for a completely different reason. I had put my blonde somewhat curly hair up in a ponytail too.

"Fifteen minutes?" I asked.

Christine nodded. She slid her arms out of the straps and pulled her suit down just to her bust line. A little cleavage showed. She was preparing for a quick rolldown.

The gentle lapping of the ocean waves combined with the glorious sunshine soon had me in an almost daze-like state. I watched behind my sunglasses as some hot guys walked by, and thrilled when their heads turned. Could they see my nipples? The very thought made me even hornier. God, I want to just slide my hand down under the bikini into my secret spot and take care of this torture then and there!

More people walked by. I kept a secret catalog of which of the guys I would want to see naked, which I could not stand, and which I would totally fuck. I'd discuss it with Christine later. I even got some stares from some of the girls wandering by, but I wasn't sure if it was appreciation, jealousy, or disgust that hid behind their eyes. Maybe all three?

After a bit, Christine took a deep breath. "Okay, it's time," she whispered. "You first."

My heart leapt as adrenaline poured into my body. Oh shit, this was it. My hands shook a little as I tried to be nonchalant, and I turned over.

My ass was practically bare.

It was a t-back. The lower part was hidden up my ass, so for all intents and purposes, it was just a circlet around my waist. The warm sun beat down on my bare butt cheeks for the first time, and it was good. Real good. I knew then that I was addicted to this; I would always want to wear something that let my ass enjoy the glory of the sun to the beach. If I could, that is.

Christine practically gaped. I guess she still thought I wasn't going to go through with it. She shook her head. "Your dad would kill you!" But it wasn't too big a deal here; I'd seen other thongs at the beach, and even a few women topless.

"Your turn," I teased.

She sighed and turned over on her tummy. She reached her hands up and rolled her suit down along her sides until it was just a waistband. Her back was bare to the world, and I admit, it look really nice.

I wondered if her heart was beating as fast as mine. I'd *never* done anything like this before. But here we were, on vacation in Greece. Nobody knew us. Nudity wasn't as big a deal as it was back in the States. I *had* to push my boundaries; it might be my only chance to do something this daring! But I, too, was glad my parents had taken a three-day tour of Athens and let my best friend and I enjoy the sun and surf here on the island.

I tried to get my body to calm down, telling it was no big deal. But I could feel eyes on me as people walked by. Eyes on my ass and the rest of my back. There were only two strings back there, after all. I even heard a few sounds of camera phones and realized I'd be providing masturbation material for some guys later. The thought should have disgusted me, but instead it made my pussy throb all the more. Shit. Next time, I'd just shove a silver bullet down there while I tanned; it'd be less torture than this!

After some time I guess the novelty wore off a little. My heart relaxed, my muscles grew less tense, and I ignored the stares. Not long after, I dozed off.

I awoke to a strange feeling. My bikini bottom was being untied! I turned my head to look at Christine and tell her to knock it off, but she was fast asleep. I looked back and saw that one side had been pulled off and the other side was slowly coming undone. Only no one was there! I tried to move to stop whatever was doing this, but I could only move my head. The rest of me was stuck to the towel like glue. I tried to speak, but no words came out.

The other side finished untying itself and then my entire bikini bottom was slowly pulled pulled out away. It floated in midair for a sec and then disappeared. Oh fuck, I thought. Fuck, fuck, fuck! People were still walking by, but now they had an open view of my pussy!

I began to panic when I felt something against my pussy lips. It felt like to fingers and they began rubbing me. Nobody was back there! This was crazy. This couldn't be hap... oh fuck that felt good. One finger went between my lips and pressed down inside me, rubbing up against my clit. I had already been a little damp from everything that happened; now I was quickly soaking wet in my juices.

Sensing this, the invisible fingers stopped and I let out an whimper. What the hell? I had been fingered involuntarily and now missed it?

Then I felt something hard push up against my pussy lips. It had to be an invisible cock. What else could it be? My lips parted almost eagerly to admit it and it slowly slid into me. Shit, that felt good. I moaned softly. Was I being raped by a ghost? Or was I just imagining things? I tried to make sense of of it all, but I was so turned on I was having a hard time even thinking.

The invisible cock slid in and out of me from behind, very slowly, like it had all the time in the world. I shocked myself by actually mentally urging it to speed up! This was pure torture. Whatever or whoever was doing this was stretching their pleasure as much as they could. It was like they were taking the long, slow meandering route to the top of a mountain of ecstasy, instead of taking the direct route. The slow steady pumping continued and I realized that what must of been my G-spot was being stimulated for the very first time. Oh god, that was more intense than when I masturbated. I may not have been able to speak, but I could certainly moan. And moan I did, each one escaping with each thrust inside me. I got louder as I felt my climax rising, but I still felt miles away from reaching the top.

I let loose one particularly long and loud groan as the stiff cock's head touched my G-spot again and then seemed to concentrated on just that small bundle of nerves for several minutes. My muscles clenched and I wanted to bend my legs back in the air, but I was still glued to the towel. Christine woke up and looked over at me. I looked back at her, eyes wide, a mixture of fear and ecstasy on my face. "Alex? You okay?" she whispered.

I continued emitting sounds of sexual pleasure, but shook my head at her, still unable to speak. Her eyes drifted down over my body and noticed I was missing my bikini bottom. She gasped, got up, and didn't seem to notice or care that she hadn't rolled her suit back up. Her breasts were bared for all the world to see, but it didn't seem to phase her. She came around to look at where a short time ago a strip of white cloth had protect my privates. "What happened to your bikini?" she asked, a little fear in her voice.

My pussy throbbed around the meat being shoved in and out of me. Christine bent down and looked directly between my legs. "Stop 'bating, girl" she whispered. "It's embarrassing!" She looked again. My hands were nowhere near my pussy. She gaped. "It's wide open! Like something's inside you!"

Christine stretched out her arm and moved it towards my wide open pussy. "I don't believe it. What do you have in you?" Her fingers pushed in and sunk to her knuckles. Her thumb rested on my clit. "Alex, you're soaking wet!" she exclaimed, but didn't draw her hand away. She began moving her thumb in a gentle circle around my clit. I felt both her fingers and the invisible dick inside me at the same time. It was an amazing, yet weird, turn on.

The damn slow cock kept going, even with Christine's hand in the way. "Fffffuuuucccckkkkk!" I tried to scream. My pleasure kept building, now twice as fast with Christine's help, but the top of the mountain seemed to get further and further away. I needed release. I needed it soon, or I thought I would go insane.

After what seemed like hours, I hit my plateau. I knew that when I played with myself back home that once I reached this point, with some pacing I could keep myself here for what almost seemed an indefinite amount of time. But the thing that made me feel relieved was not that, but instead that I knew that this sexual plateau was only a short hop from the top of the mountain. And I wasn't hanging around this time, no way. I pushed forward. The strange pleasure of an invisible, slow, filling penetration and Christine's fingering practically forced me to.

Finally, the combined pleasure pushed me up to the top and over the edge. Wave after wave of orgasm shot through my body. It kept building and neither stimulus stopped. I screamed in pure pleasure like I'd never felt before. Everyone on the beach turned towards me and watched me as I came. People left their towels and seats, and came up out of the ocean. They gathered around as my body bucked and shook, freed finally from being stuck to the towel. And I didn't care that everyone was watching. I couldn't care! The rocking orgasm just kept going. It must have been only a few minutes, but it felt like an hour, as if everything had slowed down so that every fraction of a moment could be experienced. It was mindblowing.

My orgasm slowed. My ecstatic yell trailed off into a whimper. I was trembling from head to foot and didn't think I could even stand, let alone move my limbs to cover myself from the intent eyes of everyone that surrounded me. The entire beach was silent, except for my heavy breathing and the ocean waves. Then I woke up.

"Alex, you okay?" asked Christine. I lifted my head and looked blankly at her. "You were sleeping and then mumbled 'Fuck'," she explained. "And you kind of whimpered for a few minutes after that."

My body trembled, the aftershocks of an orgasm still going. I was still breathing heavy. A dream then! But a damn real one. It even made me come harder than I ever had in... well, real life. But if it was a dream, it had felt too real and waking up felt more like I had blinked for a second than actually coming out of a slumber. And I felt as week as I had in the dream. It was like there were an hour of time that had only happened for me.

I nodded slowly at my friend, trying to find my voice as everything began to subside. I took several deep breaths and then whispered, "I had a str... strange dream."

"Was it any good?" she asked sleepily.

"It made me come," I replied quietly.

Christine's eyes widened in shock. "Who was fucking you?" she demanded. "Daughtry?"

"I don't want to talk about it out here!" I whispered emphatically. "Just throw me my wrap! I need to go back to the hotel."

She looked at me and then at her purse where the sarong lay. "Why?"

"Christine," I said downheartedly, "I just had a huge orgasm and I am soaking wet." She looked confused. "You know, down there!"

It was then that she understood. The second secret of my recently purchased bikini was that when it got wet, it got sheer. The material it was made of was a soft, white gauze-like fabric that looked like a normal two-piece as long as it was dry. When it got wet, whatever skin was sticking to the fabric became viewable for whoever was around. And so, with my pussy pouring like a fountain, if I stood up now, it would be on display for everyone to see. I had been intent on pushing myself today, but not that much.

Christine eyed me. Her eyes twinkled mischievously. "You should cool off in the ocean first," she said. "And then you get your sarong."

Oh, fuck, I had enough of this. I might have been up for it, but after what I'd been through I didn't want to indulge any more of my best friend's vicarious living. I stood and snatched up my towel in one smooth movement, wrapping it around my waist, and stormed off. I came back before going too far and grabbed my purse.

I went back to our hotel room and got out of my bikini. I threw on some shorts and a tank top and lay down on the bed. I was so confused. What did my dream mean? Why had it happened to me? Why did it feel so real?

I opened the mini-fridge in our room and pulled out a Toblerone chocolate bar that was stocked there. After a moment's hesitation, I also grabbed a Bacardi cooler. I stomped back to the bed, snapped off one of the triangular chocolate pieces, and took a sip from the bottle.

Christine came in a few minutes later, looking guilty. She sat down on the bed next to me. "I'm sorry, Alexandra," she said morosely. "I didn't realize..."

I knew she felt bad and gave her a hug. "I just wasn't in the mood for any more games," I explained to her. "Not after what I dreamed."

"What exactly did you dream about?"

So I told her, though I left out the part about her helping bring me to orgasm. Things were confusing enough as it was without mentioning that detail. "It was like I was being fucked by a machine," I finished. "But it felt like a real cock, all fleshy and hard and..." I trailed off.

"Invisible," Christine finished for me.

I nodded my head and looked down at the bikini I'd left laying on the floor. "I don't know, Christine. I think it was real, at least in a way. And I think that bikini caused it somehow."

"Like it's haunted?" she asked, dubiously.

"I don't know," I admitted. "But I feel like we just discovered it has a third secret."

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