tagRomanceThe Three Graces Ch. 03

The Three Graces Ch. 03


Barbaro roared with indignation. His beloved son, Cruz, had been kidnapped by those witches – the de la Tierra sisters. In return for his son – Barbaro was to drop all matrimony designs he had towards Maria and nothing would be said about the kidnapping. He was had. If he mentioned the kidnapping to the authorities he would look like a simpering fool being had by three girls – and if he continued his marriage designs on the young Maria – the kidnapping would be known.

He dropped the suit for her hand and Cruz returned home. But Cruz returned home in a quiet rage. The whores would pay for everything they had done. He felt kindness towards Maria – she had never been cruel or unkind and had only wanted to be free of his father.

The little slut Magdalena had given herself to him in more ways than one. She had taken his cock into her soft mouth – her tight pussy and he had even fucked her ass. But Margarita? She was the little cocktease. She was the one who would get all of his pent up anger, desire and revenge. She was the beauty who had flaunted her breasts in his face and pretended concern. Her sweet taste still lingered on his tongue and he wanted more. Much more.


"Do you think he will seek revenge?" Maria asked her sisters.

Maggie snorted. "Who?"

"Yes, who? Barbaro or Cruz?" Rita pointed out. The girls had been walking along the edge of their property which bordered the Gonzales'. It was a property rich in green grass and steer.

"Oh I don't think Cruz will bother us." Maria said generously.

"Don't bet on it." Maggie scoffed. Though secretly she wouldn't mind Cruz visiting her bedroom at night.

Margarita shuddered remembering Cruz's dark looks. His words echoed in her head many a cold night - ‘I want you to take my cock into your body.'

Margarita knew her sister Maggie had been sexual for many years. She and Alberto played around and she didn't judge her sister. But she wanted to wait for marriage and gift her husband her virginity if she ever married. But Cruz had been sinfully good-looking and it was no wonder he was considered a catch.

"Barbaro would not dare approach us now. As for Cruz – I would avoid him – and if we must go into town – go in pairs." Margarita counseled her sisters wisely.

The next week the head cook needed to go into town for supplies and Margarita accompanied her. The hitched the wagon and rode into town with the driver. The Cook went across the muddy street to look at new fabrics at the dress shop while Rita entered the general store. It was so poorly lit and no one seemed to be manning the counter.

"Flour, rice, beans – " she said aloud as she scanned her list of goods that were needed.

She heard voices outside the store and assumed correctly that the owner must have stepped outside. She began collecting her necessary goods.

She made her way into the back where the rice was kept in large sacks. It was too heavy to lift. She must wait for the owner to return inside.

"You look almost good enough to eat." The voice behind her spoke.

Margarita whirled around. Before her in the darkened store stood Cruz Villareal. He wore his clothes cut in lines that showed off his broad shoulders, slim hips and height.

Margarita had chosen her wine colored gown that was cut low in the front. Her breasts were pushed up as fashion dictated but even more so as she inhaled sharply. She wished now she had worn a simple cotton gown buttoned up to the neck.

In her surprise she had dropped her shopping list. He bent to retrieve it holding it in one brown gloved hand.

"Senor Villareal." She addressed him.

"Senorita." He spoke lowly put his voice was almost a purr.

Her hair was pulled up and pinned at the nape of her neck. She tried to keep it simple and matronly. All it did was make Cruz want to pull it down. It showed off her slender neck and made the male eye wander down to the tops of her breasts.

She watched as he pulled off his one glove.

"Aqui, senorita." (here) He spoke quietly handing her the list. Just as she accepted the list his fingers brushed over the tops of her exposed breasts. The warmth of him shocked her. It was outrageous, unthinkable and unacceptable. No man would ever do such a thing to a lady – only a whore.

"Senor!" She gasped – stepping back.

He advanced upon her. "Many nights I have lain awake thinking of you."

"For revenge – no doubt." She told him frightened of his touches and her response.

"Perhaps." He agreed as he backed her up against the wall.

"We only wanted Maria's freedom." She tried to explain. Her breath was coming short. Oh, how she hated corsets, she thought.

"At my expense." He brushed against her and she had no choice but to accept the contact– the wall was behind her.

His hands settled on her hips. Through the silken fabric she could feel him - so strong and dangerous. His body pressed her into the wall and him. His hands moved up – relishing the feel of satin and her soft body. His hands moved up her bodice and then over her breasts.

"Please don't." She breathed out.

"What? Don't what? Make you as hot as you had me all those nights?"

"I never meant to –"

"Don't lie, senorita."

She stopped short. She had taunted him that one night. Why had she? Had she used him to feel physical pleasure – since she had never experienced it before?

"You weren't without pleasure. I know Maggie gave -"

"Si, she did." He admitted readily. His warm hands felt into her bodice – teasing the nipples.

Margarita turned her head away. He pushed his lower body into her. She could feel his arousal – his cock pressing into her almost arrogantly. Margarita realized almost shockingly that she wanted to spread her legs and let him take her here. She was a common trollop!

"Then?" Margarita managed to ask. A blush spread across her cheekbones at the intimate intrusions.

"Then what?" He asked before his mouth lowered to her sensitive neck.

"Why are you doing this, revenge?" She kept her head turned and struggled as his mouth touched her neck. She knew he wanted them all to pay. She was simply the first lone de la Tierra female that he had come upon.

Cruz struggled with his cold emotions that always held him tightly. He wanted this little witch. The witch with the long hair and beauty that held him enraptured every night.

Perhaps because he had already tasted Maggie's charms she did not come to him in his dreams and Maria was too sweet and kind to give him thought. But this Grace – this beauty – this witch – haunted his dreams. He wanted to lift up her skirts – take her by force and fuck her. Let her cry – she would beg him to continue once she tasted his thick cock inside her. He wanted this little slut on her knees taking his cock in her sweet mouth. He wanted her in every way. He moved his head to stare at her.

"No. Because I want you." His mouth took hers. It was forceful and brutal leaving her lips bruised. His hands came up to her neck and then cupped her face.

"Stop this." Her voice shook as she tried to dislodge herself from his possessive grip. Her hands came up to his chest to try and push him away. This had gone on long enough. Where was the shop keeper – the Cook? Why was she letting him take these disgusting liberties? What was wrong with her?

"Your choice – Margarita – you decide. Do you want me to take you by force? Fuck you hard and long until you are no good to any other man? Or do you want me to woo you and take you to bed with kisses and promises that neither of us cares about? The next time we are alone - I will ask. Either way – I will have you." He left her in the darkened shop slamming his way out. Rita clasped her hands over her breasts trying to calm her heavy breathing.

The drive home was long, hot and dusty and the wagon creaked with every step. His words rang in her ears so that she couldn't even hear her own thoughts: because I want you, because I want you. She had to get a hold of herself. Her father had never discovered their kidnapping plot and Barbaro had simply gone away leaving Maria alone. Now Cruz must be dealt with.


Maggie ran with Alberto hand in hand through the lemon trees. The scent was intoxicating as they stumbled along. Alberto new that Maggie was the daughter of Sebastian de la Tierra the landlord, but sometimes she behaved like a whore. He loved her and wanted to marry her but she was only interested in one thing.

Just as he though it – Maggie was before him stripping. "Come on – I need your cock, Alberto. I'm so lonely." She knelt before him on the hard ground taking him out of his pants.

"Dios!" (god) Cried Alberto as her greedy little mouth devoured his cock.

Maggie smiled even though she thought of Cruz's much bigger one.

Alberto knew she liked to be called names and treated roughly. "Get on your back, whore. It's time you paid up." Maggie laughed at his forcefulness and scrambled to do his bidding. She settled herself on his coat and spread her legs. She looked lovely in the low light all curves with her thighs spread for him. He swallowed. He loved her and wanted her as his wife. Why would she not agree?

It was as he was pounding into her small body that Sebastian and his men came upon the two lovers. All he could see was the young man's ass and the girl's spread legs. When he found out it was his daughter Maggie they were ordered to marry within a week's time. Sebastian would not even speak to Maggie and she was confined to her room while Alberto went out to drink and celebrate.


No amount of crying, swearing or threatening would soften Sebastian's heart. The priest had been called – a small fiesta for the neighbors and renters had been arranged and the day was upon them.

Maria and Margarita watched as their sister spoke her vows and Alberto Lopez strutted about like a proud rooster and new husband. The fiesta was filled with Mariachi music, dancing, singing, food and much tequila and sangria – a fruit and alcohol-filled drink. Rita didn't partake in any of the festivities and sadly watched her younger sister leave the party to be "bedded."

The party had been going on for a few hours as Rita watched the men and women become more amorous. She had not been sleeping well. She kept seeing Cruz's dark eyes in the shop that day and his filthy words: Do you want me to take you by force? Fuck you hard and long until you are no good to any other man?

She sighed as she watched the young people dance and enjoy the food. Tables were laden with spicy beef tamales, rice, beans and spongy wedding cake. She had eaten little. She wandered behind the large house and into the stables. The two horses were quiet and the light was almost too low to see. She petted the nose of her favorite mare and turned to leave.


Rita's heart pounded suddenly. She knew he might come to the wedding festivities but never dreamed she would be alone with him. She knew she must look like a peasant. Her skirt was yellow and full, her white blouse off the shoulders with her hair flowing free. She was in her own home and saw no reason to dress with the hated corsets and stiff petticoats.

Cruz thought she looked half gypsy – half witch. The skirt only emphasized her hips and their sway and the blouse barely covered her full breasts. How hard would it be to pull her blouse down and take her nipples in his teeth? How hard would it be to pull her down into the sweet smelling hay and bury his cock between her legs?

He pushed the wood across the door effectively bolting it.

"No." Rita shook her head. "I have guests to see to. I'm the hostess."

"I only want one thing." He said as he advanced toward her. The stable was the smallest of all the ones on de la Tierra land. It housed only two horses and was used for births. It was small with only four small stalls and a large one at the end.

Cruz walked toward her as she backed away. He wore brown breeches, a dark shirt and jacket with high black boots.

"I'm sure you do." Rita made a dash for the back stall but didn't know why. The only way out was the one Cruz had locked.

He grabbed her about the waist throwing her into the hay. He held her still as his thighs gripped the outside of her hips. He sat back and watched her face. She was a lovely woman. He was surprised she had never been courted but knew her father was protective of his graces. Had not the little slut Maggie gotten herself caught – she too would not have married. They lived a free and independent life on their father's hacienda and had no reason to leave but for love.

"I want an answer." He watched her blush. She knew the question. Her full lips beckoned him and he couldn't stop. His fingers itched to touch her and give some truth to his dreams at night.

He pulled slowly on her blouse as the fabric slid down her breasts and freed them.

"Please." She gasped as the cold air touched them but he didn't care.

He leaned forward. "Querida." (dear) He spoke as his mouth covered one brown nipple and caught it between his teeth. She shuddered and arched into him.

His legs pushed between her slim thighs and parted them.

He touched her other nipple causing it to pucker. He slid his hand down her thighs and pulled up the fabric as his hand touched her bare flesh.

Her pussy was guarded well by small tight brown curls and his fingers pressed into her virgin cunt.

"No, please." Her fingers dug into his shoulders. She didn't want to stop – she wanted him. But she wanted to keep her virginity for her husband. It was what a proper lady did. But even as she thought it – she arched into him.

"Querida – shhh. I won't take anything this night." His mouth nuzzled her neck as his fingers pressed into her tight cunt. It was so small and tight Cruz knew she was a virgin. She hadn't been lying that night.

His leg was between her thighs and he moved his thigh into direct contact with her hot pussy. He stopped touching her as his thigh rubbed into her cunt causing her to gasp. Instinctively she moved into his thigh and began to ride him.

"That's it." He breathed into her ear as she rode his thigh. Her juices drenched his hard thigh as she continued to find release for her own body.

His hands moved underneath her and pulled her ass harder into his thigh causing her to cry out. Suddenly his hands dug into her silken tresses. She needed the release her body craved and she could feel it building.

"Oh god, Cruz." She cried out once as she felt the wave over her. Then it crashed.

"Cruz, Cruz." She whimpered as the orgasm shook her and she trembled in his arms. Her fingers entwined in his dark hair as he let her experience her first orgasm.

Her cream covered his thigh - wet and slightly sticky and when he sat back he touched his fingers to his lips tasting her.

"Mmmm." He sighed.

Margarita was furious and she blushed in the dark. Cruz had never seen her look more beautiful. She sat in the hay looking completely wanton. Her breasts had tumbled free of her blouse, her hair fell wildly around her, and her skirt was pushed up about her thighs. His cock was hard and begging to be released to taste the girl's cunt.

"You are a bastard, Cruz Villareal!" She slapped him hard across the face and in an instant she was flat on her back with his body pressing into hers.

"This was a taste. For me – for you. What can be between us. Now choose."

"I won't choose! I don't want anything to do with you! I want you to leave me alone! I don't want to be your revenge! You've tasted enough of me – now leave me alone!" Rita heaved as his body pressed into hers. Rita was frightened and scared. She wanted to be alone. To live her life in peace away from the chaos of sex and relationships and intimacy. Cruz held her wrists above her head. God! It would be so goddamn easy to free himself and press into her tightness. He almost groaned. He throbbed to be inside her.

Cruz looked down at her. Their eyes were locked in a battle of wills but then he released her. "So be it."

She looked at him and then awkwardly adjusted her clothing and left the stable.

Cruz ground his teeth and watched her leave. He hadn't tasted nearly enough of her. And though she didn't know it yet she would. She had made her choice.


That night he went to visit Madame Fifi's. It was run by an older woman in her fifties who had never set foot in France nor was she named Fifi. But native born Texan Susie Lynn ran a clean brothel with girls that were willing to do most anything for a price.

"Hello, Cruz! Haven't seen you here in sometime!" Susie Lynn commented as she greeted him at the front door wearing her usual red corset and purple skirt. Her brown hair curled and flowed down her back.

Cruz nodded. "Yes, I know."

"Do you want me to let Greta know you're here?" Greta was Cruz's regular girl. She was a small blonde with blue eyes. She had sailed from Sweden to America hoping to become a teacher. Instead she had ending up working on her back making twice that of a teacher.

"No, that's alright. I'd actually like Carmen." Carmen stood lounging in the foyer watching the tall, handsome man. She had seen him many times but he had always gone to Greta. Today he wanted her. She was a Spanish beauty with long brown hair, liquid brown eyes, and a curvaceous body.

"Sure." Carmen smiled and he followed her upstairs.

Cruz cringed. What was wrong with him? He had always enjoyed Greta's fragile beauty and blue eyes. Today he wanted anything but. He watched Carmen walk ahead of him. Her hips swayed and her brown hair fell in waves down her back. God! He thought almost alarmed. He had picked her because of her resemblance to Margarita.

She opened the door to her room and they stepped inside. Immediately inside he spun her around slamming her back into the door. His mouth touched her throat and his hands fumbled underneath her robe to get to her pussy.

"Cruz!" She breathed hotly wanting to slow him down.

"Tell me you want me." He breathed into her ear.

Carmen had heard it all but Cruz seemed almost desperate to hear the words. Though she obviously guessed he wanted to hear them from someone else. What woman wouldn't want Cruz Villareal?

She tried to sound sincere. She took a breath. "I want you." It wasn't hard to say. He was attractive, handsome and a good lover so Greta said.

His fingers found her wet and he sighed. She was unbuttoning his pants and knew he would take her right there.

His hand caressed her throat as he spoke, "Tell me again."

"I want you, Cruz."

He plunged hard and thick into her and Carmen gasped. She moved her legs to wrap around him as he anchored them both to the door.

"Oh god." He grunted into her as he tried to make it last but all he could think of was Margarita's small virgin pussy surrounded his cock and he began to climax.

Carmen let him pull out of her and then he released her.

"I'm sorry Carmen." He told her as he left - buttoning himself up.


Margarita flopped onto her back. The hacienda was almost deathly quiet now that Maggie was gone and Maria was considering a suitor from the Gonzales household – their neighbors. He was a shy quiet man but taken with Maria. Their father was thinking of the match and was constantly asking after Margarita.

She wondered when she should tell him that she had no desire for marriage. She wanted to live alone – at home – with her father and their people. Her friendship with Mauricio the farmer had never been anything real and no other man enticed her. Liar! A small voice said.

She had tossed so much her long nightgown had become twisted. It had bunched around her upper thighs leaving them naked. A few inches higher and one would be able to see what only Cruz Villareal had touched. She was about to smooth down her gown when a movement outside her window caught her attention. Had someone been watching her? She went to the window opening it – no. No one was there. She was being irrational. She went back to bed.

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