The Thug


The police came and took questions while the thug whose name turned out to be Clarence D. Richardson Jr. was taken promptly into custody. Janet cried while describing the rape quiet vividly to the police who simply shook their heads in disbelief while jotting down all the information she gave them. Mark also gave his own version of what happened but both held back the fact that Janet gave herself wantonly to the black man like some form of slut.

After the cops left both decided to retire Mark not asking for sex nor did he believe would she give it if she asked. A searing resentment that he held in check during the ideal threatened to break loose as he laid there in the dark trying to get out of his head at the way his bride kissed this other man like she almost never kissed him. The way she came was perhaps the most debasing of all not to mention that the thug came in her possibly getting her pregnant in the process.


Mark and Janet went through the entire two week honeymoon both some what in a daze. Once when Mark tried to make love to his wife she promptly refused him saying that she still felt out of sorts from the whole attack and wasn't up for sex. Mark could only look at his wife with disbelief and hurt in his eyes. Thinking that he lost any form of intimacy with his beautiful new wife even before their marriage started.

So the honeymoon ended with Mark sexless and unconsummated the closest he got was a half hearted attempt at a hand job that felt more out of duty from his wifes part than anything else.

It was a month later after the honeymoon that Janet discovered that she was pregnant and was shocked and outraged when her husband brought up abortion. She grew up in a strict religious family which considered it murder to have an abortion and absolutely refused to do such a heinous act.

So it was that Janet had her baby next to her husband who saw the birth take place feeling the world fall apart when he saw the obvious bi-racial child being brought to world. It hurt knowing that the one thing he wanted wasn't going to come about.

The reality hit him hard as he watched the way his wife held the baby like it was a part of herself. Tears started to flood as he remembered that night of horror realizing that the black thug left a mark in her that he would never forget.

-The End-

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