tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Tick Incident Ch. 01

The Tick Incident Ch. 01


Temple, Texas was a quiet place in 1979, the kind of place where you had to make your own fun.

Richard Parker knew this more than anybody, and he and his buddies always were keeping busy doing something. Swimming down by the lake and hanging out at "Old Man" Custard's Ranch, riding horses, were two of the things that kept boredom from setting in.

But Temple wasn't just some dustbowl, as outsiders might see it. It had its charm. And the most charming person in Richard's life was his step mother, Carrie.

Carrie had married Richard's father, Neil, five years earlier, just a short time after Neil had gotten divorced. Richard was still very close with his real mom, Candace, who in turn still had a friendly relationship with Neil. The two simply had grown apart, and felt it was time to move on.

Richard kind of saw Carrie as a warm-hearted friend more than a mother type. She was always very kind to him, didn't boss him around, and gave him his space. The two had grown pretty close since Neil was often out of town on business.

And Carrie was a young woman. The full-time nurse was just 35, and her looks suggested she was even younger than that. She had beautiful brown hair, her bangs often hanging over her pretty brown eyes. She had such a pretty smile, perfect pearly whites, and when she laughed, it just made you feel good. She would either giggle in a real cute way, or laugh heartily, creating the kind of rich laughter that suggested she really loved life.

Around this time, however, Richard, now 18, began to notice in greater detail some other aspects of Carrie's beauty. His step mom was very well endowed. Her enormous breasts constantly stole Richard's attention, as he often saw them either bouncing around in a bathing suit or filling out a loose-fitting shirt.

He had once almost caught sight of them totally bare, by mistake, when Carrie came out of the bathroom. She had thought no one was home, and could make it to the bedroom without any clothes. When she opened the door, there was Richard, and she instinctively went to cover her breasts with her one arm, and cover her lower half with the other.

Richard's eyes widened as he saw the outer edges of her massive breasts, seeing they actually hung down a bit when not supported by a bra. As her other arm flashed down to cover her other special area, Richard's eyes followed it, and he saw how her tiny hand barely could cover what looked to be a substantial bush. Some dark brown hair poked out around her fingers.

His heart raced. It was the first scrap of female nudity he had ever seen up close.

Richard simply froze in his tracks.

Carrie, startled, cried out "Richard?! I didn't think anybody was home."

As he finally turned away, she grabbed a towel, and Carrie was more amused than upset. She seemed to take delight in how embarrassed Richard was in nearly seeing her naked. She thought it was so cute how he blushed.

The incident was never even brought up with the rest of the family, but Richard always had the image of his hot step mom clutching to cover herself firmly in his mind. She also had the cutest feet he had ever seen, and often fantasized about sucking on her toes.

And when Carrie would often sit next to Richard, with her legs crossed, he found it the perfect opportunity to check out her gorgeous thighs. Richard had a fixation with them.

Carrie grew up on a ranch, doing her share of physical labor, so she had always been fit. Not overly muscular, just a full-bodied woman.

She had big, thick thighs that Richard nearly drooled on every time he layed eyes on them. They weren't skinny twigs like some girls had. These were well-rounded, succulent beauties, and Richard would always try to sit close to Carrie when she was wearing a nice pair of shorts, or hanging by the pool in a bathing suit.

The image of her big, tan thighs would be in his mind when he had his most private moments. Another aspect of Carrie's beautiful anatomy was her nice round bottom. Or as Richard and his friends would call it, a "bubble butt."

Carrie had a sweet, juicy ass that she liked to show off. She often wore tight shorts that hugged each of her big cheeks, and when she wore a bathing suit, Richard would look forward to when she was coming out of the pool, just so he could sneak a peak as the bathing suit clung to her ass for a split second as she was getting out.

Now as much as Richard was feeling a strong attraction to his step mom, he never once was forward with her. That was his dad's wife. And that's how he saw her. But it didn't stop him from fantasizing about Carrie, and that, quite simply, was what boys did at Richard's age.

And speaking of Richard's age, there was another 18-year-old in the Parker household. And her name was Janet, Carrie's 18-year-old daughter.

Carrie had Janet just a few months after graduating from high school, and the two were like buddies, not just because there wasn't too big a difference in age, but also because Carrie spent almost all her time with Janet as she was growing up. There wasn't another man that stuck around until Neil came along, and Carrie devoted almost all her life to raising her daughter.

And the young brunette was a good girl. She was a good student, a popular kid at school, and she had her mom's great looks, and build.

Janet wasn't perfect though. She often had a problem with curfue, liked to curse, and did like to party.

Richard found his stepsis to be kind of cool, and for the most part, enjoyed her company. The two had just graduated from high school, and neither felt like getting a part time job before starting college in the fall. So they saw an awful lot of each other, as they both did a good deal of hanging out on the couch, just watching T.V.

Janet was sometimes bratty to Richard, sometimes annoying, as any step sibling might be. But he also liked checking out her hot body, and Janet, like her mom, liked to show it off.

But with all this talk about Carrie and Janet's unique endowments, there should be some talk of Richard's special, most private body parts.

After mentioning that Richard was a good-looking kid, with short brown hair, blue eyes, and a toned build, the most striking aspect of his anatomy would also have to be detailed.

Richard had an enormous penis. The kind of penis you don't often see.

He knew from a young age that he was much bigger than most boys. He took pride in it, yet also was embarrassed about it somewhat. It sometimes made him feel different rather than special. The dreaded word "freak" would often come up in his mind.

His penis hung down between his legs, well past his balls, like a thick summer sausage, and he often had to be mindful to conceal the rather large bulge in his pants.

All of this sexual tension around Carrie and Janet was seemingly about to boil over in the summer of '79, and it happened on a day that started innocently enough.

Richard and Janet were busy flipping channels, and on one of the stations, a topless woman appeared. Richard found instant delight in the naked beauty, and Janet kept the channel on seemingly just to gripe.

"Now see," she began, "why is it always a naked woman? You never see naked men in movies."

Richard gave her statement little thought as he feasted his eyes on the well-endowed gal, her big, naked breasts filling up the television screen. But then Janet clicked to another channel, and giggled at Richard's disappointment.

Later in the afternoon, the two kids and Carrie went to the nearby lake for the day. It had just rained the last few days so it was a little too cold to go swimming. So the three just enjoyed a nice, long walk.

When they got home, Richard talked to his dad, who was in Tampa at the time, and then after that phone call was getting ready to go to bed. Only he had an itch, a real itch.

He dug down between his legs, into his lower right thigh, and felt a bump. Oh no. He pulled his pajama bottoms and underwear down, and looked closely at his thigh. He saw a tick, which had embedded itself in his skin, most likely during the walk by the lake. He picked at it, but could not get it out. He panicked a bit.

Richard decided to seek Carrie's advice. He raced downstairs and into the kitchen, and had to pull Carrie away from chatting with her daughter.

Carrie, who herself was getting ready for bed, as she was dressed only in a pair of snug, gray shorts and a t-shirt, followed Richard into the other room.

"Carrie, I have a tick," he told her. She gasped.

"Where?" came the next logical question.

"Um," Richard began nervously, "like on my thigh, around here."

He motioned to his lower crotch, not far from the huge, hanging member aforementioned in this tale.

"Oh, God," Carrie said, voicing her concern. "Well it's nothing to worry about, sweetie, let me have a look."

Richard, for the moment, followed his step mom upstairs to the bathroom, but then started to get fidgety.

"Can't we go to the hospital?" he asked.

"Richard, I'm a nurse," she reminded him. "I'm sure it's nothing we can't take care of here."

A look of anxiety came across his face.

"Besides," she said, flipping on the light in the bathroom, "the hospital is a half hour away. Look at me, do I look ready to go out?"

She was dressed in a real skimpy outfit, just something to wear to bed, but she still looked so good.

"Come on," she said, "let me take a look."

Richard reluctantly pulled his pajama bottoms down, letting them fall to the floor. Carrie could now see him in just his underwear, which made her giggle.

"It's not funny," he said with a light laugh.

"It's okay, Richard," she reassured him. As Carrie went to look for the tick, Richard noticed her eyes dart towards the massive bulge in his underwear, and she seemingly took note of it. It looked like she found it striking.

But she went along with inspecting where the tick was, and after a few frustrated groans, she gave Richard some uncomfortable news.

"Sweetie, I...I'm gonna need you to take your underwear off," she said. "I think that's the only way I'm gonna be able to get to this thing."

She said it with relative ease, and was already reaching for the tweezers in the cupboard. Richard froze.

"Richard?" she repeated, now with the tweezers in her right hand. "Come on, I need you to pull down your underwear."

He was understandably reluctant to do so. And she realized this. Carrie sighed.

"Richard, hon," she began. "I'm a nurse. Believe me, I've..."

She looked at him with those sweet brown eyes.

"I've seen just about every pickel in the barrel," she told him. That made Richard chuckle, and okay, he got it - his step mom was comfortable with seeing men nude. It was part of her job. But he still wasn't comfortable with her seeing him nude. Especially with the unique growth he had in his pants, and we're not talking about the tick.

"Just pull down your underwear," she told him soothingly.

He took a deep breath, like he was bracing himself for a big jump into the nearby lake. And this was quite a jump indeed. It was the first time any woman was going to see Richard naked, and it happened to be his step mom.

He slowly took down his underwear, and his long, dangling dong was revealed, as the thick tube of meat hung lazily over his huge egg-shaped balls. His mammoth cock, although totally flaccid, hung nearly halfway to his knees.

Richard watched Carrie's reaction throughout this whole thing, and he noticed how at first, she tried to maintain sort of a professionalism about the whole thing, but as his whopper was revealed, she noticeably jumped back a bit, her eyes widening with fascination.

Richard took his underwear all the way down, letting it drop to the floor like he did his pajama bottoms. Now Carrie, for a change, was the one that froze.

"Richard," she began, still with wide eyes. "That's uh...that's..."

She shook her head with a big smile.

"That's quite a banana you have there, young man," she said. They both laughed. He thought it was cute how she didn't want to use a dirty word for his penis.

Richard expected her to go right back to working on the tick, but she instead knelt down before him, fascinated with the marvelous appendage that was hanging just a few feet from her face.

"You know you're not like most boys, right," Carrie said, amused. He knew exactly what she was referring to, a smirk coming over his face. Carrie eyed his enormous member.

"My goodness, Richard," she said, now ducking her head a bit, giggling. "That's just about the largest penis I've ever seen."

She was now openly referring to his endowment, which he enjoyed, and he thought he would join in.

"I ain't ever seen one as big as mine," he said.

"Oh no?" she asked as she now got ready with the tweezers once again.

"Except on the horses down at 'Old Man' Custard's Ranch," Richard added.

Carrie burst out laughing, and this time instead of trying to go on with her task, she gave into belly-aching laughter, falling back on her butt and holding her stomach as she cracked up.

"What?!" she asked Richard rhetorically, even though she understood him perfectly.

"I'm serious," he went on.

"You are unique," Carrie said, wiping a few tears from her eyes from laughing so hard. "Now I must (laugh). Now I must get going with this here. Let's focus."

Carrie realized she would need Richard to help her with the procedure.

"Why don't you hold him up and out of the way," she said, referring to his penis as 'him.' "And his two friends."

Richard grabbed his balls, and his flaccid tool, and held them up so that she could inspect the area underneath.

She made small talk, or big talk, depending how you look at it.

"You're father is very well endowed," she said openly as she began to pluck away at the tick.

"Okay, I didn't need to know that," he said with a laugh. She chuckled.

"I'm just saying," she told him. "I think big ones run in your family, that's all. It's definitely nothing to be ashamed of...Dammit."

She was having trouble getting the tick out.

"So is this...normal?" Richard asked, referring to his penis, seeking some reassurance that his massive organ did not make him a freak.

"No, oh Heavens no," Carrie said, stopping what she was doing and making eye contact with the young man. "Believe me, what you have is not normal, by any means."

She filled the room with her jovial laugh. Richard, meanwhile, felt embarrassed.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it," she told him, rubbing his arm. "You're just (laugh)...you're just hung like a horse, that's all."

Her candid remark made Richard happy, almost too happy. He felt his penis starting to grow into an erection. No longer was he shy about being naked in front of Carrie. He was really beginning to enjoy it.

The way she was kneeling in front of him, he could see the tops of her large breasts, and he also could see her amazing thighs.

The more he looked, the more excited he got. And Carrie was so busy trying to get the tick out, it took the attention off his massive boner, which he now struggled to conceal.

"Sweetie, hold these for a moment so I don't lose them, I'm gonna look for a different pair," Carrie said to Richard, handing him the tiny tweezers. He hesitated to take the tweezers from her, but he had no choice.

He took his hands away from his penis, and his enormous boner sprang free, bouncing in the open air.

"Oh my," Carrie laughed. Richard couldn't help but be a little embarrassed, like he didn't want to have such a huge erection at this time, but his big dick did little to cooperate, seemingly begging for attention and bouncing and throbbing right in Carrie's view.

"Seems this ordeal has really gotten you excited," Carrie said, staring openly at his lengthy hard-on.

"It's not the ordeal," Richard fired back. "It's...your legs..."

Carrie was surprised, but flattered.

"I'm sorry, Carrie," he said. "I can't help it."

"It's okay," she reassured him.

She looked at his cock as if she was beholding a beautiful painting, a work of art. His huge erection stood up tall, with sort of an arc to it. The weight of it didn't allow it to stand up completely straight. It sort of bounced up and down ever so slightly.

"Well let's get back to work," Carrie said. "At least now you don't have to hold it up and out of the way. It's pretty much doing that itself."

His towering erection looked so obscene, yet there was nothing to do about it. And at least now his penis was out of Carrie's way.

"Oh, rats. See the problem is," Carrie began, "I just...I don't have enough light down there to see what I'm doing..."

Richard didn't really have a solution to offer. Carrie thought of the only logical one, as uncomfortable as it might be for her stepson.

"I hate to say it, sweetie," she started out, "but I think I'm gonna have to have Janet hold a flashlight down there while I try to pull out the tick."

Richard was filled with mixed emotions. The thought of his stepsis seeing him naked didn't make him all too comfortable, but then again, he started to like being naked for Carrie, so why not her 18-year-old daughter?

Still to this day, Richard ponders if Carrie really needed Janet's help, or if she just wanted her daughter to be able to see Richard's monster penis. It remains a mystery.

But he was a good sport about it. Richard bravely nodded, as if to say he knew this meant Janet would have to see him nude, but he was okay with it. It wasn't worth making a trip all the way to the hospital, and for a third person to be able to get down and hold a flashlight down there, well, Janet was the only person around.

Carrie left the bathroom, and even with her gone, Richard still sported a mighty erection.

"You're gonna get me in trouble," he jokingly said to his penis, which did in fact seem to operate under its own will.

Richard could hear the two women talking, and sometimes chuckling, outside the bathroom door, as if Carrie was briefing her daughter on the situation. After some time, Carrie finally re-entered, and right behind her was Janet.

Richard instinctively covered his privates.

Janet had a huge grin on her face, but at the same time gave Richard this look of sympathy.

"How the fuck did you get a tick down there?" she asked him, motioning towards his crotch.

"I don't know," he said, still covering his privates. Janet saw how silly he looked standing there, hands cupped over his genitals.

"She told me about your penis. Mom says you have a fucking whopper," the girl said out loud.

"Jeez, Janet, you just had to say something didn't you," Carrie said with a grin.

"Well that's what you said," the daughter fired back. Janet was staring at Richard's crotch, not wanting to miss it if he revealed himself.

Richard could feel his face blushing, and his erection gained more rigidity.

"All I said, Richard, was that you were fully developed," his step mom said to him.

"That's a more mild version of what you said," Janet teased her mom. Richard laughed at their back-and-forth rhetoric.

"Can we get started, please?" Carrie pleaded with the girl.

Janet begrudgingly took the flashlight, and Carrie knelt back down on the floor, ready to try and get the tick out. They were about to get going, but Janet didn't want to cooperate.

"Take your hands away, I want to see it," Janet told her stepbrother. Richard was surprised by her brazenness.

"Janet, please, I think you've seen enough," Carrie laughed. "Come on, the guy needs our help. Don't make this any more uncomfortable than it already is for him."

Janet groaned. And she wasn't budging.

"I want to see his dick," she whined. Richard had heard his stepsister use the word "dick" many times before, but in this particular situation, it packed more of a punch. She also seemed to overemphasize the word, like she took particular delight in saying it, even with her mom present.

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