tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Tick Incident Ch. 04

The Tick Incident Ch. 04


The next day couldn't come quick enough.

Richard Parker awoke on a beautiful Thursday morning full of life and vigor, and jumped readily from his bed, completely nude.

Each day now, he felt like he was floating on a cloud. He was not only embracing his training, he was loving and savoring every moment of it.

The day before had been so enjoyable and so incredibly erotic for him that it still left a big smile on his face, and just gave him a deeply warm and happy feeling inside. He loved being naked in the presence of his step mom and stepsister, and it made him anticipate the next 12 days or so with that much more excitement.

After Barney and Craig had left the night before, Richard hung out with Janet for a bit, watching television, then headed off to bed. He had heard Carrie come in late that night after meeting with friends, but was too tired to get up and chat with her.

He hoped to catch up with her soon.

In the meantime, he looked at the clock and saw that it was shortly after 11. He could hear Janet was already back from cheerleading practice, so he trotted casually down the steps to talk to his lovely stepsis.

"Oh hey, Dick," she said nicely to him as he strode into the kitchen.

In the days that preceded this one, Janet had sometimes reacted to Richard's full-frontal nudity with girlish giggles, which was to be expected of an 18-year-old who hadn't seen many naked men. But to her credit, she had begun to show a certain maturity about the whole thing, not only accepting his nakedness as the norm, but she also had a newfound respect for her stepbrother and what he was doing.

She encouraged him on his decision to help out with the class her mom was not only spearheading but also serving as the willing instructor for, and Janet also made him feel completely at ease around her.

All that said, she did still love to check out his naked body, glancing at his nice, tan upper torso, his muscular buttocks, and of course, his remarkably huge penis.

"No tan lines on you," she teased as he stood before her in the kitchen while she flipped a couple of flapjacks in a skillet.

She eyed him from head to toe, her eyes lingering on his huge, hanging equipment.

"No - don't have to worry about that anymore...for a while anyway," he said, sharing a laugh with Janet as they reminisced about the day before.

Richard now jutted out his midsection a bit, overemphasizing his large, flaccid tool. Janet smiled as she looked right at it, enjoying Richard's desire to show off.

"You're tan all over now, aren't ya'?" she giggled softly.

He smiled back, then walked over to turn down the radio a bit so they could talk more.

"Copacabana" was secretly one of Richard's favorite songs, so it created a nice backdrop for conversation with Janet.

"Do NOT go outside today, Dick," Janet said as she continued to cook. "It is so fuckin' hot. We had to cut practice short because it was just too much."

"What did you guys work on?" Richard asked.

He could barely believe his own ears - he never asked Janet about cheerleading practice, but he just wanted to keep the chat going.

"Well we worked in this new routine, but...I don't know - I'm just kind of pissed off because we screwed up the pyramid," she explained. "It was the first time we almost nailed it, but...ugh, it was just too hot today, that's all..."

Richard appeared sympathetic, and his ability to listen allowed Janet to open up even more with him.

"Dick, can I ask you a serious question, and please just tell me the truth," she said, sitting down at the table across from him and taking a few bites of her pancakes.

Richard nodded, and encouraged her to continue.

"Do you think I'm getting fat?" she asked.

Richard immediately got the feeling that Janet began to compare herself to the other cheerleaders at the college, and that she was feeling the normal anxieties accompanied with being a girl her age. He went out of his way to settle any fears she had.

"Janet, you're perfect," he said with utmost sincerity, looking right into her beautiful eyes from across the table.

She gave him a warm smile, in effect thanking him for his compassion, but she sought more reassurance.

"I don't know...sometimes I think my thighs are getting too big," she said, glancing down at them.

Richard wished he could see those tan beauties, but at the moment they were underneath the table, out of his view. He looked forward to seeing them again.

"I get them from mom, ya' know? It's not my fault," she said, taking a bite of toast.

It was those big, well-rounded thighs - on both Janet and her mom - that drove Richard nuts. Janet was simply being too hard on herself - her thighs didn't even look like they had an ounce of fat on them. They were just big, tan, smooth, supple...succulent.

Richard didn't want to be overly descriptive to Janet in telling her how he thought they were breathtaking, as he didn't want her to think he was obsessed with them, but he did in fact want to make her feel good.

Janet had always been confident about her looks, even cocky at times. But the fact that she was questioning her figure showed just how delicate some women can be at that - or any - age when dealing with their bodies. Janet had a beauty that came from inside, something Richard had come to know. He cared deeply for Janet, and let her know it.

"Janet, I am your stepbrother, and up until the last few weeks I know we've kind of...been bratty to one another," he began, again looking her in the eyes. "But I can tell you, seriously, that I think you are just...you're beautiful."

"Aw, Dick," she gushed, smiling warmly at him.

"And your thighs are fuckin' perfect - believe me," he said.

Richard didn't often curse, so the fact that he did in this particular incident stressed to Janet he was really trying to get his point across.

"I can't stand when girls are too skinny," he went on. "You're...a full-bodied young woman. Please don't ever change."

She giggled sweetly at his sentiments. After she took her empty plate to the sink, she sat up on the table, preparing to make a quick phone call. She crossed her legs, now seemingly showing off those big, healthy thighs.

Her tiny black shorts hugged them nice and tight, and every now and then, when she would move about the room, Richard could see her enormous breasts bounce around underneath her white t-shirt.

"When do you leave for Baylor?" Janet asked her stepbrother casually, as he stood before her.

"Why, you trying to get rid of me?" he kidded.

"No, no," she smiled, tapping her foot in the air just to draw more attention to her amazing legs. "I was just curious. It's gonna be kinda boring without you around."

Richard began to speak, but as she often did, Janet interrupted - not to be rude, but just out of habit.

"Can you believe it's gonna be the '80's in like four months. Isn't that crazy?" she asked wide-eyed.

"Yeah," Richard replied, standing back and pondering the subject. "The last few years just went by so frickin' fast."

"That's the way high school is - you're just so busy with things that time just goes right by," she said with a hint of wisdom. "I mean with classes, activities, sports, studying, dates...you don't even have time to think."

Richard agreed with her whole-heartedly, and also had another keen observation of his own.

"Yeah, time flies. But I think the next 12 days or so will go by slow...at least for me," he said jokingly about his training.

He did in fact love being naked, but he would get nervous every now and then, as if a new challenge awaited him around every corner. Janet sensed his anxiety, and went about easing his worries.

She smiled, and glanced down at his flaccid - but still enormous - male appendage.

"You've been doing great, Dick, seriously," she said. "My mom and I have nothing but high marks for you so far."

One might think she was talking down to Richard, as she spoke with an heir of superiority over him. But Richard didn't mind. It actually aroused him a great deal. He liked the feeling of allowing Carrie - and even Janet - to lead him down this path he had chosen. It was his choice to do this class, and to accept the training Carrie had in mind for him. And he felt in his heart that this venture would not only allow him to live out his exhibitionist desires, but would lead to bigger things, a certain lifestyle even.

"You think I've been doing okay with it?" he asked of his nude regiment.

"I do, I really do," she said sincerely. "Seriously, Dick, yesterday you really impressed me..."

Richard couldn't help but smirk, as one thing suddenly came to mind, and Janet knew what that something was.

"And I'm not just talking about your uh...ejaculatory exploits," she smiled, acknowledging his amazing come shot of a day earlier.

He giggled, sounding almost like she often does.

"I mean you were really...yourself," she said. "Your personality really came out. You were sociable, you were smiling, laughing - jumping up and down (laugh)...you didn't just sit there like a bump on a log, which my mom and I feared you might do. You were really a lot of fun."

Richard thanked her for the kind words, and told her he was glad to be coming out of his shell.

"Barney and Craig really get a kick out of you, ya' know?" she went on. "I think your level-headedness and your ability to make everybody around you feel good really amazes them."

An ability to "make everybody around you feel good" was a quality Richard often bestowed upon his step mother. The fact that Janet gave Richard that same compliment was a high honor. Maybe Carrie was rubbing off on him.

The two went on talking casually about their respective colleges, and after 20 minutes or so Carrie came through the front door, relieved to make it in from the heat.

"Oh good, Dick, you're up - I was just about to call upstairs to you," she said as the beautiful brunette entered the kitchen, her hair in a cute pigtail.

Her casual look was not limited to just her gorgeous brown locks, as she wore a sporty looking Bicentennial T-shirt and a pair of white denim shorts. The shirt was three years old, and a bit shrunken over the years from several washes. That meant, of course, her rather large breasts showed up awfully nice in the red, white and blue top.

As Richard carefully checked out his step mom's sexy attire, she in turn gave the boy a quick once over, her soft, brown eyes ever so casually glancing down at his soft, but enormous member. On the inside, she was delighted to see Richard embracing his training, but now reacted to it as if it was expected of him.

"Ugh," Carrie said as she put down a bag of groceries on the counter - milk, eggs, and some other items showing through the plastic bag. "That was an exhausting morning, lemme tell ya.' "

"Please do," Janet kidded. "I heard you come in late last night - what did you do, dance the night away with your doctor buddies?'

Carrie let out a disgusted sigh as if she didn't even want to get started on the topic.

"That," she began, "is a whole other story. I'll tell ya' all about it in a minute but in the meantime, Dick?"

The boy had been temporarily distracted by something on television, but quickly snapped back to focus.

"Dick? You with me?" she smiled.

"Yes, mam," he answered her obediently.

"I need you, both of you actually, to help me out with the groceries," Carrie told them, her hands on her hips, looking nice and authoritative. "We're gonna make a little assembly line (laugh). I'll bring them in from the car. Janet, you wait for me at the door and bring them into the kitchen, and Dick, you can put everything away, okay?"

"Yes, mam," Richard answered clearly.

Janet just sort of nodded, watching a Tab commercial on the television. A shirtless man with rippling muscles is what captivated her about the particular ad. She then laughed to herself as she realized that she had something much better in person - Richard, who was not only shirtless, but completely naked. The young girl strolled out of the kitchen and to the front door.

Seemingly mundane, everyday tasks like this one now became a lot more fun for Richard, and the two women as well. Richard did in fact feel such a thrill as his huge dick swung about to and fro without any constraint, right in the open view of the two women.

As Janet relayed the groceries to Richard, bringing in bag after bag after bag, she took special delight in checking out his ample package just about every time she came back in the kitchen. Her glances were not at all thwarted by her step brother, but rather welcomed.

After their task was complete, Carrie joined Richard and Janet in the kitchen for some lemonade, with Carrie sitting at the kitchen table, Janet sitting up on the counter - her amazing legs at eye level, and Richard stood casually in the middle of the room. When the women's conversation changed to something Richard wasn't particularly interested in, he awkwardly shifted his weight from one leg to the other, in a seemingly restless fashion.

He did feel awkward when he would go long stretches without saying anything, but he braved through it.

"Tell me about last night - what the hell happened?" Janet asked curiously.

"Oh my God," Carrie laughed, holding the glass of lemonade up to her forehead in order to cool off at a faster rate. "I met with Stan and Melanie for dinner, and we were all thinking steak, so we decided to go to 'The Cactus.'"

"How was it?" Janet jumped in.

"Oh the food was sensational," Carrie said. "But lemme -"

"What did you have?" Richard had to ask.

"The porterhouse," Carrie told him with a smile. "It was amazing. The food is always good there."

Carrie pushed her chair out from the table a bit, just to get closer to Janet and Richard. She was about to tell them about the events of the night before, but just by natural reflex, she pulled in closer to the kids as if to not let anybody else hear the conversation.

She also crossed her legs, then began gently rubbing the top of the right one, indirectly getting Richard very excited. But he maintained his composure.

"Anyway," she began, taking a sip of lemonade. "Well, Doctor Stan had a little bit too much to drink. And Melanie wasn't of much help either."

"Didn't they bring the baby?" Janet asked with a confused look on her pretty face.

"At the last minute, they called their babysitter," Carrie explained, her eyes getting bigger as she approached the real crux of the story. "They wanted to have a night to themselves and cut loose, which is fine. Hey, I understand completely. When you have a baby, and it's 24-7 taking care of it and getting so little sleep and running around and all the hectic scheduling...believe me, I know. You need to have a night out once in a while."

Janet and Richard both nodded to signify their understanding.

"But," Carrie announced. "Once they both finished off more than a bottle of White Zinfandel between the two of them, guess who suddenly became the unlucky designated driver?"

"Oh no," Janet said.

"This girl, right here," Carrie said loudly, pointing her thumbs towards her own chest.

"Don't they (laugh), don't they live in Austin?" Janet asked.

"Um-mmm," Carrie nodded. "We picked 'The Cactus' because it's a good meeting point - halfway in between."

"Right, right," Janet agreed.

"But when I had to drive them all the way home, then turn around and come all the way back - I was so exhausted," Carrie said. "Then, on top of all that, they were doing construction in the middle of the night on Route 35. Bumper to bumper for over an hour...(Sigh) We decided to take a little detour and try some of the side roads. (Sarcastic laugh) For crying out loud, some of the little dirt trails around Old Man Custard's Ranch are paved better."

This sad but entertaining little anecdote painted yet another picture of Carrie's unyielding compassion for others, as she put Stan and Melanie's needs before her own. And after such a stressful night, Carrie needed to unwind a bit.

"Didn't you think about staying at the Mackenzies' for the night?" Janet asked.

"The baby," Carrie answered.

"Oh right," Janet replied.

"Just in case the baby was up all night, I didn't want to go through all that - I was tired," the mom said. "Plus, I didn't want you and Dick worrying where I was. I was going to stop and call but I figured, lemme just get home before anything else happens."

Just then the lovely brunette spotted a few rabbits about to do some damage to her flower bed, and she bolted up from her chair to go outside and shoo them away. Richard loved how her nice, big butt bounced around in her tight shorts as she ran.

"She's so obsessed with her flowers," Janet said, her eyes lingering on Richard's naked penis.

"I know," he laughed. "They do look really good though."

Carrie came back in and quickly apologized for her hasty exit.

"So how drunk were they?" Janet laughed.

"Drunk," Carrie said flatly. "When Doctor Stan gets up and starts singing 'I did it my way,' you know it's time to leave."

Carrie then indulged the kids in a more expansive retelling of the night's events, and how the Mackenzies did some wild dancing. It was nothing more wild than the parties they used to throw, parties that Carrie briefly alluded to. These "wild parties" were of great interest to Richard, but Carrie would leave it for another time to go into more detail about those.

"Yeah - the two of them are gonna be nursing some pretty major hangovers today, that's for sure," Carrie chuckled.

After a few seconds of silence, the mom and daughter looked over at Richard with grins, welcoming the boy to add anything to the conversation. He did in fact go about 20 minutes without saying a word.

"That sucks for them," he said of the Mackenzies. "Glad I'm not hung over today."

Carrie gave him a sympathetic smile. She knew he was trying to be sociable. Janet was in a more teasing mood.

"No - you're just hung," she quipped.

The mom chuckled whole heartedly.

"Janet," she could barely get out. "That's (laugh)..."

Carrie gave up on trying to say something in response and instead just gave into a hearty laugh.

"I'm sorry, I just can't go long without acknowledging..." the daughter said, pointing to his hefty penis.

"His ding dong?" Carrie said in a cute fashion.

Richard rolled his hips to gently make his penis swing from side to side.

"It does almost demand to be noticed, doesn't it?" Carrie observed, sympathizing with her daughter.

The mom leaned in and looked directly at Richard's incredibly large softy.

"Well, Hello there, how are you today?" the woman said in an adorable tone, jokingly talking to his hanging member.

Again, he made it dance for her. Carrie not only shook her head with a big grin, marveling at her stepson's long, dangly dork, but it amazed her so much that she had to indulge her curiosity on the matter.

"Richard, have you ever - " the mom began to ask but was interrupted by her precocious daughter.

"I keep seeing all these dancing penises - I just can't get the images out of my mind from yesterday," Janet said happily, reminiscing about her first experience with such blatant, full-frontal male nudity. "That was sooooo much fun."

"Yes, yes it was," Carrie confirmed with a smile.

All three of them, including Richard, recalled the previous afternoon's events with glee, as it was not only a hoot, but it brought all three of them closer together.

"It was a heck of a lot of fun, but exhausting," Carrie said. "I could barely get out of bed this morning."

"At least you didn't have to do jumping jacks," Richard commented with a grin.

It took only a second for Carrie to realize what he was referring to.

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