tagErotic CouplingsThe Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind


While she was putting the dishes away, he snuck into her closet and found the black and white scarf she used to tie her hair into a ponytail when they took the convertible down the coast. He placed it between her pillow and their wrought iron headboard. He normally hated the damn thing - it made so much noise when he was rolling over in bed, pounding against the wall, but this afternoon, he'd put it to good use.

He heard her finishing up in the kitchen. He hurried and started her favorite naughty playlist on their iPod. He stripped and jumped under the quilt on their small bed.

She was laughing as she entered their cramped bedroom. "Wonder what you're in the mood for" she said.

"I'm in the mood to watch you strip for me," he told her.

She was shocked by his boldness but she was immediately turned on. He didn't ask for permission; he just told her what he wanted. She could be just as bold.

She turned toward him and slowly started to unbutton her pink blouse, revealing a silky black camisole beneath it. She let the blouse fall to the floor and then moved to her skirt. He moaned when he heard her unzipping it and then watched her slip out of it. She stood before him in her black camisole, black panties and strappy heels - she moved to take off her camisole when he said "Stop."

She did as she was told - getting wetter the more forceful he acted.

"Get on the bed on your hands and knees."

She looked at him with some concern - not knowing what he had in mind, but being so turned on, she ignored any misgivings she had. Again, she did as she was told, getting on her hands and knees on her side of the bed. As she positioned herself, he moved from the bed to the chair they had tucked into a corner of the room.

He sat down and said, "Reach under your pillow and take out what you find."

She reached under her pillow and immediately recognized her scarf by it's feel against her hand - she gasped and felt her panties become soaked.

"Tie your left wrist to the headboard."

She bit her lip and looped one end of the scarf to her wrist and then tied the other end to the headboard.

"I smell sex in the air - you must be really wet. Use your free hand to touch yourself - show me how wet you are."

She reached beneath her panties and slipped a finger between her swollen lips - she moaned at the pleasure she felt and wished she could just finish herself off on the spot.

He caught her. "That's enough touching - lick your finger for me."

She blushed and hesitated.

"Do it now," he ordered her.

She felt compelled to follow his orders - she looked him in the eyes as she licked her finger, enjoying her taste and smell.

He abruptly left the room; she was scared but trusted him.

He returned with his favorite red "power" tie. He kissed her and positioned her so that she was laying on her back - he used the tie to bind her right hand to the headboard. He took a moment to survey his conquest - splayed on the bed, both arms tied above her, on either side of her head, her camisole astray, her panties very very wet, her heels digging into the bed. He gave her a devilish grin as he removed her panties - he could see the moisture glistening on her pussy - she was loving this. He was so hard, he could cum at any moment - but he would work hard to savior this.

He started at her ankles, caressing them and kissing the inside of her Achilles heel. He made his way up her calves, loving how the heels showed them off when she walked away from him. He massaged them and trailed kisses up her left leg then her right. When he reached her knees, he spread her legs as far as was comfortable for her, using his thumbs to gently massage her inner thighs.

By this time, she was writhing in the bed, unable to use her hands to hurry him along. He leaned over her and placed his face next to her pussy. She lifted her hips in a desperate attempt to make contact with his lips - but he backed away and left her writhing in frustration.

He slipped a thumb between her lips and gently rubbed her clit - watching her tug at her restraints. She was so wet, his finger easily slipped inside of her. She bent her head back and moaned his name - begging him not to stop, begging him to fuck her. That would be too easy he thought.

She groaned when he removed his fingers from her. He told her, "Lift your hips."

Again, she did as she was ordered. She lifted her hips and watched him move one of his pillows beneath her. His prize was now inches higher.

With her arms tied, her hips sitting on top of the pillow and her heels planted in the mattress for leverage, she was completely helpless and his for the taking. He held her knees and spread them apart, stretching her legs. He kissed the inside of her knee and made his way down her thighs - she moaned his name and begged for mercy. She could feel him laugh against her pussy - his breath tickling her. He rubbed her lips with his thumbs and slowly spread them.

She arched her back as he finally licked her - lapping her juices. For a minute he forgot about pleasing her - he was consumed with the taste of her, the feel of her legs on either side of him, he drove his tongue as deep into her as possible - enjoying the extra access the pillow beneath her granted him.

She wanted to hold his head and direct him, but her tied arms prevented her from doing anything except moan and beg. He took his time with her - getting drunk off of her juices and his new found power.

He alternated between pleasuring her with his lips, his tongue and his fingers, at times barely touching her and at others driving into her as forcibly as he dared. All the while, she wriggled beneath him, forced to helplessly receive the onslaught. He didn't know what was more exciting: knowing that he was driving her this crazy, watching this normally calm, cool, collected woman lose complete control, or exercising this new found seductive power over her. It was completely up to him how she would climax, when she would climax and how powerfully.

He had been loving her long enough to know when she was close to reaching an orgasm. Twice he stopped her in her tracks, backing off when he felt her tell-tale signs: her legs starting to wrap around him (normally she'd have his head in her hands by now - he'll have to remember to tie her ankles to the bed next time), her hips bucking even higher off of the pillow, her cries getting louder, and her pussy tasting sweeter. By the third close call for her, he decided she'd had enough. He slipped two fingers inside of her, licking the side of her clit as he did so. The combination sent her over the edge and she rewarded him with a very wet goatee.

He was surprised how much having control over her turned him on. He couldn't remember feeling this excited. Normally he'd give her a moment to recover but he couldn't help himself. He rose up onto his knees and positioned himself between her legs, lifting them from the back side of her thighs. She opened her eyes and smiled. He reached between them and stroked her pussy with his very swollen cock. He knew this wasn't going to last long. She wriggled beneath him, using her restraints to pull herself up. The sight of her being tied up drove him wild. He thrust violently inside of her, she grunted with the weight of him and quickly tightened around him. Using her legs as leverage, he moved in and out of her with a steady, relentless rhythm.

He could feel his orgasm building - watching her tied up - moaning with each thrust. He squeezed the base of his cock just as he was about to cum. She groaned when he withdrew from her. He moved to the head of the bed, lifted her head, and held his cock just beyond her lips. She leaned forward and hungrily took him in her mouth. He looked in her eyes as she swallowed as much of him as she could. He moved in and out of her mouth steadily, controlling the speed and the depth with which she took him. Her slurping noises and the knowledge that she couldn't do anything but take him made him cum hard and fast. She fought to keep up with his flow - trying desperately to swallow each drop as it erupted from him. She continued to hold him in her mouth, surrounded by his own cum until he started to get hard again. She licked him and gently let him fall from her mouth.

He removed the pillow from beneath her, unstrapped her heels, and then returned to the head of the bed. Kissing her lovingly, he untied her left wrist and then before untying her right wrist, he whispered in her ear, "thank you."

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