tagIncest/TabooThe Tight Bikini Ch. 3

The Tight Bikini Ch. 3


One morning, Paige sat opposite Jenny at the breakfast table, feasting on the sight of her daughter's firm large breasts barely covered by the silky robe she was wearing. How Paige itched to lean over and pull open her daughter's robe, allowing her full and free access to the eighteen-year old's lush body.

With difficulty she stopped her wayward thoughts in their tracks, desiring one's own daughter was still something she was coming to terms with. But, she had to admit the desire was becoming stronger. The girls she picked up on her business travels were becoming more and more like Jenny. But, she conceded, were anything to happen the first move had to be from her daughter. Paige wasn't sure what Jenny's thoughts were on same-sex fucking. It was something she would have to find out by careful questioning.

"Will Daddy be away for long?" Jenny spooned the last of her cereal up and dabbed at her mouth.

"About a week or so."

"It seems strange for Daddy to be away and not you, Mommy." Jason was on a business trip. He'd been gone over a week and she really missed their fucking sessions.

Paige smiled across the table. "Yes, perhaps it will give us some Mommy and daughter time together, huh?"

Jenny made great play of folding her napkin. "Yeah, sure." She and her mother had never quite hit it off in the traditional way so Mommy and daughter time together wasn't something either was familiar with.

"Do you need any new clothes? Jeans, tops, that kind of thing?" Paige hadn't been shopping with her daughter in a long while. She liked to encourage Jenny to wear skimpy outfits in the house. With her lush curves, the tight tops and skimpy shorts she wore left nothing to the imagination and were a feast for both parents' eyes.

Jenny looked into the far distance as she mentally went through her wardrobe. "I could do with some new bras, mine are getting kind of small." She looked down at her breasts. She hardly bothered with a bra any more but sometimes her daddy liked her to wear one so he could take it off.

"Well that's that settled then. Get ready, we'll go out now." Paige smiled as her daughter scooted off; Jenny never needed chasing up to go out shopping. "And put a bra on!" It was one thing for her daughter to go braless at home but the Mall was a different story.

They parked the car and walked through the large glass doors of the local Mall. Jenny used to hang out a lot with her friends at the coffee shop but since her relationship started with her father she preferred spending any spare time with him.

"Can I help?" The mature saleslady smiled as Jenny and her mother perused the underwear in the small, exclusive store.

Paige smiled back. "Yes, my daughter needs some new bras. She's growing so quickly and her other ones are too small."

The saleswoman nodded. "It's most important that young girls get correct support for their breasts from an early age." She cast an experienced eye over Jenny's breasts, which were modestly covered by a dress. "I can see that your daughter is going to be quite large and the wrong-sized bra worn now will create problems for her later in life. If you both will follow me." She signalled to the other saleslady before leading them off down a carpeted passageway.

The cubicle was only comfortably big enough for two people so Paige had to stay outside. A large mirror covered one side of the compartment and Paige noticed that when the saleswoman pulled the curtain across it left a small chink through which she could see easily the mirror and her daughter's reflection in it. She sat down to watch and listen.

"What's your name honey?" asked the saleswoman to put Jenny at her ease. "Mine's Fern."


"Ok Jenny, your Mommy says you need some new bras, have you been measured before?"

"About a year ago."

"Ok, so you know what we need to do."

Jenny nodded. "Yeah, I need to take my dress off and you'll measure me." Fern nodded and smiled as Jenny slipped her dress off.

"And you bra please, honey."

Jenny frowned. "I didn't take it off last time. The lady measured me over the one I was wearing."

Fern pursed her lips. "Did you come here?"

"No, it was another store, over the other side of the Mall."

The saleswoman smiled. "Ah, yes well we do it correctly here. You will need to take your bra off honey, if I'm to get a proper reading on my tape." She waved the tape in the air. "I want to get it right for you. Do you want to check with your Mommy it's ok?"

Paige held her breath. Jenny could be very stubborn. For example Paige had asked her to wear separates today to save her taking off her jeans but Jenny had insisted on wearing a dress despite her Mommy telling her she would have to take the whole thing off. And Paige knew that if Jenny didn't want to comply with the saleslady's request, she wouldn't.

"Could my Mommy be in here?" Paige couldn't believe her own ears! Jenny wanted her in the cubicle as well.

Fern smiled tightly, it would be difficult with her mother watching. "Of course honey, if that's what you want." She pulled open the curtain and Paige entered, "Some girls feel better if their Mommy is in with them when they get measured."

Paige looked on as her daughter unclipped her bra and let her full breasts bounce free. Fern smiled to herself as she had watched the eighteen year-old unclip her bra and toss it on the nearby chair. This was the best bonus of her job when she got to measure such wonderful firm young tits as those in front of her. Of course she could have measured her with her bra on but what sane person would have done that. Shame she wanted her Mommy in but you couldn't have everything. She would try to feel up as much of the young girl's tits as she decently could.

Jenny stood in front of the saleswoman and her mother in a tiny lacy thong. Paige noted there wasn't a hair to be seen and wondered how her daughter achieved it.

"While I'm here can you measure me please?" Paige smiled invitingly at the saleswoman. "I haven't been measured in a while."

Fern nodded; a double commission wasn't to be turned down. "Can you slip down to your panties as well please?" She had noticed Paige's breasts were slightly smaller than her daughter's but still a good size. As the mother slipped down to her panties, Fern started measuring Jenny.

"We like to follow the European way on this store, ladies. Have either of you knowledge of what that entails?" Paige shook her head, she hadn't been to Europe and she was certain Jenny wouldn't know.

Fern hid a grin at her own deviousness. "Well, it's a little more personal than normal but we find that it definitely results in a better fitting bra".

"A little more personal?" Paige frowned at Fern.

"Yes, it entails handling the breast far more than would be usual in a fitting."

"How do you feel about such a personal situation, Jenny?" Paige looked at her daughter. Jenny had no problem about her own father fondling her tits; in fact she enjoyed it hugely. But the saleslady caressing them even as part of the procedure for a bra fitting was different but she had to admit the thought was stimulating.

"I think it will be ok." She stated hesitantly.

"She's a little shy," explained Paige

Fern nodded, "That's nice in this day and age. Uh, there is a slight problem with this type of measuring which can be a little embarrassing."

"Problem?" Paige frowned at the older woman. "What sort of problem?"

Fern cleared her throat. "A lot of young girls get flustered by the personal nature of this kind of measuring and sometimes they get a little...aroused."

"Aroused?" Jenny's mother repeated.

"Yes, sometimes their panties get a little, um damp. I always recommend that they remove them before the measuring starts to avoid any embarrassment."

Jenny blushed and Paige had to hide a grin. This shopping trip was turning out better than she could have hoped for. "I see, Jenny would you prefer to remove your thong?"

Her daughter puckered her brow in thought and then nodded before slipping off the thong. She wasn't nearly as embarrassed as she pretended to be; in fact it felt really pleasurable to be naked in front of the two older women especially her mother.

"Right, shall we start with your right breast, Jenny?" Fern held it in her hands for a Mommyent or two, weighing it before murmuring over its fullness and heaviness. She ran her index finger lightly over the puffy areola. "May I say what lovely elongated nipples you have Jenny? I'm not hurting you, honey?"

"No, it's ok." Jenny blushed.

"That's fine. I really need to feel all around your breasts, honey." Paige felt her own panties grow damp as she watched Fern squeeze and caress her daughter's tits. The saleslady smiled over at her. "I forgot to add that Mommy sometimes gets aroused by watching so don't feel embarrassed if you need to take your own panties off. I'm sure Jenny won't mind, will you honey." Jenny blushed but shook her head. Paige needed no further urging.

Fern watched pointedly as Paige removed her panties. The mother's hairiness was in complete contrast to the daughter's baldness. The saleslady thought it was the hairiest bush she'd ever seen. Paige smiled at the saleslady. "Tell me Fern, do you ever need to remove your own panties?"

Fern had let go of Jenny's breasts. She giggled, "I like to remove them before the first customer of the day and put them on after serving the last customer."

Paige nodded, "I can see that would be...sensible." She sat back as Fern resumed her task in hand. As she did so she absent-mindedly stroked her own pussy. As she took in her mother's action Jenny felt a quiver of anticipation pass through her body as she imagined Paige doing it to her own moist folds.

"You still ok with me doing this, honey?" Fern paused from thumbing Jenny's nipples. "Or perhaps you would prefer your Mommy doing it?"

Jenny lowered her head and bit her lip, reddening. "Mm, that would be nice." Fern smirked as Paige took her place. This was going to be good to see. Jenny whimpered as her mother lovingly caressed her tits before touching her lips to each hard erect nipple.

"Well Mommy, look what you are doing to your daughter." She pointed to Jenny's hairless slit, which was glistening with moisture. "I think you need to do something about that don't you?"

"Yes I think I do but that's up to Jenny."

"Yes Mommy, please do something."

Paige grinned and pressed her daughter in the direction of the chair. Jenny sat down and leaned back. She let her legs flop slightly and invitingly as her mother knelt down between them. Fern slipped her skirt off and leaned against the cubicle wall. She loved Mommy and daughter situations like this.

Paige smiled up at her daughter whilst she ran her fingers softly over Jenny's cunt. "Mm, so silky smooth." She replaced her fingers with her lips kissing her daughter's mound before poking her tongue into the glistening slit. As she gently licked, Jenny moaned softly and played with her own rock-hard nipples. "Open your legs wide for Mommymy, honey, let me taste you properly".

Jenny opened her legs as wide as she could. "Is that ok Mommy?" she asked anxiously. Her Daddy always liked to eat her out after he'd shaved her but she needed to fool her Mommy into thinking this was the first time it had happened to her.

"Yes, honey." Paige reassured her daughter. "You're doing fine, just keep those legs apart for me."

"Yes, Mommymy." She moaned again as Paige lapped delicately up and down her daughter's pussy, savouring the taste and smell as she did so. She looked up briefly and smiled across to Fern, who had undone her blouse, and was playing with her own substantial breasts.

Paige gazed down at the size of daughter's outer pussy lips, which were fleshy and plump unlike her own. She still remembered how disappointed her grandmother had been over the thinness of her granddaughter's labia the first time she had shaved Paige when she was eighteen. It was then that Paige had decided never to have her bush shaved off again preferring it as a hairy cover up.

"Such lovely plump lips," she sighed over Jenny's moist pussy, "You should get them pierced darling."

"Would you mind Mommymy? Brenda has some. It's so cool." Her father wanted her to get her nipples, pussy lips and clit pierced. He had hinted that if she had this done she would please him greatly but if she didn't he would be very disappointed in her. Not in anyway did Jenny want to disappoint her father so she liked the idea very much but still needed her mother to say she was in agreement.

Paige continued rubbing the outer folds. "Of course not darling, I think you would look wonderful." She straightened up and slid her fingers into her daughter's mouth. "See, how nice you taste. Lick off all your juices for Mommymy." Jenny obediently licked her mother's fingers thoroughly of her own musky juices.

Paige then took one of her daughter's breasts in her hands caressing it before drawing the puffy nipple into her mouth. "Mm, that tastes so delicious."

Fern stopped playing with her own nipples and knelt down next to Paige and said "May I?" and as Paige nodded took Jenny's other breast between her own lips. The younger woman groaned as she held the two heads firmly in place as the older women suckled hard and longingly on her young firm teats. Her mother briefly lifted her head and smiled as she wiped her saliva around the reddened and raw nipple. Jenny, her eyes shut in ecstasy groaned as the two woman continued tugging and pulling with their teeth on her long nipples.

Fern gave the breast she was squeezing and sucking on a last little nip and stood back up. "I'm going to enjoy watching this." She stood again the wall and slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt.

Paige laughed and tweaked Jenny's nipples. "I'd better make sure you enjoy it then, Fern." She smiled at her daughter. "You ready, honey for what Mommymy can do to you?"

"Yes, Mommymy." Paige lifted Jenny's long legs and let them hang down over her shoulders to allow her better access to her daughter's waiting and wanting cunt. She kissed and licked her daughter's bald mound until it dribbled with mingled saliva and pussy juices before placing her fingers where her questing tongue had been. She gently bit Jenny's firm inner thighs before lightly wriggling around and about her daughter's pussy teasing Jenny's clit but not quite touching it. The sensation was driving her daughter wild. "Oh... that is so fucking good..."

She wanted Paige to finish her off but her mother wasn't going to let her off that easily. She darted her fingers in and around Jenny's mound so that the featherlike strokes were heightening the young girl's senses. Paige kept this up for a few minutes as Jenny moaned in growing frustration. "Please Mommymy, make me cum...Oh fuck... please...finish me off " she sobbed.

Abruptly her mother stopped and, still keeping her daughters legs in the air, went back to her daughter's breasts to tease and play with them again. She rolled and tweaked her daughter's nipples in turn before lightly kissing and biting them finally sucking on one nipple whilst playing with the other. Paige had waited a long time to play with her daughter's lush body and she wasn't going to be hasty, Jenny may not be so amenable again.

Finally Paige went back down between her daughter's legs and started tonguing her cunt deeply and satisfyingly. Jenny was trembling as her mother began gently nibbling on her clit, which had been poking out, begging for attention. Jenny started to shudder and moan as her mother chewed harder. Paige sat back in satisfaction as her daughter sat trembling and sobbing as she came. "Oh fuck, Mommy, Oh fuck...I'm cumming..." The other sound in the booth was Fern's groan as she worked her fingers furiously in her own cunt and finally came.

Jenny smiled in pretence shyness as her mother held her to her and stroked her hair. "Are you alright, honey?"

"Oh Mommymy, that was wonderful. But I used naughty language..." She blushed. "I didn't know I could feel so good. Um, can I do something for you Mommymy?"

Paige was desperate her feel her daughter's tongue on her own cunt but she felt that if Jenny was ever to eat out her pussy it needed to be somewhere a bit more comfortable and where she had access to the huge strap-on she longed to use on her daughter.

"Not just now, darling. And the language was acceptable under the circumstances because I think you've been given a taste of something you might like to try again sometime?"

Jenny reddened, luckily she blushed easily so her Mommy was fooled into thinking she was embarrassed about what had taken place in the booth. But she had made sure they ended up in this lingerie store as Brenda had told her what happened when she had gone shopping for new bras. Listening to Brenda's description of what had happened had convinced Jenny to try it for herself. She had only expected the sales lady to intimately examine her breasts like she had done to Brenda. Anything else would have been a nice extra. Her Mommy joining in had been a delightfully unexpected treat

When her father and Uncle had first fucked her, her Aunt had tongued her cunt out in preparation for the two family cocks. At the time Jenny had only been aware of her mounting excitement as she saw her father standing naked and erect in front of her waiting to fuck her. She hadn't given too much thought to what her Aunt had been doing and it was thinking about it in her daddy's absence when she lay in bed fingering herself that that she realised she wanted to feel a woman's tongue on her pussy again.

That the woman was going to be her own mother had never entered her head until she had caught her mother looking at her barely covered breasts earlier that morning. The covert glances had made her feel hot and damp between her legs and when her Mommy mentioned about buying some clothes that is when she decided to shop for a bra.

For the next few minutes mother and daughter stood naked together in the cubicle, neither in too much of a hurry to get dressed, drinking in the sight of each other's naked body. Their relationship, never a traditional mother-and-daughter bond, had instead reached a new area which both knew they would be exploring another time

As they waited for Fern to bring back their purchases Jenny kissed her Mommy warmly on the lips. "Don't we have some more of daddy's money to spend?"

Paige smiled at her daughter. "Yes we do. You're visiting Grandpa next week aren't you? We must get you some suitable clothes."

She smiled warmly at Fern. "I'll be back for my own fitting another time." The saleslady beamed happily, she couldn't wait.

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