The Tigress and the Panther


She admired its texture, its smooth hardness, as her hand slowly slid up and down in a gentle, pumping motion.

"Oh, no you don't," he hissed. "Not yet." He cupped one of her breasts with one hand and kissed her passionately, bruising his lips against hers while his fingers insidiously continued their feverish assault on her clit. Amanda's groan deepened as she felt his hard cock, sticky with pre-cum, against her thigh.

"You're getting messy," she groaned, then lost all train of thought as he tipped her backward at the foot of the bed, his mouth diving for her core.

Tongue-flicks, unbearably teasing flicks, began to batter against her sex. Amanda's legs twitched as he spread her wide, looking at the flower of her sex with hungry need.

"You look beautiful, Babe. Let me make you scream." He gently pushed his tongue deeper, probing, exploring like a fearless adventurer into her core. She moaned, her breasts heaving as he found her G-spot with his plunging fingers, using a combination of sucking, slurping, and finger-sliding to fully awaken her now-raging libido.

Amanda's breaths were growing more and more ragged. She was barely aware of her cuffed hand gripping the sheets with the ferocity of a lioness. She was frantically squeezing her breasts with her free hand, wondering how much more she could take. His tongue slurped louder, pummeling harder against her. His hot breath felt like a balm on her sex, but if that was true, why was the tingling in her core only growing more and more intense?

Amanda arched her back, shoving her pussy into Kai's face. Her gentle bucking was followed by the oddest sensation. A sudden purring came from between her legs, and Amanda gaped at the chrome vibrator that Kai slowly thrust into her snatch. The gorgeous brunette moaned, squirmed, and gripped the sheets hard with both hands until the mounting heat between her legs became a deadly inferno.

Cum, oh please, make me cum baby. Amanda's mind was roaring that mantra, wanting release.

"Mmmm...." Kai slurped and sucked. His teeth gently, playfully tugged at her clit as she bucked and moaned.

"Oh yes baby, right there...suck me right there!" Amanda moaned, her voice going up several octaves as he redoubled his furious, tender assault on her clitoris. She stiffened before thrashing wildly, her juices flooding into Kai's rippling jaw. His face glistened with her fluid, her scent filling his nostrils.

"You taste as good as I thought you would."

"I'm your horny, little slut," Amanda sighed, still feeling the after-effects tingling between her legs. She just lay there, waiting for the haze of euphoria to subside, but Kai didn't seem patient enough to wait. The handsome Hawaiian hunk cupped her ass with one hand, dragging her to the edge of the bed for another licking.

She tried to protest, to tell him how sensitive she was down there, but it was too late. He had her in an iron grip, his tongue making deep, powerful strokes against her clit. The vibrator plunged deeply into her core as he turned up the setting to 'high' and watched her squirm on the glistening, artificial cock.

"Ohhh Kai! Ohhhhh...Mmmm!" she moaned. "Harder...harder..." she hissed, as he thrust the vibrator in and out of her awakened core. He couldn't believe how responsive her body had become, trembling and shaking uncontrollably at the slightest touch. She bit her lip and told him to put his finger in her mouth. She needed something, anything, to keep her mind occupied and hold off the impending orgasm. He slipped the index finger of his free hand between her lips, and she sucked on his finger hard until the vibrator ripped an orgasm from her young sex, turning her legs to jelly.

She squealed happily as Kai's finger slipped free. Her lithesome nakedness thrashed back and forth until the tremors gradually faded. The foot of the bed was covered in a dark stain. Kai's face glistened anew with the fresh flood of her juices.

"Twice already? Oh god, you taste glorious, my sexy, beautiful Amanda." He said the words so simply. His tongue slid, slow and unhurried, against her thighs. With slow, deliberate progress he kissed his way up her smooth flesh, finally tonguing her nipples before gently sucking on the already-hardened buds. She gasped, the sensitivity of her breasts aching in the throes of her arousal.

As his fingers reached to gently caress her sex for a third straight go at pleasuring her, she realized that she needed to do something fast. She had to turn the tables on him before she completely lost herself again. Besides, who said that he got to call all the shots? With a gasp Kai realized that delicate fingers were firmly stroking his cock.

Amanda pushed her cuffed wrist against him, ignoring his half-hearted resistance until her fingers, gripping his cock, could feel the veins pulsating on its surface. She looked down at the massive, rigid manhood as she sat up, now pumping it with one hand even as her other hand gently fondled the folds underneath.

He stood back at the foot of the bed barely able to utter more than a huskily spoken word or two.

"'re...oh god...please..."

"I'm what?" the brunette replied, pumping harder, faster, as the tip of his cockhead began to glisten.

"Am I going to make you cum, hmm, baby? Like you did to me? Twice! Without warning? Hmm?" she teased, her cuffed hand now cupping his scrotum while her other hand did the pumping. She leaned forward, kissing him, but his lips hardly moved. It was as if all the blood in his body had roiled to a single point, bottle-necked near the tip of his cock.

Her wicked glance suddenly saw the cock-ring. She suddenly stopped her pumping, snatching up the cock-ring and fastening it to the base of Kai's penis. The boyfriend couldn't believe this was happening. Oh fuck. He'd had people tell him about sex toys like this, but he'd never for a moment thought to be using one! Let alone that his first try using one would be his first time making love to his sexy girlfriend.

"Are you going to be my man-whore now?" Amanda teased, seeing the flush of blood and heat trapped above the cock-ring, which was further engorging Kai's now enormously oversized prick.

"Amanda, oh god..."

Slowly, tantalizing him, the brunette's cute face leaned forward. Her tongue slid against the base of his cock, slowly skating its way upward, swirling around his tip. He groaned, closing his eyes as if in agony. She took him in her mouth, her lips pressing hard against the sides of his shaft as she slurped up and down, up and down, all the while feeling the straining, pulsating veins of his cock ready to erupt with need.

"Please Amanda," he hissed. His hand was now caressing her hair, then gathering it at the nape of her neck to hold it fast so that she could more easily suck him. Her mouth impaled itself again and again, bottoming out for several moments near Kai's balls, at the base of his cock, then coming upward. Her mouth finally slipped off of his cock-head with an audible slurp. Pre-cum dangled from her lips. She wiped the labor of her lust with the back of her hand, smearing it on the bed.

"'re so hot and hard, baby," Amanda purred, grasping his cock again in her painful, vice-like grip. The cock-ring was doing its job, keeping his cock more rigid than a spear.

"Lay back," she ordered. Kai lay on the floor, his cock saluting her. She had to follow him closely, her right wrist cuffed to his left one. She straddled his legs, then forced his ankles together, pressing them together with her feet. The jade necklace still hung between her breasts. She knelt forward, kissing him, deepening the kiss. He moaned as her tongue took control, and then Kai stiffened as he felt her position his cock near her moist opening.

"Are you my man-slave?" Amanda growled playfully. "Are you going to lie absolutely still and be a well-behaved slave while I ease my pussy on your big, hard cock?" she whispered.

Kai had no idea that Amanda liked roleplaying. In all their heavy petting and make-out sessions, none of this dark vanilla, alter-ego had ever revealed itself. It turned him on and made his cock stiffen even more.

"Yes," he managed, his tongue dry as cloth.

She slapped him playfully, not hard, across the cheek, just enough to make the echoing sound of the smack worse than it was.

"Call me Mistress, slave."

"Yes Mistress."

"Ask me...beg for it."

"Please Mistress...fuck me."

Amanda smiled wickedly, her pussy slowly easing atop Kai's cock. The Hawaiian hunk sighed with deep contentment as she slipped all the way onto his shaft, encasing him like a glove. After a while she got her rhythm going, the gyrating of her hips making pleasant friction against his skin. Her free hand gently raked the front of his chest, her fingernails creating pleasant sensations everywhere they touched.

"Ooohhh, yes...I love your cock in me," she purred. Kai could only gape at what was happening, but somewhere, deep inside, his own instincts were slowly reigniting, like an ember sheltered from the wind and just given new fuel.

Kai's free hand gently caressed Amanda's neck, and she let him. She slowly eased near the top of his hot manhood only to plunge back downward fully on his cock. His groans echoed in the room, and hers soon joined them, a sexy symphony of grunting and mingled flesh. The squelching sound of her moist pussy encasing his slick and straining cock filled the bedroom.

He couldn't go on like this. He couldn't hold out, not for more than a few heartbeats. He had to act.

Kai roared a guttural, primal cry of need, heaving upward. His arm slipped around the startled brunette's waist, sliding Amanda onto her back while managing to keep his cock still inside her. He pounded hard into her loins, his hips thrusting with deep, powerful motions.

The startled young woman spread her legs wider, welcoming her lover's entry. Her gasps and joyful pants were the only permission he needed.

"Mmmm...tired of being my slave?" she teased. "Oohhhh fuck," she gasped as his penetrations became fiercer and more intense. He was slinging his entire body into her with a frenzied need.

"Ahhh...oh god...fuck me harder!" Amanda wailed, her moans cut off by his bruising lips, their tongues entwining.

The pumping adrenaline coursing through Kai's veins combined with an almost ludicrous idea. But luckily the Hawaiian hunk was a weightlifter in addition to being broad-shouldered and strong. He cupped Amanda's shapely ass with his cuffed hand and somehow managed to lift her up with him as he bent back to his knees. Straining, half-kneeling, his face purpling with the effort, Kai actually managed to brace his free hand against the floor and put one foot in place, then the other, all the while lifting Amanda by cupping her sexy ass.

The jolt of all that movement had forced Kai's cock free of Amanda's sex, but soon he was making up for lost time. With furious efficiency Kai cupped Amanda's ass with one hand and used his free hand to balance her until her pussy hung, poised and exposed, above his glistening cock-head. Letting gravity do the rest, Kai impaled her wet pussy on his painfully erect dick, the velvety softness driving him nearly mad.

Amanda's swift moans filled the room. Her panting breaths felt warm against the side of his face as her free arm encircled his back and tried to hang on for dear life.

"Ohhhhh're huge. Fuck me, Kai. Fuck me!" she cooed. Kai didn't waste any time. He speared upward into her, plowing her depths for all he was worth. 'I love you', he thought.

"Amanda, I want to cum in you so badly...ohh god."

"Cum in me!" Amanda hissed. "Cum in me. Do it, baby. Oh god, please cum inside me!" she crooned.

Kai didn't think either of them was in their right senses, but at this point it didn't matter. They were two sweaty, loving bodies, enraptured and joined as one, man and woman, boyfriend and girlfriend, lovers...and one day, he suddenly felt the thought flash before him, man and wife...

Kai growled his release. Cum swamped Amanda's tight pussy, slickly dripping down the smooth skin of her thighs as Kai collapsed forward, pinning her slender body to the bed with his muscle-hardened torso.

Her exhausted, slender form shivered as she kissed the side of his face. "Get off of me you big lug." He laughed and she smiled. She gasped as his cock slid free, covered in their entwined fluids.

"'re all messy. Let me clean that for you," she purred, taking him in her mouth before lazily licking up and down his glistening shaft.

At long last the two lovers collapsed side by side on the bed. After a while Kai realized that his cock hurt. He looked down, realizing that he'd forgotten all about the cock-ring. His dick had regained some of its firmness, and he saw Amanda looking down at it, this mischievous smile lighting up her face. Her dark eyes sparkled.

"Ready for Round 2, my Love?"

He sighed happily. "As many Rounds as you'll have me."

"Make it ten!" she replied, her tones silky and seductive, as she grasped his cock once more and positioned herself facing away from him, forcing him to slowly watch her ass, inch by inch, as she eased her pussy down his shaft.

"Ohhhhh...Mmm... Amanda!" he sighed, like agony had him in its claws, only it was much more rapture than agony. The athletic Hawaiian couldn't believe how beautiful his naked girlfriend looked, slowly bouncing up and down his rigid manhood.

Her impaling pussy lunged again and again, capturing his cock until he realized that he wasn't the only one building towards orgasm. With a sudden cry, the young brunette slammed her pussy down hard, clenching his shaft, her spasms bombarding his dick with new sensation. He threw his free arm across her chest clasping her gently by the throat as he came, his seed filling her loving warmth.

She flopped back against him, exhausted, utterly spent. He breathed raggedly against her ear.

"You're like a tigress."

"And you're my panther," she replied, her cuffed hand gripping his as he squeezed her fingers gently and brought them delicately to his lips. He kissed her cuffed hand, then rolled onto his side so that his free arm draped across her breasts like a blanket of heat.

"Panthers make good blankets," Amanda purred happily.

"Yes they do," Kai agreed.

As she kissed Kai's arm and slowly let her exhausted, happily sated body drift toward sleep, Amanda thought that this had to be the best Valentine's Day ever.



Read the conclusion of Kai and Amanda's story in The Tigress and the Panther 2. Things take a darker turn when Kai and Amanda and another couple are taken hostage.

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