tagErotic CouplingsThe Time Out

The Time Out


I looked in the mirror and smiled. Scented candles were dotted along the tops of the bedside chests of drawers, the soft light making the crisp clean sheets and plump pillows on the bed look even more inviting.

I knew that once you arrived, the neat pillows and carefully arranged cushions would be in disarray, the coffee coloured sheets tangling underneath our writhing bodies.... I shook my head to clear these thoughts, focussing instead on what this evening would mean.

It had been the longest month of my life. Three weeks and five days of torture – an enforced time out from the man of my dreams. Just the thought of your strong tanned forearms made me weak. Picturing your rough, blunt-fingered hands and remembering all the times those fingers had touched my skin made me tremble with desire.

The knock at the door startled me from my reminiscing. I caught sight of my flushed cheeks and excited smile as I gave myself one last glance in the mirror, taking in the long smooth legs that ended in a pair of red silk shorts. My gaze travelled up, along my stomach to the matching red silk bra, my creamy DD breasts spilling out over the cups, my rapidly stiffening nipples pushing out against the tight fabric. The glossy red fingernails, toenails and lipstick completed the look and coupled with the smoky eyes and long flowing dark locks I was very pleased with what I saw.

I danced to the door, eyes shining. I opened it wide, striking a pose as I took in your reaction. Your pupils widened, sexy blue eyes scorching the skimpy red silk from my body. I was instantly flooded with heat, goosebumps prickling across my skin, lips parting as I raised my eyes to your handsome face.

I heard a sharp intake of breath, then you surged forward, taking me in your arms as you kicked the door shut behind you. Unsmiling and intense we didn't utter a single word, pressing our bodies tightly together , trying with one touch to make up for those long, difficult weeks apart. Your stubble grazed my shoulder as you buried your face in my neck, your lips finding that sensitive patch of skin under my ear that sends shivers of lust up my spine. Pinned to the wall I feel your hands reacquaint themselves with my near naked body, making my breath come in shallow pants.

Your lips find mine, your stubble burning a path of fire across my neck, tracing the line of my jaw with yours, fighting for dominance. I willingly succumb to your powerful masculine control, my legs parting involuntarily as you part my lips with your tongue, thrusting it into my mouth. Your hips thrust against mine, letting me feel every inch of your rock hard cock grinding into my damp, silk-covered crotch. All I can do is whimper, dry sobs racking my throat.

Your hands cup my ass, lifting me up the wall as your lips trail breathless wet kisses down to the tops of my breasts. I wrap my arms around your neck, lock my legs around your waist and surrender to you completely. You carry me to the bedroom, lay me on the bed then stand back. A look of pure animal lust comes over your face as you take in my dishevelled appearance, lips parted in desire, hips shifting from side to side, unable to keep still, desperate to feel your weight pressing down on me, your naked chest against my breasts, your naked cock sliding deep into the heart of me....

In one motion you strip your torso of clothing, throwing it behind you without a second thought. Your heavy boots are kicked off, dull thuds that seem to echo in the room, heightening my senses further. You bend and peel off your socks, giving me a sneak preview of your tight buttocks encased in denim.

A moan escapes my lips and in sheer frustration my hands find my thighs, caressing, stroking, teasing... Edging closer to my aching pussy. One finger finds its way inside the seam of my now sodden silk shorts, mere millimetres from my aching clit when you growl in protest, shaking your head and stopping me in my tracks.

I reluctantly remove my hands from my body, gripping handfuls of the duvet, my discomfort plain for you to see. The hint of a smile that plays on your gorgeous mouth makes me bite my lip, corners curling upwards in a return smile that mirrors your own.

You unbuckle your belt in one smooth motion, shucking your jeans from your hips. I watch the heavy denim fall to the ground, the thud of your wallet and the coins spilling across my bedroom floor comfortingly familiar.

My lust intensifies as I realise you are naked beneath your jeans. My lower lip once again catches in my teeth as I take in the sight of you – tanned skin, wide shoulders, lean hips, long thick cock twitching between your legs.

Your knee makes contact with the end of the bed, you bend from the waist and your arms land on either side of me. Propped on your elbows, your other knee lands on the other side of my legs, and you stretch your length along me, pinning me to the mattress with your weight. Your lips claim my mouth again, dominating me, making me yours, claiming back the flesh that belongs to you.

I feel your cock, rock solid against my crotch. A wriggle of my hips is all it takes, and the thick head of your pulsating cock lands back where it belongs, at the entrance to my sweet, wet heat.

The sensations are overwhelming – the touch, the taste, the smell of your skin. I part my legs and feel the head of your cock slide the first inch of the way into my tight hot tunnel. Groaning, you pull back... then with one determined thrust you fill my throbbing pussy with your length, and I feel your girth pushing my pussy walls wider as they fight to clench around you tightly.

No words are exchanged as we look into each others eyes, moving with purpose, finding that special rhythm once again. My breath comes in gasps as I slide lower beneath you, legs parting wider, allowing you to deepen your thrusts...

My eyes clenched shut, I bury my face in your neck, pressing my open mouth to it in a hot wet kiss, muffling my screams against your shoulder. The air surrounding us is hot, damp and thick, like we are moving in a fog. Time slows down, yet you move ever faster, your deep strong thrusts getting harder with every stroke.

Your hands are on my face, your fingers in my mouth as I suck them, bite them, desperately trying to hold back the orgasm that I can feel building. You grab my hair, twisting handfuls of it, using it to move me where you want me, dominating me roughly as I moan in ecstasy.

A growl escapes your throat and I know that you are beginning to lose control. I use all of my remaining strength, clenching my slippery pussy as hard as I can around your cock, slamming my hips up to meet yours, meeting your hard thrusts with my own.

I feel you tip over the edge, my hand reaches around to touch your balls. I feel them tighten, I hear you gasp.... Suddenly you roar and I feel my pussy being flooded with warm wetness as you come. This is the final straw and I give myself up to the feeling, allowing the mind-blowing orgasm to rip through my body...

Minutes pass. All I can feel are your heavy limbs crushing mine, the sweat of our bodies mingling, our breathing slowly returning to normal.

You lift up, just enough to be able to see into my eyes. You smooth my hair back from my face and smile as you tenderly kiss my lips.


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