tagNonHumanThe Toilet Monster Ch. 02

The Toilet Monster Ch. 02


(Thanks to Jen Lit Girl for the edit.)


A pile of shit sat on her linoleum floor. At least it looked like shit; big, throbbing, and steaming. The problem was shit wasn't supposed to move, except out of one's ass. Now, in her past, Eve had met men who held certain fetishes related to the shit pile on her floor. She usually broke up with them (almost immediately upon discovery of those fetishes) and took out restraining orders. Eve was adventurous but she had her limits. The big pile currently squelching about the bathroom made her think, briefly, that some of those men were playing a joke. She quickly dismissed the idea; none of them were that smart. In spite of her initial shock Eve couldn't resist taking a closer look. She saw it wasn't quite as shitty as she originally thought. Much of the brown stuff was sloughing off to reveal...well, she couldn't quite describe it

An appendage stuck out of its "top" that resembled a deformed chicken claw. It had pulsating cancerous lumps all over its "body". One sported a broken toilet plunger as a hat. Tufts of weed-like hair dotted the folds and bumps of its leprous skin. Red, pulsing veins spread like a map across its corpse white surface, and plunked in the midst of that bulbous mass was a single dinner plate-sized bloodshot eye.

The creature looked as if someone had lumped together a jellyfish, a slime mold, liposuctioned belly fat, and a slug into one gigantically gooey pile. Eve thought she could detect just a hint of psychopathic, retarded sex offender in its rummy eye. The final shock came from an incongruity she detected in its smell. "Omigod! It smells just like Axe Body Spray!"

Her terror cranked up a notch when the creature looked at her with its baleful eye and pointed its chicken claw at her crotch. Eve noticed the glob was between her and the bathroom door; she was trapped. She went through a list of appropriate responses. "Scream for help? Nah, no one will hear me. Gulp in fear? Nope, too mild. Frenzied panic? So not me. Terrified shriek? Yeah, that's it. SHRIEK!!"

Eve turned and fled into the shower. She didn't get far; there was a wall after all. The slithering slimer entered the shower after her. As Eve turned to face it, her foot slipped on a dab of dropped soap. She slid down the tiled wall to land on her perfectly shaped ass. Eve's legs were slightly spread. She was in a compromised position, exposing more of her pussy than she found comfortable. The toilet terror's rummy eye widened. It pointed its chicken claw at Eve's twat and crept toward her, dropping globs of slime in its excitement. Eve felt a brief flash of hope that the thing would fall apart before it reached her (it happened to more than a few losers, intimidated by her hotness). Unfortunately, the toilet monster had a stronger constitution.

A vaginal-like slit appeared in the glutinous mass. Eve raised her arms in an attempt to inch past the creature but the monster struck first or, to be more specific, spit. Two globs of gluey phlegm hocked forth from the monster's slimy slit. They struck her outstretched wrists with uncanny aim, pinning her arms against the wall. Eve slid down the wall, the goo glue acting as suction cups. She desperately tried to free her arms but the mucilaginous manacles kept them glued and outstretched. Eve found, to her horror, that her slide brought her closer to the creature. She began to kick in a desperate attempt to drive the monster back; big mistake. Her feet sank into the blob's gelatinous mass; worse, they stuck in the lewdest form possible.

"Oh no! I'm spreadeagled! Now instead of my pussy being merely exposed, it's wide open to this horrible thing!" In a slight digression, Eve was surprised at the monster's texture. She expected a cold, clammy, feeling as her feet became stuck. Instead it was like sinking into warm butter. "Warm butter that smells like Axe Body Spray."

The creature took one look at that pink pussy spread before it. It reacted like all the Axe-stenched, pimple-plagued, loser geeks Eve had to fend off through high school and college. Its rummy, blotchy eye nearly popped out of its blobby body. The creature pointed its twisted chicken claw at Eve's wide open cunt. "Help!" Eve shrieked, fully aware it would do her no good. "I'm being held captive by a perverted slime monster!" Worse was to come (or cum).

Rivulets of slime began to run from the pulsating cunt hole which previously spit forth her gluey manacles. There was a sloppy wet "cweench!" as a syphilitic abomination erupted from the dripping crevasse. A fat, giant penis-like extension, it dripped with slime, pus, and pre-cum. It was a diseased atrocity with running boils and cancerous tumors. Twig-like growths dotted the tumors like malformed weeds on a twisted landscape.

The horror hose slithered towards her. Eve estimated its circumference at three inches (she had an active sex life, she knew a big, fat one when she saw it). Its length was indeterminate as it continued to issue forth from the amoebic anomaly.

Eve watched in helpless despair as the slimy sausage hovered at the entrance to her pink flower. Her ample double D's quaked in terror (or anticipation, it really was a big cock). "Oh No! I'm about to be penetrated by the biggest, longest cock ever put in me!" Eve thought. "What will my girlfriends think?"

There was a brief anticipatory moment before the knobby noodle thrust into her with a loud "thosh!" Slime and pre-cum splashed onto her short cut muff. Eve shrieked a brief "Eek!" as the tumorous terror unspooled its length into her depths. It slithered through her vaginal canal, parting her moist walls before stopping midway to her cervix. The glob swelled like a balloon and then deflated. Eve felt a shocking burst of warmth as, with a soft "spoosh", the abominable mucous monster squirted its toxic love juice into her moist petal. Eve's distress at her (ahem!) violation was accompanied by a startling revelation. "My God! I'm getting turned on!"

To Be Continued. ..

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