tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Torment of Denial

The Torment of Denial


"Welcome Andrea my dear, please come in. I am Dr. Wand; we have been expecting you!"

The voice was warm, welcoming, enough to put Andrea at ease. The apprehension of turning up to such an isolated clinic was nearly enough to have prevented the usually carefree girl from taking advantage of such an opportunity. Two weeks vacation to anywhere in the world just to try on a new prototype bra sounded almost too good to be true, but seeing the small group of researchers spread around the room, some obscured by computer screens, others looking up at her in the doorway, all dressed in white lab coats and looking busy, it all felt so much more legitimate.

'Just remember...two weeks in the French Polynesia' she kept reminding herself, making her go through with it.

Andrea closed the door behind her, leaving the stream of twilight sun behind her to be bathed by the synthetic light radiating around the windowless clinic.

"Hello, sorry I'm a little late' she said timidly as she moved forward.

"Please, no need to apologise, we are very happy to see you. Follow me!" said the doctor who had greeted her upon entry, taking off a pair of surgical gloves as he walked along slowly.

Andrea followed him deeper into the large clinic, past the gleam of the numerous computer screens, heading toward the rear of the clinic where a light pink dressing screen had been erected beside the examination chair, illuminated by bright lights above and surrounded by monitors.

The clinic was large, however with around a dozen lab technicians bustling around and so many PC's, surgical instruments and general clutter around the area, it felt much more compact. As she walked through the centre, taking in the sights of the work happening around her, Andrea noticed a number of eyes diverted to her and seemed to linger on her. She couldn't blame them for eyeing her up so much; after all, there were many men in her life who all shared the same desire for her busty figure, something which has always drawn attention throughout her life to the point where she almost expects it, though in this environment it was quite unexpected. While her jeans were very tight, she had worn a plain white blouse, however this did nothing to hide her assets which always attract so much attention. The lab technicians were all of varying ages, a mixture of men and women, and while the girl felt eyes boring into her from every angle, she felt safe and undaunted here.

As Andrea glanced at a screen of one of the few workers not paying her attention, she had to suppress a giggle when she realised he was looking at a pornographic video.

She kept smirking until she reached the rear of the room, amused at just how he could possibly expect he wouldn't get caught watching that at work.

"Well my dear girl, it is getting on, so let's not waste any time" said Dr. Wand as Andrea approached him, shaking her hand.

"What would you like me to do Doctor?" Andrea asked politely while wondering how long the trial would take.

"The prototype bra is behind the screen, simply put it on and get comfortable on the examination chair behind me. We do apologise if the situation feels uncomfortable but we have been pushed for time lately" he said kindly.

"It's no problem at all" Andrea replied with a sweet smile before walking behind the screen, shielded from view.

The bright red bra lay on the floor behind the screen, in the measurements that she had confirmed to them over the phone. It was very soft to the touch and had a silky quality to it, but did not feel very particularly different to any other. She changed into it, clipping together the fastening at the front, her voluptuous frame all the more glaringly revealed.

Andrea stepped out from behind the screen before being beckoned over by a female lab assistant standing with a keen smile beside the examination chair.

In an instant, Andrea suddenly had never felt so exposed and defenceless; even though she had her jeans on, Andrea could not help but feel every eye in the room was examining her curves as if she were naked.

She could not help but feel every inch of fabric nestling so closely to her skin, even her jeans felt like they were pressing in more tightly between her legs than ever before. Instinctively she crossed her arms, though doing nothing to conceal her full, heaving chest which was so wonderfully filling out the delicate bra.

"Please place your hands above your head, I'm just going to secure your wrists so that your arms do not get tired as I inspect the fit of the bra" the assistant lightly spoke once Andrea had lay down on the chair.

Andrea was too lost in her own insecurity to even think how odd the request was to secure her wrists; she simply did as she was told, her mind focused on the lab assistants who were thankfully shielding the area with another larger screen.

Suddenly she was brought back to her senses as the click of the cuffs above her head indicated her arms were locked in place.

"Is that really necessary?" Andrea asked quietly, not to sound out of order.

Her question however, fell on deaf ears as the lady, who was out of site, standing at the head of the chair behind Andrea, lowered a blindfold down to Andrea and hastily slipped it over Andrea's eyes before she could react.

The instant the void of darkness fell upon Andrea like a wave, her mind was aflame, terror flooding her as she pulled against the restraints without a moment to think. It was of course, useless.

"What's going on? What are you doing?" She asked in a panicked shrill as she heard footsteps approach her.

"Please stay still" Dr. Wand whispered in her ear, not spoken menacingly, but warm and soothingly; at that point, too overwhelmed by her situation to do anything other than obey; her attempts to both question them and demand them to let her go this instant had caught in her throat.

"We are simply carrying out the experiment..." he continued in a reassuring manner "...however it is more beneficial that you are unable to see the analysis, otherwise our findings will be compromised."

Andrea relaxed a little and spoke, composing herself more.

"I...I'm sorry. I thought it was just a simple examination of the fit of the bra!"

"Yes, yes it is!" he replied kindly "however we must also closely examine it under various circumstances, we of course have to be thorough before a product is released commercially. If I explain any further, the experiment would be jeopardised I am afraid. Please try and relax; we will do everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible, just let us know when you are concerned about anything."

Andrea was certainly reassured, even when the female assistant finally spoke and gently asked if she could remove Andrea's jeans, she felt more at ease with the situation. The lady slowly started to unbutton the jeans as she explained that the experimental trial should not take very long. Andrea, however, was struggling to keep her mind on the woman's gentle words, as to her astonishment, the bra felt like it was both getting warmer and resonating.

"Is everything ok?" The lady asked as she unzipped the jeans, as if reading Andrea's mind.

"The bra seems to be getting warmer and..." it started to resonate more, making it feel like it was cupping her heaving breasts even tighter, already bulging within the constricting fabric.

"Feel nice?" the lady quickly added just as her fingers curled around the waistband of the jeans and very slowly sliding them down.

Andrea realised they of course be aware of what it was doing, but still felt a little embarrassed at what she was feeling, the vibrations within the bra making her chest feel so warm and fuzzy, a tingle of pleasure gently coursing through her upper body from the sensations which seemed to be steadily growing.

"It's...it's vibrating!" She said as calmly as she could.

"Feel nice?" repeated the lady, who slowly pulled the jeans down, revealing inch by inch the subject's white knickers, licking her lips at the site as the girl's inner thighs were now on display.

"Yeah" Andrea exhaled "it feels nice...but what kind of bra is this?" she added, feeling her nipples getting stimulated by the fabric, the feeling of a thousand butterflies dancing and fluttering along her sensitive breasts, a feeling of warm desire flooding her chest. Even as the jeans were fully removed, her body now barely concealed, her attention was solely on the sensations the bra was giving her, it felt so alive.

"It is a lovely little piece" Dr. Wand answered "a bra that has been fitted with tiny vibration pads within the fabric; quite a nice sensation I am sure, particularly for someone as fully developed as yourself" he finished, smirking as he surveyed such a wondrous specimen. "Of course, we did not wish to advertise that little facet, in case it put anyone off responding to us...though I am certain you are enjoying the study." He brushed the girl's hair back, but she did not instantly respond, the words seemed to be in the background, her mind busy focusing on analysing her own sensations.

"Can you tell me what you are studying?" she asked gently, her breathing a little shallow, feeling her face burning a little as her imagination started to race a little, leading her to erotic pathways she kept trying to bury away, to force herself back to reality and her surroundings; she wished they'd take the blindfold off, but did not vocalise it.

Dr. Wand did not answer her question but responded in a soothing tone "I'll leave you in the capable hands of my assistants to explain further, I shall be watching the progress from the monitor to record your responses." He then turned and left the scene, his assistants replacing him around the girl who was now so visibly being stimulated by the bra, much to their delight.

Andrea struggled to sense what was happening around her and how many people were surrounding her. The bra made no noise, even though the strength of the vibrations made that quite surprising, however the sounds of computers and the static hum of electronic items seemed to radiate throughout, the sounds all quite calming.

After a moment of waiting for someone to speak as the bra continued its sensations, a female voice responded.

"We will be studying your most intimate responses. Is the bra turning you on?" she asked gently.

Andrea wondered how to reply, but was suddenly stopped mid thought by the females slender fingers tracing along the bra straps. She stayed silent, unable to think of an answer as the fingers strolled along the straps, thumbs pressing gently across her sternum.

'Make them stop now! This isn't right.' Andrea thought to herself, but there was no connection between what her instincts were telling her, and her body's reactions.

Instantly, another pair of hands made contact with her body, this time however, every fingertip barely pressed to her skin, instead, they lightly brushed along her tummy, almost tickling her with such a delicate and controlled touch.

The mild tickling sensations of such deliberately restrained contact made her body almost yearn for them to touch her more closely; as she became astounded with herself for desiring such a thing however, she gasped as she heard and felt cuffs clicking into place around her ankles and thighs so fast she could do nothing to stop it.

"Do not worry, all part of our little examination" the female voice whispered again in a saccharine sweet tone before pressing her lips to the now helplessly restrained girl's neck.

While her body felt so warm and tender, Andrea's mind was a blur of thoughts, yet a male voice spoke before she could speak.

"Please do not worry, just relax and tell us what sensations you are feeling" his voice seemed to carry through the air, comforting in tone yet direct.

"It feels nice..." she began, her limbs relaxing more as the fingertips continued to patter along her tummy and upper chest, the bra still making her breasts tingle while the female's lips did not cease kissing her neck "...but what does this have to do with the..." she broke off and breathed deeply as soon as the fingertips trailing down the bra straps slide between her cleavage, stroking her warm chest between those tantalised breasts.

...the bra" she finished in a little sigh as the female assistant who was kissing her started to suck and nibble on the nape of her neck, such a sensitive area that has always turned her on so much; she blushed even redder.

"The bra seems to work just fine at the moment... though we need to make sure it isn't going to overheat, it won't take long."

The man's answer seemed to relax her mind at ease a little, but still she wondered whether it was right for her to be getting so turned. Andrea was of course, helpless to prevent any of this.

The fingertips continued to walk along her tummy, up and down as if toying with her. The further they moved below her belly button, the more it sent a tingle between her legs; no matter how much she tried to block out the feelings, she could not help feeling the fluttering sensations in her lower regions. Soon Andrea felt fingers tracing along the outline of the underwear, tracing along the waistline of her panties while fingertips pressed around the bra, outlining her bust and then circling around again to feel the warmth of her skin along her cleavage, fingers that could feel the quickening beat of the girl's heart.

All sense of time evaded Andrea as they continued to tantalise and massage her, another pair of lips joined in to nibble, lick and suck her neck and earlobes while fingertips trailed along her body, but never touching her most sensitive places, even though the bra never ceased in keeping her breasts stimulated.

'How long can this go on?' The spread eagled girl thought to herself, they had continued to stimulate her in this way for some time now, and was certain that the bra couldn't overheat after all this, her body had been tantalised so much it was uncomfortable; she thought to herself that she'd have to masturbate as soon as she got home.

"I think the bra is fine" the gentle male voice uttered just as the fingers to Andrea's lower body trailed along her inner thighs, making her shiver ever so slightly.

Instead of resisting the attentions, Andrea, whose body was undeniably and uncomfortably hot, was solely focusing on how wonderful the sensations throughout her body were being stirred. She was trying her hardest however to not audibly display how much she was being turned on, trying to maintain her breathing as much as she could.

A moment later, she gasped, as the front of the bra was suddenly unclipped. The delicate piece slid open to reveal her gorgeous soft globes. Andrea blushed bright red, thinking of all around her smirking in joy at the site of her stiff nipples, so evidently turned on; she could not speak, feeling so utterly helpless.

"It's ok sweetheart, we are going to make you feel amazing for the study, just relax" came the consoling female voice to her left, before again re-joining the other on Andrea's right in nibbling and licking down and under her neck and upper body.

Andrea could not think of a response while the fingertips continued to flitter along her legs and inner thighs; the amount of hands and fingertips she could not process, lost in a haze of sensations, she had never felt so utterly bewildered and turned on at once.

Warm and astonishingly soft hands curved around her heaving breasts, fingers clutching around those soft curves so sensually. Her breasts seemed to ache with longing for more, she was certain that the fingers which slid up and down her cleavage could feel her heart beating so fast.

'Please touch me more' she wanted to speak out as her chest was fondled more, fingertips circling around her nipples, but not touching them; she fought the urge to tell them her desires, yet the fingers teasing along her thighs made it so hard for her to not rock her hips in desperation.

It became a complete battle with her own body after mere minutes of this attention, so much so that she had to act.

"How much more? What do you need to know now?" Andrea said quietly once her hips started to sway ever so slightly, her body wanting more and more.

The reply came from the male between her legs, just as he slid a lone fingertip up between her legs as he moved it to her navel, making her gasp and jump.

"I see you are exceptionally aroused... well that is perfect, as we want to see just how far we can push you".

His answer made the helpless girls head explode with questions, but she could speak a word as so many fingers seemed to suddenly explore every inch of her body, everywhere except her most delicate areas; her nipples and sex throbbed so much now.

Her entire body writhed as the hands caressing her were joined by more lips pressing to her; along her tummy, across her chest, along her legs and thighs, lips pressed to her and tongues slid along her soft, warm succulent skin. Andrea sighed and moaned gently as a pair of soft slippery tongues circled around her nipples, daringly close yet never quite touching them, no matter how much she swayed her own body towards them.

"Please, why?" She wasn't even too sure herself what her question was addressing, but her mind was racing.

She received no answer though, and instead her question was met with fingers tracing along the front of her panties, making her hips sway in longing for them to just move an inch more, to touch her mound which was so clearly swollen and on display in the tight white panties. The fingers trailed up and down over the fabric with utter precision, never quite pressing to her soft lips, but getting so close it was agonising.

Andrea did not care about anything in those moments except for them to touch her sensitive parts, but just at that moment, one of the female voices whispered gently in her ear, the tone so seductively wicked and hungry like a predator addressing its prey, ready to pounce.

"We're going to keep you on the brink of pleasure".

Before Andrea could respond, oil was being drizzled over her near naked body, the hands all over her smothering it around every crevice and curve, though still avoiding that little patch between her legs. The silky, smooth, oily feelings over her made the helpless girl writhe and breathe heavily, her lust completely taking over her senses, she didn't even try to speak or make sense of the situation. The hands around her, slipping and sliding all over, made her back arch in pleasure, allowing fingers to slide under and trace along the curve of her spine; Andrea shuddered in arousal, knowing she was helpless, but still twisted and turned against the restraints hopelessly -- for a second she wondered whether being helpless was what turned her on even more.

'Oh fuck! Please just touch me, finger me; make me cum!' Her mind was trying so desperately for her mouth to follow. The writhing girl's body was shimmering; the wet sounds of oily hands massaging her did little to mask her heavy breathing. Although her breasts felt so wonderful to be massaged all over in such an oily caress, her nipples went still untouched, and they were so erect it was almost painful. The girl, so utterly on display, was too aroused to even care that her panties were so visibly wet; in fact, she could not remember her pussy being this wet before. The fingers that were tending around her inner thighs were making her throb without making contact with that special little area. While the eyes of those around her savoured the wetness of her white panties clinging to her swollen lips, they still made no effort to give it more attention.

"Oh god...please...my body is on fire" Andrea finally managed to gently say, but to no answer. The only reception was that now, lips and tongues began tracing more closely to her delicate areas; two mouths tender to her breasts, each licking and nibbling in circles around her nipples, while two mouths on either side of her thighs nibbled and licked along the line of her moist panties, toying with her cruelly.

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