The Torment of Denial


"Please... more!" She exhaled as her moaning increased every time the tongues curled and met just above her apex. 'I can't take this teasing anymore' her mind added.

Suddenly her hips bucked as a finger gently brushed up and down the front her panties. A single fingertip pressed unbearably delicately up and down the wet fabric, tracing along the slit between her swollen pussy lips which sent surges through her body. It may have been minutes, but it felt like hours as this unyielding dedication to teasing her continued; coupled with the constant licking, nibbling and massaging of her hot, oily body, Andrea gave in.

"Do something more! I'm so horny, just let me cum!" The words were practically yelled out, unable to put up pretences anymore; her walls had been broken down.

Instantly she heard the snip of scissors and felt the waistband of her panties parting; the fabric fell open, the final barrier of nakedness. In any other circumstance she'd be beside herself, outraged that she was naked and exposed, but as the girl lay there so utterly, beautifully vulnerable, her mind was solely on the thought of releasing all her sexual frustration, to have never before been so desperate to cum.

Any further demands for sexual release were muted however, as female lips pressed to Andrea's, feeling the woman's hair fall along her own shoulders as their lips locked together. The tenderness of the kiss added further to such sexual feelings, rising further as soon as their tongues began swirling around one another's. This moment did little to hold Andrea's attention though, as suddenly her now overly sensitive body was being lavished with the sensation of paintbrushes gliding around her. She moaned into the mouth that kept her from crying out in frustration; nothing had ever felt so torturously erotic. Being kissed so sensually, as soft tipped paint brushes worked over her body, tickling gently along her sensitive folds, made Andrea squirm and pull on the restraints in desperation. The soft, oiled bristles were methodically brushed around her most sensitive areas so cruelly; they circled around her areola, just barely darting around the stiffened peaks, while between her legs, brush strokes eased slowly up and down the delicate petals of her sex.

Andrea bucked and wriggled her hips to get what her mind screamed for, every moan and attempt to cry out muffled by the seductive mouth.

Her pussy was dripping wet, glistening every time her lips were brushed softly, yet never enough to push her over into release, even though it burned within her so deeply.

The moment the kissing stopped Andrea took the first chance to scream out.

"STOP TEASING ME, I NEED TO CUM...pleaaaaase!!" Her desperate plea resounded, but the only sounds in return came from the humming of the scientific equipment around her, as if scanning her.

Her body was shining wet as sweat mingled with the oil, looking like a surgical procedure as her helplessly restrained body was surrounded by the scientific team as well as scanners, all focused solely on her writhing, moaning, squirming frame.

'I have to cum, I HAVE TO CUM!!!'

"MAKE ME CUM, PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU!" The throbbing, pulsating fire in her loins could not build any longer, like a dam fit to burst.

Suddenly, her pussy lips were delicately spread open with calculated fingertips as her clitoral hood was slowly peeled back, making Andrea squeal, unable to contain herself. She wanted to scream the moment the thin, soft bristles of a brush circle around her exposed clitoris.

"OH MY GOD... it's too, I'm so fucking hot" she kept squealing as her clitoris twitched, her legs now shuddering while her back kept arching for sensations that her mind could barely comprehend. The moment a pair of mouths clamped down around her nipples however, her mind erupted, awash with joy the moment they sucked on those achingly stiff little nubs.

So close to orgasm, her teeth gritted, head flung back and open mouthed as their teeth trapped each achingly erect nipple, trapping it for their tongues to lash against gloriously.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!"

The paint brush slipped just over the tip of her clit, a scream of bliss filled the room as her body trembled... she knew she was going to cum now, the paintbrush flicking back and forth over her button of pleasure; it was unbearably sensitive, but at that moment her entire universe was the enormous orgasm about to drown her.

Andrea's toes curled, she held her breath as every muscle in her body seemed to tense...

...suddenly it stopped.

"NOOOOO PLEASE, I WAS THERE, I WAS THERE... PLEEEEEASE" she cried out, on the verge of tears, feeling like she wanted to burst.

Her breathing was fast; the rising and falling of her breasts with each deep breath almost hypnotically beautiful to gaze upon.

As quickly as it stopped, it started again, this time two brushes now on either side of her red little button and along her lips; all she could do was grit her clench her jaw at the teasing sensations, until another brushstroke fluttered over her clitoris once more. The sensation would have made her jump from the chair if she wasn't restrained, yet all she could do was throw her head back in a soundless scream as the brushes worked her hypersensitive clitoris towards a crescendo until...


The brushes were withdrawn at the same instant, making the girl strain on the bonds in desperation. In silence they watched as she thrust her hips up and down as if trying to grind against the air, before setting on her yet again with the soft brushes.

While her most sensitive little places were being tormented with every dedicated brushstroke, Andrea pleaded with them throughout.

"please let me cum this time, I have to cum, I'm begging you"

Her muscles began to tense.

"I...I...I'm going to cum" she gasped, but she was wrong.

Once they pulled away from her again, Andrea could feel her pussy juices running down her ass cheeks; never had she been so aware of her pussy, of how it felt, so sensitive to even the coolness of the air on her hot, wet womanhood.

Before she could moan in frustration, a steady authoritative tone spoke out.

"There has been such little examination into a female's denial... but now we can detect just when that delightful peak is upon you"

Before Andrea could truly take in that the words were being directed to her, and what they meant, her thoughts were brought straight to between her thighs the moment she felt the a tongue lick up from beneath her pussy, slowly up to her mound. Her hands clenched and toes curled as the tongue trailed up and down, parting her pussy lips slightly as it nestled along her labia before trailing over her clitoris. The speed gradually increased as on and on the soft wet sensation of an eager tongue played havoc with Andrea until it built up again, leaving her breathless for a second, before the tongue moved away.

'I can't take it, I have to cum' the sound of pure frustration made those around her smile as they paid careful attention to the monitors which, unknown to Andrea, were keeping track of her arousal.

'Oh fuck...YES, oh God, yes yes...please don't stop' she squealed as without warning soft lips clamped around her clitoris, sucking on it greedily.

A female voice whispered into her ear ' look so sexy; I want to keep you like this forever' the woman giggled sweetly at the end, before Andrea screamed out.

'I'm Cumming'

But she was wrong again, the mouth pulled away at the last instant, his chin smothered with her pussy juice, smirking.

Andrea was thrusting her hips up and down, trying to entice him, or anyone, into giving her more; she wriggled and moaned as gently as she could, desperate to seduce someone into taking pity. Mercy did not come, as they allowed her to calm down again, before 2 tongues swirled around her clitoris while her nipples were being sucked. The feeling of 2 tongues down there was like a dream to her, yet in this predicament all she wanted was relief. The tongues played with her stiffened little swollen bud for what felt like hours, ever so slowly lapping around and over her clit, then trapping the little button between their tongues and tormenting it.

When they brought her to the edge again, both pulling back at the same time, Andrea could feel her clitoris throbbing while she screamed.

'I'll do anything, please just stop it and let me cum'

It was only after a brief moment that a finger rested on her clitoris; such a solid sensation on it made her body twitch suddenly, until the fingertip began rubbing over her engorged clit slowly. They had hardly let her come down, meaning she reached the edge very quickly, but she tried to say nothing, to see if they'd make her orgasm.

However, as soon as the peak was reached, the masturbation stopped.

'Aaaaaaarghhhh....LET ME FUCKING CUM...PLEASE!!!...I'll give you anything, do anything...'

Before the overwrought girl could finish, the torment started, again not giving her sex a chance to rest.

She was masturbated to the edge multiple times, while Andrea screamed and pleaded throughout the cruelty her sex had to endure, her body an inferno of need as they gave her only enough rest after every peak solely to stop her from toppling over into the orgasm she craved.

'Pleeeeeeeease! Please fuck me, I'm begging you... fuck my pussy, Oh God please, please, please' She whimpered., tease trailing down her cheeks, not from pain but from utter frustration... an intensity she could not have even fantasised about experiencing. In her dreams she may have desired such pleasure, but to experience it and have it thrust upon her so unrelentingly was more than she could have believed. Her pussy was constantly twitching and quivering, red and swollen while it glistened with her sexual essence leaking uncontrollably.

The feeling of someone blowing gently on her pussy made her moan and sigh, a soothing relief, yet it still made her yearn for more and seemed to make her throbbing clitoris twitch even more. At that moment, her pussy was the centre of the universe for the girl who lay bound and blindfolded helplessly; never had Andrea felt so deeply every morsel of her sex, it almost felt heavy, the throbbing of her clitoris and the pulsation of her contracting pussy seemed to course through her being like never before.

The feeling of a lone finger trailing slowly up and down her twitching wet pussy made her buck her hips uncontrollably. She was purely animalistic in her need, thriving solely on sexual need. To the surprise and utter delight of Andrea, the fingertip pressed into her pussy hole, softly sinking into her feminine folds; although her pussy was so tight, the amount of teasing had made her entrance deliciously lubricated. The tight little hole seemed to be constantly contracting on its own, desperate to swallow and cling tightly around the penetration. One inch... then two... until it was withdrawn just as devastatingly slowly, leaving a string of pussy juice following the finger. Before Andrea could cry out further however, the finger slid back inside again, making her moan in pleasure as it was thrust fully into her, her walls clenching and pulsating around it.

"Fingerfuck me hard... I'll scream and cum hard for you" Andrea cried out as a second was slid inside.

"Tell me when you are close, and then I will count down to your orgasm. Understand?" came a male voice.

"Yes. Yes. Fuck yes" Andrea squealed out in response as the fingers thrust in and out faster, sending her juices flinging every time they drilled back and forth.

Faster and faster he fingerfucked her, until finally she reached the edge.

"I'm...I...It's coming...Please!!" she yelled out breathlessly.

"On zero" came a woman's voice beside her, before the countdown begun.


Andrea was writhing and moaning in complete ecstasy, on the verge of climax, her impending orgasm ready to flood through her like a tidal wave.


She was there, mouth wide open to scream into the heavens, eyes shut tight under the blindfold.

The fingers pulled out fast.


Her screams of desperation were replaced with a yelp of sensation as an ice cube was pressed onto her sensitive clitoris.

"IT'S TOO MUCH...STOP!!" She pulled on the restraints fiercely as the ice cube slid up and down her sex, beginning to melt very fast due to the heat of her aching sex.

"JUST FUCK MY CUNT" The girl screamed, yet her torture did not end.

Once the ice melted, her pussy was explored again; fingers curled up inside her, her engorged g-spot was rubbed relentlessly while her tormented clit was sucked on, the contrast of the cold ice to the warm tongue made it feel like it was alive and on fire, a sensation that felt almost disconnected from the rest of her body.

"Please, I'm going to die, I'm going to die... PLEASE STOP" her pleas for mercy went unheard, with no answer and only the wet slapping sounds of her pussy being explored audible to her.

Over and over they explored her this way, taking turns denying her, sucking her clit, fingerfucking her and using ice on her most sensitive spots to get the squeals they so desired from her. If she didn't want to orgasm more than anything in the world, she'd have prayed to be released, but as it were, she was helpless but to endure the torture, her teased nipples and clitoris harder and more sensitive than imaginable.

Andrea's delicate sex was ravaged even more mercilessly once the toys were introduced to her.

Speechless, all she could do was scream as she was vibrated remorselessly to the edge more and more; small bullet vibrators were inserted into her pussy, feeling the vibrations shudder deep inside, before another powerful egg vibrator was pressed to her clit. Even as they stopped her on the verge once again, the feeling of having the bullets pulled quickly from her sex was indescribable.

With her body covered in sweat, thighs shuddering, sex swollen and struggling to breathing heavily, Andrea was finally spoken to.

"It seems that you can't be pushed any further, I guess we are done with you" The female voice was cold and clinical.

"Please let me cum... Fuck me.... Do anything to me" Andrea begged.

Instantly she felt multiple tongues trailing over her lower body and breasts, across her thighs, her tummy, and exploring around her pussy. The burning desire started to overcome Andrea once more while the tongues darted over her tender petals.

"Oh yes... mmmm...Yes... Don't stop... it feels so fucking good"

One mouth sucked on her clitoris intensely while the other tongue lapped away at her clenching pussy.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck....Oh...OH...I'M CLOSE"

She had the terrible sensation they would all withdraw their wondrous assault, but they continued to ravish her with their tongues, eating her out and sucking on every tender inch.

Under the blindfold, the writhing girl widened her eyes, knowing it was coming.

"OH MY GOD.... I'M CUMMING" she screamed out, unable to stop it even if she wanted to. The mouths restlessly suckled and licked at her as Andrea erupted in orgasm, every inch of her body trembling, her toes curled and fingers clenched, shuddering as the explosion surged throughout her; an orgasm she thought she'd die from. Unending and unyielding, it seemed to last painfully long, more intense than any feeling in her life, wrestling with her very existence, washing through her mind and leaving no room for thought.

She did not seem to come down from the height of pleasure, as the tongues did not

stop ravishing her now oversensitive body; even after everything, all of the denial and need for sexual frustration, she had received the release needed, and her body had had

enough. Nothing she could do would stop them, so open and utterly vulnerable.

"Ok...Ok ...I Came, Stop! I've cum" she said breathlessly, as if they actually needed to be told she had cum. However they kept on sucking even harder and licking faster.

"Stop...I'm... Oh God! I'm Goi..." A second orgasm built just as quickly inside her, hitting her just as hard as the last. Crying out, transfixed in bliss as she pulled against the restraints... not being able to caress herself or soothe anywhere with her own touch seemed to make the orgasm even more intense, such violent, raw pleasure.

"I...I... No..." she could barely speak as fingers were thrust inside her, curling up and rubbing on her swollen g-spot while the sucking on her overstimulated clit did not cease. The fingerfucking she received made her scream out and shiver as her juices leaked from that throbbing, little red sex.

"Please... It's too much, so....So sensitive" now Andrea needed them to stop as it overwhelmed her with pleasure; but still they fingerfucked, sucked and licked her throughout her orgasms, relentlessly forcing her to cum no matter how much she begged them to stop.

She was pulling at the restraints so hard she felt like her limbs would tear off, but still the abuse would not cease.

"FUCKING STOP... PLEASE, PLEASE STOP IT. MERCY... STOP!!! OH GOD OH GOD!" her orgasms were brutally intense, she saw stars as they forced orgasm after orgasm out of her, barely able to breathe through what was being forced upon her while she squealed and screamed. She thought she would pass out, but her body did not grant her such release. Instead, her pussy began to simply become so sensitive it was simply painful. Evidently her tormentors were able to read these signs, as they slowed down and began to cease their carnal attention on her.

Andrea felt like a cluster of nerve endings, her body so sensitive, she just wanted to curl up forever, but as she lay back still, breathing heavily. She did not utter a word or move, lost in her own mind, while she was uncuffed and tended to gently. It was morning, and still the lab was as active as when she first arrived so many hours ago.

After monitoring her carefully and keeping her stable and cared for, Andrea was clothed, washed and fed once her senses returned. Things were back to normal in the lab, as if nothing had happened, treating her once again like the test subject she believed she was going to be when she first entered. Dr. Wand returned to join her, taking her by the hand and walking her towards the exit. Andrea simply followed without question, her legs still a little shaky, but now able to walk at least.

"Now Andrea, I hope you enjoyed our little test" He started, gently; Andrea blushed and could not bring herself to respond.

"We have all the information we need about the bra, so thank you" He uttered, opening the door and letting the morning sunlight shine through before continuing.

"However, you are welcome to come back to us if ever you wish to be involved in our research further" he smile at her, but she averted his gaze, her embarrassment returning.

"We have room for any other females who may wish to visit the lab... perhaps you may be able to recommend us to anyone" He finished, before handing an envelope to her with details on collecting her payment she had come for.

"Thank you" Andrea said softly before quickly turning and leaving.

As she walked away, she felt like she'd need to sleep for a week to recover from what she'd been through; though she couldn't help but think that deep down, part of her would not be able to forget the pleasure she had been put through.

She opened the envelope as she strolled slowly, and pulled out the contents -- Tickets to French Polynesia... and a pair of panties with a tag on it displaying 'prototype'.

**The End**

Written by RandyMcmuffin

March 25 2012

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byrandymcmuffin© 25 comments/ 260542 views/ 348 favorites

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/23/17

Nice to see a different twist

I enjoyed this story very much, especially since it didn't take itself very seriously or take a turn to a very dark place. Sometimes lightness is a good thing!

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by Anonymous08/05/17

I loved it!

I myself am in a period of waiting (self inflicted) this made my efforts even more difficult (and of course my balls are now very blue!) I hope you write a pt.2.

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by thelaughingcat07/23/17

Well built up...

...thoroughly enjoyed the story though it could use an editor - several tense changes and repetitions bounced me out of the tale a few times but the descriptive balance was fine tuned enough to keep memore...

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by Anonymous06/03/17

The intensity to which they take it is admittedly a bit on the fantasy side, but that's common around here. The concept still works - original and excellently executed.

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by Anonymous05/20/17

Someone needs to make a porn of this!
If there is... I demand to know. This is so fucking hot!

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