tagNovels and NovellasThe Touch Ch. 08

The Touch Ch. 08


WARNING TO READERS - This is a long, rambling, multi-part story and VERY British. The individual chapters will make more sense if read in sequence.

Chapter 8: Turning Things On for Debbie

Mum was back at work the day after Boxing Day and I went into the garden centre as I had arranged for some suppliers to make deliveries and I had work that I wanted to get on with. We would be re-opening to the public after New Year and the builders would be starting the alterations. With only limited space available for a couple of months we needed to make the most of meeting the customer's seasonal requirements.

That December had been the mildest since 1916 and the long range weather forecast told us that January would be another mild month so would be ideal weather for planting out fruit trees and bushes and ornamental shrubs, and there would be a demand for late planter spring bulbs and seeds. I spend the next two days filling the shop with stands of packet seeds, pots of indoor hyacinths, early crocuses and snowdrops, which were always popular as winter and spring gifts. Maggie came down to help me a couple of mornings and Emma followed me in on the Thursday on the old bike she had used for school and the three of us managed to get the temporary display areas well along to completion. We had hired a huge, marquee style tent which was erected in the back field the other side of the customer car park and which was to be the temporary home for our stock of shrubs and young trees and the trays and boxes of bulbs.

I only saw the twins, once, when Maggie invited me and Emma up to the house that Thursday for lunch. We all sat around the kitchen table drinking Cokes and eating huge bacon sandwiches and laughing and joking as families do. After lunch I went out into the garden for a cigarette and strolled down to the lily pond which is in a sunken patio area at the bottom of the long lawn. I sat on a stone seat and watched Lauren and Lucinda walk towards me arms around each others waists and deep in conversation. They looked great. Both were wearing jeans and leather knee boots, and Lauren had on her usual very tight polo neck sweater this time in pale lemon, and a sky blue fleece gilet. Luci wore a heavy knit cardigan over a black Guinness t-shirt and had a thick wool scarf knotted at the throat. Their hair seemed lighter in the winter sun and at that distance they looked like younger versions of Maggie and Mum coming towards me.

They came around the pool and sat either side of me on the seat. "We want to talk to you, Jimbo," Lucinda started; she looked at my face and saw my slightly concerned expression. "No seriously, we really do....this is important!"

"OK, what is it?" I asked tentatively. After what had happened at Christmas with Lauren, I was not sure how to treat either of them or what their real feelings were towards me, after all we had only really been friends again for a few weeks and I had been halfway to shagging Lulu after just a few minutes with her. I knew that twins told each other virtually everything.

Lauren put her hand on my knee and squeezed it, "We are not going to drag you off into the bushes and screw you senseless," she laughed.

"Not yet, anyway!" Luci added, squeezing my other knee. "It's about Mummy!" I felt a cold worry knot forming in my stomach.

"She had a 'phone call from 'Ben the Bastard' this morning, I don't know what was said and she wouldn't say, but she looked furious!" She continued, "Afterwards she shut herself in her room and called Carl Olsen!"

"If she wants her lawyer, it must be bad!" Lulu said taking up the story, "Luci and I are worried he might cause trouble....she stopped him taking money from the business and her personal account, you know...thieving bastard!"

"And she changed all the locks on the house!" Lucinda put in. I knew about that already because Maggie had given me a new set of keys to the house and just to be safe I had also changed all the locks and padlocks at the garden centre.

"I'm not sure that I can really do much, you know," I said rather feebly, "after the last time, I promised Maggie that I wouldn't interfere again...." I thought about the little statuette of the 'Knight in Shining Armour' that Maggie had given me as a secret Christmas present and knew that if her ex-husband did cause her any grief then regardless of any promises I had made, I would make it my business to find him and knock seven shades of shit out of him!

The twins seemed to read my mind. Maybe it was a family thing; I often felt that both Mum and Maggie could anticipate my thoughts before I had them.

"We just want to be sure that you will be there for her, and look after her when we go to France," Lucinda said, "you and Mummy are really tight, and she trusts you."

"You will promise, won't you?" Lauren added. I could tell that they were genuinely worried.

"Of course I promise," I said seriously, then added "You didn't have to ask you know....I would have done it anyway."

"Thank you, Jamie!" Lauren said. Then they both leaned in and kissed me, one on each cheek. "Rambo rides to the rescue, again!" she chuckled, and then with a seductive smirk added, "We will both be VERY, VERY grateful, you know....."

"But, not just now....not in front of an audience." Lucinda chipped in giggling, pointing up towards the house with her chin. Maggie and Emma were coming down the garden towards us. We stood up and walked to meet them. I am not sure if I breathed a sigh of relief or disappointment.

"What have you three been conspiring about?" Maggie laughed then added, "Oh, never mind, it's probably better if I don't know."

Lucinda put her arm around Maggie and wheedled, "Mummy..... dearest! Will you drive me and Lauren into Salisbury this afternoon; we need to do some shopping." She looked at Emma, "You would like to come too, wouldn't you Emms?"

Emma glanced my way. "Yes, go on." I laughed; "you are supposed to be on holiday anyway." I turned to Maggie, "It's OK by me, I can finish off on my own... no problem."

I walked back down to the garden centre with Emma who wanted to change out of her work clothes before going into town, and waited with her at the side gate until Maggie pulled up in the Range Rover. Just as the car pulled up Emma turned to me, "I'd rather stay here with you, Jay." she said quietly.

"No you wouldn't." I replied laughing, "Go and have a girly afternoon out and enjoy yourselves. I pushed a fiver into her hand, "Get Maggie, the girls and you a cup of tea and a bun somewhere on me." I pushed her into the car and shut the door then locked the gate and went over to the office.

I spent half and hour or so checking some delivery notes for deliveries of compost, paving slabs, sand and the like which had come in during the last few days, then decided on a whim to call Mark Dwight and arranged to call in for a chat on my way home that night. I had worked out the overheads for taking over his market garden shop and Maggie had agreed we should go ahead and make him an offer.

Mark Dwight was in his early thirties and a really nice guy, 'an officer and a gentleman' as they say who had served with 2 Para in the Falklands and was at the Battle of Goose Green. Talking to him I don't think that he ever wanted to be a farmer, but with his mother dying and his father wanting to retire, he had reluctantly returned and taken over the farm his family had owned for nearly three hundred years.

My proposal was that we would set up a farm produce shop at the garden centre, which we would staff and run. Mark's farm would supply all the seasonal fruit and veg on a profit share basis, his invoices for the produce and our invoices for the overheads would be matched off each month and the profits divided equally. Mark would benefit from not having to manage or staff the farm shop that his late mother had always looked after, and we would gain a quality outlet at the garden centre which would attract new customers. We shook on the deal and arranged to start the new venture as soon as the construction works were completed on the main buildings in March.

It was dark when I left and rode home really pleased with myself. I had negotiated my first business deal all on my own, I couldn't wait to tell Maggie. Emma was not back and Maggie did not answer when I tried calling her so I guessed that they had all stayed in Salisbury late for something to eat. Mum had made a chicken casserole so we had tea together, I told her about my deal with Mark Dwight and she enthused and hugged me proudly. After tea, I washed up and she took her wine glass into the dining room, where she had her desk, explaining that she had a pile of reports to complete before going into work the next day. I was about to go up to my room to listen to some music when I heard a car pull into the drive. I thought that it was Maggie, bringing Emma home, and when the front door bell chimed I got ready to scold Emma for forgetting her keys again.

It wasn't Emma, to my surprise it was Debbie. She stood on the doorstep wearing a thick, white, quilted anorak with fur lined hood, her faced wreathed in a wide smile. She looked cute and I was glad to see her.

"Hi, Debs!" I said and scooped her into a big combination bear hug and kiss. "Come in...come in." I drew her into the hall then took her coat and pointed to the sitting room door, "Go and sit down, and then you can tell me everything that has been going on." I added.

Mum came out of the dining room, "Hello Debbie." she said and gave her a friendly hug, "Do you two want teas or coffees?" she asked.

I looked at Debbie who shook her head and said, "I don't really have too much time, thanks Mrs. Riley......I just popped in to ask Jamie for a favour, perhaps another time."

Mum went into the kitchen and Debbie and I sat on the settee in the sitting room and exchanged small talk about Christmas and family. "How is Joanna, now?" I asked.

"Oh, she is getting on really well. Her leg is in plaster but she can get about on crutches and spent the Christmas holiday with Mum and Dad and me at Maidenhead. We thought that that was the best thing until she could manage things for herself more." She smiled, "Jo is actually one of the reasons I am here.....one of the favours concerns her."

"OK," I said, "fire away."

"Well!" she started, "I drove her back to her mother's place, this afternoon; she is going to stay there for the next couple of weeks, until we go back Cardiff. We are hoping that by then she will be able to cope with the stairs up to our flat." She hugged my arm and added in a pleading voice, "Will you go over and visit her, she can't really get out and I know she is dying to see you again. I brought her down in Dad's car as it's uncomfortable for her in the Mini for long distances, even with the passenger seat fully back, but will have to take it back tonight, and then I won't be coming back to Salisbury until after New Year."

"No problem, I'll run over tomorrow." I confirmed.

"Great! Just don't shag her so bloody stupid that she falls down and breaks the other leg, this time!" Debbie chortled. Joanna and Debbie had obviously been swapping stories about the three of us over the holidays. I suppose I should have been embarrassed or concerned but I wasn't and if Debbie was taking it as a bit of sexy fun then I decided I should do the same. Anyway Debs was so bubbly and full of fun that you could never stay serious or angry around her for long.

"OK! OK! Let's move on.....what's the next favour, you're after?" I laughed.

"That may be a bit more of a problem," she started," we don't really want to go back to Cardiff until the fifteenth and I was wondering if there was any chance of coming back to work at the garden centre for the next two weeks as we had originally intended." She smiled her best, sweet, little girl smile and then added, "We will understand if you say no, you must have taken other people on for the holidays!"

I thought for a minute. It could actually work out well..... Tim and two of the students had now left permanently, Mrs.Cardew, the cashier would not be back until next Christmas, so at the moment there was only, Jack, Maggie, Emma, myself and one part timer. Even with a broken leg Joanna should be able to sit at the till and help in the shop, and both of the girls were experienced and knowledgeable about the business. Holiday jobs were important to most students, more so this year as there was talk that student grants would stop in 1989. I knew Maggie would leave me to make the decision.

"You're hired!" I said with a laugh. So what is the next request, madam?"

"I want your body!" she whispered sexily...then giggled, "I don't mean it that way, not this time, although I haven't had a screw since you left me bow-legged in September!" I glanced nervously at the door in case Mum was still about. "I need to go over to the caravan tonight and switch on the electricity and water mains. I shall be staying there when I come back on Tuesday and I'm not sure if I am strong enough to turn the valves... will you come over with me and help .... I'll drive you back home, afterwards?"

I glanced at my watch; it was now only six-thirty-five. "Yeah! No problems," I said, "It will give us a chance to catch-up a bit more before you have to drive back to Maidenhead."

We went through to the hall and I helped Debbie on with her coat and then just called through to Mum that I was going out for a while. I grabbed my jacket and we went out onto the drive. Her father's car was a big, black, 5 Series BMW Saloon and we were just getting in when Maggie's Range Rover pulled into the drive and stopped to let Emma out. I waved and then closed the door and we turned out into the road, as I glanced into the wing mirror I could see Emma standing on the gravel watching us drive away.

It only took about five minutes to the caravan park. As before, the end where Debbie had her mobile home seemed to be deserted although the flood lighting was on and several of the vans at the other end of the park had lights in the windows and were obviously occupied. We parked by the van and I unlocked the service column which contained the power switches and water valves, whilst Debbie unlocked the mobile home. She was right, there was no way that she would have managed that water valve alone, it was jammed tight and I had a bit of a struggle to get it to turn. I threw the mains switch and with the power on, we could see to open the gas locker containing the two huge Calor bottles which fed the cooker and heating, one was empty and I told Debbie I would come over after the New Year and change it for her.

The inside of the van was much as I remembered it. The double bed in the lounge was still pulled out although the duvet was folded neatly and piled with the pillows on one of the side seats. My first thought was that it was so much warmer in the van that night than it had been last time we were there, the end of September had been a lot colder that it was now in December. I commented to Debbie that there was no smell of damp and she said that her mother and father had been down and used the place for a few days last month when they were on route to visit her at Cardiff so it had been aired out. I checked that everything gas and electrical was working and ran some water through the taps whilst Debbie went out to the car and came back with a big holdall which she said contained her clothes for the next couple of weeks.

"So, will Joanna be coming back to live with you here after New Year?" I asked.

"Not straight away," Debbie replied, "she feels a bit guilty about spending Christmas with us and is going to stay with her mother until the end of next week."

She grinned knowingly at me, "That means that I shall be here all on my own....all night....every night.....my naked little body just laying in this bed waiting to be ravished by some horny gardener, just like Lady Chatterley!" She raised her hands over her head and danced across the van towards me, hips swaying and those big tits bobbing up and down. She was wearing a thick fleecy jogging suit but I could see by the movements beneath the top that she was not wearing a bra and probably not anything underneath the pants either, they hugged her buttocks and I could make out the shape of her pussy lips through the fabric at the front.

I could not have possibly waited until the next week; I wanted her here and now and the look in her eyes told me that she wasn't going to let me out of that caravan without getting laid! I pulled her to me and our lips met in a long soft kiss my tongue urgently seeking to couple with hers and we stood there for several long minutes just enjoying each others mouths. My hands were resting on her hips and I moved them both upwards, pushing beneath her track suit top and coming to rest on her bare waist. Debbie had lost a bit of weight but was still a little on the plump side, with big tits and round soft buttocks but she had a small firm waist. I let my hands rove upwards until they encountered the soft globes that were her breasts and my thumbs searched for and found her nipples. I remembered them being large with pink aureolas and her nipples were huge when erect and I rubbed my thumbs over them feeling the points start to harden beneath my touch, and felt a reciprocal firmness beginning in my jeans.

"Oh shit, Jamie!" She broke our kiss and hissed at me huskily, "I've missed you doing that..... I've missed you touching me..... I've missed you fucking me!" Then her hands were tugging at the bottom of my t-shirt trying to draw it up and over my head. I relinquished her tits and raised my arms so that she could pull it off completely and then rolled her sweatshirt up over her beautiful large breasts and dropped it onto the floor. We clung to each other half naked, our faces buried in each others throats and her breasts rubbing against me, her hard nipples were like little hot finger tips tracing a pattern across my chest. Our crotches were grinding together, my hard prick rubbing back and forth against her mound.

"Oh, yes, Oh shit, yes..... That feels good!" she cried loudly. I had forgotten how noisy Debbie could be during sex, and was once again grateful that there was nobody occupying the adjacent mobile homes. Her hands fumbled at my belt buckle, unsnapped it and then were tugging at the waistband and popping open the fly buttons and I felt my jeans start to slowly slide down my thighs and ran my hands around the elasticated top of her jogger bottoms, hooking my thumbs into the top and pushed down. Then I was on my knees and she was stepping out of her trousers and stood in front of me totally naked. I noticed that she still shaved her pubic hair into a narrow 'Flight Path' of soft dark fluff and leaned forward to kiss gently down the length of the downy path until my mouth met the lips of her pussy. She grasped the back of my head and pressed my face into her groin and I pressed my lips to her pussy and gently blew hot breath over and into her, then followed up with my tongue, the tip flicking her clit then tracking back up the narrow pubic fluff path.

"Oh, Fuck!" Debbie moaned, "I want you inside of me! I want you to make me cum!" she laughed, "I want everything and I want it now!"

I kicked off my trainers and pushed my boxers and jeans over my heels and started to stand up dragging my tongue up over her belly and caressing those fantastic hard nipples with my lips, nibbling them into hot firm points and causing Debbie to moan deep in her throat. I felt her hand gripping my erection and start to drag it down and forward to rub the glans up and down her pussy lips only the very tip of my prick penetrating the moist velvety slit. My whole world at that moment was filled with a single ambition, to enter that hot and welcoming portal and drive the full length of my erection into her. I thrust forward and felt my length starting to enter and fill her, she was really ready for me, and her tunnel was hot and wet and incredibly tight. Debbie threw her arms around my neck and let out a loud scream, "Oooooh! Oh, Fuck! Oh,Yes....!" Her head was thrown back, and her eyes were wide open, huge and sparkling.

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