tagNovels and NovellasThe Touch Ch. 14

The Touch Ch. 14


WARNING TO READERS - This is a long, rambling, multi-part story and VERY British. The individual chapters will make more sense if read in sequence.

Chapter 14 Saturday with Lulu

In the morning it was pouring with rain again and so I put Emma's bicycle into the rear of the Land Rover and drove her into work. She didn't ask where I had been the night before although when I arrived home at around two thirty I saw the curtains of her bedroom window twitching as I pulled into the drive and her bedroom light was visible under the door as I went to my room.

After Dad left, Mum had tried to treat both of us as responsible adults and had been very insistent that we should all be open and honest with each other but that it was also important that we respected each other's privacy, that if we trusted each other there was no need for questions. It had become a family rule that we never questioned each other about who we saw or what we did and we all tried hard to abide by it, even Emma.

I was going to be a busy week for me. Maggie would be driving the twins over to France the next week and would be staying for several days and there was a lot that I needed to go over with her before she went. On Thursday, Maggie, Emma and I closeted ourselves in the office and worked through the payroll procedures, PAYE Tax Tables, National Insurance deductions and the calculations for the various hourly rates and overtime for the staff. Emma picked it all up instantly and Maggie was a good teacher so by the end of the day I felt confident that we could handle the paydays in her absence.

Saturday was my day off. I had intended coming into work anyway but Maggie had insisted that I take the day out, as I would not really get much time off whilst she was away. Emma and Mum had both gone to work and I was at a bit of a loose end as the weather was over cast and drizzling with rain which made working in the garden a non-runner and so I decided to spend the morning cramming for my Cities and Guilds final exam which was at Easter and only a few weeks away.

About ten o' clock I heard a car pull into the drive and looked out of the dining room window and saw Maggie's VW Polo parked outside. I went through to the hall and opened the front door and found Lauren standing on the door step.

"Hi, Lulu," I greeted her, "Are you on your own?" I looked over her shoulder expecting to see Lucinda sitting in the car but there was nobody else. I closed the door behind her and she followed me through to the dining room where I had my books and notes laid out on the table.

"Yes, I'm alone," she replied, "Mummy is working and I have just dropped Lucinda off at the hairdressers. I've got the car for the day and so I am going to drive down to Barton-on-Sea to visit a girl friend from school before we go to France."

"So.... What are you doing here?"

She stepped up close to me and put her hands on my shoulders, "You are coming with me!" she announced cheerfully. She must have seen the surprise on my face, "Oh, please come, Jimbo! Please! Please! Please!" She pleaded, bobbing up and down, like a little girl asking for a treat, "It will be fun, and besides I have never driven that far on my own before."

Barton-on-Sea is a small coastal resort on the south coast just east of Christchurch and about 50 or so miles drive from Salisbury. Mum and Maggie used to take all of us down to the beaches around there when we were kids but I had not been there for years.

"OK!" I agreed, "Why not?"

"Put your wellies in the car. "Lauren added, "You should bring a waterproof coat as well, we may want to walk along the cliffs, we can spend the whole day down there and you can buy me dinner on the way home!"

Lauren followed me through to the back lobby to collect my boots and waited whilst I rummaged in the back of the coats cupboard and eventually came up with an old yellow oilskin sailing coat that I had been Dad's when he and Mum used to sail and I now used for working out in wet weather. I quickly scribbled a note for Mum just saying that I would not be in for an evening meal, then locked up, stowed my kit in the boot of the car and got into the passenger seat.

We drove through Salisbury and then picked up the A338 south. I found a cassette of classical excerpts in the glove compartment which met Laurens's approval and switched it on. Lauren turned out to be a steady and careful driver and far more confident than she had led me to believe and in just over an hour and a half despite the Saturday traffic, we were driving along Marine Drive with the village of Barton-on-Sea to our left and the sea visible over the cliffs to our right.

"Let's take a walk on the cliffs!" Lauren suggested and pulled into a small car park on the cliff top. The rain had stopped, the wind was strong but quite warm and it was turning into a bright and sunny afternoon and so we changed into our boots but left our coats in the car and walked down to the sandy slip road leading to the foreshore. We were both wearing stonewashed jeans; Lauren had on a thick, chunky, marl grey polo neck sweater, and I was in a padded cotton check working shirt over a t-shirt, it really was very mild for January and we were not at all cold.

Lauren insinuated herself under my arm and put her arm around my waist so that we were strolling with our hips brushing against each other and my hand hanging loosely over her shoulder, more like a couple than cousins. We stopped at the cliff edge and stood watching several small sailing dinghies bobbing on the sea and laughed at the cloud of seagulls that were swarming around a small fishing boat coming into shore.

"It was very unfair of you, you know!" she suddenly said, digging me fiercely in the ribs with her finger.

"What was?" I asked tentatively. I was sure that I knew what she was referring to and had been carefully avoiding the subject for the past couple of hours.

"You know very well!" she growled, "I mean you shagging Luci after you drove us home the other night!" She looked up into my face and pulled her lips into a dramatic pout, "I was the one who put my seal on you first ...... and should have got to fuck you first!"

"I, Er!" I started. I didn't know what to say, but thinking of that night with Lucinda started a stupid grin spreading across my face.

Lauren seemed to read my mind. She suddenly grabbed at my crotch groping until her hand found my prick and trapped it against my leg squeezing hard. "Don't you dare think about screwing with her, when you are with me!" she hissed.

I gasped as she squeezed harder and I could feel myself starting to stiffen under her hand. She was smiling now, "This had better be for me this time," she said, rubbing the tip of my hardening dick with her finger through my jeans, "But, if I even suspect you are thinking about Luci, I will rip this off at the root!" Her blue-grey eyes were sparkling with glee, and she reached up and kissed me once, very lightly on the lips.

"Oh bloody hell, Lulu," I laughed, "you've already frightened my prick half to death, I probably won't be able to fuck for a month anyway!"

"We shall see about that!" she chuckled, then put her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine in a soft open mouthed, lusty kiss, our tongues pushing and probing at each other like a pair of striking cobras. She ground her loins against me and my tool responded by stiffening against her thigh.

I glanced over her shoulder and saw, only a few yards away, a group of elderly women walking down the foot path towards us. I broke the kiss and eased her arms from around my neck.

"If we are not careful we are going to frighten the natives!" I grinned.

We both laughed and she spun around and waved at the group, "Hello ladies!" she called happily, they returned her greeting cheerfully smiling and waving to us, as Lulu grabbed my hand and dragged me at a run back up the slip path towards the car park. "Come on," she said, "Let's get something to eat and then we can try and find my friend's bungalow."

There was a short row of shops in a crescent a bit further down Marine Drive including a small café which was open and serving hot food. We both tucked in to an all day breakfast, of sausages, eggs, bacon and chips, washed down with an ice cold orange Fanta, then sat on a seat outside and smoked a cigarette before walking back to the car arms around each others waists.

Lauren drove a bit further down the main road and then turned left onto a narrow side road which seemed to twist and turn and go on forever, then, just as we appeared to be leaving the village she took a right turn into a dirt track lane and pulled up on the verge by a garden gate.

"This is it!" she chimed and got out of the car and went over to the gate. I followed her and we walked up the garden path with overgrown lawns on either side to a small bungalow. It was obviously just a holiday home, not a permanent residence.

The place looked deserted to me. "I don't think there is anybody here," I commented, trying to peer through the glass panel in the door, "I think your friend and her family must be out!"

"I am absolutely certain that they are," Lauren announced laughing, "They should be enjoying the sun in Spain right now and for the next month at least!" Then she added, "Wait here a moment!" and ran around the corner of the building. A minute later she was back proudly brandishing a key. "Just where Ellie said it would be," she told me and unlocked the front door and went in.

I followed her into the dimly lit hallway and she reached around me and closed and locked the door.

"Lulu .... What are you up to?" I asked.

"I knew Ellie and her parents were going away and so I asked her to leave me a hidden key to this place ..... Lucinda and I have been down here with them for holidays sometimes and I needed a place where you and I could come for a secret afternoon shag! It would be too risky at home with Mummy about and I didn't know if Auntie Gwen would be at your place!"

She put her arms around my waist and pulled me against her, "If you don't want to stay here alone with me...you can go," she purred teasingly, her hand moved back over my prick again, she growled deep in her throat, "But, this stays!" she said squeezing it.

I clasped her firm buttocks and pulled her hard against me, trapping her palm against my prick. "We will need to think of something to keep it amused then," I chuckled.

We pulled off our boots and left them in the hall then kissed again and she took my hand and led me towards the back of the bungalow. There were two bedrooms both with twin beds and fitted wardrobes. One was obviously the room used by Ellie's parents, the beds had been stripped but the bedroom unit surfaces had family photographs on them, there was an electric Teasmaid machine and a man's old fashioned dressing gown hanging on the wardrobe door. The other room was decorated with pop star posters and photographs of a pretty looking blonde girl with a pony. The beds were bare but there was a large polythene bag containing pillows on one and a couple of thick sleeping bags folded neatly on the other, with a hand written note laid on top, 'Drinks in the fridge, leave bedding in the wardrobe when you go. Enjoy! Ellie.' The twins must have been planning this for some time and just waiting for an opportunity.

"Push the beds together," she said, pulling the pillows out of their bag. I found that the beds locked together with a hook at each end which meant that they would not push apart if we got energetic and Lauren handed me one of the thick sleeping bags. I unzipped in all round and spread in on the mattresses like a blanket and she opened out the other and threw in over the bottom of the bed.

"We may get cold later, when we are totally naked!" she giggled and came in close her hands rubbing over my chest and plucking at the buttons on my shirt pulling the front open so that I could shrug out of it. I tugged my t-shirt over my head and then reached out and pulled the bottom of her pullover up so that she could free her arms and push it off. She was wearing a very expensive grey and pink lace low cut bra which displayed her cleavage to perfection. I bent my head to push my lips against the creamy whiteness of her breasts whilst pushing my fingers into the waist band of her jeans, sliding them around to the front and unsnapping the stud.

She pushed away from me, "Let me do it!" she panted and swiftly and skilfully slid her tight jeans down her legs and over her feet. Her jeans were so tight and I was sure that I could never have got them off that easily. Her panties matched the bra and were grey with delicate pink and white lace around the high cut legs and I could see the soft cleavage of Lauren's pussy through the thin material. She looked amazingly sexy just standing there in her skimpy lingerie. She put her hands on her hips and struck an exaggerated modelling pose.

"Come on then!" she urged, "I'm waiting!"

I unfastened my belt and jeans and pushed them down and away. I was wearing loose silk boxers and my erection made a ridiculous tent at the front. Lauren stared at it then giggled and reached out, grasped the waist band and pulled them out and down so that my prick swung free and erect. I kicked the shorts away and stepped close to her my hands sliding over her hips and up her back to find and release her bra and draw it out from between us. Her breasts felt warm and firm against my chest, the nipples like tiny finger tips pressing against the muscle; my erect tool was sandwiched firmly against her belly and I could feel a tiny droplet of pre-cum painting a trail just above her navel.

She started to take small deep breaths so that her stomach swelled in and out rubbing against my erection, then put her arms around my neck and looked into my face.

"God, Rambo!" she giggled, "That is some lethal weapon .... If you are going to shoot me with that I had better lay down!" She chuckled deeply in her throat, "My poor little sister reckons that standing up it can fuck a girl's brains out!"

Her teasing was taking us in a direction that I did not want to really go and so I stooped and lifted her up into my arms and deposited her diagonally across the bed and lowered myself down half over her, my knee on the inside of her thigh and my hand resting on her waist.

I lay there just looking at her for a moment. Lauren and Lucinda were identical twins and although most people still had trouble telling them apart, I never had that problem, I had always been able to see not only their totally different personalities but also the little physical differences that made them distinct individuals. They were the same height; with almost identical figures and naturally wavy, shoulder length, light brown hair. Each had large blue-grey eyes, although I believe that Lucinda's were just slightly bluer, their cheeks were prominent, and their chins delicate, but for me the main distinguishing factor was the mouth; both had the same gorgeous smile as Maggie and Mum but Lauren's lips were a bit poutier than Luci's which to me gave her a sultry look, where-as Lucinda's smile was wide and mischievous.

I lowered my head and pressed my lips to hers. Her mouth surrendered instantly, her lips, soft and moist, opened and her tongue pushed into my mouth seeking mine, her hands coming up to cup the back of my head and hold my face to hers. I thrust back and our mouths became a hot wet cavern around the sinuous dance that our tongues performed, twisting and thrusting in a lustful frenzy. This was the first time that Lulu and I had kissed without being interrupted and it went on for what seemed to be forever, until we both broke away, panting and breathless.

My hand had moved of its own accord to cup her breast and my fingers were rolling and gently squeezing the nipple into a firm bud. I moved my lips down to run my tongue around the standing nub and the swollen aureola moistening it so that my fingers could caress it without friction. I thought that Lauren's tits were possibly a cup size larger than Luci's, but that could have been just the arousal caused by my attention. Moving my head I transferred my attention to the other breast, licking and sucking at the sensitive point until it too stood erect, and Lauren was moaning deep in her throat and pressing her breast against my mouth, I sucked as much of her nipple, aureola and breast into my mouth, as I could without nipping her with my teeth.

She arched her back and moaned loudly, "Ooooooooh! God, yes! That's amazing, they feel so swollen!" I removed my mouth and she wailed out, "No! No! Don't stop!" Then she dragged my face to the other, engorged nipple so that I could suck and devour that breast as well.

Still sucking gently at her breast I skimmed my fingers down her ribs and over her small round tummy and rested my hand between her open legs. Her lace panties felt damp and I rubbed lightly against the fabric feeling the shape of her pussy through the material, my finger tracing the indentation of her vulva lips.

Lauren gave a small sharp cry, "Aaah!" then her hand was plucking at the material of the panties. I released her breast and moved so that between us we were able to slide them down her legs and over her feet. "Oh, Jamie! Touch me!" she moaned urgently, then grasped my hand and brought it back to rest at her exposed crotch. Her shaved pussy was smooth and warm below my hand and I extended a finger to part her lips and inserted the length into her, massaging up and down the lips of her labia and then returning the finger to penetrate her tight vagina drawing out her own juices to moisten her tiny firm clit. Lauren was making little quiet panting noises and humping her pussy against my hand in small shallow thrusts, and I moved one finger to softly rub over and around her butterball until amazingly it began to engorge with blood and start to harden and swell protruding like a miniscule penis from its sheath.

Lulu was now gasping noisily and her pussy was hot and moist beneath my hand, "Oh God, Jamie," she howled, "My clit feels so big! It's never been that big before...it's going to burst!" She was now pumping against my hand furious and her arousal was having a like effect on me, my prick was a rock hard rod, quivering and pulsing, against her thigh in need of release.

I moved over her and settled between her legs my erection taking the place of my finger, the underside of my prick rubbing slowly up and down over her clit.

"I want you, Lulu!" I breathed into her ear, "I want you so much!"

"Oh yes!" she responded, "Yes, put it in ..... I want you to fuck me! Please, fuck me!" Her hand came down at the same time as mine, both of us grasping my quivering prick and guiding it to her moist, tight entrance. I thrust forward and started to enter her at the same time that she gave a loud shriek and trembled all over, her pussy convulsing around the tip of my dick.

"Ooooooooh God, Ooooooooh!" she screamed, "I'm cumming, Jimbo, I'm cumming!"

I pushed the rest of my length hard into her, the pulsating walls of her vagina making her incredibly tight but she was so moist that I slid easily into her up to the root. She was jerking and shuddering, her arms were around my waist pulling me onto her, her hands clawing at my buttocks and her legs were thrashing above me, knees bent and heels beating on the backs of my thighs. The inside of her vagina felt like a roiling nest of tiny snakes clasping and unclasping around my prick.

"I'm cumming, Jimbo!" she shrieked, "I can't stop cumming! .... Help me! ... It won't stop! .... It won't stop!"

I was lost in a world of sensation centred on the length of my erection, her pussy seemed to be massaging it from tip to root, it was totally amazing, and as her orgasm started to subside I began to slowly fuck her for real, drawing back almost to the point of withdrawal and then pushing back in a long hard stroke. Her long legs clamped around mine and she surged forward to meet me as each hammering thrust got faster and harder, every penetration was drawing a loud gasp from her and a deep moan from me. I felt her vagina start to contract again.

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