The Touch Ch. 15


Lucinda released my fingers and then stepped up, her breasts and body pressed against mine and pulled my face down and drew my mouth to hers in a deep, long, tongue rolling kiss. She stepped back and then moved up to Lauren in the same way that she had with me, putting her arms around her neck and drawing their lips together. This was no chaste sisterly kiss, it was full on and passionate and I could see their tongues roiling inside their cheeks and their bodies were thrust tightly together each caressing the others breast with their free hand. My mouth hung open and I was totally breathless, watching them was a major turn on, I was totally entranced and felt my prick jerk into a shaft of solid eagerness.

They separated and Luci looked down at my rigid prick and whispered breathlessly, "Save some of that for later!"

Then Lulu was leading me the few steps across the hall into her room. Her bedroom was much as I remembered it when we were children. There were a couple of posters on the wall, a dressing table, drawers and two large wardrobes and shelves for books, records and cassettes and another with a collection of soft toys and dolls sitting in a row. Two open suitcases stuffed with clothes stood on the floor; I guessed that these were ready for her departure for France on Friday. Her single bed had pale pink sheets and pillowcases and a matching duvet with little white embroidered flowers. She closed the door and threw her arms around my neck crushing her breasts against my chest and trapping my erection against her stomach.

She looked up into my face, "What?" she asked, puzzled, "You look all at sea!"

I probably still had my mouth hanging open from watching the two of them kiss so passionately.

"Oh!" She laughed, realising. "It's what girls do at boarding school when they are shut away from men! Luci and I are lucky..... We always have each other!" She reached down and grasped my erect cock firmly, "But, now we have you as well!" She added giggling, and then holding my prick like a dog leash led me to the bed.

She backed onto the bed, pushing away the quilt and pulled me over her, still firmly grasping my prick in one hand and the other hooked around the back of my neck. I settled myself between her open legs and braced my arms either side of her head. Her face was radiant and glowing and her eyes deep lust filled pools of blue grey mist. I brought my lips down to meet hers and could faintly taste the sweet fruitiness of Lucinda's lipstick on them. We kissed long and passionately, her tongue, mouth and lips all so familiar to me now, it felt as though we had been lovers for years, not just a few days. We finally broke away each of us slightly breathless and I sank down onto my elbows, resting my weight on her stomach causing her to let out a deep sigh and her hand grasped my prick even tighter between us.

"Oh, Jimbo!" she panted, her lips only an inch from mine, "It was fun ..... the three of us together, but ..... I really want you to myself now .... I want you to make me cum, over and over, like before!"

I balanced myself over her so that I could bring one hand up to cover her breast sliding my fingers up so that her nipple was trapped between the middle fingers so that it was gently pinched and pulled as I squeezed her firm tit. Her reaction was almost instantaneous, she started to make soft moaning noises and her hand began moving slowly up and down my erection, her breath and hand motion quickening as I took the other nipple between my teeth and teased it into a firm hot nubbin and then moved to sucking both aroused nipples my mouth moving from one to the other. I spent a long time making love to her breasts with my mouth and tongue and could feel her getting more and more aroused beneath me, her nipples were little hard points of fire against my lips.

I felt her whole body begin to tense and her crotch was making tiny jerking thrusts grinding her clit against the root of my dick and my balls. I knew that she was approaching one of her really fast wild orgasms. Lulu could reach uncontrolled orgasm really quickly and sometimes just cum again and again until she was totally exhausted. I pushed back, the base of my prick rubbing over her well oiled clit. Then she was quivering all over, her hips were bucking beneath me and her legs flailing, her heels drumming against my thighs and buttocks and her two fists beating at my shoulders.

"Ooooooooh, I'm cumming!" she sobbed loudly, "Ooooooooh! Jimbo, I'm cumming!"

Her body spasmed for perhaps fifteen or twenty seconds and then gradually slowed and I softly kissed her face and lips and licked at the tiny tears of passion that were running down her face in salty rivulets. Lauren always cried during our lovemaking.

Oh, it's stopped!" she moaned quietly into my ear. "I don't want it to stop ..... make it happen again ..... please!"

I slid my hand between us and found her pussy. The smooth lips felt wet and distended and her labia was engorged and protruding between them. I ran my fingers down one lip and then back up over the other and then began to lightly stroke her swollen labia and down to push against the entrance to her vagina, it felt too tight to even take the tip of one finger but as I pressed it became a liquid tunnel which gobbled up my middle two fingers. My fingers slid free, slick with her pussy juices and cum, and I brought my hand up to rub some of that exotic musk onto the tip of my tongue, the taste was sharp and exciting and I wanted more, much more.

I ran my hands down her sides until they were firmly resting on her hips and then drew back to kneel between her thighs and brought my lips down to her pussy. I poked my tongue forcefully into her slit, her taste was pure liquid lust and her juices were so hot that I thought my lips would be scalded. I dragged my tongue down until the tip was probing at the entrance to her vagina, and then she exploded in another orgasm. Her thighs locked around my ears clamping my face to her crotch and her hips jerked ramming her pussy hard against my mouth. I licked and flicked at her vagina and then up to massage her clit with tongue and lips. She was jerking uncontrollably and moaning wildly and her whole body was shaking and heaving and I could feel her pussy pulsing and rippling as she was wracked with a series of short orgasms.

After what seemed an eternity she collapsed panting and giggling, "Oh, Fuck!" she gasped, "That was so fantastic!"

I moved slightly and realised that the bed beneath us was soaking wet. At first I thought that I had shot my load whilst I was giving Lauren head, but realised that it was just her juices and cum, which were coating her pussy and thighs and my face. My erection was hard and throbbing against her thigh and so ready that it was numb.

She sat up so that we were facing each other, put her arms around my neck and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Oh, God!" she exclaimed, you taste of ME!" Then she started to giggle. She pushed me back and straddled my legs with her knees. Our positions were reversed, now I was lying on my back with my head hanging over the foot of the bed, my feet on her pillow. The woman on top or 'Cowgirl' position is often the most sensual for the man as total penetration can usually be achieved and allows the girl more chance of controlling the shag to achieve her orgasm and it certainly worked for Lulu.

"It's my turn now..... I'm going to make it good for you .....!" she purred.

I don't know what Lauren had in mind but I had ideas of my own, I needed to fuck her and I needed it right then! I grabbed her hips and pulled her over my prick which was standing up like a flag pole and then dragged her down until the tip was probing her slit and slithering in the moisture nudging against her clit.

Lulu started to moan again and then suddenly my glans found her vaginal portal and I pushed her down hard, impaling her onto my erection until I could feel her pussy hot and wet soaking my pubic bush.

"Aaaaaaah!" she let out a shriek as if I had split her in two, and then she was slumping forward, her hands quickly braced against my chest her head hanging down, hair cascading over my stomach and chest and then started to pump madly against my up-thrust prick, her breath getting faster and her moans louder. My hips slammed up to meet her, each upward thrust lifting her light body completely off the bed and ramming my prick brutally into her. We were both moaning and she was crying, not with pain but with pure lust and pleasure and then she was cumming yet again. Her whole body was jerking and shaking and her vaginal walls were contracting and releasing around my quivering shaft and her love tunnel was flushed with her juices. I grasped her hips tightly to hold her in place over my shaft. She was so wet and was thrashing about so hard that I was afraid that I would slip out of her or she would throw herself completely away from me.

Her orgasm went on and on and then she was slumped over me, panting, still impaled on my hard prick, her pussy squeezing it gently. I could feel that we were both soaked with her juices our loins and thighs slick and wet. I held onto her hips and gently pushed back and forth in her wet heat, until I could suddenly hold back no longer, all feeling was centred in the familiar tingling around my balls and then with a final hard thrust I was releasing my load, and she was screaming with joy as it spurted hot and long deep inside her.

"Oh God, Jamie ..... I love that part so much!"

Lauren pushed herself upright. Her face was flushed, her hair a dishevelled bush of silken tresses, and tears were pouring down her cheeks, but her eyes were bright and her lips were wide with a happy smile.

"Oh Fuck, Jamie!" she sobbed in my ear, "You make me cum over and over and over! Only you and Luci can do that!"

I pulled her down beside me and she reached over and dragged the duvet up to cover us and within minutes I think we were both asleep in each other's arms.

The small clock on the bedside table told me that it was one fifteen in the morning when I awoke; I had slept for nearly two hours. I was alone in Lauren's bed, the door was open and I could see a light on in the hall. I desperately needed to pee and so I got up and ran buck naked to the bathroom, I remembered that my clothes must still be in the guest room where the twins and I had started our fabulous threesome session but when I returned to the room there was no sign of my gear and the bed had been stripped and re-made with clean linen. I returned to the bathroom and snatched up a towel and modestly draped it around my waist.

There was a light under Lucinda's bedroom door and I pushed it open. The twins sat together on the floor with their backs against the bed, Luci was wearing her short kimono and Lulu had put on a plain white silk pyjama top which hugged her nipples and just failed to hide the indentation of her pussy nestled between her drawn up thighs. They both had glasses of whisky and there was a china ashtray beside them. They looked so very sexy. I was standing in the doorway virtually naked and I could feel my prick starting to tingle again.

"About time too!" Lauren pouted in pretend annoyance, "Surely your two little cousins can't have shagged Rambo into total exhaustion, can we?" She teased.

I flopped down beside Luci, took a big swig from her glass, then leaned over, picked up her small ladies mother-of-pearl cigarette case and lighter and lit myself a smoke. Lucinda's room was unsurprisingly a twin of Lauren's, except that the posters were of ski scenes and there was a large framed photograph of the twins being presented with show jumping rosettes by David Broome. Across the room my clothes were folded in a neat pile on the chair by her desk and two suit cases matching her sister's were closed and standing beside the door. Luci had always been the neatest and most organised of all of us even as kids.

Lulu stood up and lightly kissed Luci on the top of the head and then leaned over and brushed her moist lips across mine, then picked up her glass and started for the door.

"I need to clean up my bed before Mummy gets home," she said lightly then looked back and childishly poked her tongue out at me. "Don't stay up too late, now!" she giggled and left, closing the door behind her.

Lucinda swallowed the remains of her drink and then stood up, tugged the belt of her kimono free and pulled the jacket off of her shoulders and dropped it onto the floor. She stepped across me so that her legs were apart and straddling mine, her smoothly shaved pussy was level with my eyes. I hooked my hands around her knees and pulled her towards me so that I could press my lips against her firm, smooth Mound of Venus. She gave a long sigh and her hands came down to rest lightly on the back of my head just exerting enough pressure to encourage me to keep my face against her pussy, I did not need any encouragement, my nostrils were filled with the sharp musky scent of her sex and I slid my lips downwards so that the tip of my tongue could touch and fondle her clit then move on to part her pussy lips and lap gently over her inner temple. I drew my tongue slowly up and down my forehead bumping gently against her mound and then slid my hand up the back of her thighs to grasp and massage the firm round cheeks of her bum.

Luci was moaning deep in her throat, a husky lust driven purr and her hand grasped my head her palms covering my ears and as she pulled firmly upwards I started to rise onto my knees my lips kissing a trail up her mound, then her belly until I was standing in front of her my mouth an inch from hers and my hands kneading her buttocks and pulling her hard against me rocking my hips so that my trapped erection rolled back and forth over her stomach. I felt her hands come up and her fingers trailed over my waist and up my rib cage drawing tiny circles on my back making my sex fuelled sensitive skin tingle.

I desperately wanted to be inside her again. I grasped her buttocks and lifted her right off of the floor turned and lowered her onto the bed and settled myself between her long slender legs, my rigid member pressed hard against her slit the tip rubbing across her clit. I reached between us and guided my erection between her moist pussy lips rubbing firmly between the lips and over her butterball, causing her to moan in anticipation. My glans found the entrance to her vagina and I eased it slowly through the soft tightness and then suddenly I was sliding into her moist depths until I could go no further and our groins were locked tight together.

Luci made a small whimpering noise. Her face was only inches from mine, her mouth was open and her eyes were wide and sparkling, she touched her lips to mine briefly. "Fuck me!" she hissed simply, "Just fuck me!"

I gripped her hips firmly and began to hump slowly, thrusting in and out with measured strokes, pulling back almost to the point of withdrawal and then pushing forward until I had speared her again with my complete length. A first she lay beneath me almost without movement barely responding to each stroke a tiny moan escaping her lips with every inward thrust. Then gradually her responding thrusts became firmer and her legs settled around mine and we were locked into a rhythmic thrusting of long and sustained bliss which went on and on and gradually became more frenzied until we were lunging at each other, slamming together and my prick became a rod of pulsing, tingling pleasure.

We were both moaning, shouting and crying out in pure ecstasy, I think that Luci may have cum but nothing in the world could have stopped us hammering together at that point. I didn't believe that I had any spunk left to give but then I was jerking and cumming and pumping another hot stream of jiz hard into her until I was finally totally drained and we both collapsed, quivering and shaking with the sheer force and violence of our coupling.

We lay locked in each other arms panting and totally exhausted for a long time. Finally I rolled over and reached for her cigarettes and we lay, Luci nestled in the crook of my arm and shared a cigarette, we didn't speak and after a time I realised that she was asleep and pulled the cover over us.

I must have slept the sleep of exhaustion as it was almost six o'clock when Lauren shook me awake. Lucinda was still asleep at my side and only stirred when I slid out of the bed.

"Get dressed and then come down to the kitchen!" Lulu said, then started to giggle, "If you haven't shagged each other too bow-legged to make the stairs that is ..... God but you were bloody noisy last night!"

I took my clothes to the bathroom, showered and dressed and went downstairs. The twins were both sitting at the kitchen table, in matching white towelling dressing gowns with cups of tea and there was a mug of coffee waiting for me.

"I'll walk down to the garden centre in a little while," I told them. "When Emma comes in I'll tell her that we got home late and I went into the office to do some swatting for my exams and fell asleep." It was a good cover story, I often used the office to work late or study and quite frequently spent the night there, and I always kept a change of clothes in my locker.

Lauren and Lucinda both looked dishevelled and tired but absolutely, bloody beautiful considering that none of us had really managed to get much sleep that night. I was ravenously hungry and so I raided the fridge and cooked the three of us a monster breakfast of eggs, bacon, mushrooms and fried bread, followed by toast and marmalade, which we polished off between us. By the time I had washed up the dishes, the girls were filling the washing machine in the utility room with last night's bed linen and it was getting towards the time that I needed to leave if I was going to be into work before Jack arrived.

We all knew that this was the last time that we would get to all be alone together before they left for France on Friday.

Lauren, as usual, was the one who put it into words. "You belong to us now, James Riley!" she said putting her arm around my waist. "We do not expect you to stay celibate whilst we are away.... If fact .... " she added "we want you well oiled and ready for action when we come home! Just remember, this is a three way family business we don't want any bloody outsiders getting their feet under the table, OK!"

"The Three Musketeers, eh?" I chuckled, "One for all and all for one!"

"Absolutely!" Lucinda put in, "There is not a thing that we three can't do for each other! Or learn to do, if necessary!" she added laughing.

They both came with me to the kitchen door and each clung to me for a final long kiss and then I made my way down the lane to the garden centre. I knew that the twins were planning to come home for a few days for Emma's eighteenth birthday in May but that seemed an awful long time away. They were my cousins, they were fantastic in bed both singly or together, but I had grown genuinely fond of them again, they were fun to be with and I liked them. I was going to miss them, I wasn't yet nineteen but if I never got fucked again, I would still die happy, but I also knew that my prick would not stay lonely for long.

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