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The Touch Ch. 18


WARNING TO READERS - This is a long, rambling, multi-part story and VERY British. The individual chapters will make more sense if read in sequence.

Pt.18 Of horses and hand-jobs

The week that followed was quite hectic for all of us. With less than a month to completion the building work at the garden centre was coming along in leaps and bounds and you could now see that it was going to look terrific. Most of the re-built units were completed, the big glass and steel canopy and arboretum that enclosed the old yard was finished and we were already allowing the public access and had moved a lot of the stock plants from the temporary marquee into their new homes. We would be hanging on to the marquee to use as a hospitality tent during the re-opening week. As a last minute addition Maggie and I had decided to add a covered walkway from the main structure joining up the customer entrances to the greenhouses.

Monday I got a telephone call from Kristen. She was still cool about our relationship and sounded happy and bubbly and told me that she was going to stay with her mother in London for a couple of weeks. I knew that her parents kept a flat in town as their law firm had a London office.

"I didn't want you to think that I was avoiding you or that I was upset about anything after Friday," she explained. "I still feel all tingly inside!" She giggled. I had already decided that it would be unfair to my dick if I did not see her again and so we agreed that she would call me when she got back to Salisbury.

The garden centre was really busy, following the storms of the previous week we had dozens of customers looking for replacement plants, trees and flower pots and had also sold an incredible thirty greenhouses, two sheds and several rose arches. It looked as if I was going to be totally occupied for a couple of weeks or more with erecting the greenhouses, but Steve came to the rescue. He told me of a friend, another ex-squaddie, who was looking for part-time work and would be willing to put in a couple of weeks help with the deliveries and erections. I asked him to bring him in the next day; his name was Dennis, he was mid-twenties, seemed competent and keen and so I took him on there and then, paired up to work with Steve. They turned out to be a first class team and together were delivering and erecting two structures a day as well as doing all the deliveries. Maggie was impressed and suggested that I should offer Dennis regular ongoing erection work on a casual basis if he wanted it.

Emma had also taken about twenty calls from customers asking for one of us to visit their garden to quote for garden maintenance and post storm repair work, or assess damage to trees. She had efficiently typed each onto one of the new job sheets she had created and Maggie and I split them between us and got Emma to call back and make appointments with the clients. There was one from Becca Hill, Josh's mother; one of her trees had blown down during the storm. I took the job sheet out of the batch and slipped it into my pocket; I would call round to see Becca myself.

Wednesday, I had college in the morning and in the afternoon I was booked in to take a proficiency course at a driving centre in Swindon which would allow me to use the new fork lift truck in the public areas,. Steve already had his certificate as well as a heavy goods driving licence and Maggie and I had sat down with him one morning and officially offered him the job of delivery driver and handyman with a good pay hike, which he was only too pleased to accept. We desperately needed somebody who could regularly drive the big lorry as I was legally prohibited from driving heavy goods vehicles until I was twenty-one which meant that one of the older guys needed to drive for me if it was necessary to take the big lorry out anywhere. It was one of the reasons that I had bought the flat bed trailer, hooked behind the Land Rover it was a combination that I could legally take onto the road. I passed the test without problems, mainly because Steve had coached me and I had had some practice on our own machine, it was mostly health and safety theory anyway.

I had ridden up to Swindon on my moped and managed to whiz through the rush hour traffic and was home in good time to shower and change to ride into the city to meet Janet for our date.

There was a parking space on the bike stand in New Canal right opposite the Odeon and so I was a little bit early and waited for Janet outside the bank next to the cinema. She was dead on time but I almost did not recognise her; I had only ever seen her wearing a nurse's uniform, with her hair in a utility pony tail, and she looked so completely different. It was the first time that I had seen her wearing make-up and her mousey blonde shoulder length hair was crimped into a mass of tiny ringlets. Her outfit was really trendy; a stone washed denim skirt with black spandex leggings, a grey off the shoulder top and a short brown leather zip-up jacket. I had thought that she looked cute in her nurse's outfit, but ragged up she looked quite sophisticated and sexy.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Red Heat, was OK; the important thing was that Janet enjoyed it. I put my arm around her in the cinema, she seemed happy with that and leaned her head against my shoulder, but I wasn't getting the vibe that she wanted to go any further. After the film we walked around the corner to the burger bar in the High Street and sat over beef burgers, chips and coffees and talked for a while. Janet had moved down to Salisbury from Leeds about six months ago to take up the job at the Cedars after spending a year at college getting her care worker certificates. She was chatty and cheerful and nice to be with. I discovered that our tastes in music and books could not have been further apart, but that in itself added interest to our relationship. I walked her back to her car which was parked on the New Canal car park; she had a pale green 1970s Citroen 2CV and we stood by the car talking for a while.

I tipped her chin up and kissed her lightly on the lips, she didn't object and so I pulled her in to me, she slipped her arms around my neck and her lips started to respond to mine our tongues gently probing until they found each other and I could feel her relaxing against me, her knee quivering ever so slightly against mine. I slid my hands down to her waist and drew her closer and she responded by wriggling tighter against me and I could feel her starting to breath a little more heavily into my mouth. She pushed her hands lightly against my chest and broke away, both of us panting slightly.

"I need to go," she said, "Mrs. Harvey doesn't like us coming in late, in case we wake the residents."

"I will be coming over to The Cedars in the next few days," I told her. "If you would like to go out again we can fix something up?"

"Yes, I would...very much." She said, "Thanks for a lovely evening, Jamie." She reached up and kissed me briefly on the lips and then got into her car. The engine spluttered into life and I watched her drive away and turn into the High Street, then went across to my moped and just sat on the bike for five minutes and smoked a cigarette. It had been a pleasant evening, just a normal first date, I was happy to leave it that way, as I knew that her kiss had held the promise of something deeper and wilder, I felt that there was a lot more to Janet that was just waiting to be discovered.

Friday turned out to be busier that I had anticipated, Maggie had taken the day off and had gone into town for a sister's day out with Mum, and so I ended up trying to juggle the needs of the garden centre with the outside appointments that I already had in my diary. In the morning I took the small van and went out to visit a couple of the customers who had called in wanting estimates for work to be done. I had two afternoon appointments, one with a salesman from one of the major seed companies and the other with Geoff Mallet, the tree surgeon to discuss various contract works that we wanted him to undertake for us.

As I had arranged to ride with Janice on Sunday, when I got home, I went through the big chest in the garage where I kept my old gardening clothes; I knew that in the bottom somewhere was a sports bag with my riding gear. My hat was fine, it just needed brushing off but both pairs of riding britches were now far to small, but then It was a good two years since I had last worn them and I had filled out a bit since then. I dumped them into the waste bin and searched out my riding boots from the lobby cupboard. Obviously my foot size had not changed a lot as they fitted fine which was a relief as good quality leather boots were expensive to replace. The nearest decent tack shop was at Devizes and so I rode over there during my lunch break on Saturday and bought myself a new pair of good quality, dark grey utility breeches.

Janice had a riding class in the morning, so I had arranged to join her at the stables just after noon. As I crossed the stable yard she was just saying goodbye to her client, a young woman with a small girl dressed up in miniature riding togs.

She was dressed much as she had been when I last saw her in a short sleeved white shirt with riding britches and a quilted gilet but her blonde hair was tied back in a short pony tail. She looked me up and down; I was wearing my new britches, had polished my boots, and had put on a dark navy, cotton twill rugby shirt.

"Well, at least you look the part! Let's get a cup of coffee and then I will try and find you a docile old nag that you can bounce about on." She teased, and led the way into the rear of the old tack room which was evidently now just used for storage and as a staff rest room. There were two girls sitting at the table drinking tea when we came in, both got up and started to leave.

"Would you two, go and saddle Handsome Boy and Ricky, for me, please?" She asked, "Then if everything is finished you can go home!"

The afternoon was fun, I hadn't been up on a horse for over two years, but riding a horse is like riding a bike, once you have learned the basics and how to stay on then it's something you will never ever forget, and it all came back pretty quickly. We spend a good couple of hours in the paddocks and Janice even persuaded me to do a couple of circuits over the jumps. I was pretty pleased with myself; I felt that I still had what it took.

Janice was not only pretty she was a good rider too, a very good rider, possibly not as good as the twins but certainly as good as, or better than Emma and I had been once. I stood holding Ricky, the chestnut that she had allocated to me, and watched her do a couple of final rounds over the jumps, even on the back of a horse she looked sexy and had the most incredible arse that you could ever wish to see.

By the time the horses were cooled down, groomed and in their stalls and I had returned the saddles and kit to the tack room the afternoon had almost gone.

"I will just make sure that everything is OK and secure, and then we can go and change." Janice said, "I have the evening off, one of the lads is coming in to do the final rounds."

I collected my bag containing a change of clothes from the car and waited whilst she dutifully looked in at each horse and ensured that everything was made fast, and then followed her up the stairs to her flat above the coach house. It was a small but neat apartment consisting of a living room, a tiny kitchen and a bedroom only large enough to house a single bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

"There is no bathroom, I'm afraid...." She said apologetically, "I have to use the lavatory in the coach house downstairs, but Philippa lets me use the shower room at the house, she is away until late tonight so there won't be a problem."

We were both sweaty and smelled of horses and saddle soap and I was starting to stiffen up a bit and my arse felt bruised to hell. She tossed me a large bath towel matching the one she was carrying. "Bring your clothes and shoes, unless you want to walk back down the drive in the buff. I did forget once and had to run back in nothing but a towel in the freezing bloody cold!" she laughed.

We walked up to the back of the house and Janice produced a key and opened the door. I had never been inside Philippa's house before, it was a large rambling early Victorian country house and the kitchen was massive, with a flag stoned floor and a huge scrubbed wood table occupying the centre. It was obviously now unused.

"Philippa has installed a new modern kitchen on the other side of the house," Janice informed me, "Through here now." She led the way through a door into a long passageway which transversed the whole width of the building until we entered what was obviously Philippa's robing room. Hard hats, jodhpurs, breeches, jackets and coats hung on hooks on both sides of the narrow room and there was a long line of riding and rubber field boots. One end of the room had been tiled; to one side there was a large old fashioned ceramic wash basin and on the other an ancient, swan neck shower with a pull round plastic curtain.

We took turns to sit on an old wooden hoop backed chair and pulled off each others boots. Janice obviously had a well ordered routine as she quickly got her change of clothes from her bag and hung them on a spare hook and was pulling off her white polo top revealing a plain white cotton bra only just holding her generous breasts in check. I don't know what I had expected but it certainly was not that she would strip off in front of me. She saw me staring in surprise.

"Oh, get a move on!" She chided me, "If you are going to be shy, I shall be very disappointed with you!"

I pulled my shirt over my head and as I emerged I saw that she had pushed off her britches and panties and was reaching round to unfasten her bra. By the time that I had got rid of my own breeches, shorts and socks, she was standing completely nude in front of me. She giggled and then made a dash for the shower and I heard the water start to cascade behind the curtain.

"Come on!" She called to me, "Don't waste time, the hot water doesn't last very long so we will have to shower together!"

I stepped around the curtain and into the water, my expression must have told the story.

"I lied!" She chuckled, "The water is never hot..... it just stays tepid, all the time!"

She passed me a bottle of shower gel and I started to lather myself whilst taking the time to appreciate her body. She was about 5' 6" and was equally as pretty now without her make-up and her shoulder length blonde hair dark with water. Her breasts were munificent, with large brown crinkled aureolas and nipples which were firm and large even without being aroused. As you would expect from a rider her stomach was firm with muscle and her waist narrow with rounded wide hips and really muscular and firm thighs and legs. There was a small nest of light brown almost creamy yellow pubic hair masking her pussy.

Being in the close proximity of the shower cubicle, both naked, the inevitable happened and I began to get an erection. Standing only a foot apart it was impossible to hide and Janice made no secret of openly appraising my body, her eyes lingering on my stiffening member.

"Just because we are standing here in the raw, with that thing ready and eager .... Don't get the idea that I am going to let you screw me!" She said laughing and firmly placed her hand on my chest as though ready to hold me back.

"It's OK ... that's cool ....." I started to say, and then stopped as my breath was taken away by the realisation that her other hand was wrapped around my prick. I think that my mouth just dropped open.

"I didn't say that we couldn't fool about, a bit!" she giggled and still holding my dick firmly leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. I slid my hands around her waist and up her wet back pulling her closer to me crushing those wonderful, firm breasts against my chest. She pulled back her lips and gently eased me away so that we were several inches apart her nipples just lightly brushing against my ribs and her hand still firmly gripping my now rigid erection. The shower water was just warm enough to still be stimulating and pleasurable and it was highly erotic standing there our bodies soaked and slippery.

"Wait!" She hissed, "Let me do it for you."

Her hand squeezed tighter around my dick, slowly pumping up and down, I could feel it starting to swell in response to the motion of her hand. My glans felt swollen and huge and then she was starting to work her hand a little bit faster and to squeeze firmly as her fingers reached that sensitive ring below the cap. She slowed down again, my face was buried in her throat and my breath was coming in shallow pants, I wanted this to go on forever, her hand was not soft and tiny like most girls, it was a rider's hand, firm and strong and I could feel the slight calluses at the base of her fingers.

Then her hand released my prick completely, I gasped in disappointment, until I felt the tips of her fore finger and thumb gliding up and down my water slicked length. Being wanked by those two fingers was incredible; she seemed to know just where they needed to be to generate the maximum sensation, gently rolling my prick between them and stroking the sensitive vein on the underside. She ran her fingers down until they reached the root of my dick and then I felt her whole hand wrap gently around my saddle bruised jewels before her hand again encircled my cock and resumed the slow tender up and down caress, each upward stoke ending with a light squeeze below the glans.

My erection felt so hard and swollen that I thought that it would burst. Each time that I started to reach the point of release Janice recognised the slight trembling that rippled up from my balls and the pulsing of the glans and eased off, allowing my breathing to return to normal before resuming her languid strokes.

She kept me constantly on the brink of release for long, long minutes beneath the continuing flow of the warm shower until I could hold back no longer and started to thrust with my hips, pumping my prick hard into her hand, the tip bumping and rubbing against her firm tummy. Her response was to jerk downward to meet each thrust harder and harder until I could hold back no longer and ejaculated in a thrusting quivering pulse, shooting a long stream of jiz splashing against her stomach which was quickly washed away by the shower, to be replaced by another and then yet another until she had jerked every last drop from me and I was collapsed against her, my legs shaking like those of a new born foal.

"Oh, my God, Jan!" That was all that I could manage to gasp out. She had left me completely breathless.

She was laughing quietly and her lips were roving around my throat and lips dispensing small kisses. I drew her close to me again and fastened my mouth on hers this time sinking into a soft, deep passionate kiss, tongues entwined that went on for minutes.

I felt her reach back to turn off the shower. "Come on, let's get dry and dressed, then you can take me out for dinner." She said.

We dressed and walked back to her flat to leave her bag of riding gear and then drove out to the Ship Inn at Burcombe. The restaurant only served a limited menu on Sunday nights and so we settled for steaks and a bottle of Burgundy and then took the last two glasses of wine through to the bar and sat at a corner table and talked about horses, gardening and old friends until eventually I raised the subject that had been bothering me all day.

"So what was with the engagement ring?" I asked finally.

"Well, I am sort of engaged," she replied. "His name is Francis and he is a history graduate at Oxford, we hooked up last year when he came to the stables and then he wanted to get engaged at Christmas and I sort of went along with it....I'm not sure why!"

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