The Touch Ch. 25


I looked down into her face, it looked clean and fresh scrubbed and very young, although she was actually several months older than me, but her eyes were bright and clear and full of promise.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

She didn't answer with words but reached up to bring her lips back to mine and at the same time her hand snaked down to grasp the back of mine and guide it beneath the fabric of her panties until I could feel the soft warmth of a small patch of soft curly fluff and then my fingers were being pressed against the cleft of her pussy. Her hand withdrew and she looped her arms around my neck hugging me tightly and panting softly into my ear as my finger found her clit, tiny and concealed in it's soft hood and started to gently rub and caress until I could actually feel it starting to become engorged.

"Let's lay down .... My legs are starting to get numb ...." She murmured, then tweaked at my t-shirt, "And, we can't do IT with you still dressed." She giggled quietly and started tugging at my belt buckle whilst I pulled my t-shirt over my head and gently peeled the dressing gown back over her shoulders until it fell away and she was standing against me in just a soft white cotton sports bra and her knickers. My fingers found the hooks between her shoulders and the bra fell away revealing tiny round breasts with quite large pink aureolas and little bud nipples.

She stepped out of her panties then backed away and crawled into the bed pulling the duvet half over her as I kicked off my jeans, shorts and socks and climbed in beside her. It was a very narrow single bed and I had to lie half over her from the start to stop from slipping off.

We kissed again and I pressed my lips into the nape of her neck nuzzling and painting tiny circles and swirls on her skin with the tip of my tongue. I felt her back arch slightly and she made a series of soft low moans against my ear.

"Touch me... please touch me, I want you to touch my whole body."

One arm came up and crooked around the back of my neck and the other hand found mine and brought it up to cover her small breast which was almost flat as she rested on her back. My fingers found and plucked at her nipple and I was surprised how quickly it reacted to my touch, the aureola becoming deep pink and the nub swelled and became elongated, enlarged out of all proportion to her tiny breast. She gasped sharply as I squeezed it.

"Oh fuck, that is fantastic!" I was a little bit surprised, it was the first time that I had ever heard Janet swear at all, her voice had become husky with lust and her northern accent very pronounced. "Do you think my nubbies are big? Do you like them big?"

I moved my hand to the other breast and tweaked and pinched the other nipple until it was long and hard and hot and then brought my lips down to nibble and suck on them, first one and then the other and then back again. "They are super, I just love them." I spluttered as I drew as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, sucking and flicking at the nipple with my tongue.

She was bucking and twisting beneath me her breath coming in little short pants and gasps, and her face was flushed and pink from trying not to cry out. I was sure that if she lost control she would scream and howl and wake the whole house, but she didn't. Her thrashing was causing me serious problems; my prick was erect and the friction of her writhing beneath me was causing me to leave a moist trail of pre-cum on her thigh and I was in serious danger of losing control and shooting my load before we even got to screwing.

I could feel her pussy, very moist and hot against my thigh, she was humping her clit against me and I reached down to roll it beneath my finger tip, slipping my finger deep inside her to draw her juices up to lubricate her labia and tiny clit. She moaned and her hand moved to clutch my buttocks squeezing and tugging me further over her until my throbbing shaft was poised over her pussy, my knees between hers pushing them part to give easy access to her crotch.

"Oh God! Oh Yes! Do me .... I want you to do me..... Oh fuck! QUICKLY!"

Her hips were jerking spasmodically making it hard for me to find her and my glans thrust and rubbed against her pussy lips and clit until finally I managed to guide it to the hot moist entrance to her vagina. My length slid into her easily and in a single thrust, my balls banging hard against her bum, her love tube hot and very wet and not at all as tight as I had imagined it would be.

She locked her slender legs around mine her knees raised high and her heels drumming on my buttocks as I started to piston into her in long hard strokes, each thrust driving as deep as it would go then pulling back almost to the point of withdrawal before ramming in again with the whole force of my back and thighs.

Janet was panting and moaning softly and both hands were now clamped hard over her mouth to stop herself crying out and the top of her head was bumping against the thick padded velvet bed-head with each thrust that I made into her.

Our fucking was urgent and hard and couldn't last for too much longer and I felt myself poised on the point of climax. I really hadn't realised that she was ready too, but suddenly she jerked hard, just once, thrusting her hips upwards and impaling herself violently onto me, her whole body spasmed and shook and her heels drummed savagely against the backs of my legs and she was beating me about the shoulders with her tiny clenched fists.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" She panted. Then with a final quiver flopped back and went limp beneath me.

I was so close to my own orgasm, but not there yet. I just lay still on top of her my erection still deep inside her vagina, just throbbing in tiny pulses with the need to release which was being denied by our inactivity. Slowly, she started to move her hips in little circular movements causing her pussy to caress my prick, it wasn't real fucking, but it was blissful and continued for long minutes, I concentrated on my balls willing them to hold back because the sensation of being pussy wanked was so good.

It was impossible to hold back forever and I felt the juices rushing to release and raised myself up and gave one hard violent thrust into her as my volcano erupted and I shot stream after stream of jiz powerfully into her already wet cavern. Then it was my turn to collapse sated across her, we lay for several minutes my half limp dick still inside her until she wriggled free.

"Christ Jamie, you are so heavy..." she chuckled. "But didn't we do well!" She seemed to think that very funny and I vaguely remembered the expression as a catch phrase from a television games show.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to crush you." I mumbled.

"You didn't really," she giggled, "God, but that was fun wasn't it? You are definitely the best screw outside of Yorkshire ... you can rescue me any time you feel like it."

I desperately need a pee and she gave me directions to the bathroom, I got dressed and went down to the next floor and when I came back she had put her dressing gown back on and was wearing a pair of towelling slippers.

"I'll come down with you to the back door so that you don't get lost," she whispered, "It would cause a riot if you wandered in on one of the old ladies .... some of them would probably like it though, they can be randy old bitches at times."

We stood in the doorway and exchanged a light kiss but neither of us made any effort to secure a date for another hook up. She waved once as I drove slowly down the gravel drive trying to make a silent departure and then she went in and closed the door.

I still wasn't sure that I was really keen about Janet, she was a nice girl, but we had little in common and I still believed that we would bore each other very quickly as we had few mutual interests... except shagging... Janet had turned out to be nowhere near as innocent and helpless as she liked to make out, I wasn't complaining but I was glad that I hadn't used 'The Touch' with her, I had seriously considered it as an option earlier. I wasn't sure if it would work on a partner who was unwilling or seriously reluctant and I was not about to try to find out, I might have been turning into a sex addict but I definitely was not a pervert or rapist, there were enough willing women in the world who maybe just needed a nudge.

It was only just after eleven-fifteen when I got home. Emma was still up, waiting for me.

"Where the fuck have you been!" She stormed as soon as I got in.

"Hey! Don't talk to me like that ... "

"I'm sorry Jay, I was worried about you ... I thought something bad might have happened."

I explained about Janet's car breaking down and having to run her home as I made us both hot chocolate.

"She was really upset and so I stayed for a cup of coffee and tried to calm her down."

"What for three fucking hours... " I raised an eyebrow, "Sorry!" She added.

"We were talking. Anyway Mrs. Harvey came home so we weren't alone in the house if that's what you are worried about." Well, it wasn't a total lie and she seem to accept it and it calmed her temper. I did know what was wrong with Emma again the past few days, maybe it was a hormone thing?

We finished our chocolates and said goodnight and then went upstairs. Emma went to her room and I took a quick shower pulled on my silk sleeping shorts, and then went to mine. The door was open and the light was out but I didn't think anything of it. I wandered across the dark room and draped my jeans over the back of my desk chair and went to switch on the reading light by my arm chair when I realised that Emma was sitting there.

"What are you doing here?" I asked a little impatiently, flicking on the light. She was wearing nothing but a long white t-shirt and I could clearly see the points of her small nipples through the fabric. I could already discern the dark patch which was her pubic hair peeking from beneath the edge of her t-shirt and as hard as I tried to turn away, I couldn't, I was compelled to look. Just looking was enough; I felt the start of an erection causing a bulge which appeared much larger than it was in the loose silk shorts. She would have needed to be blind not to see it, it was only a couple of feet from her face.

"Get the fuck out of here, Emma!" I snapped angrily. "Go to your own room .... Please."

For once she didn't get angry or emotional. She just got up and started towards the door. "I just wanted to say good night." She said lightly, then turned and came back and before I could stop her pressed herself close against me trapping my erection between us and kissed me lightly on my bare chest. "I love you Jay!" She spun away quickly and skipped lightly out of the door. "Now I know that you like me as well," she threw back over her shoulder. Now she sounded happy and cheerful?

I kicked the door closed behind her, bruising my bare foot. "What is wrong with that girl?" I muttered out loud. I got into bed but my last thoughts were not of Janet with whom I had shared a great shag that evening, but of Emma's pointed little nipples showing through that t-shirt and the dark shadow of fluff beneath.



To the reader

A sincere thank you to all the readers who continue to post comments and send e-mails your encouragement is greatly appreciated. I am sorry if new chapters are taking a little more time to appear; I shall try to continue posting them every few days.

Some of the earlier chapters are being revised as orphan paragraphs and missed amendments are coming to light as I sort through the masses of random jottings that make up this story.

At this time I have just posted the updated version of CHAPTER 1 : JAMIE'S STORY and several other parts have had minor corrections of typos and punctuation errors.

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