tagNovels and NovellasThe Touch Ch. 26

The Touch Ch. 26


WARNING TO READERS - This is a long, rambling, multi-part story and VERY British. The individual chapters will make more sense if read in sequence.

Chapter 26: Of Sandwiches and Steaks

Emma seemed to have either totally forgotten or had chosen to ignore her behaviour on Sunday night and was perfectly normal and cheerful at breakfast. I thought that I probably ought to talk to her about what was going on, but picked the coward's way out and opted to ignore it for now, it was probably aggravating the situation in the long run but she seemed just go through the obsession with me for a few days every so often and then get back to normal again.

We didn't have any heavy deliveries on Monday and so I had Steve, Dennis and Mikey load up the big lorry with the fencing panels for Caroline's garden; we would be starting by putting in the perimeter fence before clearing the rubble and preparing the ground. I gave Steve the directions and the key to the garden gate and told him that I would be there by the time they had unloaded.

I went back to the office, called Becca and arranged for her to meet me at Caroline's house on Wednesday, I thought that she might be able to get a better feel for the site if she saw it after the visual horizons had been set by the fencing.

Caroline had ordered a small 6' x 4' tool shed and I put the flat packed unit onto the trailer and hitched it to the Land Rover and followed the guys out her house. By the time that I arrived the team had unloaded most of the fencing and stacked it in the centre of the garden and so I left them to bring the shed in from the trailer whilst Mikey and I went round with a tape measure and markers siting the post holes for the fencing. The garden only needed fencing at the rear and one side as the other boundary belonged to the property next door. A fence already existed but Caroline had asked me to plant Leylandii along the whole length as a privacy screen.

With all four of us working at it, two digging post holes and two concreting the fence posts in place we had all the posts in place by late afternoon and decided to call it a day. We couldn't start installing the fence panels until the next day when the concrete footings were dry but I felt that the job was well on schedule and the fencing work and clean-up could be finished off with-out my being there all day releasing me for other tasks.

Tuesday, my main job for the day was going to be planting out about forty young, flowering shrubs at a large house at Quidhampton on the west side of the city. I reckoned that the task would take me most of the morning and so I had some free time to take on another job in the afternoon before checking on the days work at Caroline Brookes' house.

As Maggie was going to be busy for the full day with her assignments and I was already working on the west side of the city, Emma handed me the job card to return to a new lawn that Maggie and Kitty had put down a few weeks earlier which now needed checking and top dressing. I made up the pails of sand and seed mix and loaded them into the rear of the VW Pick-up along with the aerator roller and a scatter sieve, and put the shrubs for the first job behind them, nearest the tailgate.

I got to Quidhampton about eight o'clock and by the time that I had unloaded the bushes, and placed them out on the bed for the customer's approval I was ready to start excavating the planting holes about an hour later. Digging and preparing planting pits, teasing out root balls and correctly planting in forty bushes is hard work even for a professional and it was gone mid-day before I finished.

I decided to go straight over to the lawn dressing job which was off the Devizes Road and only about ten minutes drive away. The task shouldn't take more than a couple of hours and I would skip lunch and grab a snack when I had finished.

The house turned out to be one of a short row of recently built bungalows, each with a open plan small front garden, mostly either paved or shingled to park a car. As I arrived, the clients, an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Redfern, were just pulling out of their gate and preparing to drive away.

"We're now out for the afternoon," Mr. Redfern informed me, then unhooked a key from his key-ring and handed it to me through the car window. "That's the key to the gate, take as long as you like, old son. You can put the key back through the letter box when you are done." I thanked them and backed up so that they could drive away and then parked at the front of the bungalow.

The garden at the rear of the house was not large and I had the lawn aerated and top dressed by about one-thirty and was just finishing loading my kit back onto the pick-up when I got that prickly feeling that you get when you know someone is watching you. I ignored it at first; you always get curtain twitchers watching you from somewhere when you are doing a job at a neighbour's house, and you get used to it, but this seemed really close up. I heard foot steps on gravel coming from the garden next door and turned to look.

"Hello Jamie, I thought that it was you." The soft Scottish accent triggered recognition before she came into my line of sight. I was Laurie McLean, the soldier's wife who had shared an impromptu, surreptitious shag with me at the Christmas party.

She had obviously just come home from shopping as she was carrying a couple of bags, there was no car and so I guessed that she had used the bus. I suddenly remembered that Steve had told me that the McLeans lived out in this direction somewhere but I had totally forgotten about that until now, although I had often thought about Laurie.

"Er, hello Laurie," I smiled. I wasn't sure if this was going to be a bit awkward or not. We had met again after Christmas by a fluke encounter at the garden centre when she and her husband turned out to be friends with Steve. "How are you? You look fabulous."

Actually she did; her red hair now had fashionable darker streaks and she appeared to have lost some weight in the face which suited her, making her green eyes and pouting lips very prominent and sexy. She was wearing a plain black low neck top which exposed her throat and most of her shoulders but revealed only the slightest hint of her generous cleavage and hugged her narrow waist and rounded hips. Her black jersey leggings could not have been any tighter. She was probably early thirties with that timeless beauty that only mature women have and keep through their middle decades.

"Thank you." She smiled and tossed her hair provocatively. "Are you just arriving or just leaving?

"Leaving, I have been attending to your neighbour's lawn, and I'm now going to try and find something to eat and drink .... I missed lunch." I was only talking to make conversation really, it wasn't a hint.

"That's easily solved, Laddie," she said, starting to turn towards her own door. "Come away in, and I will make you a piece and some coffee or tea. I must have looked a bit hesitant, she laughed and added, "Jocko is away t' Germany, and I'm not going t' bite you ...."

I hopped over the low hedge that separated the two gardens, "You bloody did bite me last time!" I chuckled when we were near enough not to be overheard. We were both laughing as we went into the house and she closed the door as I pulled off my boots and left them by the door.

"Come on," she called over her shoulder as she led the way into the kitchen, "Did I really bite you, then?"

"Yeah," I pulled down the open neck of my polo shirt to expose a view of my pectoral, there was nothing to see anymore although her teeth had left a bruise which had lasted several days.

She came close and made a pretence of looking hard, "Shit Laddie, there's nothing there, no blood, no scar, nothing, " she laughed, then added mock seriously, "In old Scots tradition, if there had been a scar then I would have marked you as mine.... You would belong tae me!"

"Might be something in that.... We seem to keep bumping into each other."

"Could be fate alright," she chuckled, "You are just what I need to cheer me up this afternoon. Bacon, OK?" She was already tossing rashers of bacon into a frying pan and slicing a loaf of bread, I guessed that a piece was what they called a sandwich in Scotland. A bacon butty would just go down a treat I reckoned. "Tea or coffee or wine?"

There was an opened bottle of white wine on the breakfast bar and she sloshed a more than generous amount into a large tumbler for herself, swilling half of it down in the first mouthful. I indicated that I would rather have coffee and she spooned coffee granules into a cup for me and poured in hot water.

"Och, you're a Jessie," she chuckled, "I'm going to get pissed; why won't you join me?"

She piled a mound of bacon sandwiches onto a plate and then leaned against a cupboard unit watching me as I sat on a high stool at the breakfast bar eating. She had finished off the bottle of wine and got another from the 'fridge and handed it to me with a corkscrew. She had been pissed as a newt the first time that I met her and seemed to have a tendency to drink during the day as well, I had no moral stance on that, but she was obviously unhappy and that made me feel a bit sad.

We talked for a while about the usual things, I told her a bit about myself and my work and she told me about the loneliness of being married to a serviceman posted abroad. "You don't have many friends," she said, "the six months that we've been here is the longest we have stayed anywhere in the last ten years, and I dinna see Jocko more than a few days here and there." It made me think of the lonely sort of life that Mum...Gwen must have led with my father always being away. I liked Laurie, she was a bit loud when she was drinking but bluntly honest and forthright about how she felt and what she wanted.

She took the refilled tumbler from me and I noticed that she had a few bread crumbs stuck in her hair; probably from her hands when she made my sandwiches. I leaned forward and brushed them away and by sheer chance my finger tips brushed lightly against her throat and bare shoulder. Our eyes met and locked. Hers were bright sea green pools filled with loneliness and longing.

Her hand flicked up and grasped my fingers and brought the tips to her lips and gently kissed them and then she sucked each one in turn, giving each finger a little blow-job, her tongue lightly licking and then sucking the whole finger into her mouth. It was fantastically erotic and I could feel myself getting a serious hard on, I know that I should have got up and left, but I just sat there, on the high stool and let her do it.

The finger sucking seemed to have turned her on as well as she suddenly stepped back, breathing heavily, her generous breasts heaving, as if needing to take stock of where we were going. She reached behind her and pulled a packet of cigarettes and an ashtray out of a drawer and put them on the breakfast bar beside me.

"Light me a fag, and don't you dare move off of that bloody stool, Honey!" She manoeuvred herself to the door into the hall, the way she was weaving I guessed that she was fairly well pissed already; maybe she had started drinking before going shopping?

I heard the lavatory flush and when she returned she had removed her leggings, and her long top looked like a mini dress; she looked really tasty and inviting; the hem was just long enough to be a tease, I really couldn't tell if she was wearing anything beneath. I handed her the lit cigarette and she leaned back against the cupboard again taking long deep drafts of smoke and exhaling with a husky sigh. We both sat silently until we had finished our smokes, and I decided that something had to happen one way or the other. I knew that I should leave and get back to my work, but she was totally tempting and too good to turn down.

"Laurie, I really ought to......"

"Don't even think about going anywhere .... You are staying right here!" she growled huskily moving right up close to me and cupping my face in her hands to bring it down to hers. Her lips fastened onto mine and her tongue was thrusting into my mouth twisting and probing and then we were locked together in a tight embrace her arms around my neck and my hands on her hips pulling her to me. The fabric of her top slid smoothly against her skin as if inviting me to move my hands lower, down to her thighs and then up beneath the hem to her naked buttocks.

I tore my lips away from hers, we both needed to breathe, I think there was a serious danger that we could easily suffocate each other with pure lust. "You are right," I panted, "I'm not going anywhere."

Her lips found mine again and we sucked and tongue wrestled so hard that I thought our lips would be mashed and bruised. Her hands found the hem of my polo shirt and pushed beneath it and I could feel her fingers and palms hot and soft against the bare flesh of my back her short clipped nails lightly scratching but not breaking the skin as they had before.

My own hands were now beneath her top exploring the silk smooth skin of her thighs, buttocks and waist; she was not wearing panties and my hand moved around to slide down over her stomach and her smoothly shaved mound until my fingers were cupping her moistness, caressing those soft lips and her swollen labia without penetration.

She moaned deep in her throat and pressed herself hard against my hand. "Do you want to fuck?" She asked breathlessly, her voice was soft and husky and full of warm lust but she genuinely seemed to be asking rather than demanding. "For real this time... not just a quickie ... and not here in the kitchen... "

"Oh yes, very much. I've thought about just that so often." I answered gently.

She took my hand and led me through the hall and into a bedroom at the rear of the bungalow; it was obviously a guest room. There was a double bed and a chest of drawers and several stacked packing cases, the bed was made up but was obviously disused.

"I'm not a slag, you know. I won't take you into Jocko's bed." She seemed to have a need to explain, "I had an affair once... years ago, when Jocko was away for two full years ... but you are the only other man I've been with. Do you believe that?"

I pulled her close to me and held her tightly in my arms and kissed her hair and tipped her face up towards mine so that our eyes could meet. "Yes, I believe you." I kissed her face, her cheeks and forehead and her chin before letting my lips rest once more lightly against hers, probing between her half open lips to find and gently touch the tip of my tongue against hers.

It was almost déjà vu. As she had done in the ladies room at the restaurant she started to slide down me until she was kneeling between my feet her hands tugging at my belt and then slowly drawing down the fly zip of my trousers. She looked up into my face smiling, and without taking her sorcerous eyes from mine, nudged and tugged until she had drawn my trousers, shorts and socks away and my prick was standing stiffly erect between us the tip level with her face.

She touched it with one finger, "It is nicer than I remembered," she leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip, a fluttery, butterfly touch which made me gasp.

Her hand curled softly but firmly around my prick and she started to work it up and down the length, just lightly squeezing as she reached that sensitive ring just below the tip, causing the glans to swell and pulse, then would move down again until her hand reached the root. I looked down and saw the glistening drops of pre-cum that were forming at the eye of my glans and watched as she carefully collected them with the palm of her hand and used them to moisten my prick allowing her hand to caress without friction. It just seemed to go on and on each stroke of her hand bring heightened sensation until my prick was starting to jerk and pulse and I was afraid that I would not be able to hold back my climax.

I must have closed my eyes with the sheer ecstasy from her caresses and then suddenly it got even better, I felt the hot wetness of her mouth closing over my prick, at first just taking the glans into her mouth her tongue caressing and rolling over my most sensitive part. I know that I was gasping and my hands were resting gently on the top of her head, her long soft hair brushing against my thighs, and I gently thrust my prick forward until I could feel that most of my length was inside that hot cavern and I could feel her tongue moving, the tip caressing the sensitive vein on the underside of my tool and then flicking at the glans. Laurie bobbed her head and started to move up and down faster, each downward motion taking my erection deeper into her mouth and each stroke being me closer to the point of release.

"Oh God, Laurie .... That is so good .... " I panted "Aaaah! I think I'm going to cum..."

She stopped and looked up at me, her face was flushed but her eyes were bright and she was smiling, almost laughing, "Good" was all that she said.

She gripped the base of my prick firmly with one fist, squeezing so that it became swollen and quivered with the need to release and then her hot mouth once more slid over the glans, this time closing tightly and sucking hard whilst she bobbed her head up and down so that her mouth was moving around just the very tip. I was breathless with ecstasy and anticipation.

"Laurie, I'm going to cum, Laurie .... Oh God you need to stop or I shall...."

I couldn't hold back any more, I tried to ease her mouth from around me but she wasn't having it she sucked even harder and then suddenly I exploded hard right into her mouth, a long stream of jiz before I managed to pull back, the next spurt rocketed past her face and the last she collected skilfully in her hand.

"Oh Fuck, Laurie," I panted, " I am so, so sorry.. I didn't mean to....." I had never ejaculated right into a woman's mouth before, I knew that some guys claimed to have done it, but I really wasn't sure that a girl would really want you to do that.

From somewhere she had produced a tissue and was wiping her hand and lips. "It is OK, Honey," she said smiling up at me, "It wasn't your choice .... It was mine .... It was what I WANTED to do." She put her hands on my hips and used them to lever herself erect until she was close against me than laughed and pressed her lips to mine again, I could taste the pungent sweetness of my own cum mingled with the sharpness of wine.

"OK my big gorgeous Laddie," she chuckled, "Now it's my turn."

She unceremoniously pulled her top up over her head and dropped it onto the floor. I reached round and unhooked her black lacy bra and it followed her top as did my own shirt until we stood totally naked together. She put her arms around my neck and drew me down onto the bed and wriggled around until we had our heads against the pillows.

I eased myself up onto one elbow to look at her. Her breasts were on the generous side and her nipples were already aroused and standing firmly erect, little brown nubs against dark, heavily pimpled, engorged aureolas. Her belly was the cute round pod that is common to most adult women, not chubby but not totally flat either, and was something that I always found sexy and attractive. She giggled, knowing that I was examining and appreciating her naked body, laid out on display beside me.

"You are so beautiful, Laurie," I stated simply. "I just want to make you happy."

"Oh God, Jamie .... You are a total bastard!" she choked, and I saw that tears were starting to form in her eyes and run slowly down her cheeks. "Why di'ya have tae say a thing like that!"

I was totally bemused, "What...?"

She smiled through the tears, "It was a sweet, wonderful thing t' say, but you ha' made me blub like a bairn..." Her Scots accent became more pronounced with her emotional outburst. "Why could you no just fuck me and go, without being kind and caring?"

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