The Touch Ch. 35


She went mad! Suddenly she was slapping at me furiously, her face was blotchy and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"You fucking arsehole, Jamie....." she sobbed, "How dare you bring me back here.... Where we screwed.... Where we were happy! That day was so special, I believed you thought so too!"

I was totally perplexed, I truly did not know what was going on, but she was really angry with ME! I managed to grab hold of her wrists and hold her until she had calmed a little. My mind was filled with looming terrors... had she somehow found out about Maggie and I in the swimming pool? No that was impossible, absolutely nobody could know about that. Then there was the worst horror imaginable.... What if she had discovered or guessed about my relationship with Gwen... both the twins were very astute, but Gwen and I had happened after they had gone abroad and I had received regular, happy, 'phone calls from Lulu until a couple of weeks ago.

"Lauren....Lulu.... please stop.... please.... Just tell me what this is all about." I asked as gently and calmly as I could. I shook a couple of cigarettes out of the packet and lit both and offered one to her; she took it, it seemed to calm her a bit. I produced a clean handkerchief and she allowed me to dab at her face and eyes. This seemed to be my day for trying to console unhappy women in cars.

"Jimbo, I thought the three of us had an understanding, you, me and Luci..... that we trusted each other and promised to tell each other things....." I still didn't understand but at least she was now calling me Jimbo again.

"What is it I haven't told you?" I asked.

Instead of answering she flung open the car door and got out, slammed it closed and leaned against the car her back against the door. I got out and walked around to the passenger side and leaned next to her.

"Luci and I had a 'phone call from Ellie Scott-Symonds..... she was simply bursting to tell us all about you...."

"Who the fuck is Ellie Scott-Whatever?" I was starting to get frustrated and a bit annoyed.

"She is our friend...the one who loaned us the cottage at Barton-on-Sea, remember! You do remember fucking me there all afternoon, don't you!" She took a deep breath. "I know we all agreed there would be no commitments between us and that we were free to fuck whoever we pleased, whenever we pleased.... But.....!

"Wait a minute..." I butted in, "I don't even know this Ellie and I have certainly never shagged her!"

"I didn't say it was Ellie that got shagged," she said, she sounded a little less angry but somewhat sad, which was actually worse. "You may not know her but she recognised you.... She saw you out with your... your ... WIFE TO BE!" She almost spat out the final three words.

"Wife-to-be? Is this some sort of joke, Lulu?" I could not stop myself from laughing, partly because of the outrageous thought of my getting married and partly with total relief that her anger was not about either Maggie or Gwen.

"She saw you. In the Royal George Inn.... With your girlfriend.... Your very PREGNANT girlfriend.... You were sitting together and you left together..... arm in arm.... I take it that you WILL marry the poor little bitch?"

Cora Remick.... This Ellie girl has seen me that night with Cora. I started to really laugh I just couldn't stop myself.

"You've got it all wrong," I gasped, "Cora isn't my fiancée, she is just an old friend... the baby is certainly NOT mine... I met her that night for the first time in years, we had a drink and I walked her home...." I certainly was not going to confess that despite Cora being pregnant we had had sex that night. "Your friend got it wrong.... Anyway Emma was there with me, she would have told you if you had asked her."

It was as if a blanket of gloom had been lifted from over us. Lauren seemed suddenly as totally relieved as I was, she was still dabbing at her eyes with my handkerchief but was smiling.

"Oh Jimbo.... I am so, so sorry...." She really sounded as if she meant it too. "Luci and I were so worried about you, getting a girl pregnant would have ruined everything for you....for Mummy, for everybody.... and we were bloody furious as well because we thought that you didn't trust us enough to tell us about this girl."

She twisted around to stand in front of me her hands lightly resting on my shoulders her eyes searching my face for signs of forgiveness. "You won't stay angry with will forgive me...won't you? She put on one of her really sexy little pouts and tossed her head gently so that her honey blonde hair cascaded out over her shoulders.

"Of course I forgive you.... You know I could never stay angry with you for very long...." It was true.

"Good... because Luci and I need you to be our big, strong Rambo until we go back to Dijon..." she chuckled throatily and I felt her hand slide down to lightly rub against my prick, causing it to tingle in anticipation. I guessed that I was forgiven as well.

I knew where this was going with Lulu, her wide blue-grey eyes were bright and sparking with mischief and her lips open a fraction so that I could just see the deep pink tip of her tongue between her perfect white teeth. I bent forward and pressed my lips to hers, they were soft and moist and opened in instant and total surrender. Her hand moved up to pull my face to hers and our tongues twisted and twirled in a frenzy of lust around each other in the hot cavern of our wrestling mouths.

"Oh bloody hell, Jimbo," she panted when we finally eased our mouths apart. "I have been waiting for this for SO long," Her hand returned to caress my prick which was now rigid and throbbing, stretching out the fabric of the leg of my jeans. "Do you know what it is like to go without a proper fuck for four months and then be told that your only source of a shag had hooked up permanently with some bird and got her pregnant?"

I laughed quietly at the picture she painted. "Aren't there any men in France then?" I teased.

"God no, that bloody farm is miles from anywhere... and the French country yokels are even worse than the English ones... thick as two short planks and would probably prefer to shag their sheep." She giggled. "Besides, there is The Pact."


She wriggled against me rolling my trapped erection between our thighs. "Luci and I have a pact... we have agreed to share you between us.... " she squeezed my dick hard, causing me to let out a small gasp of surprise. "This is going to be our one and only fuck-stick .... you, my dear Rambo, will have the singular distinction of being our solitary lover..."

"What about when you go to university?" I grinned.

"Then Luci and I shall continue to fuck each other, we always have...we always will... but we get to shag with you during the holidays," she laughed.

"You mean you two really are.... are...."

"Gay? Lesbians? I don't know that those terms can really be applied to twin sisters... but yes I guess we probably are...except for you of course."

"Christ... I have never screwed a Lesbian," I laughed. The memory of the twins together on that big double bed at Maggie's house came flooding back bring with it a wave of erotic sensation causing my prick to jerk against Lauren's thigh.

"Yes you just didn't know it..." she chuckled, "and you are going to again before this night is out...."

Her hand was caressing up and down my now quivering length. "I think you should put this where it belongs.... I really, really need to feel it inside me.... I need you to make me cum.... See how wet and ready you have made me..." Her other hand grasped mine and drew it up, beneath her short skirt. She was telling the truth, the crotch of her panties was warm and wet and her pussy lips parted over my fingers as she ground herself onto my hand.

"Fuck me, Jimbo....quickly now....please!" she panted against my mouth as our lips met again in a sucking lust filled kiss which drew the breath from our lungs and caused our loins to jerk together in anticipation.

I felt her tug at my belt until it came loose and I pushed up her skirt so that it was bunched around her waist; and then she had pulled my fly buttons apart and was pushing down my jeans and shorts so that my erection swung out, jerking like a flag pole in the breeze until she grasped it firmly in one hand whilst the other pulled aside the thin silken fabric of her panties.

My fingers pressed her pussy lips apart, she was very hot and wet, but then Lulu could get that way almost instantly. I explored her open slit and brought my finger to rest on her hard little clit with was already well lubricated with her own juices and gently massaged that sensitive nubbin in a slow circular motion. She was gasping and her whole body was starting to quiver and I knew that she was already close to orgasm. Lauren could get there faster than any girl I had ever known and her orgasms were massive and beautiful, I don't think than I knew anybody who enjoyed sex more than my cousin did.

"Put it in....put it in...." she panted and guided my prick, slithering though her hot juices to her welcoming vagina.

I needed her as much as she needed me and I rammed forward, my length sliding easily into her hot and ready depths slamming her back against the car and felt her toes lift off the ground with the force of my violent thrust. She gave a sharp gasp and began to tremble all over, her vagina convulsing around my throbbing shaft.

"Ooooooooh God," she gasped, her words coming in a breathy, happy, giggle, "I'm cumming, Jimbo, you've made me cum!"

I pushed harder into her, the pulsating walls of her climaxing vagina making her incredibly tight but she was so wet that I easily slid in as far as I could go until I could feel my glans pushing against the tiny neck of her cervix. She gasped loudly and threw her arms around my neck and lifted her feet up from the ground, locking her heels around the back of my thighs, I felt her sandals drop to the ground behind us.

My whole world was one of fantastic sensations as I slammed harder and faster into her roiling depths each hammering thrust sliding her up the side of the car and every penetration drawing frantic moans from each of us and then suddenly I felt her vagina start to contract again.

"I'm cumming again..." she shrieked loudly, "Do it now... cum with me... Oh God... I want you to do it!"

I was long past ready and with one final brutal thrust which jerked her away from the car and rammed her down hard onto my length I erupted inside her, pulse after pulse, jerked out into her tight depths.

We slammed back against the car as my legs sagged both laughing and sobbing. Tears were running down her cheeks but this time from sheer lustful joy. I held her tight to me our bodies supported only by my hands on the car roof and her buttocks pressed against door.

"Blood hell, Lulu," I finally gasped. "Are you sure that you are a lesbian?"

"Only when I'm not with you..." she grinned.

I wriggled my hips playful against her, my half limp dick moving inside her love tunnel causing her to take a small sharp intake of breath.

"Don't tease me...." she giggled. "I could do it all again... and all night long... but we have got to go home, haven't we."

We quickly redressed and I lit a couple of cigarettes whilst Lauren searched for her shoes, they had actually landed several feet away from where we had been standing.

"You will spend some time with us before we go back...won't you?" she asked. "Proper time...alone... shagging time!" she added saucily.

I just nodded. The thought of being with both of the twins again was mind numbing.

I drove her right up to the house; I didn't like the idea of her walking up the back lane in the dark on her own.

"I will tell Luci that everything is OK again," she said as she got out of the car, then chuckled throatily, "She will be so pissed off that I got to shag you on our first night home and she didn't."

"Hey, that reminds me," I laughed, "Didn't you bring me a present home from France?"

"You have just had your present," she retorted saucily. "It is the best sort of you can have over and over again...forever."

She ran around the side of the house and I watched the security light over the back door come on and go off again.

Lulu had shagged me almost to exhaustion, it really had been the best of presents....and I still had my present from Lucinda yet to come. I mentally chuckled....No pun intended.


Thank you to all readers who leave public comments and send feedback, these things are important as it is the only indication of reader approval that an online author gets.

My apologies for the delay between chapters during the summer months whilst I was abroad... I hope that I can catch up fairly quickly and post Chapters 37 and 38 during the next couple of weeks. A progress update can be found n my profile notes for those who are interested.


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