tagNovels and NovellasThe Touch Ch. 38

The Touch Ch. 38


WARNING TO READERS - This is a long, rambling, multi-part story and VERY British. The individual chapters will make more sense if read in sequence.

The Touch Pt. 38 Late Nights and Early Mornings

Sunday turned out to be not at all as I had planned. My intention had been to go down to the garden centre early to do the watering; check that everything was OK in the greenhouses and then cook Gwen and I a nice lunch at home and maybe spend a quiet Sunday afternoon in the garden together. Gwen and I were both looking forward to the next week, as with Emma away on holiday, we would get a full 8 days of quality time together; although we would both need to work during the day our free time would be like a holiday for us as well.

Emma had insisted that I went back to Maggie's house with her on Saturday night to say a final goodbye to everybody. By the time we got back Nikki had already gone to bed and Gwen was about to go up, she was staying the night to get coffees and teas in the morning before the travellers left at 5 am and then tidy up and secure the house. I had planned to go home for the night, clear up the house after Emma's sleep-over party and then get lunch started before Gwen got home.

She gave me a motherly hug in the hall at the bottom of the stairs; she had just showered, her hair was damp and fragrant and she was wearing one of Maggie's pale blue towelling bathrobes and I could feel that she was temptingly warm and naked beneath the thick fabric. For a few minutes we were totally alone and I just couldn't resist gently squeezing her soft round buttocks.

"Oh, God, my darling...we can't...not here..." she sighed.

"I know... but we shall have ALL tomorrow to ourselves..." I replied.

She pulled a face. "I'm afraid there has been a change of plan for tomorrow... we will not be alone now."

"Why, what has happened?"

"It's Monique.... She spent the day in Salisbury and lost her overnight bag... money, train tickets, clothes, everything; by the time that she had re-tracked her movements and reported it to the police then found her way here this evening it was too late to get her onto a train back to Winchester. Maggie made her some hot chocolate and packed her off to bed."

"So what is going to happen? It isn't much of a problem... I'll happily buy her a train ticket and give her some money for taxis and so on... I guess she is sort of our responsibility whilst she is here."

"You won't be angry, will you, my darling?" Gwen said, smiling and hugging my arm to her, "She was so upset.... I said that we would drive her back to Winchester tomorrow morning... I telephoned her mother and told her not to worry and that we would have her home by late morning."

I could never be angry with Gwen and at least we would be spending the day together and had all the next week to look forward to. We exchanged a swift, discreet kiss and I watched her climb the stairs to bed and wished that I was going with her.

Emma and the twins were sitting in the kitchen finishing off their cocoa drinks before turning in and somehow we all managed to say our special goodbyes discreetly and alone. This was the second time that the twins and I had parted for several weeks as they went back to Nikki's place to stay, and we shared secret threesome hugs and kisses behind the closed door of Lauren's bedroom when I went up to collect their travel bags and bring them down to put into the Range Rover ready for the morning.

Lauren handed me the keys to the Polo. "Our car is yours now until August," she smiled, and then added with a hiss, "I WILL know if you shag anybody in my car.... So don't!"

"And don't get any stupid bimbos pregnant..." Luci added laughing, "We don't expect you to stay celibate, but we will want the use of the car and YOU again when we come home."

I used the same ploy to grab a few minutes alone with Emma. We had said our goodbyes sitting in her car in Maggie's garage before coming into the house; she was leaving her precious new car locked in there safely whilst she was away. Our good-byes were really long and heavy and involved a lot of deep kissing and touching, we had only just made love and were both still floating on the emotional post-sex cloud; and had we not stopped abruptly we would surely have ended up shagging again and would probably have been discovered inflagrante delicto.

We hugged again in the guest room. "I love you Jay," she whispered, "You are the best brother in the world."

"I don't feel much like your brother right now," I chuckled, we both seemed to be good with what had happened between us that evening, although I knew that some remorse and self-recrimination might come later and I knew that Emma would find the restrictions on our new relationship very hard to live with.

"You are the best ever big brother.... And the best ever shag!" she murmured huskily. "I am really going to enjoy my holiday with Luci and Lulu... but I am already looking forward to coming home as well..." I picked up her travel bag and she handed me the small stuff bag containing the towel that we had made love on with the small stain of blood that marked the end of her virginity. "Put that in the bottom of my wardrobe," she said, "but for God's sake don't let Mum see it, OK?" I smiled and nodded.

"Oh...and Jay," she added her face suddenly solemn. "I can live with it if you are shagging Janice.... Just don't let it get serious, OK" For some quirky reason Emma seemed to be cool with my dating her friend Janice but could go into a real hissing fit if I so much as looked at any other woman. She gave me a sisterly peck on the cheek and then said with a grin, "Oh... I slept in your bed on Friday night.... Janice wanted to but I wouldn't let her."

I tried to scowl but I couldn't. The thought of Emma in my bed was quite erotic even if she had been alone.

"It's a very comfortable bed," she laughed, "Big enough for two...." I closed the bedroom door and went down stairs quickly, took her bag out to the Range Rover and put the little stuff bag into the boot of the Polo. It was almost an irony, I thought, the only girl to have shared my bed at home was Kristen Olsen, Emma's arch-nemesis.

I was starting to feel that my sex life was getting dangerously complicated. I loved all of the women that I had relationships with, each in their own special way but Gwen, Maggie, Emma and the twins were extra special, and always would be.

At times it was as if my prick had a mind of it's own, put it in proximity to an attractive woman and we were off on another fuck-quest, 'To Boldly Go.... etc. etc.' I just couldn't help myself. I really didn't want to start blatantly lying to any of them, but handling our secret liaisons was starting to rank side by side with juggling hedgehogs.

This left only Maggie. She followed me out into the drive and watched whilst I piled the entire remaining luggage into the rear of her Range Rover, locked the vehicle and handed her the keys.

"Will you walk with me whilst I have a cigarette?" she asked making for the garden.

We strolled around the side of the house, arm in arm, and stood quietly for a while just watching the silver crescent moon reflected on the black surface of the swimming pool. It was stupid but I felt sick in my gut, I really did not want Maggie to go even if it was just for a few days.

"I shall miss you, Maggie." I mumbled. I guess my evening making love to Emma and then all the goodbyes had left me a bit emotional and even to myself I sounded like a sulky adolescent. I would not have blamed her if she had called me a prat and kicked my arse into the pool.... but she didn't.

She just squeezed my arm affectionately. "We have been so busy that haven't had much time together just recently, have we?" She said quietly, "but we will get some quality time to ourselves when we go to London for the Chelsea Flower Show.... " She gave a throaty chuckle, "Just behave yourself at Miss 'Thunder-thighs' Brooke's party next week, OK? I am not sure that you can be trusted around Caroline with both Emma and I away."

We both laughed and she put her arms around my neck and pulled my head down and our lips touched lightly and stayed together for a good five seconds.

"Maggie I....." She stopped me with a finger placed gently across my lips, I guess we both knew what I was about to say.

"Don't say it, Jamie.... Bad timing.... OK." She said with a wide smile and we walked back to the house our arms around each other's waists, just an affectionate aunt and her nephew. At least she hadn't told me that she didn't want me to say it...ever... just that the timing was wrong.

I took the Polo and was home shortly after 11:30 pm. I had half expected the house to have been trashed after ten teenage girls had spent the night there alone, but Emma had obviously put an effort into making sure that everywhere was clean and tidy before they all left on Saturday morning. There was a stack of used tea and coffee mugs by the sink and I found the vacuum cleaner parked in the downstairs can but otherwise everything seemed good. The two spare bedrooms and Emma's room had been stripped and the sheets and pillow cases put into the laundry room linen basket and so I loaded the washing machine and switched it on before making myself a cup of coffee and taking it up to my room and then showered and dumped my own clothes into the bathroom wash basket.

My bedroom seemed totally undisturbed except that there was an indentation still in my pillow and I could smell Emma's unique body odour on the bed linen. My old t-shirt and silk sleeping shorts also appeared to have been slept in and I held them to my nose and tried to imagine that I could detect the sweet odour of her pussy... but I couldn't. I pulled them on, finished my drink and then turned in for the night.

I was awake about half past five as usual. I guessed that Maggie and the others would already have left for Dover and so telephoned her house to speak to Gwen.

"Good morning, my darling," she greeted me. Her voice was soft and gentle as always but seemed in some way special as though it was reserved just for me for the next week. "Have you had any breakfast yet?"

"Not yet.... I have a couple of jobs to do here and then I need to come over to the garden centre and do the watering."

"That is fine... Monique is still sound asleep... so when you are done come up to the house and we can have a light breakfast together, I kept back some bread for toast and a pint of milk when I cleared Maggie's fridge."

I emptied the washing machine, put the laundry out on the garden line to dry and then filled it with another load and switched it on before leaving for work on my moped. Last night, Gwen's VW Golf had been parked in Maggie's drive and we would use her car to deliver Monique home to Winchester.

It was close to eight o'clock by the time that I had finished the watering; Jack had arrived with his assistant Graham and offered to finish off the remaining tasks and so I packed up, changed out of my working gear into jeans and a plain grey sweatshirt and walked up to Maggie's house for breakfast with Gwen. I noticed that she had also done a load of washing which was already hanging out on Maggie's linen line.

We had just finished our toast and marmalade and I was putting the dirty plates in the sink when the kitchen door creaked open behind me.

"Good morning Monique... how do you feel this morning?" I heard Gwen ask.

"A bit stupid and really angry with myself," Monique replied as I turned around.

She was standing just inside the doorway, her long raven black hair was dishevelled and she was wearing nothing but a long length, loose white t-shirt, which I guessed belonged to one of the twins; it only just covered her buttocks at the rear and showed a teasing glimpse of dark fluff at the front. It did nothing at all to disguise her voluptuous breasts which were straining the fabric, her dark nipples making little eye catching points in the thin cotton. Without shoes she was a lot shorter than I remembered probably no more than 5'2" at most.

I suppose that she had only expected to find Gwen in the house and let out a loud yelp when she spotted me and leapt back behind the open door. "I'll go upstairs and get dressed," she called from her hiding place and I heard her bare feet slap across the hall to the staircase.

Gwen and I both laughed at her embarrassment but we could not resist peeking around the door to watch her running up the staircase, her round, naked bottom a treat for my male voyeurish instincts.

Gwen was still chuckling when she jabbed me hard in the ribs with her finger. "Don't even think those thoughts when you are with me, my darling" she grinned.

I waited until Monique had disappeared around the corner of the upstairs landing and I heard a bedroom door close and then spun around and grabbed Gwen to me, holding her tight and covering her buttocks with my hands. She was wearing the black velvet jogging suit that I had given her at Christmas and according to my touch telegraph, very little else, maybe just a soft cotton bra and knickers.

"I still think that you have the most fantastic arse in the world," I told her in a whisper and squeezed each bun in confirmation. Her firm rounded bum in that soft velvet made it a tactile delight.

"Her arse is a lot younger...."

"Maybe, but it is your tush that I want...and it's your tush that I've got..." I laughed giving her rear a final affectionate squeeze before releasing her.

"I had better make her some toast and a drink," Gwen said, and then added, "Does she usually drink tea or coffee when she gets up in the morning?"

"How would I know I've never been....." I started and then realised that she was laughing at me.

"Just testing," she chuckled.

We sat and waited for a further 45 minutes before Monique put in another appearance. She had obviously showered, dried and brushed her hair and borrowed some of the twin's make-up, I recognised the eye shadow and lipstick as being Lucinda's colours. I guess she was wearing the clothes that she had worn into town the day before, a tight fitting peach coloured 'boob tube' style top beneath a short white cotton jacket, the same skin tight white jeans she had worn on Friday evening and white high heeled sandals.

"My, my but you look really pretty, dear." Gwen told her, "Doesn't she Jamie?" I knew that she was teasing me but Monique did look very tasty and it would have been churlish not to agree.

"Yeah, you look really great, Monique." I smiled.

"Call me Mona, Jamie," she said with a little sexy pout. "All my really special friends call me Mona..."

Gwen gave me a poke in the ribs with her finger and then went over to the kettle still smiling at my discomfort. "Would you like toast and tea...or coffee? She asked.

"Oh no thank you....just a glass of orange juice if you have one.... I don't eat breakfast.... I try to stick to my slimming diet.... " she ran her hands down over her breasts and waist to halt on her rounded hips and posed like a model, and then looked directly at me. "Pretty good, huh!"

"Yeah, yeah.... Fantastic," I mumbled. Her figure was better than pretty good and I felt a flush starting to colour my face. "I had better go and check the car, we need to be going soon..."

I made a dash for the door and when I glanced back Monique was still posing in the middle of the kitchen with a photographic smile on her pouty lips and I could see Gwen behind her back almost doubled up with silent laughter. Bloody hell, she had come on to me, strongly, in front of my mother, she could not know about our special relationship but never-the-less Gwen was still my mother and she knew it.

Winchester was only about an hours drive from Salisbury but by the time that we had found the suburb village of Abbot's Barton and located the correct road it was nearly mid-day. Gwen was driving and I had chosen to sit in the back so that most of the in-car conversation would be between Monique and Gwen, it seemed safer that way.

The house was an old farmhouse which had been renovated and stood in a side road off the old Worthy Road with a considerable, well kept garden and I could see what appeared to be a small apple orchard at the rear beyond a full sized grass tennis court inside a high chain link fence.

I recalled suddenly that Emma had celebrated New Year with Mona in Winchester and had stayed with the Camilleri's afterwards. They had lived in Salisbury until about three years previous but I really could not remember ever meeting her family although Monique's arse had stayed in my memory. There had been four of them who were really close friends at school, Emma, Janice, Monique and another girl whose face and name escaped me completely.

Gwen pulled up in the road and we waited whilst Mona opened the large, white painted farm style gate and then drove in and parked in the drive and Gwen and I got out of the car and joined Monique to walk up to the front door.

Monique's mother, Fabia came from the house and greeted us; she was a clone, or visa-versa, of her daughter only about 25 years older; with the same luscious figure and from her style of dress I guessed that they probably shared each other's wardrobes. She was wearing a cream cotton collarless shirt tucked into very fitted navy blue designer jeans which emphasised her tiny waist and the swell of her rounded tits and hips. I noticed that they were both wearing identical large silver hoop ear-rings. Like Mona she had shoulder length jet black hair which shone in the spring sunlight, her eyes deep, dark pools and she had the same wide mouth just waiting to be kissed. Monique was a really attractive girl but her mother was something else she was a mature woman, full on sexy and a real head turner.

Fabia had a trace of an accent, rather husky and very sexy, I had not known until Gwen told me later that the Camilleri family were Maltese; Fabia's husband worked for Air Malta and Fabia herself was a former air hostess.

I had not realised until that point that she and Gwen were acquainted, but then I probably hadn't taken that much notice of Emma's friends and their families when I was 15.

"It was very kind of you to let Monique stay over and then drive her home, Gwen." Fabia said, "Please give my thanks to your sister as well." She turned to Monique and put her arm around her, "You are so careless, sweetheart.." It was obvious that she was not really annoyed and was very indulgent towards her daughter.

"It was a pleasure...I have given Salisbury police my telephone number, if the bag is found then one of us will pick it us and get it back to you." Gwen told her. She turned to Mona. "It was nice seeing you again Monique, I know Emma loved having you to visit..... perhaps you could come and stay for a few days when she gets back from France?"

"That would be cool .... I would really like that." Monique replied, then looked directly at me and smiled our eyes met and hers conveyed a message that was unmistakable.

I knew that Emma really would like to see more of Monique; I felt that I had probably seen much of what there was to see already, the picture of her bare arse and dark pubic fluff, and her bouncing tits as she ran up the stairs was engraved on my memory. I knew that whilst she genuinely meant the invitation to visit with us Gwen was also winding me up a bit as well.

"I've already invited Emma to come down here for a weekend to play tennis and have told her she must bring Jamie as well so that we have a foursome for doubles," Monique told her mother. "Do you think that we can take them?"

"I don't know," Fabia purred, "Jamie looks pretty tough and strong....those muscles are quite impressive. Are you a good tennis player, Jamie?"

"Very good," Gwen put in before I could answer, "he was taught by his Aunt Maggie and I, and we were not a team to mess with...." She was smiling sweetly but I knew her so well and detected an underlying current, I sensed that Fabia had provoked a claws-out response. I raised my wrist and looked at my watch pointedly.... It was time to go I thought.

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