The Touch Ch. 38


"Would you like to stay for some lunch...I can soon put some salad together?" Fabia offered.

"We really need to get back....perhaps some other time," Gwen answered for both of us. She and Fabia exchanged air kisses and Monique darted in to give me a swift kiss on the cheek and then I shook hands with Fabia; her hand was tiny, soft and delicate with perfectly manicured nails and I felt that she held on to my fingers maybe a second or two too long.

We said our goodbyes and drove up the Old London Road towards the A34.

"I think that you an Emma may have bitten off more than you can chew there," Gwen chuckled as we turned onto the main road, "Fabia was the Ladies Captain at the Salisbury Lawn Tennis Club when they lived in Salisbury, you know and they obviously still play a lot."

"You had better give me some private coaching then," I sniggered, "VERY private coaching."

"If I remember correctly," Gwen said laughing and pointedly changing the subject, "There is a pub up this way at King's Worthy, which does Sunday lunches. Do you want to try and find it .... It's my treat this time?"

The 'King Charles II' public house at King's Worthy was an old established inn which had probably been extensively re-built in the early 1920's for the motor car traveller trade. It looked in need of a bit of care and attention and the bar was a bit dark and dingy but the Sunday roast beef was excellent as was the banana and cream pie that we selected for pudding.

"That was really good, I enjoyed that." I stated truthfully. The food quality had been well above average for pub grub.

"Wouldn't you rather have had a piece of lettuce and cucumber with the 'Diet Girls'?" Gwen teased.

"No... I much prefer roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and you." I smiled. "You know that I am not really into salads anyway..." I did a subdued Tarzan impression, drumming my chest with my fists. "Me HE-Man," I laughed. "You are what you eat they say.... When was the 'King of the Jungle' ever a bunny rabbit?"

Somebody laughed behind me and I turned my head a little embarrassed that my joke had been overheard.

The face was familiar but for a minute I didn't recognise it sitting on top of chef's whites and wearing a high chef's hat. "Hello, Jamie, mate." The face said.

The penny dropped and I stood up and thrust out my hand, "Ian.... Ian Marshall.... What are you doing here?" It was a stupid question really considering that he was dressed as a cook.

Ian chuckled, "I own the place ... well not quite true, I own half of it with my dad. He runs the pub and I run the kitchen."

I introduced him to Gwen and indicated for him to sit down with us. I hadn't seen Ian for about five years, he had been four years ahead of me at school and had been House Captain for a while; he had left when he completed his O-Levels to go to catering college, in Bristol, I think.

"Dad and I are thinking of buying the other pub in the village as well, 'The Cart and Horses', it's a bit run this place... but has more potential than here to put in a really nice boutique restaurant."

"That sounds great.... be sure to send us an invite when you open." I told him.

"I'll drop one in, I'm often in your place," he said, "I've seen you a couple of times but you were busy.... I buy some of my veggies from your farm shop; they are by far the best."

"So why aren't you buying them ALL from us?" We both laughed, but I quickly added, "No really Ian...I'm serious... your food is excellent so are our vegetables and fruit they should go together. Next time you are at the garden centre come and see me, or better still see Josie Dobbs who manages the shop and we will set up a trade account so that you get a discount and we can probably arrange to deliver larger orders... it will make a difference when you have TWO restaurants to supply."

We shook hands and Ian agreed to drop in to see me in the next few days.

"Wow!" Gwen laughed, as we got into the car. "My son the businessman ... I am so proud of you my darling. A super son, a wonderful lover and a budding entrepreneur as well." She leaned over and pressed her lips lightly against mine. I pulled her closer and we sank into a deep soft kiss. At that moment I really didn't care if anybody saw us, I just needed to feel her against me and to sink into the bottomless well of one of her fabulous kisses.

I released her reluctantly, "Let's go home and explore that bit about being wonderful lovers." I suggested.

We made a stop at Maggie's place to take in her washing and got home just after four-thirty, just as it clouded over and started to spot with rain, and we both rushed about the garden getting in the laundry before it got soaked again, I helped her fold it ready for ironing and stack the sheets and pillow cases in the laundry room and then emptied the second load out of the washing machine and into a basket ready to be hung out to dry the next day.

"Do you want a cup of tea or coffee?" I asked as we walked into the kitchen.

Gwen came up behind me and put her arms around my waist and hugged me tight, her soft breasts like a warm pillow against my back.

"I want you to sweep me up in your arms and carry me up to my bed, and then make love to me." She said very softly, "There will be time for tea later....perhaps."

Boys should always do what their mothers tell them. I scooped her up and cradled her against my chest and she looped her arms around my neck as I carried her through the hall to the staircase.

"Ooooh," she sighed against my throat, her breath was warm and sensual and made me tingle with desire and expectation. "I just love it when you hold me like this, my darling. I have missed being in your arms so much.... Do you know that it is nearly five weeks since we last made love, properly... in a real bed....?"

"Four weeks, five days and about six hours," I smiled.

Whatever other disadvantages there were to having an incestuous relationship for me the worst was only being able to get quality time alone together when it was totally safe to do so; when the chances of being discovered or found out were virtually nil. It was totally heart rending for both of us at times, it wasn't just the sex, my sexual needs were being met, although I did sometimes worry about Gwen's needs both sexual and emotional, it was the not being together, not being able to completely relax and bathe each other in the affection and love that we felt and shared.

Often we had to be satisfied with a few minutes cuddle on the settee after Emma had turned in for the night, a stolen kiss in the kitchen or the hall and sometimes, a very few sometimes, we were able to hide away long enough to bring each other some sexual relief, a brief show of physical affection.

I don't believe that either of us had any moral or religious misgivings about our situation; our love was deep and sincere and I could never believe that those feelings would bring about a catastrophic end to the world's ethical balance because of the equally sincere beliefs held by much of society. The threat of punishment for our perceived sin was much less than the terror that not being together provoked. The only cloud that perpetually hovered over our happiness together was the devastation that would be wrought on the people that we loved if we were careless or impatient.

I still found it totally amazing that despite all of that we were both so absolutely happy in our relationship with absolutely no reservations about how right it was for us.

Her face was only millimetres from mine and she tightened her arms around my neck pulling my lips down to hers and they came together in a soft, warm feather-touch kiss, our tongues gently caressing each others open lips, the tips flicking at each other tantalisingly. Kissing Gwen was always like a first ever kiss, soft and a little tentative as though we were reliving those first ecstatic moments of our first kiss over and over. Her kisses always seemed to leave me breathless; my mouth tingling as if the fluttering touches of our tongues had induced an oral orgasm.

Gradually our kissing became more intense, deeper and more passionate our lips sucking at each other, our tongues rolling and thrusting and our breathing turning to shuddering moans that filled each others mouths, somehow she twisted in my arms until she had locked her legs around my waist and the warmth of her body against mine became unbearable.

I shall never know how we got to the top of the stairs without falling and breaking our necks; but suddenly I was standing at the foot of her big bed our arms still around each other, her thighs wrapped around me and our mouths still clamped together.

I lowered both of us down until we were laying diagonally across the bed still sharing a deep long lasting kiss our arms around each other and we laid like that, fully clothed in a tight embrace our bodies moulded against each other and our lips brushing each others faces with tiny affectionate kisses just filled with the joy of being together.

Eventually the pressure of my rigid prick trapped in my jeans became an ache which needed to be addressed, or more precisely undressed.

I reluctantly eased my lips away from hers. "I need to get out of these trousers soon or I shall end up walking with a mince for the rest of my life..." I chuckled, and swung my legs off of the bed then stood and pulled off my sweatshirt and kicked away my jeans and socks until I was standing naked at the side of the bed my prick swinging like a small tree in front of me.

By the time that I had shed my clothes Gwen was laying on her back in the centre of the bed, the duvet turned back, wearing only her soft white cotton bra and a pair of plain white silk panties and holding her hands out to me.

"Come back to bed, my darling.... Please." She pleaded. "We have Four weeks, five days and six hours to make up for and only a week in which to do it."

I laid down beside her again, my lips immediately seeking hers and felt my whole being sink into the breathtaking abyss of her kiss which seemed to caress not just my lips but my very soul, my hand roamed lightly up and down her body from thigh to throat eventually coming to rest over her breast my fingers gently massaging the firmness of her nipple through the soft cotton of her bra.

"Oh no.... wait," she moaned, "I want to feel your hands on me...on my skin..." She twisted and released the bra strap and I drew it away from between us and dropped onto the floor with my discarded clothes.

I moved my face down, kissing her throat and the soft swell of her breasts until I could nibble gently at her already swollen nipples, little dark nubs of sexual excitement, hot against my lips.

"Oh God, Jamie, my darling..." she sighed, "I have missed you touching me so much.... I need you to touch me.... I need you to make love to me...."

I rolled up onto my elbow so that I could see her whole body, pale and soft beside me and swept my hand down over her breasts and firm round belly, to rest over her pussy, the heel of my hand pressing down on her Mount of Venus and my finger lightly pressing against the silk of her panties resting in the warm indentation of the camel toe made by her pussy lips.

Her thighs fell open and she let out a soft moan as she raised her hips to press the yielding softness of her pussy harder onto my hand.

"Touch me.... please touch me..." she whispered hoarsely.

I slowly drew the soft silk panties over her hips and manoeuvred them down her thighs my lips following leaving tiny kisses down her belly and across her pelvis and down her round silky thigh, my tongue left a damp trail to her toes and then back up the other limb until our faces were level again.

We sank into another breath stealing kiss as my hand came to rest gently over her pussy my finger pressing against the warm opening of the lips exploring until it found her clit which was already engorged and peeping from beneath it's soft hood, moist and hot and floating in the juices of her arousal.

Gwen gave a sharp gasp at that first touch and her arms looped around my neck the tips of her fingers digging hard into the muscles across the top of my shoulders; and then began to moan very softly, deep in her throat as I caressed the little man in the boat, softly massaging it in a tiny circular movement her tongue imitating the motions of my finger tip caressing and probing at my tongue in response.

I could feel her clit becoming even more swollen and her hips were moving in small swirls beneath my hand. "Ooooooooh! That is so good, my darling... " She moaned softly and then her husky whispers became a long throaty moan, "Oh God.... Yes! Yes!" Her body spasmed and she clutched me close to her as her climax rippled through her body until she collapsed limp and quivering in my arms.

I never, ever, got over that most awesome of experiences of giving Gwen, my beautiful, wonderful, mother and lover, an orgasm, each time it seemed to me to be the most mind blowing feeling of emotion, closeness and sharing.

"Make love to me now, my darling...." She gasped breathlessly against my ear. I felt the feathery touch of her finger tips on my prick, not grasping just lightly stoking the rigid rod of hot desire pressed hard against her thigh, "I want to feel you inside me."

I eased myself over her and felt her thighs fall open surrendering herself totally and then my erection was slipping through the moisture coating her labia until her fingers returned to guide it to her tiny, tight entrance and then I was easing slowly into her, at first just the glans, she felt really tight and I paused to savour that special sensation that comes at the point of entry.

"Oh, my darling.... I do love you so much..." She sighed and hugged me tighter to her locking her smooth legs around mine and drawing me deep into her hot, moist depths until I was embedded in her fantastically tight love tube as far as I could go. I guess that her vaginal muscles were so tight and strong because of the long periods between our love making, but being inside her, my prick throbbing and her vagina responding with a delicate pulsing and our mouths once again joined in a deep wonderful kiss was the most fantastic place on Earth, I wanted to stay like that forever.

We did stay like that for a long time our bodies merged into a single vessel for our emotions, just gently thrusting at each other, only a few millimetres at each stroke but enough to bring waves of the most intense sensation to my prick which was tingling with pleasure and the glans felt the size of an over-ripe melon and ready to burst.

I could wait no longer, "Oh Gwen.... I need to...." I murmured into her open mouth.

She locked her legs even tighter around mine, "Yes, my darling, Yes... I want you to..."

We began to thrust at each other, our bodies surrendering totally to our need for fulfilment. The hard length of my erection was throbbing madly inside her and I could feel the walls of her vagina beginning to respond with a rhythmic rippling as we clung together thrusting faster and faster until suddenly we were both crying out loudly and gasping as we pummelled our way to mutual climax and I felt the eye of my glans open to release a jet of hot sperm into her waiting depth and a series of liquid eruptions.

I finally got up to make the drinks when we awoke about nine o'clock. I returned to our bed with two mugs of coffee and a pile of chocolate digestive biscuits, Gwen's favourites and we sat with our drinks, the duvet pulled up to our chins just talking about nothing in particular and exchanging small affectionate kisses.

A while later Gwen asked me, "Are you hungry, my darling?"

"Yes," I replied, "Hungry for YOU!" Then I dragged her beneath the duvet giggling and wrestling.

We did eventually get supper at two in the morning. We sat at the kitchen table in our bath robes and tucked in to Welsh rarebit and hot chocolate; we were both absolutely starving but then we had burned a lot of energy that night.

"I think that we should try and get some sleep, we both have to go to work in the morning," I suggested.

"Are you feeling sleepy, my darling?" she asked and leaned over to softly blow in my ear. I felt a stirring beginning in my loins.

"Not any more," I mumbled.

We went back to that big bed, our arms around each others waists. By the time we had reached the bottom of the stairs we were kissing again. I later found our bathrobes discard on the downstairs hall floor.

We both awoke with a start when Gwen's alarm clock went off at six o'clock; I couldn't remember the last time that I had not been awake before the alarm. Gwen was spooned against my back, her naked skin was warm and silky smooth, her breasts soft against my shoulder blades and she had one leg thrust between mine. I had the most incredible night boner ever.

I rolled over so that we were facing each other, her face was wreathed in one of her gorgeous, beautiful smiles and her eyes were sparkling. "Good morning, my darling," she murmured and snuggled closer to me. Her eyes widened and she made a little gasp as she sucked in sharply. "OH MY GOD!" she exclaimed, giggling. "What is THAT?" I felt her hand wrap softly around my rigid prick.

"Er...sorry..." I mumbled.

"You will be sorry if you don't put it where it belongs!" she chuckled sexily. Gwen was small and petite but she was very strong and in my 'fucked half to death' state she had no problems rolling me onto my back and pinning me to the mattress with her hands on my shoulders. Her mouth came down to mine soft and warm and wet; I felt her straddle me and then the tip of my prick was slithering between her other set of lips which were equally soft and warm and wet. We both wriggled and giggled and then suddenly we found each other and my glans was caught in the spongy entrance to her vagina, and was being softly squeezed by her internal muscles.

"Oh bloody hell, Gwen.... That is fantas....TIC!" I gasped as she lowered her full weight down onto me impaling herself with a single violent thrust down onto my rigid rod as far as she could go, "Oh, bloody hell!"

I thrust upward hard, and the powerful muscles of my legs heaved her completely off the bed only to slam back down causing both of us to howl in ecstasy with the force of the penetration. I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her down onto me holding her still as my prick throbbed and pulsed and erupted in what seemed to me to be a never ending fountain of jiz. We collapsed limply and lay wrapped together in a muddle of arms, legs and duvet cover, panting and exchanging breathless little kisses.

"Oh are so....." I started to mumble.

She started to laugh. "I am so.... late for work... and so are you... I'll make some coffee whilst you shower and get dressed.... It's nearly seven o'clock."

"I guess we shouldn't have shagged again this morning..." I chuckled.

"Well I couldn't let you go off to work like that now, could I?" she grinned, "God knows what sort of trouble you would have got yourself into." She was probably right; I had intended to call in to see Philippa Shelby that morning but in the horny state I was still in I decided it was best left until some other time.

Gwen had managed to re-arrange her timetable so that she was working at Salisbury District Hospital that week which meant that she did not need to hurry off to work until eight o'clock and would be home early about six. Most days I was usually at the garden centre by seven but I guessed that I would probably be in late more than one morning that week.

We supped a swift mug of coffee together and then she walked out to my car with me and we shared a gentle parting kiss. I tipped her face towards me and looked deep into her happy, sparking eyes and hoped that mine were a reflection of that same affection.

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