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The Touch Ch. 41


WARNING TO NEW READERS TO THE SERIES - This is a long, rambling story and VERY British which has been divided into several parts for ease of editing and reading. The individual parts will make more sense if read in sequence as they follow straight on chronologically and therefore new readers should start reading at NOVELS & NOVELLAS > The Touch> Chapter 1 – Jamie's Story.

Most, but not all chapters contain some sexually explicit sections and the story has a strong incest theme which some readers may find disturbing and might wish to cease reading now...

Thank you to all readers who vote, leave public comments and send feedback, these things are important as it is the only indication of reader approval that an online author gets.

My apologies! This chapter may meander even more than usual as it is part of a collection of several short 'day in the life' journal style entries which have been linked to make up Chapters 38-44.



Caroline had originally asked me to call round and see her on Friday evening but instead I decided that she would need to make do with a telephone call as Friday would be the last opportunity for Gwen and me to do anything alone together before Emma got home on Sunday. As it happened Caroline was good with my call, I thought that she probably didn't actually remember why she had asked me to come to the house, or that things had moved on since she made the request. Mainly it was just to ensure that Becca Hill would be coming with me and that the watercolour of the garden would be brought to the house on Saturday afternoon before the guests started to arrive. She had obviously come down to Salisbury sometime during the day and I could hear the babble in the background of caterers setting up for the evening. There was absolutely no reason for any of the gardening team to be there everything was completed and tidy; Kitty and Benson had driven out on Thursday afternoon to water the flower beds and do a final check. I just hoped that the caterers and guests would not make too much of a mess of the newly laid lawn but the weather was good and the surface firm. In the end it was nothing that could not be repaired, it was Caroline's property and she could enjoy it as she pleased.

Friday evening Gwen and I planned to have a night out and so to save time I showered and changed at work before locking the garden centre up and then rode home. Gwen was ready and waiting and so we went straight out in her car and drove over to Bath to the Little Theatre Cinema which was showing a movie re-run of Bertolucci's 'The Last Emperor' starring Peter O'Toole. We had both missed the film when it was on the cinema circuit the year before. We had taken Gwen's VW Polo as parking in Bath is an absolute nightmare. My caravanette would be too tall to fit into the multi-story car park and so we would have needed to use the park and ride bus into the city from the Lansdown Road carpark on the outskirts of the city. As luck would have it we were fortunate enough to get into Manvers Street car park which was only a few minutes' walk away from the theatre and managed to get into our seats just before the film started.

We were both childishly excited by our little outing. It was the first time that we had been out together alone since our fantastic weekend in London at the opera and I guess that we both felt like a couple of kids out on a first date. We managed to hold hands and even discreetly cuddle in the darkness of the cinema which was a silly little illicit thrill that both of us enjoyed and made much of.

"You are a bloody pervert, Jamie Riley..." Gwen teased me in a whisper as we left the theatre, "Mothers should not get touched-up by their son in the cinema...it's just not done, you know..."

"Sorry," I chuckled, "I won't do it again..."

"Oh yes you will..." She replied in mock reproach, "I shall not come with you again, unless you do..."

We walked happily back to the car park arm in arm laughing and teasing each other. Gwen was always fun to be with and we had quickly developed our own special banter private to us. It was good that we could approach our situation with humour, I often thought of my friend Anthea Askew the librarian whose forbidden love had brought her nothing but misery. It was difficult for me to remember that this beautiful, joyous woman on my arm was not just my lover but my mother as well, we had been so much more than just mother and son for so long, ever since my father had abandoned the family. I cursed my father for many things but was grateful to him for creating a vacuum in which my friendship with my mother could develop and eventually become a completely different kind of love.

"Good evening Jamie." I was taken by surprise by a voice at my side and the touch of a hand upon my elbow. Gwen and I stopped dead and I turned to face the speaker my heart jumping into my mouth for a moment.

"Oh, Good Evening, Mrs Harvey..." It was the woman who owned the Cedars Care Home; we had a contract to maintain their grounds and I visited the house regularly. She was with another woman of about the same age and very similar appearance who I guessed was her sister. "I don't believe that you have met my mother, have you?" I asked introducing Gwen.

We stood there arm in arm and Mrs. Harvey never even blinked an eye-lid. "A pleasure to meet you," she said and they shook hands. "Do you live in Bath, Mrs. Riley?"

"No, Salisbury," Gwen answered. "Jamie has just taken me to the cinema and we are now on our way to get something to eat..."

"Oh how lovely...you are so lucky, my son never takes me anywhere..." Mrs. Harvey commented. "My sister and I have just come from the Marlborough Tavern on Weston Road... You should give it a try...we eat there all the time...Well goodnight...nice to have met you."

Whilst I was a bit surprised to meet Mrs. Harvey I guess that I should not have been; her care assistant Janet had mentioned that she had a sister who lived in Bath and the city was a cultural centre for the West Country, most people gravitated there regularly for the theatre, concerts and the like.

They walked on and Gwen and I turned to face each other suppressing a fit of the giggles, we still got a bit of a guilty thrill at being seen out together. In fact I felt as though I had just cleared a major hurdle. "I guess that nobody takes any notice of a mother and son out together..." I said giving voice to my relief... not being noticed was almost as good as coming out of hiding completely.

"Not unless you are spotted grabbing my arse..." My hand had absent-mindedly slipped down to cup her round firm buttock. "Come on that pub is just around the corner, I don't know about you but I am starving."

The Marlborough Tavern turned out to be a recently renovated city pub, what was then starting to be called a 'Gastropub' more about good food and drinks than keg bitter, fizzy lager, snooker and darts. We managed to get a table even though they were on the point of closing the restaurant. "I remember this place years ago, when it was a real dive... Nothing but music students and hippies with guitars..." Gwen remarked. The students were still there, except now they wore uniforms and waited on table.

The food turned out to be good quality, trendy pub-grub, which was becoming very popular, Gwen ordered the grilled chicken with a fancy salad and I went for the homemade toad-in-the-hole with juicy Wiltshire pork sausages and garden peas and a rich onion gravy. We were not disappointed with the quality of the food and each settled for a glass of the house wine to wash it down.

"Oh dear...this is really nearly the end of our lovely week together, isn't it..." Gwen sighed as we sat with our coffees. "I love Emma dearly, and I miss her being at home but it really has been lovely having you to myself this week..." She paused for a moment, "Can I tell you the bad news now?"

"Oh shit... I mumbled, "What is it?" I placed my hand over hers in a gesture of comfort.

"I have to go to an NHS conference in Harrogate next week... it starts on Tuesday afternoon so I will need to drive up in the morning..." She pulled a wry face, "It means I shall probably only just see Emma briefly on Monday evening after work..."

"Well I guess that Emma is going to be a bit pissed off with both of us..." I chuckled, "I am taking a couple of days off next week...starting Monday evening after work. I thought I would take Vera for a long drive and then stay overnight, possibly two, on a campsite somewhere..." It was my cover story for meeting Gill Watford on Tuesday but I had seriously been considering extending my trip by a couple of nights either side.

I paid the restaurant bill and then we walked back to the car. We strolled with our arms around each other's waists stopping occasionally to press our bodies close and exchange a gentle kiss in the anonymous security of being in a strange city under the sheltering cloak of darkness. Once we were back in the car we simply threw ourselves together in an abandoned impassioned embrace our kissing became more passionate, deeper and more insistent our lips hungry and our tongues thrusting and entwining as we breathlessly and urgently sank into an abyss of lustful want and pleasure. The kiss seemed to go on forever until we were both panting and gasping for breath and our bodies were jerking together uncontrollably. My hand cupped her breast and I could feel the shape of her erect nipple through the fabric of her soft jersey wool dress and silk bra, the small nubbin stiffening as my thumb caressed it in small circular motions.

"Oh God, my darling," she moaned, "We have to stop ... before it's too late ... I want you so-o-o-o much but we can't make love here..." For once I totally agreed with her, the car park was busy even at this time of night with theatre goers and late diners returning to their vehicles. She turned the ignition and slowly pulled out of the parking space the car jerking to a halt as the engine cut. "Oh, my God, Jamie... You've made my legs shake so much, I've stalled the car..."

"It's probably PCT, pre-coital tension," I joked, "I think we need to get home so that I can put you to bed and cover you up..." She got the car started again and pulled away heading for the A36 Southampton Road and home.

"The only thing that I want to be covered with is you..." Gwen giggled. "It's another hour and a quarter's drive before we get home... you should have thought of that before you got me all worked up so far from home, you rotten sod!"

A few minutes later the car slowed and to my surprise abruptly turned left off the main road and onto the car park of the new Forte Little Lodge motel just outside of Warminster. Gwen pulled the car to a halt on the car park by the motel reception office.

"Get a room!" She said. "I can't wait another hour... I need you to make love to me right now!"

The teenage night porter on reception was totally absorbed with watching 'Spitting Image' on a portable television beneath the counter and never even looked up when I registered as Mr. & Mrs. Riley and handed him my credit card which he rolled through the machine before handing me the foil, a booklet about the Forte hotels and a single key on a gigantic blue and white key fob. He pointed to a door at the side of the counter. "Through that door and up the stairs... have a good night... the room needs to be vacated by 10 am tomorrow...leave your key in the box..." He chanted from rote before returning his full attention to the television screen and a manically bobbing caricature of Maggie Thatcher.

Trying to suppress her giggling, Gwen grabbed my hand and hauled me up the stairs and along the corridor at the top to Room 205 and we literally tumbled through the door which I hardly had time to close before she pinned me against it her arms snaking around my neck and her lips urgently seeking mine.

Our desperate need for each other swept away the normal tenderness of our foreplay and I pressed my lips to hers. Her mouth surrendered instantly, her lips, soft and moist, opened and her tongue pushed into my mouth seeking mine, her hands coming up fingers entwining in my hair holding my face to hers. Our mouths became a hot wet cavern around the sinuous dance that our tongues performed, twisting and thrusting in a lustful frenzy. I tugged off my jacket and shirt dropped them onto the floor and reached behind her to find the zipper at the back of her dress and slid it down until my hands could slide inside and grasp the smoothness of her silk clad buttocks pulling her hard against the erection that was trapped in the front of my trousers. By some magic that only women can perform she wriggled out of her dress whilst still clinging to me and I felt it slide down and join my jacket on the floor and then her hands were tugging at my belt and releasing the waistband of my trousers. I pushed them down and away, my shorts still inside them and was suddenly naked against her my prick hard and stiff against her belly. I kicked them into the room then stooped and lifted her up into my arms and deposited her diagonally across the bed and lowered myself down half over her, my knee on the inside of her thigh and my hand resting on her waist.

"Oh God, darling, I want you so-o-o-o much..." she whispered close to my ear, her hot breath on my neck and throat causing my whole body to tingle.

My hand had moved of its own accord to slide beneath her to find the hooks for the lacy beige and brown embroidered bra and release her gorgeous breasts then moved back to cup her breast in my palm, my fingers were rolling and gently squeezing the nipple into a firm bud. I moved my lips down to run my tongue around the erect nub and the swollen aureola moistening it so that my fingers could caress it without friction. Gwen arched her back and moaned loudly "O-o-o-o-o-h! God, Yes! That's wonderful, my darling!" I removed my mouth and she wailed out, "No! No! Don't stop!" Then she dragged my face to the other, engorged nipple so that I could suck and devour that breast as well.

I felt the tip of her finger just lightly touch the tightly stretched skin of my swollen prick, it made me shudder with anticipation.

"Please darling...do it now... I really need you to be inside me...filling me...loving me...!"

I slipped my hand under the elastic waist of her lacy silk knickers and rolled them down her legs and off onto the floor with the rest of our clothes. I moved over her and felt her hand push between us grasping my quivering prick and guiding it to her moist, tight entrance. I thrust forward and started to enter her at the same time that she gave a deep moan and trembled all over, her pussy convulsing around the tip of my dick. I wanted her just as much as she wanted to give herself to me and as soon as the glans entered the mouth of her vagina I surged forward until my length was deep in her love tunnel as far as I could go. She made one small upwards thrust as if to ensure that I was completely filling her, holding nothing back. My entire length was encased in her hot, moist velvety love trap, it felt as though we were melded into a single entity enclosed totally in a temple of warm erotic sensations centred on our fused loins.

"Oh yes, Oh, that feels so-o-o-o-o-o good ... So right, as though our bodies were always meant to be together...!" She whispered softly into my ear and then lifted her mouth to mine and we plunged into a deep kiss, our mouths were locked in a moist embrace and our tongues were thrusting and twisting in time to the motions of our loins as we made love languidly for a long time, hardly moving as I gently thrust into her just a centimetre at a time, forward and back, both of us revelling in the warm glow of sensation radiating from our gentle fucking.

Making love to my lovely Gwen, was always long and gentle, it was like our bodies were made for each other, everything seemed to fit perfectly and each stage of our lovemaking flowed naturally to the next drawing the maximum pleasure and emotion from each other but that night we lay locked together for a long, long time.

Eventually her kiss became just a little more urgent filling my own mouth with tiny, gasping moans and I sensed rather than felt her body starting to move towards orgasm, a slight quivering beneath me, her legs clasped a little tighter around mine and then fantastically the walls of her pussy were pulsing hotly as they expanded and contracted as her orgasm rippled through her body causing her to jerk and spasm uncontrollably beneath me. I surfed on the waves of her pleasure, thrusting hard into her, my glans was already throbbing as if ready to burst and my balls ached with the need to release, it took only a few thrusts into the roiling hot moistness and I exploded with a loud gasp, my cum ejaculating deep into her again and again until I was completely drained.

We lay like that for some time gasping, moaning and quietly laughing, tenderly kissing each other's faces and throats, our bodies entwined, our legs locked together and loins still feebly thrusting at each other, and then hauled ourselves up the bed so that we could sit upright, I fished my jacket from the floor and pulled my cigarettes and lighter from my pocket and lit one for each of us.

"Oh God, Jamie..." Gwen sighed, "What have you done to me...what have I become?" She took another deep draw of smoke, "I have NEVER done anything like that before... I just needed you so much...I could not wait any longer!"

I put my arm around her and hugged her to me and planted a kiss on the top of her head. "I never knew that I had such a dynamic powerhouse of a mother..." I teased her, "I reckon that this probably counts as abduction and rape..." I laughed.

"Oh, you rotten beast... I didn't hear you protesting or complaining..." She giggled, slapping at me with both hands. I noticed a small tear trickling down her cheek and dabbed it away with my finger.

"What is wrong... Did I say something...?"

She smiled, "Nothing is wrong... I'm just very, very happy. Our time together is so precious..."

I took a glance at my watch; the time showed as 12:25. Gwen noticed my movement.

"Do we need to go?" She asked sadly.

I hopped off of the bed and raided the mini-bar for a couple of miniature bottles of Scotch then grabbed two tumblers from the bathroom. "The room is paid for..." I said, "The bed is comfortable and I was hoping to get raped a bit more before morning..."

I rolled over to slide across her, but she pushed me down onto my back and then straddled my belly with her thighs. "If it is rape that you want..." she threatened with a chuckle pinning my shoulders down with both hands and then wriggling her moistness on my stomach causing my prick to jerk alive again. I could feel the warm moisture of her pussy pressing against my belly and my jutting erection was parked tightly in the cleft of her buttocks. "Bloody hell, Jamie darling," she sighed, "I shouldn't get this horny at my age... Especially not for my lovely son..."

She bent forward to touch her lips to mine her hot firm nipples brushing across my chest. I felt her rise up on her knees and then her hand was grasping my cock and guiding it back between her legs until she found her vagina with the swollen pulsing cap and gently inserted the tip into the moist slippery opening. With a single slow downward thrust she impaled herself onto me, easing her pussy over me using the whole weight of her body until my length was totally inside her and could go no further the pressure making it harden beyond anything I had thought possible as she leaned back and settled her whole body weight down onto my prick which felt as if it was trapped in a tight tunnel of warm honey. I felt the breath forced out of me as she began to use her thighs to slowly pump up and down her bodyweight keeping my dick rammed hard into her and causing my hips to tremble slightly and my erection to twitch inside her.

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