The Tour Ch. 4


It had been almost three weeks. Three long, incessant weeks, which had dragged by, the time moving as slow as ever, and my sexual drive diminishing rapidly as I was now deprived completely from sexual activity. It was a strange and unusual occurrence, it was like I had suddenly grown a large, hairy mole on my forehead, making me totally undesirable to women. Jessica and Christina had kept their distance. They were very busy with the tour and their promotions of their upcoming albums. The tour made stops in some gorgeous cities. We made our way up the East Coast, stopping in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, DC, and Baltimore.

As the plane touched down at JFK airport in New York, I was quietly sitting in the main room, going over some of my financial notes and my agenda for the three whole days which we would spend in the "Big Apple". I noticed that, on the first day, Christina and Jessica were scheduled to make an appearance on the MTV show "TRL" to promote their upcoming albums and the tour. I worked my way through my financial records for the week, then I continued to make a few phone calls to a few reps from some of our high-publicity sponsors. I was right in the middle of a very bland conversation with Mike O'Day of Abercrombie and Fitch, one of our main sponsors, when Christina and Jessica emerged from their rooms, dressed and ready to go meet Carson Daly. They paid no attention to me as they exited the plane.

When my conversation had successfully ended, Britney Spears' door opened slowly, and the sexy vixen stepped out, dressed in her casual sweatpants and white tank-top. Britney, over the last few weeks, had been subtly teasing me, wearing skimpy clothing, and bending down to give me a quick look at those beautiful teenage breasts. Up until this point, my only sexual encounter with Britney had been the overemphasized hand-job which had sparked all of the hormonal electricity that, for a time, ran through all of the young teen starlets I encountered. Somewhere, deep within me, I was hoping that Britney could help me rediscover that electricity. We had the whole day to spend in the plane. There would be no rehearsal all day due to a Knicks game at the Garden. This, for me, was a damn good thing.

Britney, still half asleep, stumbled to the couch and sat down right next to me. Quickly, I set my paperwork down and greeted her stunning beauty.

"Good morning."

"Morning." She said in an all to chipper way. "So, what are we going to do today?"

I smiled, hopefully seductively. "It all depends." I slowly stood and went to the mini-bar to fix two cups of coffee.

"Depends on what?" She inquired.

"On you, of course." I replied. "We have no rehearsal, Christina and Jess are gone, and I have no meetings today, due to the fact that my office is in L.A., and this is New York."

"Interesting." She tried to be enthusiastic about it as I handed her the cup of coffee.

There was a long, somewhat disturbing silence. It was as if we both knew the words to speak, but we couldn't get enough strength to utter them. We knew, more than any two before us, what we wanted. I could see the lust in her eyes. I wanted to express my own feelings, but I felt that if I did, I may not express them they way I had imagined.

Finally, she broke the silence.

"You know, I know about you and Jessica, and Christina."

"Really." I choked, then swallowed hard.

"Yeah, and I saw you leave the party in Paris with those two supermodels."

I swallowed again, almost hard enough to obliterate my Adam's apple. "Really?"

"Oh yes." Her tone had gone from sweet and innocent to seductive and hot. Her chest was beginning to heave as her breathing increased with her excitement.

"Well, what do you think about that?" I asked, stupidly.

Her eyes went down to the couch. She had begun to draw circles on the leather absent-mindedly. "I'm kinda disappointed."

I was shocked. "Why?"

"Well, to be honest with you, I feel kinda deprived."

I dug deeper. "Deprived of what?"

"Great Sex." She blurted. My face went ghostly white. She saw this and began to explain herself. "Well, I heard, you know, through girl talk, that sex with you is unbelievable, and..."

"Yes..." I urged.

"...And I've had sex before, but never really great, passionate sex. I've never even orgasmed. At least I don't think so."

"And..." I encouraged.

"And..." She paused. Our eyes met, sparks flew between us as she uttered those forbidden words. "I want you to touch me. Make me feel what I've only heard about. Make me feel passion, and total ecstasy."

Once again, I swallowed hard. "Ok."

With no further encouragement, I took her in my arms, and I brought her luciousness to me. We kissed deeply, passionately, like lovers should. Our tongues entwined together, forming an unbreakable union. Her breathing was intense as my hand, ever so slowly, roase up her cloth covered thigh, caressing her soft, teenage bottom. As our kiss became more deep, and more intense, my hand roase further, slipping beneath the cotton barrier which separated her gorgeous breasts from the outside world. My hand slowly reached her braless chest, finding her rock hard nipples instantaneously. Between my middle and index finger, I pinched her nipple gently, sending waves of ecstasy shooting through her young body. I massaged her oversized mammary long enough to feel her trembling in my arms. My knee had gently fit between her legs, and I was now beginning to feel her wetness seeping through her sweatpants. I knew that she was ready for me to show her what, I assumed, Christina and Jessica had overzealously glorified as "Great Sex".

I took Britney up around the small of her back, and carried her to her room, setting her gently on her bed. I stepped back, quickly stripping myself of my clothes. When I was completely in the nude, I stood there for a moment, letting the young starlet admire my body. Admire is exactly what she did. As she looked over my muscular build, and my rock hard cock, I noticed her hand gently running the length of her glistening wet slit. I began to move toward her, with my hand slowly stroking my cock. When I reached her, our eyes seemed to be glued together.

I wasted no time. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her eager cunt. Slowly, methodically, I pushed myself into her womb. She moaned loudly as the tip of my cock bottomed out. Her lovely breasts heaved as her breathing increased. I slowly began to withdraw my cock, stopping as it was almost fully removed to push it back into her tight teenage cunt. Her hot cunt squeezed my cock like a vise. I pushed my cock in harder, and faster, increasing speed with every stroke.

She leaned her head back, her firm breasts sticking straight out and her rock hard nipples aimed at the heavens. "Oh god. I never knew it could be so good." I felt her pussy convulse as orgasm ripped through her body. "Ohhhh Ohhhhhh." She moaned.

I knew that it could be better. Carefully, I turned her over onto her knees. I now began to fuck her ruthlessly doggy-style. With every in-stroke, the tip of my cock slammed into her G-Spot.

She was now beginning to make a lot of noise as the pleasure enveloped her. "Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh Godddddd."

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck." I moaned as her pussy clamped down on my cock. I could feel the hot sperm rising into my cock.

"Oh Baby, Ohhh goddd." She moaned as I kept pumping hard into her.

As I pounded my manmeat into her young starlet cunt, I held her tight, massaging those gorgeous mounds of flesh which were the sexual symbol of modern pop culture. I kissed the back of her neck, running my tongue gently down over her shoulders as I continued my assault on her young cunt. My balls were now boiling at record temperature. I felt her pussy begin to convulse again.

"Cum with me. Ohhh. Goddd." I moaned as my love juices exploded into her young body. Her body went stiff as a rip tide of ecstasy shot the length of her body. Her moaning was no more. All she could get out was a loud, passionate squeal.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Her body could almost not endure the power of the orgasm. A river of juices ran down the inside of her leg as it flowed from her young womanhood.

Her orgasm lasted until long after my cock had gone soft inside of her. As her orgasm subsided, I rolled off of her and onto my back on the bed next to her. There I lay until we were both able to catch our breath again.

"So," I inquired. "Was it as good as you thought it would be?"

"Oh god yes." She replied between gasps. As she regained her sense of awareness, she moved down to my juice-slicken cock. Carefully, she began to like the mixture of sperm and pussy-juice from my limp member. Almost instantly, my manhood regained it's strength. This was totally unexpected. Her tongue gently flowed over my now rock-hard cock. As her tongue worked wonders on my cock, I eyed her sweet young face. Soon after, she got more daring, and took my entire cock into her mouth like a pro. To my amazement, she was able to take all of my cock into her mouth without gagging. It forced me to wonder whether she had done this many times before or not. Quickly, I could feel my cum rise into my cock.

"Oh god. I'm gonna cum." I moaned. At that very moment, the idea of a lifetime popped into my head. "Lay back." I instructed between my own moans.

Without further instruction, Britney laid back on the bed. I got onto my knees beside her and took my cum filled cock into my hand. I began to beat it intensely. With knowledge of what I was going to do, Britney gently squeezed her gorgeous tits together as my cock erupted, sending my hot cum all over the absolutely perfect teenage breasts of Britney Spears. All I could do was throw my head back and moan as I unloaded the most cum of my young life onto the most perfect pair of breasts in the history of man. I was in heaven.

When the last of my cum had been released from my cock, I leaned over, kissing Britney deeply.

She had already begun to doze off, but she did manage to speak a little. "I love you." Was all that she said.

With that, I stood up, retrieved my clothes from the floor, and exited the room, leaving Britney there, asleep, drenched in my cum.

I never felt better.

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