The Tour Ch. 5


"Early yesterday afternoon it was announced that Jessica Simpson would be leaving the Spring Starlets Tour, sponsored by Abercrombie and Fitch, in order to join current boyfriend, Nick Lachey, and 98 degrees as they finish the final leg of their Spring Tour."

I picked up my cup of coffee and moved away from the television as MTV News went on. I moved to the back of the coffee shop. It was empty at six in the morning; but then again, it was also a coffee shop on Cleveland's West Side. I had grown up in that area and I knew that it was not a place where coffee shops were packed.

The sun had begun to rise on a brand new day. Hopefully, I thought as I sipped my double mocha-chino, better than the last day. Yesterday, it was announced that Jessica was leaving the tour. This had not come as a great shock to me, for I had been aware of her desire to leave for some time. She was through sharing the spotlight with Britney and Christina. She had established herself as an artist, and plus, as she had told me one night after one of our sexual encounters, Nick Lachey was hung like a horse, and so were the other members of 98 degrees. That didn't bother me as much as the fact that our tour was in trouble. We advertised three, and we now only had two. I had received a call from Bob Mason earlier in the day, back from his honeymoon 4 days early. If he was back early, then this could be classified as a crisis. I found his tone to be somewhat relaxed, though. He said that he would be pulling some strings all day and that he might have something, or someone, for me at our next tour stop in Chicago. I told him that I would await his call after the show that night at Gund Arena.

The tour was about to wind down. We had a stop in Chicago, a stop in Denver, two shows in Dallas, two shows in Las Vegas, a show in Phoenix, and then we finished up with one grand finale in Los Angeles.

Hopefully, I would be greeted there with a promotion, a large bonus, and a few weeks vacation. At this point, the best that I could hope for was a severance package and a soft kick in the ass. Jessica was gone, and if we didn't have someone else soon, the ticket sales in the last few cities would be horrible. I was content, though, that Christina and Britney could hold this tour up, but they were losing popularity, with their albums growing old, and they were due for another hit some time soon. Only time would tell.

The show at Gund Arena was just as spectacular as its predecessors, only it was almost an hour shorter. For this show we hadn't had much time to rearrange, so it had to be shortened. By the time Chicago came around, we would be ready with a full show, new addition or not. After the show, I retired quickly to the bar in the hotel lobby. I hadn't seen Britney or Christina since they had come off stage. I wasn't interested at that point. I was awaiting the call from Bob Mason, and trying to drink away the effects of this headache I had been given by the stress of the situation. If I knew Bob, he would call me at the most inopportune time, he would have bad news for me, and it would ruin everything at that moment. It was far too predictable. Oh well, I wasn't going to spend all night in the empty bar. I retreated to my room, but first I was going to check in with Britney and Christina as I had done every night of the tour.

They had closed off a whole floor of the Marriott Hotel for our tour staff. At the end of the long corridor, sat the doors to the rooms of the two starlets, and the door to my own room was at the very end. I made my way down the hall from the elevator. As I came to Christina's door, I stopped. I didn't want to catch her in an odd moment. Once I had caught her masturbating, and while she was mad, she did allow me to "lend a hand." I knocked twice, but no one greeted me. I knocked again, still nothing. I was beginning to grow impatient, so I opened the door. The room was empty. This was very odd. Christina didn't usually go out without letting me know first. But I guess it was ok, considering that I'm sure she wasn't a really big fan of me baby-sitting her all the time.

I moved across the hall to Britney's room. I knew she was there because I could see that the light was on from under the door. I was ready to go to bed, so I didn't bother knocking, I wanted to get done with it as quickly as possible. I turned the knob and pushed the door open. I was certainly not prepared for what I was about to see.

There, sitting on Britney's bed, were Christina and Britney, with their arms around each other, kissing deeply. They were mostly undressed, except for their panties and Christina's bra. Christina had her small hand on Britney's breast, caressing her firm nipple. My cock was instantly rock hard. The two of them had already realized that I had entered the room. Christina had been facing away from me, but I had locked eyes with Britney. I knew the look in her eyes; I had seen it before. They wanted me to join in, and I was most definitely going to oblige to their every urge.

They stopped kissing momentarily. "Come on over here baby." Christina called to me, turning to meet my lustful gaze.

I was immediately on my way to the bed, my shaky hands quickly removing my clothes. As I removed my pants, my cock came free, engorged and full of life. It was ready for immediate action. As I reached the bed, now totally naked, Christina and Britney moved apart, giving me room to sit between them. I sat down and, almost instantly, four small teenage hands were roaming my body. It was heaven at first touch. Christina brought her sweet lips to mine as Britney's lips went to my chest. Christina's tongue was warm and active in my mouth as Britney placed sweet, soft kisses along my chest and firm stomach. The sensations were unbelievable. I was now in the midst of the two hottest young starlets in the music industry, and I allotted them each one of my hands. My right hand had found its way to Christina's perfect little teenage ass, as my left hand worked on Britney's wonderful nipples. The deep kissing from Christina had now turned into soft touches of lips and skin as she trailed her mouth down my neck, to my chest, then to my stomach, where her lips met Britney's. The kissed deeply, careful not to use too little tongue. It was quite a scene to behold. They both moved down my body to my now well engorged cock. It pointed toward my inherent destination, heaven. I felt the warmth of two teenage tongues as they came in contact with my cock.

Christina ran her tongue along the length of my shaft as Britney took my head into her mouth. Christina went from the tip to the base of my cock, stopping at the base to take my balls into her mouth and suck hard momentarily, sending pure pleasure shooting throughout my body. She then worked her way back to the tip of my cock, where her tongue met Britney's again, both of them with their lips around my cock, and I was ready to shoot my hot cum at any moment. I felt my seed rise into my cock. Mount St. Helen would be jealous of the eruption that was about to take place. The two females with their lips around my cock knew that it was on its way. Politely, Britney allowed Christina to take me deep into her throat. Her hot mouth covered my cock as Britney brought her perfect breasts to my mouth, as I took her nipple into my mouth, I felt my cock explode into Christina's throat. Christina moaned loudly as my cum shot deep into her throat. She took down every drop. Britney moaned loudly as I sucked hard on her nipples. The intensity of my own orgasm was beyond anything I had ever felt before.

Britney gently moved away as I released her nipple from my mouth. Christina let go of my cock with a popping sound. She ran her finger around her lips to gather up any excess cum and licked it clean. My cock, now flaccid and spent, rested on my abdomen. Britney ran her hand over it; I jumped. At this point, it was very sensitive.

Britney then spoke. "Well Chris, what do you think we can do while Josh is incapacitated." That was by far the largest word that had ever come out of Britney's mouth, without a doubt.

Christina just smiled in reply as she jumped up, pushing Britney to her back, pulling down at the waistband of her panties until they were on the floor. At once, the action had started up again. Christina's mouth quickly found Britney's right breast as my own mouth found her left breast. I licked and teased her nipple, then taking it into my mouth. I sucked hard, inducing a loud, erotic moan from Britney. Christina worked on Britney's left breast for a short time, but she was very anxious to get to Britney's treasures. She kissed her way down Britney's rock hard abs, working her way to Britney's clean-shaven labia. She ran her tongue along Britney's slit. Britney jumped as Christina's tongue nudged her clit, causing her nipple to slip from my mouth. I moved up and thrust my tongue deep into Britney's mouth as Christina ate her pussy professionally. Christina's tongue forged deeper and deeper into Britney's cunt. I could feel Britney's hips gyrating faster and faster as my hand reached down, my fingers finding their way to her hardened clit. Her body went stiff; the waves of orgasm ripping through her as my fingers came in contact with her clit. Christina slurped up Britney's sweet nectar, moaning as Britney's juices flooded her awaiting mouth. As I turned to watch her, Christina's hand flew to her soaked panties. She rubbed her own clit hard through the silky material, causing her body to rock hard as she came. I could feel my cock hardening once again. I watched Christina Aguilera fingering herself to an earth-shattering orgasm as she buried her tongue deep into Britney Spears' hot cunt. I could not believe my luck.

My luck was about to increase ten-fold as I moved back to being on my back. Noticing that my cock was hard again, Britney was quick to mount me. She held herself for a moment, her pussy just above my cock, teasing me. I moaned loudly as she slipped her tight cunt over my hard cock. It was incredibly tight and hot. I was in awe of its tightness even though I had placed my cock inside it many times before. Britney's cunt had never failed to feel fresh and new as it engulfed my cock. She began to slowly ride my cock, moving up and down. I could hear her wetness as her pussy glided over my cock.

"Oh my god." she moaned.

Christina, feeling deprived, stood up. She made a show of removing her silk panties for me. As soon as she had thrown them to the floor, she climbed upon the bed and placed her delicious pussy above my face. Instinctively, my tongue darted out, coming in contact with her sweet pussy lips. Her juices were all over, and they tasted as sweet as any fruit in nature. I ran my tongue up and down her thin slit as Britney began to ride me harder. I could tell by the way Christina was sitting that she and Britney were kissing and fondling each other above me. I drove my tongue deep into Christina's cunt as my right hand came up, my thumb finding her clit. My left hand had found the smooth round surface of Britney's tight little ass. Britney began to ride my cock harder and harder. I could once again feel my cum rising from my balls to my cock. Christina's juices were now flowing more and more into my hungry mouth, increasing the pleasure of the situation. They both moaned loudly into each other's mouths as I felt Britney's cunt clamp down tightly on my cock as a powerful orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave of ecstasy. Christina soon followed, her sweet nectar flowing all over my face as I stretched my tongue deeper into her contracting cunt. My finger ran quickly back and forth over her clit, prolonging her orgasm. She screamed into Britney's mouth as Britney screamed back. This was more than I could possibly handle. I unleashed the fury as my cock spewed forth what seemed to be an endless stream of cum. It shot deep into the depths of Britney's cunt; my hot cum filled her to the brim.

As our orgasms subsided, Britney rolled off of me, my flaccid cock slipping out of her soaked pussy. Christina rolled off of me as well, the remnants of her juicy pussy still on my face. Then we sprawled there, Britney to my left and Christina to my right, their arms draped over me. We were all spent. I knew that things wouldn't be the same after that. I looked to the two women at my sides. There I was, between two of the most gorgeous women on the face of the Earth, and not only had I enjoyed them separately, but also I had now enjoyed them at the same time. I was convinced that it could not get any better.

Then it did. I was startled when I heard my cell phone ring. It had been in my pants pocket, and now, they were all the way across the room. I pondered not answering it, but I got up anyway. When I answered it, I was glad that I hadn't let it go.

"Hello," I said.

"Josh, it's Bob." He sounded pissed. "Where the fuck have you been? I've been trying to reach you all god damned night."

"Bob, what could be so important at this hour?" I was not in the mood for his shit after what I had just been through.

"Nothing." He replied. "It's just that I have found someone to replace Jessica. She will be meeting you in Chicago."


"Mandy Moore."

"Thanks Bob." I said, hanging up on him. Hopefully he would understand that I was dead tired. If not, he could bite me, right now I was on top of the world, and I wasn't going to let his bitching bring me down.

"Who was it?" Britney asked in her sweet, sexy voice.

I just smiled as I returned to her open arms, and Christina's too, of course...

To Be Continued...

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