The Tow


I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've contributed, I really appreciate all of you sending me Emails with your comments, good and bad. They've been really helpful. Please keep it up. I have several more stories almost ready for publication so keep a lookout as well and let me know your thoughts.

This story is about something that happened to me a few years back while I was still with the boyfriend I wrote about in my story called "The River". I had tried to break up with him right after that incident, but he begged for another chance and fool that I was, I gave it to him. Of course, I didn't tell him that I had gotten screwed silly by his roommates that day by the river.

Well, he was really good for a few weeks, but by this time a couple of months later, he was back to his old ways. Maybe his roommates had said something, but I don't think so, he would've been very upset if he found out.

It was late fall Friday afternoon, I was feeling pretty sexy and needed a little attention. I knew Alan's roommates were supposed to be heading out for the night, so I called Alan and asked him about maybe getting together that evening and he agreed. I got home early and took a nice, long, hot bath, smoking a joint and drinking almost a whole bottle of wine while soaking away the day's stresses. I guess that's when I came up with the idea of surprising Alan. I just love to go out dressed sexily; it must be the exhibitionist streak in me, I love it when men check me out.

I finally got out of the tub, toweled off and put on some nice powder. Then I thought about what would be sexy enough to wear. I decided on a white garter belt with a pair of sheer white nylons with red high heel shoes, no panties or bra. I also have this beautiful white, silk bathrobe that feels so, so sexy against my skin. The problem is that is only comes down a couple of inches below my pussy. I decided what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. I wanted to make Alan's eyes bug when I showed up and this would do it. I knew it would drive him crazy seeing me walk up the street from where ever I parked to his place in such a sexy outfit and I'd love doing it.

It was around 7pm by the time I climbed into my jeep and started on the30-minute drive over to Alan's place. About halfway there, on this back road shortcut that I knew about, the jeep's motor starting to skip and a couple of minutes later it got so bad that the engine just quit. I tried restarting the thing but it wouldn't even pop, nothing, just turned and turned. I didn't know what to do, it was dark and I was getting cold.

Stupid me, I was so involved in the fantasy of what Brian would do to me when he saw me that I never thought about putting a change in the car. I didn't have any other clothes with me at all. I didn't even have my purse, The only lucky thing was that I had left my phone in the car, so I called Alan. No Answer! I waited a couple of minutes thinking that maybe he was in the bathroom and tried again, still no luck. God damn him! where the hell was he anyway? He knew I was coming over, he should be home, but it would be just like him to forget and go out with his roommates and that was what it looked like had happened.

I had no choice; I had my AAA card in the glove box and so called them. I told the woman on the phone that I had broken down and that I didn't have a coat in the car and needed to have someone come out as soon as possible. She sounded bored but after taking all my information, she promised that I'd be a priority and hung up. I tried Alan again, still no answer. Then I waited... and waited... and waited some more. The whole time, I kept trying to call Alan. Finally an hour and 10 minutes later, the tow truck arrived.

I stayed in the Jeep and when the driver came up, I rolled down the window and explained as best as I could what had happened. I really didn't want to get out of the car dressed as I was. He asked that I pop the hood and try to turn it over. He got some tools and a flashlight from his truck and a couple of minutes later announced that unfortunately it looked like my fuel pump was history. He asked where I'd like to be towed.

Well, I didn't have much of an option; I tried calling Alan again and still no luck. I finally got out of the car when the tow driver backed his truck up to the front of the Jeep and asked what the chance was of having the repair done tonight. The driver gave me a kinda surprised look when he saw how I was dressed, but told me that he thought that maybe they might be able to work something out, but it would be up to the boss back at the garage. He asked me if I wanted to get in the truck to warm up while he hooked up my jeep. I did, I was really cold, my nipples were hard from the cold and a little sore from being hard for so long. As I walked up to the truck, I looked down at the front of my robe and sure enough, they were prominently poking through the thin silk material. I was sure that's what the driver noticed when I first started talking to him.

Once he got the jeep hooked up, he got in and we headed off for the garage. The driver seemed friendly enough, but kinda shy or maybe just quiet. He did have a wedding ring on, so maybe he was just uncomfortable being so close to a woman other than his wife who was scantily dressed. I don't know what it was, but it was a pretty quiet ride to the service station. It must have been a 20-minute drive further into the country. It was kinda scary when we finally got the garage. It looked like a tumble down kinda place. There were a bunch of cars in the parking lot, half of them looked like they had been cannibalized to create some sort of Frankenstein vehicle that was probably hidden deep in a shed somewhere on the property. The driver pointed out the office and told me to go in to talk to the boss while he got the jeep into the shop.

I went in and there was a big, kinda fat guy doing some paperwork at a counter just inside the door. He looked up and literally did a double take when he saw me standing there in at the counter dressed as I was. I told him about the problem with the jeep and asked whether or not it would be possible to get my car fixed that night. I was kinda stranded. He told me that it was after hours and they were supposed to be closed but to wait a minute while he went out to check with the mechanic to see if he was willing to work some overtime. While he was gone, I tried calling Alan again, but he still wasn't there.

I had just cancelled the call when the owner came back up front. I noticed this time that his name, Leonard was stitched on his shirt. He told me that they could probably do it, but that it would take a couple of hours. Did I have anyone I wanted to call to pick me up? I told him that I had been trying to get in touch with my boyfriend since this happened with no luck. I didn't have anyone else to call and I'd just wait if he didn't mind. He said he didn't and pointed out the coffeepot and a couple of chairs as he went back into the garage area to send the driver out for the parts. I still had a pretty good buzz going from the wine and joint earlier and didn't feel like taking the edge off by drinking old stale coffee, I wished that there was some way I could light up a joint, but that wasn't too likely.

Leonard came back out front to finish his paper work a minute later. I sat down to wait. They had a pile of magazines on a small table and I picked up one of those to pass the time. After a couple of minutes it occurred to me again that I didn't have my purse or credit cards with me, thus no way to pay for the work the shop was doing. I tried calling Alan again. No luck, I tried a couple more times over the next half hour before finally giving up on him and walking over to the counter. Leonard looked up with his eyebrows raised in question. I told him about my problem. I explained how I had tried calling my boyfriend, but he wasn't home. He took it all in and leaned back just looking at me.

"Why in the world would you come out without your purse or a coat or... anything?" He asked.

Blushing, I explained how I had made plans with my boyfriend to go over to his house and hang out for the evening, I thought I'd surprise of my outfit, I never considered what would happen if I broke down. He smiled and told me that he thought my boyfriend was an asshole to blow me off like this and laughing, said that I was lucky he wasn't my boyfriend because he'd never leave me alone. He was staring right at my nipples again and while I didn't want to look down, I could feel them getting all twisted up hard under his stare. I just knew that he was getting a good eyeful of them as they pushed my robe out. The silk robe was really thin and didn't leave really anything to the imagination, especially with my huge nipples reacting as they were.

I smiled agreeing that my boyfriend was being a big jerk, then asked what he wanted to do about the money. I told him that I'd be happy to go home when the car was repaired to get some cash, or if he wanted someone to follow me, that would be fine too. He smiled and said to let him think about it while he finished his paperwork, maybe we could work something out. I thanked him with another smile and walked back to the chair.

On the way, I look down and realized that my robe had loosened a bit and while I was talking to him, it must've sagged open and being as small as I am it gave him a bird's eye view of my breasts. Being exposed like that really excited me and it still does to this day. I felt myself becoming aroused. On an impulse, I decided to tease him a bit more by letting him see a more intimate part of me if he came over or even just looked over at me from the counter. I didn't tighten up the sash; in fact I loosened it up a bit more as I walked back to the chairs. It allowed my robe to open even more, showing a lot of what little cleavage that I have.

When I sat down, I positioned myself so that my butt was on the edge of the hard plastic chair. I crossed my legs in a lady like fashion and leaned back to read a magazine. That caused my robe to ride up my thighs and I could feel the cold air on my hot exposed pussy. Almost as soon as I did it, I started having second thoughts about what I was doing. I was just getting ready to scoot back in the chair and cover myself up again when the owner came back up to the counter to look over some papers there and I froze. I was afraid that it would've been obvious that I was deliberately flashing if I hastily tried to cover up now. I just pretended that I wasn't aware of what I was revealing. From over the top of the magazine though, I could him devouring me with his eyes. I didn't dare look up at him. He walked over to some wall switches and turned on more lights saying that it would be easier for me to read with the lights turned up.

It would also be easier for him to study my exposed pussy as well. I thanked him and he walked back to the counter to work on more paperwork or at least pretend to, he never took his eyes off me. I was so excited and so nervous. My pussy was on fire and soaking wet. I could feel my pussy becoming engorged and starting to open up to reveal the tender, deeper pink inner lips. I have almost no hair down there and was sure that he must've seen the wetness glistening on my opening pussy. I was buzzing now from the sexual high as well as the wine and weed.

It wasn't as if this guy was particularly good looking or anything, he wasn't... at all. He was big and he looked almost exactly as you might expect a 40 some odd year old biker might. He had a beer belly and probably weighed 250 pounds or better. He had a heavy, dark beard with gray streaks in it, longish hair and strong, strong hands with what looked like years of ground in grease. I don't mean to imply he was dirty, just that he had been working on cars for so long that there was no way that all the ground in grease would ever come out.

Anyway, I guess it was just that I was pretty hot starting out tonight and once my motor gets going, I pretty much remain worked up until I get some satisfaction. Also, I was pissed off at my boyfriend, he stood me up and as far as I was concerned that was it for him, it was over. I wasn't really planning to fuck this guy, but I was sure willing to tease and flash him. Now I was really buzzing as I looked up and caught him staring right at my exposed pussy. I had to give it to him; he didn't back off at all. When he saw me looking at him, he just smiled at me and said he was thinking that maybe we could work something out on the payment for the repair. I smiled back, "Oh really? I can just imagine what were you thinking!" I couldn't believe I was being so brash, but by now I was soaking wet and really, really excited. Out of control really.

"Well, come on over here and I'll 'splain my idea to you" He said.

I knew I was crossing the line now, but I put the magazine down and stood up. I felt the sash on my robe loosening still more as I stood almost completely revealing my breasts to his hungry eyes. It closed up again once I was standing, but I knew he had gotten a good look anyway. I walked over and he walked out from behind the counter. When I got to where he was standing, he said, let me tell you what I was thinking, but you'll understand better sitting up here on the counter. With that, he reached down put his hands on my waist and lifted me to sit up on the counter.

I didn't say a word, but was trembling with anticipation. "Here's what I was thinking," he said as he pulled the sash on my robe and gently pushed me back to lie on the counter. As I lay back, he held the sash and my robe fell open leaving me nude on the garage counter. He pushed my legs apart until they hung over the edges of the counter. He didn't say another word; he just leaned forward and buried his tongue into my wet, pink folds. I was wild as I felt his beard touch my tender pussy and his tongue rasp across my swollen clitoris.

I gave myself totally over to the moment and the thrill of my lust as his tongue worked it's magic on me. I tried to keep some semblance of control, but it was no use. I got caught up in the sensations and they carried me away like the current of a strong river. He was old, but by god, he was good. I had never had a man with a beard go down on me before and it felt glorious. I was moving my hips in time to what he was doing and pushing myself into his face and he pushed just as strongly back.

I could hear his breathing and he was as excited as I was, he was almost growling as he moved up my body to my breasts, sucking first one nipple into his mouth and then the other. He was getting wild. He pushed my breasts together and somehow got both nipples into his mouth at the same time. It felt just awesome; I arched my back offering him more. He was rough and I loved that too, his beard scratching me as he manhandled my sensitive breasts. He slid back down my body and attacked my pussy again, growling more loudly as he slid his tongue deep into my folds. That was it, I went over the edge, pulling him hard into me as I pushed my pulsating pussy into his face. As I was moaning and the waves were still firing through my body, he pulled me off the counter and pushed me to my knees in front of him.

He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down revealing a thick, throbbing dick. The head was purple, huge and looked ready to burst. He put his hand to back of my head and just stuffed his hard dick past my lips and into my mouth. This guy was definitely out of control; he pushed my robe off my shoulders and down off my arms leaving me naked except for my garter, stocking and shoes.

He put his hands behind my head and started pumping his dick into my mouth with abandon. He was stuffing that thing down my throat, literally fucking my face. I'm good at giving head, and love doing it, but he wasn't giving me a chance to slow things down to show my talent. I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and sucked as much as I could, but he was just pumping away like a madman. I just kept rolling my tongue around his shaft and head as it slid back and forth while he fucked my mouth. I wish there were a more polite way to put it, but there just isn't, it's what was happening.

His breathing was rasping and he was moaning and pumping away like a machine until without warning, he blew his top deep down my throat. He held my head tight to him as he shot blast after blast of his load down my throat. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could and he started pumping again not losing a bit of his iron. When he finally finished the last weak spurts of after spasms of his orgasm, he slid his still hard dick out of my mouth. I pulled him down to the floor until he was lying on his back on the dirty concrete floor. I pulled his pants all the way off and crawled up his body, positioning myself above his still twitching manhood. I guided his hard dick to my wet opening. Without any preamble and in one quick motion I sat back and took him all the way to the hilt, burying his dick deep into my quivering pussy.

He was thick and he stretched me open in the most delicious way, it felt great. With my hands on his chest I started to slowly ride him, loving the feel of it as he slid deep into me. I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it open. I ran my hands up his hairy chest. I just love hairy chests, I know that in this age a smooth boy is the way a lot of women like to go, but me... I liked the hair and he had it lots of it.

He was running his hands up my body roughly playing with my breasts as I moved on him. I was into it as much as he was. He pulled me down to him to suck my nipples. He rubbed his face all over my swollen breasts, squeezing and sucking on them. He took my hands and moved them to my breasts and then started to squeeze and tease them using my hands under his. He made me feed him my tits. I did and after a few moments he let my hands go and I put one hand behind his head as I fed first one breast then the other to his hot, hungry mouth. He was rough; he bit and sucked hard practically taking my whole breast into his mouth. I screamed in pain and pleasure as he mauled my super sensitive nipples. My nipples are really big and soft even when they are hard, my whole areola twists up into my nipple when I'm excited making them at least a 1/2 inch thick and even longer than that. Finally, he was getting too rough and I sat up pulling a nipple out of his mouth with a pop. I was still riding that fat dick and was having trouble keeping focused on what was happening to my body. The sensations were just too much, I always lose perspective during good sex.

"Play with your titties for me baby, show me how you like it; twist those big nipples of yours". I sat up a little straighter and bringing my hands to my breasts and began to kneed them, squeezing and pulling on my nipples as he watched. He was moaning his pleasure. He had his hands on my hips and was meeting the movement of my hips with hard thrusts of his own. I looked down at him and his eyes were riveted on my breasts and what I was doing to them. I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye and without being obvious about it, saw that the tow truck driver and some other guy watching us through a window in the door between the shop and the office.

They were only a few feet away and the way we were positioned, the boss couldn't see them, the top of his head was pointing toward the door and he was busy watching me. It really excited me to have these young guys watching me screw this older fat man. I don't why it excited me so much to have them see me with this guy, but it did. I imagined that they had their own dicks out as they watched. I put my arms back behind me and leaned way back, I threw my head back and pushed my pussy on his dick. In this position, Leonard as well as his guys watching could see his big dick sliding in and out of my tightly stretched pussy.

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