The Tower


It was a beautiful day for a walk, not too hot, not too cold and there was a light breeze. I met Lil at the entrance to the cemetery at a little after 1 on a Tuesday in June. Now, when I say cemetery, I don't want you to think of a sterile plain with lots of little rectangular stones all in a grid. This is a garden cemetery from the 1830's, it is more like a park and arboretum with graves and tombs scattered about. In short, it is gorgeous and one of my favorite places to take a walk when the weather is nice.

Lil looked beautiful as always, her shirt was a tight, silky, red print v-neck, cut low to display her stunning cleavage. It was paired with a black skirt that came to mid thigh, loose enough to flow when she walked. Her outfit was nicely set off with a nice pair of chunky black heels, suitable for a decent walk over unpaved terrain.

The weather was gorgeous, so there were some other folks around of course, but picking a weekday afternoon meant that it wasn't too crowded. We meandered along, took our time and enjoyed the sights and the day and I began to lead her toward the tower. The tower is set on top of a hill and has a nice view that overlooks the city, and given that most of the other people here were older, I hoped that it would be empty as well. We got to the base and I looked up, as I remembered, there was no view of the top floor from down below, with the exception of the very edge.

I had Lil walk ahead of me as we climbed the spiral staircase up the inside of the tower. There was just enough light that I had a wonderful view of her smooth legs as we walked. While I couldn't see all the way up her skirt, my cock started to stir under my kilt as I watched her thighs slide past each other and her ass sway in front of me.

I was in luck, there was no one else at the top of the tower. So far my plan was coming along nicely. While we took in the scenery I took a quick scan around. I didn't see anyone else approaching the tower's hill. I walked up close behind Lil, close enough that her ass brushed against me and wrapped my arms around her waist. She sighed and leaned her head back.

"Lovely though this walk has been," I said, my hands stroked her stomach, "I had an ulterior motive."

"Oh?" She asked, and turned her head to look at me.

"Rest your arms here, on this ledge. Keep an eye out for anyone walking toward the door of the tower." I gently pushed her forward with one hand, keeping my other around her waist so she bent over with her legs straight. When she was positioned the way I wanted her I sank down to my knees behind her.

"Uhm, I..."

"Shh, " I interrupted, "you'll be able to see if anyone is coming in plenty of time. And even if you get... distracted we'll hear them coming up the stairs." With that I started to run my hands up the back of her thighs and lifted the hem of her skirt. She was wearing a black thong under her skirt; it was thin and I could see the outline of her lips through it. This is one of my favorite views in the world, and I took a moment to savor it, continuing to run my hands up and down her legs. I slid my hands up to her ass and hooked my thumbs in the band of her thong. I heard her breath quicken as I slid her underwear slowly down her legs.

She stepped out of it and I put her thong in the pocket of my kilt. I put my hands on her calves and applied a little pressure so she spread her legs. I leaned forward and breathed across her exposed pussy and heard her gasp. Pulling back again, I saw that she had her head turned, looking at me under her arm. I could see her face starting to flush, her mouth was open slightly and her breath was heavy.

I reached out and gave her clit a quick little lick with the tip of my tongue, then took a long lick around the outer lips of her pussy. I watched her pussy open for me and heard a soft whimper. I continued to tease her with my tongue. I gave her clit light flicks with the tip, then licked the length of her wet pussy. I put my mouth on her and I began to suck on her outer lips, gave light little nibbles, then put my tongue as far inside her as I could. I could hear her moan quietly as I ate her out.

I let my tongue wander back to her clit and locked my lips around it. I began to suck gently on her while I gave hard fast little licks with the tip of my tongue. I gradually began to increase the suction with my mouth and felt her start to rock her hips, grinding into my face. She reached back and put her hand on the back of my head, pulled me in closer, rubbed her pussy into my face while I sucked on her clit. Her legs began to shake as I went faster and harder with my mouth until she became stiff and still for a moment and I heard a muffled cry. I backed off on the intensity of the suction of my mouth and gentled my tongue. I listened to her shuddering breath until it began to even out then resumed my tongue wandering up and down, reveling in the salty taste of her as she started to come down.

I stood up and smoothed her skirt back down and stood beside her. I ran my hand down her back and over her ass, then stroked up her back again. I looked around to see if anyone was coming (besides Lil). There were a couple of people wandering around, but no one seemed to be approaching the tower. There is nothing like the expression on a woman's face after a good hard orgasm. "Keep an eye out," she said as she sank down beneath the parapet.

I turned to face her and leaned oh so casually against the railing, the entrance to the tower within my peripheral vision. She ducked her head under my kilt and I felt her face brush up against my cock. She licked up the shaft, pausing now and again to kiss and suck the underside as she worked her way up toward the head. I groaned softly when she took the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked on it.

I took a quick look down to double check, then held my kilt up so I could watch her go down on me. She looked up at me when I exposed her head to the light, wrapping her hand around the base of my dick she made eye contact with me and licked all around the head. She plunged my cock into her mouth, squeezing the shaft with her hand while she took it deep inside. She switched hands and began to move her hand and mouth in synch up and down. Her other hand dipped beneath her skirt and began rubbing her fingers over her clit.

Then a couple people started walking toward the tower. Crap. They were an older couple, so I was hoping that they'd decide not to make the climb but no such luck. They headed straight toward the door. I quickly pulled away from Lil and whispered that someone was headed this way. I walked over to the other side of the roof and sat down on the back of the stair hatch, arranged myself so that it would be slightly less obvious that I had a raging hard on. She began studiously observing the trees.

It seemed like it took forever for them to climb the stairs. We made small talk with them about the weather and the view and waited for them to depart. And waited. And waited. They eventually departed, and as I turned to Lil to make some quip I saw that she had leaned back against the parapet and lifted the front of her skirt. She had her fingers sliding up and down on either side of her clit. I listened to the echoes of footsteps going down the stairs and watched her masturbate in front of me, my cock grew hard again as she put on a show for me.

As soon as they left the tower we took a quick look around to make certain no one else was on their way. Lil stood up and swayed her way over to where I sat, she licked her lips and sank down to her knees in front of me. She pushed up my kilt and wrapped her lips around my cock. She looked up at me as she slowly took more and more of me in to her mouth. She tilted her head back down and swallowed a little more of my cock. I could feel the tip hit the back of her throat as she twisted her head side to side then wrapped her hand gently around my balls. I let my head roll back and took a moment to check for the sound of anyone coming up the stairs, then sank back into enjoying the amazing blow job I was receiving.

She moved her hand up from my balls, gripping my cock and squeezing, then moved her hand and mouth in time. She twisted side to side and moved faster up and down my cock. I knew that I'd not be able to take much of that before coming in her mouth, and I didn't want to yet. I stopped her and took another quick look around, no one headed our way.

She apparently had the same idea I did, when I turned back to her she had bent over the back of the hatch where I had been sitting. She pulled her skirt up while I lifted the front of my kilt, then she reached back and guided my cock to her soaking wet cunt. I sank myself inside her as deep as I could go and just stayed there for a moment, felt her ass tight against me, just enjoyed the feeling of my cock in the warm, tight embrace of her pussy. I tucked my kilt up under my belt and ran my hands over the cheeks of her ass. I slid my hands around and sunk my fingers into her hips as I pulled back. Pulling her luscious ass toward me as I thrust forward.

As we fucked on the top of that tower, my hands roamed over her ass and hips, up her back. We tried to be quiet. I tried to avoid slapping against her ass as I thrust myself into her. One ear peeled for the sounds of someone coming up the stairs, I slid in and out of her. Her breath got harder and faster. Short sharp moans escaped her lips. I could feel the tension begin to build inside me, getting closer and closer to orgasm. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, kissed her roughly and felt her moan into my mouth as our tongues met. Her hips bucked against me, her body shuddered beneath me, her breath tangled with mine as she began to cum. The sensation and sound of her put me over the edge. I buried my cock inside her, pushed as hard as I could, and came deep inside her pussy.

We stayed like that for a few moments and basked in the post orgasm languor. I pulled out slowly; my now super sensitive cock made me shudder from the feeling of sliding out of her, slick with our cum.

We kissed again and rearranged ourselves, she retrieved her thong from me and slipped it back on. We left the tower and walked around a bit more. It was, after all, a beautiful day for a walk.

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