tagFetishThe Toy Salespeople Ch. 04

The Toy Salespeople Ch. 04


Next night, John, Jane and Edna begun their night shift at the sex toy shop.

They undressed, showered, and, while they were going to put on their vibrators, Jane told Edna, "You must have sandwiches in your purse – I smell them. Would you like to eat something healthier?"

"Your milk? Just a sip, I'm not going to rob John of his food."

"Don't worry, you both will have plenty of it! But I would like you to drink it without vibrators – there will be a surprise which may be spoiled by them."

"Ok. I'll take the right tit now."

Jane then hugged John and Edna, pressed her breasts over theirs, letting them sense her erect nipples; Jane rubbed them over their skin, and stroked Edna's left breast and John's right shoulder – so John stroked Edna's right breast, and Edna stroked his butt with her right hand.

They kissed – John and Jane first, Jane and Edna then, Edna and John at last – they were all French kisses, full of love and passion. The John-Jane couple had widened into the John-Jane-Edna trio.

Jane grabbed John's penis and hooked Edna's vulva; she sat on an V-shaped chair, which let the vulva hang, but supported her thighs, and invited her partners to sit upon them. She reclined on the slanting back of the chair, and invited John and Edna to suckle.

They began to do that; Edna took John's hand and slid it into Jane's vagina, while Jane's hands masturbated their genitalia. The milk continued to flow into their mouths, and the suction pleased Jane a lot.

After half an hour, Edna surrendered – her stomach was full, and she has already had her share of orgasms, together with Jane (John, as usual, was greatly excited, but had not had his orgasm yet); she asked then, "Which is the surprise, Jane?"

"Er ... could you please collect your urine into my rectum? I have thought about it all day – when I was not busy with John, obviously."

"That is for about four minutes in 24 hours," chuckled Edna, "Let me take the catheter. Ah, what are you going to do with John's member?" John told Edna, "Fetch the catheter, and when you come back you'll see."

When Edna came back, she saw Jane rubbing her nipples and breasts over the glans of the supine John, and as Edna approached, she rode his penile shaft with her vulva, rubbing the clitoris against it.

Edna drew a chair near the bed, sat on it, raised her knees in order to put her vulva in the right position to receive the catheter (and to show its full glory to John and Jane), and inserted it.

As John turned his head to watch, his penis hardened, and Jane decided to raise her butt in order to let it enter her wet vagina. It went in, and Edna asked, "When should I fill your rectum?"

"Now, as my belly and breasts fall over John's body, my lips and tongue kiss him, and my but gets fully exposed!"

As soon as it happened, Edna inserted the plug into Jane's butt, connected the tube, opened the cock and went up the bed to give her urine greater pressure – Jane's colon was very tight, and could not otherwise be forced to accept all the urine in Edna's bladder.

When Edna was done, John had not yet had his orgasm, and Jane told Edna, "Perhaps he needs anal stimulation."

"What if I bring another catheter and your urine fills his butt? I can place it without separating you!"

"Good L_rd!" squealed John, "Please, be careful! My butt is uninsured!"

"Have I ever hurt you? By the way, I am sure that, if it happens, Jane will keep her promise of practicing asphyxiophilia on me."

So Edna took another catheter, another butt plug, and put the latter into John's butt; then she asked Jane to crawl two inches forward, in order to clear her urethral orifice from ... hindrance.

Jane asked, "Is there a catheter with a vibrator?"

"No, the urethra is too fragile. I can bring you a clitoral vibrator."

"Bring it fast – John's glans is over my G-spot. I would like to build up a mix of urine and prostatic fluid to pump into his butt – he may be one of the first males in the world to receive this treat!"

Edna whistled, "That's amore!", brought the vibrator, fixed it on the right place, fastened the catheter tube to John's penis, slipped it over his scrotum and connected it to the plug. She then turned the vibrator on, and let Jane squirm over John's body, in order to get added stimulation from his penis inside.

Jane said at last, "Edna, open the cock!"; Edna did that, and Jane's fluids began to flow into John's butt, filling it more than usual. Then Edna stopped the cock, Jane crawled forward letting John's penis get out of her, and removed both the vibrator and the catheter.

"Did you like it, darling?" asked John; Jane answered, "Yes, but you haven't had your orgasm yet. All such vibrators and toys have the undesired effect of increasing your excitation, and delaying your orgasm."

"I also have to pee ... I have drunk all that milk, and now I need discharge – not to speak of my sore butt."

"Pee ... I haven't yet taken your penis into my butt. Perhaps it could be a solution," says Edna.

John and Jane agreed: John rose up, Jane laid supine on the bed with her legs spread wide open; Edna laid procumbent in front of her vulva, and waited for John to prepare her butt to receive his penis.

As John began massaging and probing her anus, Edna begun licking and kissing Jane's labia, inserted two fingers into her vagina, hoping to find her G-spot, and when she found it, she begun rubbing it, while her lips were sealed around her clitoris and urethral orifice.

The combined stimulation made Jane squirt in a few minutes, and Edna drank the fluid; it was now time for John to penetrate Edna's butt, and Edna moved forward: she rested her sternum tip over Jane's Mons Veneris, laid her breasts over Jane's hips, and, as if she were exhausted, put her head between Jane's mammae, put her hands under Jane's armpits, and then under her back.

John's penis was now fully into Edna's rectum, and he begun by peeing and inflating Edna's colon – she didn't figure that John's bladder was be so large; when his bladder was empty, he begun throbbing in order to stimulate her and himself.

It took several minutes, but he managed to ejaculate at last. Now all three could head to the toilet, and empty their bowels.

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