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The Toy Story


This story is just a figment of my imagination. Any resemblance to people or places is entirely coincidental. I would like to thank the bike lover who helped me out. Hope you all enjoy reading this story.

I sat over Mark's fully erect cock feeling the shaft enter my anus. As he ran his fingers into my wet pussy, I felt I was in seventh heaven. As I moved up and down the lubricated shaft, faster and faster, I felt him cum deep inside me. Later as we lay spent from our love making, I said again, "I wish I had a cock. I could fuck you in your ass like you do me."

Lately I have been wondering how good it would be to have a cock. Mark smiled and said, "May be soon. Why don't you practice now?" As he lay on his back and raised his hips, I rubbed my clit against his anus, rubbing his cock against my belly. As the cock slowly came back to life, I acted as though I was fucking him with my clit. The feeling was so out of this world, that I came quickly, spreading my cum over his ass cheeks.

Next morning, as he headed out, he reminded me that he would be back from Germany in two weeks. I got up after a while and looked at my reflection in the mirror. Dried patches of cum on my thighs, belly, cheeks and breasts bore testimony to our love-making of the night before. The mirror also showed a woman almost 6 feet tall, a well-toned muscular body, small 32A breasts and smooth clean shaven pussy.

I had grown up as the only girl in a family of boys. My mother had passed away soon after my birth and my father had raised me. In a house full of athletic jocks, I grew up like one of the boys. I grew up wearing men's underwear and though college found them to be more comfortable. Over the years, I rarely wear panties or bra, loving the feel of the wind on my smooth pussy.

After I finished my shower, I noticed a business card face down on the dresser. I picked it up absent-mindedly and glanced at it. The color scheme caught my eye. It was from a store called the Toy Store. It boasted that it was the home of all toys for adults. Overcome by curiosity, I called the number. A friendly voice answered my questions and invited me to come and take a look. Feeling the need for some extra help in Mike's absence, I got the directions and decided to check the place out.

I wore a pair of my favorite BVDs, then a pair of jeans and a short tank top. A leather jacket and a pair of boots completed my outfit. The weather was gorgeous outside and I decided to ride my motor bike. I started my night black BMW R1200 Classic and drove out to the highway. Feeling the throb of the 61 hp engine between my legs and the wind on my breasts through the thin top - I was in heaven.

I soon arrived at the address. It was a modest looking shop. There were a number of videos, books and accessories on display. As I looked through the store, a pleasant faced man approached me. He wanted to know if I need any help. Looking at him, I could feel the help I needed from him, but I replied, "Yes I am looking for some toys." He smiled back pleasantly, "Ma'am, if this is your first visit, I would suggest you talk to one of our experts. Please follow me." I followed him through a side door.

A beautiful woman approached us. He waved at her and said, "Lisa, can you please help her? She is looking for some help with toys." He turned to me and said, "You are in good hands. Please let me know if I can be of any more help." He left us alone.

I looked up at Lisa. Her shoulder length blonde hair reminded me of waves. This complimented her smiling green eyes. She was wearing a see thru top. Her pierced nipples were clearly visible, the rings lending an erotic air. My eyes moved down and I noticed that her lovely pierced navel was exposed. Lisa was wearing a very short skirt, showing off her well sculpted legs. I noticed a lovely tattoo on her left arm, another one on her right leg and when she turned around a lovely tattoo just above her ass cheeks. All in all a lovely package and I wondered what she did here at this shop.

My silent question was soon answered. Lisa said, "Hi, I am Lisa. I work with first-time customers to select toys. Do you have an idea of what you would like?" I looked back at her and said, "Please call me Venus. What are my choices?" Lisa rattled off a whole bunch of names, from anal beads to dildos to vibes. She must have noticed that my eyes had glazed over. She came up to me and said, "Venus, may I take you jacket? We can discuss each of these toys and see what would be the best for you.". I allowed her to take my jacket off and felt her breast brush my arm.

She looked at me and said, "Wow! You look so great. I love your muscles. You must work out daily?" I nodded. With her back to me, Lisa bent down to pick up some brochures and I realized that this lovely woman was not wearing panties. I felt a stir of juices in my pussy. Lisa then described a few vibrators. She wanted to know if I would like one of them. I blurted out, "I would like something that resembles a penis. I want to use it on my boyfriend." I expected a scream of revulsion. Instead Lisa said, "You need a strap-on". She showed me a few models. Then she showed me one with two ends.

She looked at me and said, "Venus, have you considered wearing a strap-on?" I said, "I have fantasized about it, but haven't tried yet." She looked at me with mischievous smile and asked, "Would you like to try one on? Satisfaction guaranteed. " I decided to take her up on the offer and asked. "But can I practice with it?" Lisa nodded, "You sure can. At Toy Store we will provide you facilities."

Lisa brought out a harness and said, "Would you mind taking off your clothes? I can show how to put it on." I hesitated. I was wondering if I had got into this to deep. Sensing my hesitation, Lisa offered, " I will remove my clothes, if that makes you more comfortable." She removed her top, exposing two perfect breasts - I figured they were 34Cs. Two rings hug from the nipples and the nipples were erect. She then removed her skirt and I had suspected, she was not wearing panties. Her pussy was completely shaved and her labia was pierced as well. There was a tattoo of a leopard pouncing close to her pussy. I followed suite, removing my top and exposing my 32A breasts. My nipples had become erect, looking at this gorgeous female specimen. I then removed my boots and dropped my jeans. Her eyes widened a bit when she noticed my underwear. I got out of them as well, showing my smooth and now wet pussy to Lisa.

I felt her hands over my breasts. "Wow you are so gorgeous! " said Lisa, her fingers playing with my nipples, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. Lisa turned around, picked up the harness and showed how to put the dildo through the harness. She pointed to the short-end and said, "This goes inside your vagina. This is built in such a way that you can feel it inside you when you have the longer end inside you partner. Both can derive the pleasure." She smiled again, "I bet you want this inside you and the other end inside someone." I nodded. I could not wait to have the toy inside me, while the other end deep inside Lisa, bringing us both to an orgasmic climax.

Lisa quickly found a condom and slipped it over the short-end. She said, "Well once you buy one, you don't have to use a condom at your end. But for now, just to be safe." She then showed me how to fasten the harness and adjust it for correct placement. She inserted the short end inside me and while she played around with the straps, I a flush of pleasure deep inside me. I held on Lisa, asking her to continue. While she did that expertly with one hand and with the other, she played with my nipples, bringing me to a quick climax.. As I attempted to recover, my cum flowed down my thighs. Lisa quickly stuck her tongue out, cleaning it all up.

Once the harness was in place, firm and secure, :Lisa led me to a mirror. I looked at myself, and suddenly it was as if I had a penis. I touched it and found that although it did not throb like my brothers' or Mark's, it was a symbol of power. As I made a motion to fondle my new found cock, I felt the other end move inside me, once again giving me pleasure. I turned around and looked at the perfect female form of Lisa and asked her, "So is there a place I can put this into?"

Lisa giggled and went down on her knees. She opened her mouth and said, "For starters, right here." I went over to her and stuffed my new found toy inside her mouth. As Lisa worked her magic, simulating what I had done a number of times on other cocks, my body shook with sheer pleasure. Lisa removed her mouth and expertly slipped another condom asking, "Ok, now for the big test. Are you ready?"

I got the message and got down close to Lisa. I kissed her in her mouth and explored the insides of her mouth with my tongue. I lay her down and covered her body with kisses. When my tongue reached her pussy, I found it ready and wet. As Lisa spread her legs wide open, I held my new toy (or was it "my" cock?) in my hands and thrust it deep inside her. Again and again... faster and faster... I sensed her climax, while I felt one of my own coming on. Sensing my hesitation, Lisa cried out, "Please... don't stop now. Fuck me harder." I resumed my thrusts and I felt her tremble and relax under me as she came again and again.

I discarded the condom and when Lisa wanted to take the harness off, I said, "No, I want it on. Inside and outside of me." I watched her put her top and skirt back on. Aware that it was time to leave, I put my underwear on again, this time, "my cock" was showing up as a nice bulge. I wore my jeans on top and the bulge was still evident. I wore my top and then my jacket. I retrieved my helmet, paid for the toy, adding a generous tip for Lisa. I kissed her again, as she handed me her card and telephone number. Knowing that I would be seeing her again soon, I headed outside into the sunshine.

I got back into my motorcycle and this time the powerful vibration of the BMW took on a different meaning. I headed back home, the cool breeze rushing past me making my nipples hard once again, while the throb of the 61 horses between legs sent wonderful messages into my brain. I felt in control, knowing full well that I was going to put my extension into full use.

As you might expect, I did use my new body part on Mark, but that I guess is material for another story.

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