tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Trade Show Pt. 04

The Trade Show Pt. 04


Due to my uncertainty about whether Cindy was planning to get me into the sack with a guy that she knew I postponed our next meeting several times. In my head I think I was really scared, and yet also excited and a thousand other emotions too.

Cindy had been patient with me and clearly knew that I was delaying our meeting on purpose. My excuses were wearing thin. And then she called me instead of sending a text as we had previously agreed.

"Hello Gorgeous," she said, and just the sound of her voice set my heart racing, and every cell in my body sat up to listen.

"I know you have been avoiding me, and I know why. And yes, I was going to set you up with Simon and I'm really desperately sorry that this has resulted in our failing to meet again. That is the reason you are avoiding me, isn't it?" She sounded very upset and genuine in her concern for my feelings.

I just listened and said nothing, not really knowing why. I thought afterwards that maybe I was punishing her, in a way.

"Georgia, let me make it up to you, pleeeease. I promise that I will never ever do such a thing again. I need to see you. I really am desperate to see you. These last few weeks have left me sad and distracted and now even my work is suffering. And anyway, my vibrator hasn't seen any action now for over a week!" I laughed but was also touched, really touched by her genuine sadness at not being able to see me for so long.

I sighed. "Cindy," I said, softly, "I have dreamt about you and I sharing time with each other every single day, without exception. I have so wanted to call you but we agreed only to text. I have been stupid, as I have for most of my female life, wanting to be treated as a woman, wanting to be loved, especially wanting to be taken by a guy. But I have always been too scared. Then, suddenly, you present me with that very possibility and I run a mile. It's what I have always done. Always. So the regret and sadness is all mine, and this hasn't been your fault. Not in the least. I'd love to come and see you again very soon, if you'll have me."

For the next half hour or so we comforted each other and apologised in equal measures. She was so easy to talk to, and we covered topics I had never discussed with anyone previously. I assumed it's what having a sex therapist would be like!

She had a way of getting her own way and before we finished we had agreed to meet on Thursday, in three days' time. When I hung up it was as if someone had injected me with the essence of life. I was suddenly alive in a way I have rarely seen previously. Georgia was on fire and skipped and sang her way through life over the next few days.

I have taken hormones on and off for several years. Just Estrofem in small doses, maybe for 3 or 4 months and then none for months afterwards. I have found that they keep my hair and skin soft and generally calm my soul. Certainly I am also more emotional and shed tears during romantic or sad films, and even sometimes during a news item. My smell changes too I am told. I had been on hormones again after my last meeting with Cindy and perhaps this was the reason I was emotional during her call, I thought.

The hormones sensitise my skin and lighten my body hair, and in particular make my nipples wonderfully sensitive to the cold or touch, sometimes causing me to yelp if I accidentally rubbed against anything hard, like the edge of a door.

I prepared for my next visit to see Cindy with my usual thoroughness, making sure my chosen outfit(s) were freshly laundered and selecting an array of underwear to choose from, including three different nighties. When we last met Cindy had suggested I stay over but I was unable to on that occasion, and anyway didn't have anything with me to wear overnight or the next day. This time I would be able to stay if she suggested it again. I'd simply leave an overnight bag in my car. I didn't want to appear too presumptuous. I was excited at the prospect of holding her close again.

I woke up early and after the normal preparations put on a lovely summer dress with white knickers and bra. I tucked firmly but didn't bother with my bum padding as the dress was very full and swished wonderfully as I moved.

I had been doing a lot of homework on summer daytime makeup and after experimenting badly I had been into Mac in Plymouth for some guidance. They did a full makeover on me and I left with a very expensive bag of goodies so that I could replicate the softer and more pink scheme they had achieved. It was amazing and transformed my look and it took nearly an hour and a half to replicate it myself. As I peered into the mirror the effect was worth it, I figured. I added a brand new lighter slightly blond long haired wig and spent some time styling it until I was happy.

As I neared the finish line I recall making a mental note to myself never to rush a woman out of the door for a night out. Every minute spent was worth the effort.

I added some dangly clip on earrings, a watch and some bracelets, summer wedge sandals, a lovely pink Ted Baker handbag that I had bought last year but never used, and a pale pink coloured summer jacket. Standing back and admiring myself in the full length mirror I straightened myself up and smiled at the picture of summer looking back at me. Women are so lucky to have options when it comes to dress, I thought.

I packed my overnight bag, my makeup and transferred essentials into my handbag. One final check and I was good to go.

I arrived at Cindy's a few minutes early but reckoned she would be ready already. She was such a well organised woman.

She opened the door after just a few seconds delay, wearing just a towel, her hair still wet from a shower, and a wide grin.

"Oops," I said, "shall I come back later?"

She laughed and ushered me into the hall. As she closed the door she dropped her towel and hugged me as if I was a long lost relative. She smelled amazing and her skin was so soft as I explored her back and bottom and especially the point where the crack in her ass starts. I love that detail on a woman! She pulled away and kissed me full on the lips thrusting her tongue to engage with mine. I recall thinking she must have been pleased to see me...

After a few seconds of unscheduled passion, she broke off.

"And Hello to you too," I said, to which she laughed.

"Hello Gorgeous," she said, "Let's fuck," and she more or less dragged me up the stairs after collecting her towel from the floor. As she moved ahead of me her breasts swung in time with her steps and I could already feel an erection trying to escape from its bindings.

I sat in the chair in the corner of her room as she finished off drying her hair in the bathroom, talking to me continuously through the open door. As she did, I admired her female form and wished it were me. Every cell of her body was exaggerated female. Nobody could be more feminine, I thought.

Cindy kept apologising and it was clear that she thought she would not see me again.

"Cindy," I said, "Not seeing you again was not an option for me, even if I had to take up skulking around your garden and spying in your windows."

Every now and again she would run from the bathroom, kiss me full on the lips, and run back. The picture of her doing it is something I would normally have been very happy to pay good money for.

I took off my jacket and joined her in the bathroom as she finished dressing. When I say dressing, I mean putting on the most exotic and expensive pink bra and knickers I have ever seen. Nothing else.

"Wow," I said, "They are beautiful," as I fondled her outfit.

"If you can take them off me, you can have them," she giggled. "I bought them for you anyway. See how the bra is a bit loose," she said, slipping a finger under the front.

I slipped a finger under her strap at the rear and agreed that it was a little too loose.

"Let me check the front too," I said, and slipped two fingers into the cup to squeeze her nipple, making her squeal. "Yep, too loose," I confirmed.

I held her hand and we moved to the edge of the bed. "What do you want to do?" she asked, "Shall we get lunch here first, or go out for lunch, or shall I just eat you here and now? I quite like the last idea, personally."

So we kissed and she did indeed eat me first. She undressed me, which I had discovered was something she revelled in, leaving just my hold-ups and bra, and we enjoyed exploring each other in many positions. She loved that I preferred to be on the bottom and she revelled in being in control. We were a perfect match. Her touch was exquisite, her perfectly manicured nails were bliss on my skin and I have never squirmed so much in my life. Cindy was able to control me and make me do whatever took her fancy. She knew exactly where all my erogenous zones were and especially how much I love my nipples played with. She seemed to cum six or seven times herself during the next two hours or so that we were in bed.

I did of course win the lingerie set and wore it myself later during the day.

As we rested side by side, gathering ourselves together and recovering from the physical exhaustion, Cindy suddenly said, "Oh, I nearly forgot, I have something for you."

She leapt off the bed and left the room, heading across the landing. She returned moments later with a number of shopping bags. "I bought you some stuff," she said, with excitement in her voice. "I hope you like it."

I sat up and peered into the bags. Expensive bags, from expensive shops I thought. I blushed and as I lifted a pink silk camisole from the first bag I cried instantly.

Cindy hugged me and asked what was wrong, looking very concerned.

There's nothing wrong," I said, "Nothing at all. It's just that nobody has ever bought me anything female before, and this camisole is just, just so....perfect." and I cried again just hearing myself saying those words.

Cindy reached for the tissues and wiped my tears away. "Beautiful women deserve beautiful clothes," she said. "The more beautiful the clothing, the more female and sexy we feel, us girls," she went on, squeezing my hand as she did so.

"Come on," she said, excitedly, "open the rest, I want to see if you like it all. I hope it all fits. If it doesn't we can go out and change it."

We opened each bag and Cindy had spent a complete fortune, by my standards. Two years clothing budget in one hit, I thought.

"You really shouldn't have spent all this money on me," I exclaimed. "It's too much, really."

Cindy laughed. "Nothing is too much for you Georgia," she said in her very sultry voice that sent goose pimples up my spine. "Nothing. I thought I would never see you again. I don't even know where you live. My heart was beginning to break at the thought. Nothing is too much."

Then she kissed me and pulled me toward her in an awe inspiring hug. I could feel my eyes welling up again and blinked to stop them bursting into full flow.

"You need to try everything on!" she exclaimed. "Then we can go out and get some lunch. I'm starving!"

Cindy had bought the camisole, two bra and knicker sets, both with matching 8 strap suspenders with proper old fashioned metal clips which I didn't want to put down. There was the most gorgeous slip which clung to me in such a perfect way. "My very first slip!" I said as I paraded in front of the mirror.

She bought me a complete array of bangles, silk scarves, rings and bracelets. Unfortunately, only one ring fitted me so she decided to keep the rest for herself.

And finally, she had brought me a pure wool skirt suit that must have cost hundreds. I know because I had admired similar suits but eventually bought from M&S as it was all I could afford!

As I lifted the suit from its bag I gasped. It literally took my breath away. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "OMG!"

"Don't get too excited," Cindy said, "It may not fit. I had one hell of a job to find something the same size as the one you wore last time." I rushed to try it on and it was as perfect as one could get without being made to measure. It shouted pure class as I paraded around the room, having slipped my heels on once more to get the full effect.

"That really suits you Georgia," she said and walked around me straightening me up, still completely nude.

"I owe you, Cindy," I said as I hugged her.

"No you don't," she said, and then leant in to whisper in my ear, "You can fuck me later and we can call that payment in kind." And we both laughed.

She had also bought me a number of tops and tee shirts, only one of which didn't fit. "That one can go to the charity," she said as she tossed it to one side.

WE showered and dressed for lunch. Cindy work a denim skirt and plain white strappy tee shirt, and some expensive looking silver sandals. Despite this simple outfit, she looked like an A-lister and would easily draw attention walking down Sunset Boulevard.

She collected up her things and we left the house. As she locked the door she beckoned toward the garage where the double doors were already opening by themselves (very flash). "Let's take mine," she said.

As the doors exposed the cars within, I noticed a Prius, and a Maserati cabriolet!

"Let's take the Maserati shall we?" I suggested.

"The Prius is my company runabout," she offered, "I wouldn't be seen dead in it on a day off! And anyway, what else should two gorgeous blondes be seen in?"

I laughed and after stroking the leather dash, and then Cindy's leg, we set off.

"I know a super place," Cindy said, "It's a bit out of the way but I think you'll love it."

We drove for about a half hour and talked non-, catching up on what we had missed from each other's lives over the past weeks. We held hands and occasionally Cindy would explore my thighs, causing my cock to strain against its strapping between my legs. I returned the favour by slipping a finger into her knickers where she was, as always, wet.

We turned into a picture perfect thatched pub where people were sitting at benches by the side of the road, watching us with some intent as we swept into the car park.

Cindy parked at the far end of the car park and we climbed out. I made sure I swung both legs out together in as ladylike manner as I could and a I straightened my hair and dress I suddenly became very self-conscious, for no real reason except that I was to dine in public, I guessed.

As if sensing my predicament, Cindy grabbed my hand, kissed me on the cheek, and walked me through a small side gate into a gorgeous garden. There were lovely tables and chairs in amongst what could best be described as a meadow cum orchard. Cindy led me to a table underneath a yellow leafed tree providing superb mottled light as the sun filtered through.

As we sat down, placing handbags next to us I asked, "Why do people sit next to the road when they could be here in this amazing garden?"

"Because they have no sense of class nor romance," she replied, without hesitation or pause. And I agreed. She was right.

We spent more than two hours over lunch. We talked a lot about our jobs and Cindy really opened up me a lot about her work. She said that she had originally worked for a top 100 company running their marketing department and had come across a business opportunity completely by accident.

One of her clients had asked for a service which, it seemed, no-one was offering. After checking it out she convinced herself there was an opportunity and set up her own business, hiring two fellow workers from her old company. One I had already met at the trade show, with her.

It was a business aimed at people with high disposable incomes who were not risk averse. Cindy says it is an easy sell. She socialises all of the time and introduces potential clients that she meets during these informal events to her business idea, and leaves them with her business card.

Cindy said that in many cases, over half, they eventually call her and sign up.

She says it is the perfect role for her. She now has 23 staff and 3 directors leaving her to socialise and simultaneously sell.

"You should come and work with me," she suddenly suggested, "I think you'd fit in amazingly well with the company culture, and it would be fun, as well as very profitable."

I was humbled by the generosity of her offer and the genuine way in which it was made.

I kissed her and said, "I'm never sure that fucking the boss is the route to longevity in a job." Cindy laughed, almost falling off her seat which had sunken into the soft grass somewhat.

We chatted and joked about the prospect and agreed that the offer would remain open. We discussed whether I would work as Georgia or may male other person.

"As Georgia of course," she insisted. "Flirting with the clients, male and female, is such great fun, and you'd be fighting them all off." Cindy laughed, leaving me feeling slightly jealous thinking that she flirted with others. I think I must be in love; I recall thinking at the time!

We decided to leave through the pub in order to visit the ladies on the way back to the car. As we came out of the loo, Cindy met a well-dressed couple she obviously knew very well, hugging and kissing them both on the cheeks, exclaiming surprise a pleasure having met them after such a long break. Within a few seconds Cindy introduced me and both welcomed me with hugs and kisses too, as if we were already friends. Friends of Cindy were clearly friends of hers, it seemed.

The couple were good looking, tanned and expensively dressed and I was pleased that I had made the effort, not looking out of place in such exotic company. Both were in their late 40's I guessed. Suzie was a perfectly elegant size 10 brunette with stunning green eyes that seemed to be exploring my insides as she listened to every work I spoke. Cindy had introduced me as a client, and so I simply slotted into that role without hesitation.

Robert was very handsome and well spoken. Clearly from an educated background. Awfully well brought up, I thought. Very intelligent, nodding and smiling as we spoke. As he spoke to Cindy I found myself checking him out, expensive shoes, polished within an inch of their lives. Perfectly pressed chinos with a reassuring bulge in the crotch department, cock apparently resting to one side. I recall thinking that if that was in a flaccid state then he really was a very big boy. I found myself blushing at this thought and quickly diverted my eyes back to his face to save embarrassment.

My gazes hadn't been missed by his partner though and she looked at me inquisitively, a smile on her face, as she held his hand closer to her in what I interpreted as a very protective manner.

Cindy of course hadn't missed these goings on and reached behind me, snapping my bra strap as if to alert me to her awareness.

"well, we have business to get down to," Cindy said, closing down the brief meeting, "It was lovely to see you both. Let's do dinner sometime soon."

Cindy then kissed them both goodbye, both square on the lips, lingering for just a little too long on Suzie's! And we left the pub hand in hand, Cindy looking at me and grinning with her wicked look.

Back in the car I asked' "OK, so what was all that about? You all but ate her alive in that kiss!"

"You're one to talk," she replied, "You as good as undressed him, and I had to stop you doing the same to her next!"

I admitted it, of course, and we laughed on the way home. It seemed that most of her friends are very bi, which, looking back at that recent engagement, was probably a good thing, or Cindy would be in court for assault or rape or something!

Cindy explained that she and her ex had shared a few "friendly" dinner dates and one thing had led to another; or several things as it happened. Suzie, Cindy remarked, has enormous extended labia that were divine to suck on. Clearly I am a sex novice, I concluded.

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