The Trail


It was a warm July day and I had driven up into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just outside Estes Park, Colorado to go for a run on one of my favorite trails in the Roosevelt National Forest. I like this trail because it is relatively undiscovered. The trailhead begins just off an unpaved, dirt road, about four miles from any paved highway. There is no parking at the trailhead and only a tiny sign pointing the way. To park, you have to drive up the road another half-mile to a small pull-out. I have never seen another car here.

This day was different, however. There was a new Toyota 4X4 pick-up parked in the pull-out. I squeezed my car in behind it and headed off running back down the road to the trailhead.

This trail is a favorite because it provides access to a wide variety of natural features. The 10-mile-long trail treats its visitors to open ponderosa pine forests, sunny meadows and dense lodge-pole pine forests. I especially like the meadows, particularly on a sunny, hot July day like that day.

By the time I got to the trailhead, I was already sweating. As I strode up the trail, I pulled my t-shirt off over my head, leaving just my short, black running shorts and socks and shoes. I don't usually wear these shorts in public, except when I run on remote trails. While the shorts are standard issue for runners, I feel a little awkward in them. As I said, they are short. They are cut high up the sides and made of a mesh-type material with a pair of black briefs sewn inside. They are extremely comfortable, but just a bit more revealing that I normally am comfortable with. Nonetheless, shirtless and sweating, it felt pretty good running in these skimpy shorts.

After a mile or two, I began to get a side stitch, or cramp. I walked for a bit, taking in the sights and sounds of the woods. I could hear every bird chirping and every chipmunk rustling in the dry grasses. The warm sun felt great on my bare shoulders and back. I'll bet it would feel good on the rest of me too, I thought. I decided to leave the trail and find a secluded, off-the-beaten-path meadow to do a bit of nude sunbathing. After all, the odds of seeing someone out here were almost nil.

Better Than Cats

At the base of a rise, I broke off from the trail and headed cross county in a direction that seemed promising for a flat, open meadow. After 10 minutes or so, I could see a break in the trees ahead that was flooded with bright sunlight. I made my way through the thick stand of lodge-pole pines and was about to step into the meadow when I caught a flash of white out of the corner of my eye.

I stopped just inside the thick forest and watched as a woman, standing about 100 feet away, paused and took a long swig from a water bottle. She was about 5'10'' with long, straight light brown hair. She was wearing a tight, white sports bra, black nylon shorts rolled up at the waist and hiking shoes. She presented a striking sight. She had an athletic build. Even in the tight, compressing sports bra, I could tell she had perfect-sized, round breasts. Her shorts fit her backside like a glove. Rolling them up at the waist resulted pulled up tight against her heart-shaped ass. After sating her thirst, she bent down and began fumbling through a small daypack I hadn't noticed before. She pulled out a white bath towel and spread it on the ground. She looked around, as if she was worried someone might see her do something bad. Seeing no one, including me, she pealed off her sports bra, tossed in on the day back and put her hands over each now-naked breast. Again, she scouted the area for visitors. Seeing none, she dropped her hands to her shorts and slid them quickly off her hips, exposing a pair of skimpy white g-string panties. She had her back to me, offering an amazing view of her gorgeous tan butt cheeks. The g-string, from the back, was just that, nothing but thin strings. The string ran daringly up from between her ass cheeks, lacing over her hips and connecting, I presumed, to a tiny white triangle of fabric covering her pussy. The string was so thin that her ass cheeks hid it until it emerged from the top of her crack. This was incredibly sexy.

She bent over at the waist to pick up her shorts, offering me an unobstructed view of her ass. I now could see the string that ran up her ass as her cheeks naturally spread apart a bit as she bent over. She picked up her shorts and tossed them on her pack with her sports bra.

Standing there in just this g-string, she raised her arms up over her head and began stretching, reaching as high as she could. As she reached up, she turned giving me a full view of her amazing breasts. They appeared firm and round with nicely proportioned, relatively small nipples. Even from my distant vantage point, I could tell her nipples were hard. A slight breeze from the west, coupled with the sheen of sweat glistening between her breasts, must have provided just enough chill to snap them to attention.

Relaxing from her stretch, she again dropped her hands to her hips, hooked her thumbs under the strings of her panties, slipped them down over her knees, let them drop to her ankles and stepped her left foot out of them. With a sudden kick of her right leg, she sent the g-string aloft and caught it with a quick stab of her right hand. Wow! Sexy and dexterous. Not a bad combo.

Standing there now totally nude, she turned a slow circle scanning her meadow. At this point, I was sitting on the ground, mostly hidden by some sort of shrub, well out of sight to anyone not expecting company. As her turn brought her facing in my direction, I got my first sight of her pubic area. Much to my surprise, it seemed she had no pubic hair. Could it be she had joined the ranks of porn stars and Rio De Janeiro beach babes in regularly shaving her pussy?

When she finished her latest scouting mission, she sat down on the towel, stretched out with arms at her side and basked in the glorious Colorado July sunshine. As she lay down, she became mostly out of sight. The dry grasses of the meadow and the shrub I was sitting behind nearly obscured my view and put a temporary damper on my prurient spying. I raised up just to catch one last glimpse of her. As I peered over the shrub, I could tell she had dropped one hand to her crotch area and seemed to be intently doing something...masturbating? I watched for a couple more minutes as her right hand worked her vaginal area.

Decisions, Decisions

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. That must have been her pick-up truck near the trailhead. No one else was around. She was totally nude. I was wearing a skimpy pair of running shorts that could not hide my erection. I stood up and quietly backed deeper into the woods to think about what, if anything I should do next.

As I got deeper into the woods, well out of the woman's sight, I began contemplating my next move. Should I make my way back to the trail and continue my run? Should I walk out into her meadow and introduce myself? There had to be some middle ground. Meanwhile, I was extremely horny. My dick was still hard, about at half-mast. I reached into my shorts and fondled by dick, bringing it back to full erection. I slid my shorts down to about my knees and massaged my hard member with my right hand and cupped my shaved balls with my left hand. I started shaving my balls about a year ago, after an old girlfriend noted that all the male porn stars in the videos we occasionally watched had shaved balls. Why not try it, she asked. I tried it and quickly found out I enjoyed the streamlined, sexy feel of hairless balls. It doesn't look that different to the casual gym observer, so I kept shaving even after I broke up with the girlfriend.

Not wanting to lessen my sexual energy before deciding what to do, I put my dick back in my shorts and got down to some serious thinking. After running through all the options I could identify, I decided on the "accidental surprise" maneuver.

While watching her from the edge of the meadow, I had noticed what looked to be an old trail or game trail entering the meadow from the side on my left. I decided I would circle around, pick up that trail and use it to enter the meadow at a jogging pace, pretending to be unaware of the presence of a nude sunbathing woman.

As I circled around, I began to have doubts about this course of action. What if she freaked out, panicked and got very scared for her safety. One thing I didn't want to do was appear threatening in any way. That's just not my style. I figured that in the event she did get scared, I too could launch into a full-on act of embarrassment and quickly make an exit, never to return.

After bushwhacking for 10 or so minutes, I found the game trail. It was more worn than I had thought, based on my view from the other side of the meadow. I quietly made my way up to the meadow's edge and noted that the trail clearly ran right through the middle, about 15 feet from where she lay. Perhaps, it was not inconceivable that I would pick this remote, unmapped trail for a mid-day jog.

I backtracked about 100 yards in order to start my run well out of earshot. I took a deep breath, mentally crossed my fingers and set off at a brisk running pace. I could see the meadow getting closer and closer with each stride. As I neared the meadow's edge, I could plainly see her lying naked, face-up on her white blanket, eyes closed. The trail was rough enough I had to keep my attention focused on the rocks and roots, rather than the naked nubile woman just ahead. That helped keep my cock from making an embarrassing tent in my skimpy shorts.

Let Me Introduce Myself

After a few seconds, I emerged from the woods, trying hard not to look at the woman. Every other step or so, I would catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. I was now about 30 feet from her and she hadn't moved. Could she be asleep, I wondered? Two more steps and she quickly sat bolt upright, wide-eyed with a hand covering each breast. She tightly crossed her legs at thigh level and let out a high-pitched squeal. Playing it to the hilt, I swung my head around, as if looking for the source of the squeal. I stopped, frozen in my tracks and at last settled my eyes on her. She didn't move for about 15 seconds, an eternity it seemed at the time. We just stared at each other. She seemed to be taking me in, assessing my threat potential. She dropped her gaze and glanced around gauging the proximity of her clothes, which sat well out of reach, 10 feet away.

"Hi," she stammered. "I wasn't expecting to see anyone out here. I didn't even know there was a trail there." She still hadn't moved her hands, or her legs. I noted that even with a palm and splayed fingers trying to cover each breast, they still were not completely contained. Her crossed legs hid her pussy lips, but the careful observer could still note she had no pubic hair.

"Yeah, sorry for startling you," I said. "I saw this trail way back there and decided to see where it went. Nothing like exploring the great unknown," I said, perhaps a bit too obviously. "I can turn my back if you want to grab your clothes."

"Uh, yeah, er, no that's okay. You've pretty much seen it all already. No point in a mad scramble now," she said, surprisingly, with a smile. With that, she dropped her hands from her breasts and gave me a complete view. She still had her legs crossed and casually folded her hands in her lap.

"I love it out here, don't you?" she asked. "I do, especially on these hot days." I replied. "Speaking of hot, you look like you could use a drink of water." "That'd be great," I said.

She turned her body, put one hand on the ground and used it to get her feet under her, giving me a full-on view of her ass, and stood up. With her back to me, she walked the 10 feet to her backpack and pulled out a water bottle. She turned and started walking towards me, bottle in an outstretched hand. "Why don't you close your mouth? Your tongue is hanging out," she said. "If you keep that up, I might feel self-conscious."

She handed me the water bottle, smiled, took a step back and did a quick complete circle twirl, raised her arms and said with a confident grin, "What do you think?"

"Pretty darn amazing," I managed to utter, with my stomach in my throat. "Thank you," she said as she shimmied her torso just enough to make her breasts sway side to side a bit. "I feel so free, and so hot, being naked outside, especially out here in the mountains with no buildings or other man-made stuff around. How about you?"

I told her I too loved these wild areas and did occasionally feel a tug in my loins when I was naked, or even scantily clad (as I was now) in the woods.

"Judging from the tent in your shorts, I'd say this is one of those times," she said with a laugh, pointing at my crotch. I thought I had been doing a good job hiding my erection, but I reckon I had been wrong on that count. "Take off your shorts," she said, almost as an order. I gave her an "Are you serious look?" "Come on, take them off, or I will put my clothes back on." She kept her eyes on me, and made a slight turn to move toward her backpack and her pile of clothes.

Without saying a word, I grabbed the sides of my shorts with either hand and slid them off over my knees and kicked them off. Save for my shoes and socks, I was standing totally naked before this beautiful, nude woman, my cock standing straight up in the air.

"Ummmm, not bad," she said as she stared at my fully exposed dick. She stepped toward me and stopped just a foot or so from in front of me. My hard cock was just a few inches from her tanned, taught stomach. I looked down at her breasts, then up at her face and gulped, unconsciously.

She squatted down, putting her knees on the shorts I had just shod. She wrapped one hand around my dick's shaft and lifted it up against my stomach. "My name's Tanya, by the way," she said, seemingly talking to my cock. "Hey! You shave your balls!" "Yep, I've been doing it for several years. An old girlfriend begged me to do it on a lark. I liked it and have been doing it ever since," I explained. "And, my name's Kevin."

"That is very sexy. I shave down there too," she unnecessarily explained. "I started shaving because I like to wear skimpy underwear and didn't want hairs to show. The first time, I just shaved the sides, but over time, I just kept shaving more and more. Now I shave everything below my waist. Here, let me show you."

With that, she stood up with her legs spread about shoulder width. She looked down and put her hands on her inner thighs on either side of her bare pussy. "See nothing there." She then turned around, looked at me over her shoulder with a sly smile, put both hands on her butt cheeks and bent over at the waist. She used her hands to slightly spread her cheeks to show me her shaving included the area from the bottom of her pussy all the way up her ass crack. There was not a stray pube to be seen, not even around her perfect pink asshole.

"Very nice," I said as she stood up and turned back around, again facing me. I knew she was toying with me, but I loved it. Whatever she had in mind, she knew she had me completely roped in. "Let's go for a walk on your secret trail here," she said pointing at the faint track I ran in on.

She picked up my shorts and tossed them in with her clothes and tucked the lot into her daypack, which she slung onto her shoulders and started down the trail with me falling in behind her.

A Lovely Nude Nature Walk

As she walked in front of me, I watched her hips sway with each step, her incredible ass jiggling slightly with each step. As she stepped over large downed logs or rocks, I would sometimes catch a glimpse of her shaved mound. She frequently glanced back at me to see what I was doing or what I was looking at. She always seemed to catch me visually drinking in her incredible body. "You enjoying the view back there?" she said coyly.

Indeed, I was.

The trail we were on quickly led us right back to the main trail leading back to our cars. When we hit the trail junction, she didn't even pause, turning down the trail in the direction of the road and our vehicles. She didn't seem at all concerned about coming across other hikers or mountain bikers. Probably not a bad calculation as it was approaching dusk and would be dark in an hour or so.

We walked for 20 minutes casually chatting and watching each other's bodies. I began recognizing familiar landforms and knew we would hit the road in, maybe, a quarter mile. She didn't stop or even slow down. Ten minutes later we emerged from the woods onto the road, still completely naked. "What's the plan," I asked?

She turned and grabbed a breast in each hand, fondling them and tweaking her own nipples, and said, "Let's go to my place. I live about 3 miles up this road. Follow me in your car. That's my truck," she said pointing another quarter mile up the road to where our cars sat. "You can have your shorts back when we get there...maybe."

We walked side-by-side along the rode back to our cars. Thankfully, no cars came by. As we walked, she kept sliding a hand down my back and butt cheeks, her fingertips lightly exploring my butt crack on the way back up. One time, she slid her fingers up over my shoulder, down my chest and stomach and grabbed my hard cock and held it as we walked -- almost as if she were leading me by my dick, which, I guess, she was.

Back at the cars, we paused by mine, which was parked behind her truck. I opened the door, preparing to get in. Before I could swing a leg in, she grabbed me and planted a serious and passionate kiss on me. As the kiss ended and she slowly removed her tongue from my mouth, she bent down, dragging her nails across my torso and took my dick in her right hand. With her face now at crotch level, she opened her mouth and sucked my cock deep into her throat. She expertly used her tongue, driving me into a new-found world of ecstasy. She pumped my dick in and out of her mouth for a couple of minutes before letting it drop from her mouth with a slurp, strings of spit arching from her lips to my cock head. "Follow me," she said.

We both got into our cars and headed up the road. My head was filled with desire as she turned into a two-track driveway, a neat, cedar-sided house appearing on the crest of a ridge just ahead. We parked and she got out and came up to my car window. "Wow, you are still hard," she said looking down at my crotch.

"So do you want to come in?" she said with her breasts perfectly framed in my driver's side window. "I sure do," I relied. "Okay, here's the deal then. If you come in, you have to play by my rules. This is my house and what I say goes. That alright with you?" I agreed to her conditions and got out of my car. After all, how was I not going to go along with something like that. We had been nude together for over an hour. She had given me the best two-minute blow job of my life. She had a perfect body and a shaved pussy to boot. A man dying of thirst doesn't turn down a drink of water. As turned on as I was, I was not about to turn down the sexual opportunity of a lifetime.

Cum Into My Lair

We walked into a nice, spacious living room. She picked up a fleece blanket and spread it on the floor. "Lay down on your back." I laid down and she stepped over me with feet on either side of my shoulders. She got down on her knees, putting her shaved pussy inches from my face. She rolled her hips forward, covering my nose, lips and chin with her crotch. "Eat me until I tell you to stop," she ordered in a rather forceful tone. She leaned into my face with considerable vigor as my tongue explored her pussy, inside and out. I noted that I felt not a hint of razor stubble around her pussy lips. Her skin was soft and supple and she smelled terrific. As I used my tongue on her, she began sliding her pussy up and down, allowing me to lick her from top to bottom with the flat of my tongue, getting mouthfuls of her juices. She continued moving like this as she rapidly rubbed her clit with a free hand. After a few more minutes, she climaxed and let out a huge sigh, relaxed and ended up putting even more weight on my face as her muscles temporarily gave out. I continued gently licking her, and moved my hands to her ass to stroke her cheeks. Deciding to try my luck, I dragged a finger down her ass crack and slowly over her asshole. She didn't flinch, instead letting out a playful "Oooooo" before standing up and praising my expert pussy eating.

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