tagNonHumanThe Trail Ch. 01

The Trail Ch. 01


She jogged down the new trail the city had built. It was a new part of the trail leading from the river and down the old street. The old street was well known back in the days as the red light district. Now the city had used the street for something new and fresh. It was a nice walking trail or jogging area.

She got to the end and took a break, it was night and she turned as it attacked her. She was found naked and well fucked the next day. She was taken to the hospital and then the city realized either there was a gang raping women or someone nailing them at night. They searched the woods around the trail and found no signs of anything.

Christina was contacted by a city official and she met with her. They talked and she decided that she would go investigate and see what was going on at the trail at night. She received a sum of cash but a bonus if she stopped it. She left the office and headed home out in the country. She had some digging to do on the woods.

She sat at the computer and pulled up some weird events from years ago. She read some of the newspaper articles and researched them more. She realized something was there and was going to go alone on this one. She didn't want to bring Mellissa in unless she had to; she needed the cash for herself.

She waited till the next evening and parked in the parking lot. She stood in her tight little tank top and little shorty shorts. Christina was sexy as hell and knew it. She put her cell phone on her hip and her mp3 player on the tank top strap. She walked to the trail as others were leaving, everyone knew the night was bad and they shook their head as she began to jog down the trail.

She turned on her mp3 player and began to jog alone down the dark trail. The lights were on, but it was still rather dark as she went about her business. They spotted her and smiled as they eyed her tan body and nice bouncing rack. They followed her in the darkness and waited to make their move. Christina never even saw them as they eyed her sexy body.

She stopped about halfway to take a break. She drank some water and stood to catch her breath. She bent over and stretched as they eyed her nice ass as the shorty shorts strained to keep from showing too much. She then returned to jogging and once again they followed. They summoned the darkness and smiled as it appeared and began to follow her.

She was almost to the end of the trail when she noticed it behind her. She looked as it came at her. Her eyes widened and she began to run instead of jog. Her tits bounced and ass shook as she ran. She came to the end and stopped. She looked as it kept coming.

"What the hell did I get into?!" She said as it got closer.

Christina screamed and ran into the woods as it followed close. She dodged trees and limbs as they chased on each side of her. She wasn't getting away by running and she realized it. She jumped and rolled down a hill and into a shallow drainage area. She splashed and rolled into the water. She stood up and saw it coming down the hill. She got out of the water and ran again.

Christina was exercising for her life now as she didn't know what to think of the dark shadow chasing her down. She came to a much larger hill and stopped. She looked down and saw just a black mess of nothing. She was alone and in the woods, she was screwed.

She spun around as figures emerged and was walking up to her. She stood with her heels on the edge. She pulled her cell phone, but it was shot from the water. She looked up as one jumped at her and wrapped its legs around her and she lost her footing.

She screamed as she fell off the hill. He released and laid there waiting as she fell into the large shadow. She was floating and was brought back up and then she looked around as they surrounded her and the dark shadow. She had her head and chest out, but it pulled her down and into it as she fought. They cheered as they watched her top fall to pieces and her round tits were exposed.

Christina screamed as the shadow milked them with a sucking she had never felt before. Her shorts were next to disappear and her thong was gone. They cheered again at the naked body of the sexy woman. She felt the shadow pull her legs wide open and then it began to fuck her! She cried out as it began to have its way with her and her tits were actually producing milk!

Never before had she lactated for any monster, but these guys were forcing it out of her nice body! She felt the shadow pounding her deep and hard as her cum began to flow; it was also harvested for the people. They stood beside the shadow as straws came out and they drank her milk and cum. Christina's juices were being drunk by the dark figures!

She couldn't struggle anymore as the shadow had won her over and wore her out to the point of fainting. Christina looked around as they drank and jerked off to her. She felt her orgasm hit and she fainted. The shadow milked and fucked her for a while longer. Once they had their fill, they released her and she fell to the ground.

One by one they fucked the unconscious monster huntress. She was left naked and full of their cum. They left and kept getting other victims here and there. Christina woke up and left the trail naked and ashamed of her idea. She had lost for now, next time she would bring her partner.

She got home and showered the smell of the attack off. She slipped into another pair of skin tight short shorts and slid a tight tank top over her nice rack. She sat on her bed and called her blonde haired partner, Mellissa over and told her to dress for a jog. She was going back out on the trail on the same night!

She went into the kitchen and had something to eat as she waited for Mellissa's Blazer to pull up. Christina had explained the shadow and the smaller figures that had forced her firm tits to lactate as they drank it down fast. She knew Mellissa's smaller set may ruin the figures attack and they could find out what they were.

About an hour after the call Mellissa walked in and stood in her tight pants and tight little top. She went and sat at the table as Christina finished her snack. They stood up and left in Christina's Dodge Charger. They drove to the trails parking lot and parked the black car. They geared up and set out to walk the dimly lit trail. Two sexy, half dressed women, in the middle of the night, alone and knowing the danger, they went anyway.

Not even halfway through the trail, they spotted the small figures in the woods along the trail. Mellissa stopped as she felt something grab her nice, little ass. She saw it run into the weeds on the other side of the trail. She went to investigate and found nothing. Christina was snapping pictures of the figures as the large, floating shadow waited at the beginning of the trail for the two.

Mellissa looked around and realized they were in trouble. She looked at Christina who smiled and wanted to keep moving.

"I don't think it is a good idea, they are everywhere." Mellissa said.

"We are getting paid to end them and that is what we are going to do, before the end of the week! I am not losing any more money due to stupid shadows or horny monsters!" Christina said as she kept going.

Mellissa walked with her knowing they were in over their heads. Christina was looked at a loser lately and too easy to nail. She had already lost once to these horny figures and she knew they had to be stopped. The two women walked slowly and kept an eye on the woods.

They stopped and sat on a bench to rest and drink some water. They listened to the running of the figures and they noticed the shadow at the end of the trail. A figure crept up behind the skinny Mellissa and stood right behind her and looked at Christina's low cut top and ample cleavage. It smiled and got ready to grab Mellissa.

Christina stood up as the figure grabbed Mellissa's firm tit and covered her mouth. She fought unnoticed to her partner. She was pulled into the dark woods by the lone figure. Christina turned and realized she was alone. She whisper yelled for Mellissa, but nothing. Then as she began to walk and looked around, Mellissa's ripped top was thrown at Christina. It covered her face. She knew they had her and she was the next one.

IN the woods they pulled her to a cave and stripped her skinny body. She was held down with a cock in her mouth that kept her from screaming for help. They fondled her firm B cups and rubbed her nice pussy lips with their cold fingers. Mellissa was becoming a direct victim of the figures, no shadow to milk her; they were all full from Christina's milking earlier.

They pulled her long legs apart and one rubbed his cock up and down on her pussy as it slowly turned her on. She looked around as the figures gathered around her. Mellissa felt the dick enter her body and she tried to struggle, but no luck as they cheered as he fucked her skinny body. She closed her eyes as it violated her and they had their way with her.

Christina pulled out a flashlight and looked into the woods for her partner. She decided it was time to go searching. She entered the woods and walked softly on the leaves and sticks. She knew they had Mellissa somewhere and she had to rescue her from them. She didn't know how they were treating Mellissa's body as they gang banged her in the cave. Each one got off inside her and let another fuck her. Some had her pussy and others got her asshole. Mellissa was their toy and laid there taking it now; they had broken the blonde hunter. Poor Mellissa was just a sex doll to them.

Christina headed back towards the bench and found drag marks. She began to follow them as the shadow figured out what she was doing. It flew towards her; she spun as it was almost upon her. Christina stood froze as it grabbed her feet and knocked her to her stomach. She fought to get away as it pulled her shorts down showing her nice ass off. She looked back as the shorts were down far enough for it.

It didn't waste any time as it rammed a large cock into her tight asshole! She let out a yell as it anal fucked her! Christina was being humiliated by the shadow as it shot hands up to her nice tits and teased them. She felt the hands squeezing and pulling her now rock hard nipples. She was the shadows once again. Christina wasn't going to be milked, just fucked senseless.

Her top was lifted along with her pink bra to show off the tan globes every man liked to see. Perfect, firm and each had nice nipples. The shadow liked her tight ass and firm rack. She felt the rush of its darkness into her ass. Her eyes widened as the dick pulled out and rammed into her pussy! She cried for help as it pounded her pussy deep and hard.

Her body rocked back and forth as the shadow had its way with her tan body. Christina knew it had been a bad idea and was now paying the price for it. Both women down as the shadows fucked them.

Back in the cave, Mellissa had been forced to all fours as they continued their invasion of her body. Her skinny body was covered with sweat; it dripped off her hard nipples and off her nose. She never had sex so rough, so deep and for so long. They seemed to never wear out as they banged her harder and deeper. Her skinny body wore out and she fainted as they continued to do her in.

Christina was getting forced to climax over and over by the shadow. She cried out for help and her cum gushed out around the shadow cock. Then her cries were answered, a woman ran up and chanted a chant that was for the shadow. Christina felt it pound her faster and deeper. Her eyes widened and she starred at the woman with an open mouth and a bigger cock inside her.

She felt the shadow began to fill her body. She looked back as it entered her body. The woman pointed at her and kept chanting louder as the shadow crammed itself inside Christina! She felt her vagina close and she realized it was inside her. The woman stopped chanting and Christina sat up on her knees. She looked down at her belly as it moved and the shadow wen up her throat. The woman saw it stretch Christina's throat and gag the sexy hunter.

She pointed and changed the chant as Christina's jaw dropped and the shadow shot out of her and at the woman. Christina fell to the ground unconscious, but alive and pretty much unharmed. The woman held the shadow at bay as the power of the chant began to weaken it. It reached out and pulled her tank top down showing off her nice eighteen year old jugs. She didn't stop even as her purple sweat pants fell to her ankles showing her black thong and nice ass cheeks.

The shadow began to disappear as it snapped her thing and it fell showing her nicely shaved peach. Then it was gone, Shelby had defeated the shadow. She pulled her top and her pants up and ran to Christina. She checked on her and got her to wake up. She helped Christina redress and got her on her feet.

The figures sensed their guardian had been defeated and left the unconscious Mellissa. They all ran out and searched the area. They spotted the two women and realized they had defeated the shadow guard. They were pissed and about to show these two how to lose!

Shelby looked around as she felt their presence. She told Christina and they kept looking around at the noises all around them.

"They are coming for us!" Christina said worried for once.

"Yeah, we gotta defeat them once and for all! Here is a chant; you have to chant with me!" Shelby said handing her a piece of paper.

A figure jumped and landed on Shelby's back before they could start! She fell to her face as it grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her. Christina fought one off of her legs as she saw the one on Shelby use a thong to tie her wrists behind her back. Shelby's ass wiggled as it pulled her pants down and he spanked her firm ass. She went to chant as another figure grabbed her head and shoved its cock into her mouth and forced a blowjob. Shelby looked at Christina who was fighting the figures off her. Shelby was taken by the two figures and forced to like it as her cum dripped to the ground.

Christina reached back and grabbed the one off her back and threw him. He held her shirt and it ripped off as he flew. She stood in her pink bra as they kept attacking. She looked and saw Shelby getting fucked by the two; she went to go save her and was tackled by four figures. Christina fell to her face as they shredded her shorts and thong! She flipped over and kicked them. Then she felt the ground move under her back.

The figure she had thrown was under her and he reached up and gripped her tits and held her to the ground as she struggled. She was stuck as they wrestled her legs and pinned them down. Christina fought the figures and was losing! Seems she could not defeat the figures as they pulled her legs open against her will. She looked as the king figure walked up with a large dick and a smile. He was about to nail the famous monster hunter!

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