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The Train


The train was packed. Rush hour traffic in central Tokyo means being packed in like a tin of sardines as most of Tokyo takes to the rail system to get to where they're going. As an American, however, the Japanese try to give you a little space, but "space" in this instance only meant that no one was pressing against you like all the other Japanese, but instead, they gave you a ridiculously luxurious inch of space between you and the next person. So I dozed and rode, staring at advertisements with young women selling everything from food to electronics, and wondered if I should get out and try my luck with another train.

After stopping at Ueno station, a few left, and about half of Japan apparently decided to ride my train. After the doors closed, I found myself spooning completely against a businesswoman, while the schoolgirl spooned against my back. The heat rose, and I struggled to remain flaccid as the sway and movement of the train softly jostled the women pressing completely against me.

I thought of math, of my favorite computer game, I even replayed the battle of Kursk in my head and tried to think up new strategies; anything to keep the thoughts of the two young women pressing and rubbing rather accidentally erotically against me from my mind. I did not want to get arrested by the JR police for molesting a woman on my vacation, if for no other reason that I could have stayed home and done that.

The traffic on the tracks forced the train to slow, and I groaned inwardly. I was hot, it was a sticky and humid morning, and I was trying not to get an erection while pressed against someone, and my stop was on the far side of Tokyo. As I fumed to myself, surveying the sea of blank Japanese faces, men and women in dark business suits, kids in school uniforms, people casually dressed running morning errands, all blank-faced or busy with their cell phones, playing games or typing out e-mails.

Then I felt it: a hand lightly stroking my hip. In Japan this is not uncommon... for the women. I was not Japanese, and not female, and I froze in surprise. Another hand started gently stroking my other hip, tracing the seams of my jeans.

I tried to shake them off, but I couldn't move very much, and could only manage a feeble hip waggle. In response, the hand on my right hip slipped into my empty pocket and started caressing my thighs and cock while the other one slipped under my shirt and started rubbing my stomach. I glanced to the two high-school girls sitting on the bench seat beside me, but thankfully, they were busy with their cell phones.

As soon as my head turned, fingernails dug into my crotch warningly, and my head snapped forward reflexively. And then I couldn't help it any more. The awkward caresses, the schoolgirl behind me started rubbing her chest against my back, the public nature, all of it conspired against me, and my cock started telescoping in my pants. My cheeks heated in embarrassment, and the train jerked suddenly to a stop. As the sea of humanity fell forward, I scrabbled for a handhold and reflexively grabbed the businesswoman in front of me and pressed her protectively close.

A few people fell, but with how dense we were packed in, the whole group just swayed back to standing. The train speaker hissed and cracked, and a young sounding voice in rapid fire Japanese explained the problem and apologized. Or at least, I assumed he did, as I didn't speak the language.

We were stopped in a subway tunnel, and no one was opening the doors and jumping out, so I assumed it was something temporary. And then I realized I was still holding the businesswoman, my arm underneath her breasts, and still pressing her against my raging erection. My embarrassment magnified, and I tried to retract my arm, until a hand stopped me. Slim womanly fingers intertwined with mine, and guided it back around her chest as she ground her ass experimentally against erection. The hand in my pocket felt that, and slipped out, only to fumble with the zipper.

Businesswoman retreated a little as the other hand pulled my zipper down and carefully, gently fished my erection out. When Businesswoman pressed back, I could only feel skin against skin. As she guided my hand up to her breast, she stood on her tiptoes, and I felt two hands guided me into a warm, wet cavern. Businesswoman settled back down with a breathy sigh and I gently kneaded her small breasts with my large hand, trying not to make a sound as her muscles suckled on my cock. My eyes closed, and my head tipped back as I fought not to thrust into her, instead letting her dictate the pace.

I felt a hand run down my back, stroking the curve of my spine before it reversed, running the back of the hand against the small of my back over the curve of my ass and before rising again. I barely wondered what was going on when I felt it push gently against my butt twice before the hand went back up, running a finger along my spine, up my neck, over the curve of my jaw before two very wet fingers rubbed themselves on my lips, demanding entry. My nostrils opened at the sent of pussy in heat as I opened my mouth and sucked them in, washing them with my tongue as the fingers fucked my mouth like a small cock. The hand on my left hip moved inwards, and I felt the back of the hand rhythmically push against my ass as the Schoolgirl pressed even harder against me and whimpered breathily in my ear.

Fearful, I covertly glanced around, but the only people paying attention were the two schoolgirls sitting next to me, one with long hair in braids, another in pigtails, watching with wide eyes. I smirked around the fingers in my mouth, and slowly withdrew a little from Businesswoman, before just as slowly thrusting forward. I couldn't get a good thrust going, but Businesswoman responded my laying back against me, looking up at me with glazed eyes, and lips parted slightly against her quiet panting.

Mesmerized, I felt myself bending down and kissing her, fingers in my mouth and all. Businesswoman's free hand came up and tangled in my hair, trapping me, as she sucked, fondled, and licked the hand, the fingers, and the sweat off my face aggressively as she joined my slow rhythmic thrusts.

I was sweating, I was hot, and I no longer cared. I heard quiet squeaks next to me, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Braids and Pigtails with a lump between their legs, slowly raising and lowering under the skirt like an oil derrick, until Braids stood up suddenly, wrapped one delicate hand around my neck possessively and joined Businesswoman in a three way kiss, the three of us kissing and licking each other, and pulled the arm I had been absently hanging onto a stanchion and stuffed it under her skirt. When she was sure I knew what to do, her other hand went forward, and I felt her fingers caress my cock as it slowly pistoned into Businesswoman's wet, tight, gripping cunt.

I felt like one gigantic sex object as the woman behind me whimpered, nipped, kissed and sucked on the back of my neck and Braid's arm beside me, all the while pumping her fingers in my mouth in time to the rhythmic patter of her hand against my butt, while Braids kissed and licked me aggressively as I gently caressed and fingerfucked her dripping pussy as she stroked and fondled my cock and Businesswoman's cunt, as I kneaded and fondled Businesswoman's small breasts, her hand tangled in my hair, trapping me.

I licked, and grabbed, and thrust, and fucked, slowly speeding up as my orgasm approached. The breaths of the women around me became more and more ragged, punctuated more and more by quiet whimpers and moans as we blocked out the rest of the train and gave into our own need.

As I raced towards orgasm, the Schoolgirl behind me popped off first, squeaking and sighing loudly, causing a chain effect of moans and grunts of unmistakable pleasure. My cock fired cum like a cannon, and I almost blacked out from the heat, humidity, and lack of oxygen. I heard ringing in my ears as the women pressed against me, recovering. Braids whispered something into Businesswoman's ear, and with a grunt, she pulled herself regretfully off my still hard cock.

With their hands, they turned me to face Braids and Pigtails as Braids sat back down and patted her lap, coquettishly looking at Pigtails. Without a word, Pigtails obediently climbed up on her lap, spreading her legs to balance herself as Braids grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her mouth onto my cock. As Pigtails cleaned my cock zealously, sucking on my dick wetly, her hands gripping my hips and forcing her mouth onto my prick, occasionally gagging herself as Braids kept one hand on the back of her head, while the other dived in between Pigtail's legs.

My hands remained free not too long, as Businesswoman and the Schoolgirl me grabbed them and pushed them between their legs insistently, and the dance began again with Braids forcing Pigtails to fuck my cock with her mouth, as Businesswoman and the Schoolgirl pressed against me, their hands roaming over my body, until all four of us moaned and climaxed again. When I was done cumming again, Braids kept her grip and pulled Pigtail's head off me, roughly turning her head to kiss her forcefully. Hands pulled me from steamy wet crotches, guiding me up to lips that suckled my fingers, cleaning them as thoroughly as Pigtails had cleaned my cock with her mouth.

The train started with a jerk. As I wobbled on unsteady feet, four pairs of hands reached out possessively to steady me. Pigtail's hands wrapped around my hips as she dived back onto my cock, gently sucking as the train moved on.

The three of them nodded to each other and started chatting happily, occasionally stroking Pigtail's head and murmuring approvingly as she nursed my cock quietly. A minute later, the train slowed, the computerized female voice announcing the next station in Japanese while the LED board over the doors scrolled the name in both Kanji and English. Braids swatted the back of Pigtail's head, and with a pout, she pulled her wonderful mouth off of me and carefully stuffed my penis back in my pants, stroking the front of my pants, my hips, and my thighs more than was really necessary.

I was surprised when Braids and Pigtails stood up as Businesswoman and Schoolgirl grabbed my arms and marched me out of the train. I didn't resist, but instead threw my arms around Schoolgirl and hugged her close, like two lovers. Businesswoman, not to be outdone, pulled my other arm around her and hugged me just as close as Braids and Pigtails followed in our wake.

I was content to be led out of the station, down the street, and then through a maze of dark, narrow alleys until we fetched up at an ugly and unassuming five story high concrete building. I was led into the foyer, and besides the small rock garden off to the side; it looked like a rather normal hotel lobby. Businesswoman disengaged to pay the proffered bill to be replaced almost instantly by Pigtails, who immediately stuffed my hand down her uniform shirt.

Pigtails kissed, licked, and stroked my arm lovingly as I groped her gently, running a light finger over her areoles, gently pinching her stiff nipples between first and middle finger as Businesswoman produced a credit card with a flourish. With several polite bows, I was again led off, Businesswoman leading, Braids trailing

We tromped into an elevator, and Braids pressed the floor button as Businesswoman pressed herself against me, grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me into a kiss. It wasn't a gentile kiss, either; she forced her way into my mouth, taking what she wanted, leaving only lust behind. I hardened again as she pulled away and looked at me, smiling slightly. Pigtails hand started rubbing my cock thought my pants as first Schoolgirl, and then Braids repeated the performance.

I was being driven out of my lust-fogged mind. The elevator ride took forever, and in that time, Braids, Schoolgirl, and Businesswoman repeatedly kissed me, licking the saliva from my lips of the last girl, my erection straining against my jeans as Pigtails stroked and clawed ineffectually against the front of my jeans.

The elevator doors opened with a ding, and I was lead down a dimly lit narrow hallway, past a cluster of vending machines selling sodas, cigarettes, and the last one look suspiciously like condoms. At the end of the hall, Businesswoman produced the key to a door, unlocked it, and stepped through into sunlight.

Light streamed into the room from a huge window facing downtown Tokyo casting slanted beams of light across the room. The room itself was lightly colored in white and ice blue, with white carpeting leading to a large white bed, with white paneled end tables, and lamps shaped like penguins with lampshades sprouting from the top of their heads. The effect was to look like the arctic, I think, but it just came across as tacky. I think I was in a love hotel, and it looked as tacky as I thought it would.

I was led to a large bathroom, with a bathtub that looked more like a Jacuzzi than what I was used to. As Braids ran the water, Businesswoman said something and Pigtails pulled my arm out of her shirt as Schoolgirl fumbled with my jeans. Braids stood and started undressing as Businesswoman cracked the window open. Pigtails then turned and pulled my shirt over my head, Schoolgirl skimmed off my jeans and underwear together, and with a final tug, I stood naked in front of them.

Braids, Schoolgirl, and Businesswoman stopped what they were doing, and simply looked at me. Hungrily, I might add, like I was ten pounds of red meat thrown into the starving lioness's den. After a moment of hungry looking, I was ushered over to a small stool and made to sit, as Braids, naked as the day she was born, strolled over to me slowly. I could feel my heartbeat in my cock, and I wanted nothing more than to fuck her, Pigtails, anyone, anything!

Pigtails and Schoolgirl stripped, Pigtails quickly, Schoolgirl more reluctantly. When Schoolgirl saw me admiring her, she blushed and turned to face me slowly, clad only in soaked panties. I smiled approvingly and my cock twitched at her transparent cotton panties. Schoolgirl smiled and peeled her panties off, throwing them on the growing pile of clothes on top of the sink.

Braids turned on the little spigot of water and sprayed me with the hose attachment, wetting me quickly as Pigtails took a squeeze bottle of liquid soap and poured it thickly over her hands. I smiled as she kneeled next to me and began scrubbing my hips and thighs, and soon more hands joined in, scrubbing, caressing, and exploring both each other, and me while I boggled at the sea of soapy, naked female flesh around me.

The scrubbing went longer than it needed too, but soon Braids called a stop to it with the simple expediency of turning the sprayer on us. With shrieks and giggles, the caressing devolved into a spray fight that managed to get us all washed off. With a gentle tug, Pigtails pulled me up and into the bath, having me sit down near the middle, and Pigtails settling onto up my lap like I was a chair, my cock laying against her cunt lips with a contented purr, with Businesswoman at my right, Schoolgirl to my left, and Braids kneeling between Pigtails' and my entwined legs as she kissed Pigtails passionately.

Pigtails moaned something, and Braids backed off a little as Pigtails raised up a little, bent down and guided me directly into her as she settled back down with a sexy grumble. Pigtails was amazingly tight, almost too tight, and I marveled at the different sensation. My fingers were used like dildos, with Businesswoman and Schoolgirl controlling my hands at the wrist as Pigtails leaned forward and started bouncing up and down on my thighs with a splash of water as Braids leaned back and started to openly masturbate herself to the scene in front of her, one hand roiling the water between her wide-spread legs, the other roughly fondling her breasts.

I couldn't take the sight anymore, and I threw my head back and squeezed my eyes shut before I exploded too soon. But the feelings weren't much better; each arm lay across the length of a woman, each hand being thrust into a different feeling pussy, two heads lay on my shoulders, my cock engulfed by a cunt that seemed to want to keep it as a souvenir, and the sighs, moans, and ragged panting of four women approaching orgasm was more than I'd ever experienced--ever thought I'd ever experience in my entire life before.

I clenched my teeth and bravely fought off orgasm for what seemed like hours, but when both Schoolgirl and Businesswoman started stroking and nipping my arms I bellowed and trust upwards, raising Pigtails out of the water so high only her legs dangled in the water as my dick turned itself inside out and three women babbled things in Japanese, shrieking and cumming hard.

When I splashed back to earth, I felt drained. Literally. I was rock hard and still inside Pigtails as she lay on me heavily, one arm stretched upwards to stroke my hair tenderly, as Braids said something and kissed Pigtails lovingly.

I was pulled out of the tub and dried carefully, and Braids steadied me as we stumbled our way to the bed. I flopped down, bonelessly, sleep rumbling like a thundercloud on the horizon. Pigtails curled next to me, resting her head on my arm as Braids dove between her legs. Schoolgirl climbed up on the bed and straddled me, and froze. She said something, in a near panic, and I reached out with my free arm to stroke her flank, from knee to shoulder reassuringly as the other women cooed. Businesswoman climbed up and took Schoolgirl's hand reassuringly and started speaking comfortingly to her.

After a few minutes, Schoolgirl relaxed and with Businesswoman to hold me up, Schoolgirl rose up, positioned herself carefully, and sank down slowly. I froze as I felt some obstruction, and when I understood what exactly that was, Schoolgirl had raised herself, and then dropped down with a yelp/scream as I punched through and bottomed out.

Businesswoman stroked Schoolgirl's arm soothingly, and when Schoolgirl raised herself up and lower herself slowly, Businesswoman smiled and patted my stomach before slipping off and walking across the room to a small end table and pulled something out. Pigtails gently turned my head back to Schoolgirl and kissed my shoulder approvingly as I started paying attention to Schoolgirl.

While Pigtails was as energetic and tight as a vise, and Businesswoman felt normal but looked so fogged with lust I wasn't certain she knew where she was, Schoolgirl was virgin-tight but she looked so surprised by the new experience, lips curled back in a toothy smile, eyes open and bright, she looked like she was enjoying it. I, on the other hand, was almost numb, so as she bounced enthusiastically on my thighs with a wet slap of flesh meeting flesh, I doubted I was going to cum once more, and if I did, I wondered if it would just be a thin streamer of dust.

And then a loud keening turned everyone's head. Businesswoman had apparently found herself a strap-on, and was just absolutely fucking Braids so hard she was sliding forward on the bed. Pigtails patted Braid's face lightly, lovingly, and snuggled deeper into the crook of my arm with a contented purr.

I turned back to Schoolgirl, and pulled her down to me, kissing her lips and whispering sweet nothings into her ear. As I shifted to whisper directly in Schoolgirl's ear, my arm going around her back possessively, Pigtails raised herself up and showered Schoolgirl with kisses as I traced the whorls of her hear with my tongue, nibbling on her earlobe, and whispering breathily love into her ear.

I kissed, I licked, I fondled, and I tried to make Schoolgirl's first experience her best, and when I did eventually come, it wasn't that hard, but it was worth it to feel and see Schoolgirl tremble, scream, and lay herself on me, her arms around me possessively, Pigtails resting on my arm, and soon Braids' back was pressed into my free side, wrapped around Businesswoman.

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